Unfortunately, this deal has expired 1 July 2023.
Posted 22 June 2023

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB 5G Smartphone + 100GB Three Data, £16pm (24m) + £249 Upfront - £633 @ Mobile Phones Direct

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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If you want to save some dosh, and are OK with "only" 100gb data, this is £25 cheaper than the Unlimited deal.

Everyday life just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The large 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display will bring new levels of detail to your games and streaming sessions, adding amazing colour and depth to every scene, battle, or tutorial. Not to mention 5G speeds making sure everything loads up super quick. And if you love to make your own content, the incredible 108MP rear camera will keep everything looking sharp. Between that and the 40MP front camera, your socials will be completely reinvented. Bit of a workaholic? It comes with an S pen, so you can doodle, draw, or write on documents and your notes will be converted to text. Simple! Grabbing a coffee on the move won’t slow you down either, just give it a quick tap to pay and you’re on your way.

Key Features
  • 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display
  • Enjoy a 5000mAh battery life
  • 40MP front camera5G readyS Pen included
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  1. affy's avatar
    Good deal but better to pay 1 pound more a month and get the unlimited data instead
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Not saying your advice isn't sound, but rare do I go over 10GB per month of data, I'm probs in the minority, and of course of you need that Unlimited data, go for it, me, I'd rather save a quid, yes I'm a skinflint (edited)
  2. huw8565's avatar
    £25 topcashback as well
    imran_sami's avatar
    share the link
  3. Kornel's avatar
    With 3 deal you can't use the phone abroad right? This is only for refurbished phones? Also it's not £633 is it? as it's 3.9% cpi it's more like £665.20? (edited)
    Andres_85's avatar
    yes you can, the only thing if you want UK allowance you will need to pay an extra daily, if not you have 12gb data allowance as roaming.
  4. Laks86's avatar
    Worst network ever
    Robdataff's avatar
    I'd agree. So. One above said they are merging with voda, and sharing masts. That might well sweeten the deal.
  5. TPBowler1's avatar
    I currently have a Note 10 plus. £6 per month for 5gb sim only, which is OK for me. Wondering at what point I upgrade to either an S22 or S23 Ultra. I'd love to wait for the 23 prices to come down, but there are some amazing deals at the moment for the 22Ultra!
    paperdragon's avatar
    I'm on note 9 and haven't really had the urge to upgrade. I'm a fan of the sound port and it was the last model with a physical sound connection.
    But now the s23 came out I'm considering moving on.
    Hopefully in the coming weeks as soon as I see a decent deal.
  6. Icon's avatar
    Very tempted - this is a great price.
  7. hatot's avatar
  8. realdeals's avatar
    Crazy deal! Minus off the cost of the SIM( £10 pm for my sons and you get a brand new S22 Ultra for less than £400. What the ultra can do is mind blowing, so if you buy one you will still be looking at the best part or 4 years of software support.

    It's a no brainer.🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Kornel's avatar
    problem is it's only 128gb so you only actually get around 100gb to use which is not much nowadays
  9. ilikedeals21's avatar
    Anything on the 266gb model
  10. breakinthesun's avatar
    Thanks, pulled the trigger
  11. Ian_JenningsHwV's avatar
    I did the deal yesterday, presently got a Samsung Note 10+ which Musicmagpie.co.uk will take for £160, the S22 is costing about £7pm more than my Sim only contract. Slightly smaller ram of 8gb rather than 12gb on the note, 128gb ssd is a little less than I would want but overall a cracking deal for a phone that'll give 3 or 4 years use.
  12. jraycroft's avatar
    Many thanks for posting this. My S10+ just died yesterday so perfect time for this deal to come up
  13. AllThatJazz___'s avatar
    Couldn't resist. Thanks Switchy. At this price with data included it's a no brainer. Was looking at x5 pro and s23 ultra sim free, but for just £249 upfront with £25 Quidco and only £4 per month more than my simfree deal I've bit the bullet.

    Three is great for me.

    Also 128gb is plenty... I've checked and I'm only at 55gb on my x2 pro.

    Ive gone for green.

    Cheers mate
  14. DrunkOnRedWine's avatar
    I'll wait for deals on the S23 Ultra - could be a long wait before it comes down in price

    The S23 has the Qualcomm SM8550-AC Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 much more fluid and energy efficient than the European model of the S22 Ultra with its Exynos 2200.

    Battery life is a big improvement
  15. KentishLad's avatar
    Thanks OP (writing on my new S22U now). Phone is amazing, battery is amazing (from s10+) and the deal is amazing too. Love it.
  16. briggzilla's avatar
    can you produce another sizzler for the s22 ultra please?
  17. AllThatJazz___'s avatar
    Got this deal and got my phone set up but bloody hell Samsung have gone all in on the bloatware. Genuinely think I will be back to Oppo next (edited)
  18. madoka_ayukawa's avatar
    Read a few previous s22u deals, a few has mentioned that over time the phone gets slow and glitchy, like all Samsung phones. Is this true? Tempted to get this over the s23u
    Wheresmylaptop's avatar
    Head mine since Dec. Still absolutely perfect.
  19. Shane_Solomon's avatar
    Shame it's with 3, poor reception for me ☹️
    StudentGrant's avatar
    Three share some masts with VODAFONE already, and may be taken over by them. Ongoing at moment
  20. Preying_Eyes's avatar
    Any similar deals with vodafone? (edited)
    Robdataff's avatar
    Dome said above that three are merging with voda, and starting to share the towers.... I'm getting tempted. It's a good price for the phone on its own I think?
  21. JazzySnake's avatar
    Is this deal still active? I lowest I can find is £99 upfront with £26p/m
  22. Cesar_Andres's avatar
    I'm confused now, is this for a new phone right??
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Yeah! New, they have as new, but these link to new. Why you confused bud?
  23. DaveLakin's avatar
    I can't find this. Has it expired
    flex's avatar
    The deal’s still there but graphite, red and sky blue are sold out on the 128GB model
  24. ErionZ's avatar
    If I buy a sim deal, can I transfer my current number to that plan so I don't have to use 2 different numbers?
  25. Weehamish's avatar
    yikes paying 57 per month for the 256gb....
  26. TJ26's avatar
    Hi All,
    So my current 3 deal ends today and Im looking at taking up this option.

    I spoke to 3 but they dont stock the s22 ultra and more. So my question is, how do I take this deal but still keep my 3 number?

    Thank you
    SRB100980's avatar
    Turn your ended deal to PAYG then transfer to the new Three contract, or transfer your number out to different network then back to Three on the new deal (edited)
  27. Asif_Rahman's avatar
    Why's my order been cancelled :/
    Asif_Rahman's avatar
    I ordered today and they cancelled it a few hours later
  28. briggzilla's avatar
    Just tried to do this as the link worked.. All went through, received an order confirmation, but had another email saying its been cancelled due to security, cant tell you why etc. And i have to wait 3-5 days for a refund. Fuming!
  29. breakinthesun's avatar
    How long does it usually take for 3 to update the plan to show the £16 per month rate? Mine is currently at £34 per month and getting a bit worried
    KeelingH's avatar
    Mine says the same, first bill will be generated on 2nd July, I'll see then I guess.
  30. Galaxy4741's avatar
    I have this phone, but i am not happy, get hot very quickly, and drain the battery
    mgk's avatar
    I have or and an pretty happy with it. What are you doing on it?
    Can be get a bit warm at times but i find battery life good

    Edit..just realised old thread (edited)
  31. Herrbal88's avatar
    This is a brilliant deal, thank you, Mr Switch, you are the best (edited)
  32. petey101's avatar
    Why are there no more s22 ultra deals posted since june? Have there been no more?
  33. petey101's avatar
    Did everyone who got this deal can confirm it was a uk branded sealed samsung phone and not a resealed box destined for another country ie russia?

    Someone in another thread mentioned theirs was a resealed box
    Herrbal88's avatar
    Mine was orginal
  34. Pinksparkles1973's avatar
    Can I please ask if anyone has bought a phone off Back Market?
    Reviews seem good, but I've never heard of them...
    I got my husband a phone from 4gadgets who were excellent but they don't have what I'm looking for
    Thanks for any answers (edited)
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