Unfortunately, this deal has expired 10 August 2023.
Posted 7 August 2023

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 512GB £949 / £849 With Any Trade In With Code + Z Fold5 £100 Off, S9 Tablets £50 Off, £25 Off Watch6

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Update 1
  • Use code FLIPSIDE100 for £100 off flip5 / fold5

  • Use code GALAXYLIVE for £25 off the watch6 series or £50 off the s9 tablets
These codes stack with trade in, which the other codes did not, so £849 for the flip5 with any trade in, or £389 with trade in of fold4 for example, note currys may have better trade in offers, so best to cross check

10% off if adding another item, for example add the watch6 40mm and code FLIPSIDE100 + Code GALAXYLIVE, and a trade in for the watch, for a £956 final price

Galaxy Z Flip5, 512 GB
Galaxy Z Fold5, 512GB
S9 Ultra Tablet

Open or closed, the Flip5's got your back. You can skip songs, make calls or check maps on the 3.4" cover screen. Plus, the 12 MP dual cameras are right next to it, so why not take a super-sharp selfie while you're at it? When you need more space, just flip open the beautiful 6.7" AMOLED screen. It's got a new zero-gap hinge and slimmer bezels, so your favourite games and shows will be more immersive than ever. To make sure all your apps and games run like clockwork, there's the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. And when you're done, just snap it back closed and it'll disappear into your pocket or purse.

Good to know

  • The main screen has dynamic refresh rate that goes up to 120 Hz, for amazingly smooth motion
  • With Nightography you can keep taking clear and vibrant photos even after dark
  • The 10 MP selfie camera is great for taking selfies with your friends or video calling your family
  • With 5G, you can surf faster than ever before
  • It's got an IPX8 rating – which means it's not afraid splashes, showers, or dunks
  • Keeping it charged is a breeze, with the 3700 mAh battery and support for fast and wireless charging
  • You'll have plenty of space for your photos, files and apps thanks to the 256 GB of storage
Samsung More details at

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  1. Turbofunk's avatar
    FLIPSIDE100 works for me, but GALAXYFLIPSIDE does not when I have the Fold5 in the basket
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Cheers, updated
  2. thedavebaxter's avatar
    Am loving it so far, went from iPhone to it. I tried a google pixel 7 pro but sent it back as it was just too big for pockets etc… I wanted a small phone but a big screen and found it. Am a light user, mostly browser and WhatsApp, battery lasts around 3 days.

    Edit: Forgot to say, am talking about flip 5. (edited)
  3. Toup's avatar
    How 256gb fold 5 for 1k? Some one selling on ebay.
    skinrush's avatar
    That will be EE/BT employees selling them on no doubt. They were able to buy for £874.50.
  4. gazwat64's avatar
    Over priced by a country mile.
    chaywa's avatar
    It's really not. The cheapest Snapdragon 8 gen 2 device is the OnePlus11 5G which is £729.99 direct from OnePlus currently. Factor in the increased manufacturing and component costs for the folding tech for the Z Flip and the price isn't overpriced at all.
  5. skinrush's avatar
    I am not surprised that they are discounting at this point in time.
    There's a global cost of living crisis, and Samsung are releasing 2 very similar models to last year, with the Fold 5 being £100 more expensive than last year's already expensive Fold 4. Yes ,there are some upgrades with the new models, but a £1749 folding smart phone is a tough sell in the current climate.
    I doubt they are selling well so far.
    Kernell's avatar
    Climate may nkt be tough for everybody.
  6. vixmony's avatar
    If only the cameras were as good as the s23 ultra!
  7. GsinghD's avatar
    Just returning the z fold 5 which i pre ordered. They declined my buds2 pro claim. As usual useless samsung customer support say their decision is final and can’t change. Wont give me much details. I have claimed for s23ultra and z fold 3 last time and it was all successful.

    I think Samsung are being dodgy here and trying to reject claims where they can. Guess what i have just returned the whole order worth £1700 for z fold 5, watch and cases.

    Unfortunately, it appears you're not eligible to take part in the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro promotion.
    Shaz546's avatar
    shocking, SAME TO ME in the past! rejected claims without any real explanation - at one stage asked for a daily magazine / newspaper next to a phone I bought 4 months earlier and was not part of the promotion , when challenged why they didn't know and kept asking for the same old info again and again,
  8. MattThommmo's avatar
    Maybe not the most successful launch if they are already discounting so heavily? Heat though. (edited)
    mark077's avatar
    Samsung always does good discounts and trade in offers, the phone has been out a few days you can't judge based on that..
  9. uchihasilver's avatar
    Not stacking for me
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Add trade first, then codes, or trade code trade code
  10. Toup's avatar
    Thanks, switchy you saved me in multiple occasions
  11. hecatae's avatar
    shame FLIPSIDE1000 does not work for £1,000 off.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Yep, or FLIPSIDE10000 for £10,000 off
  12. Dan92's avatar
    Unable to check out with PayPal for PayPal credit if I add the smartphone trade in, which is a pain.
    z-axis's avatar
    Why don't you use Samsung finance for interest-free payments, then PayPal 3 months
  13. quake.ee's avatar
    Dunno all codes were stackable during pre-order with trade-in🤷
    MrSwitch's avatar
    only the live stream codes it seems
  14. RaiKush's avatar
    is it true there is no DEX support on the Flip 5? (edited)
    l0gan5's avatar
  15. Reberto's avatar
    Yes the camera is not the best on the fold 5. I just keep my fold3 love my phone I think fold6 will have the same camera as the 23 ultra better waiting
    LargeMichael's avatar
    It won't
  16. Toup's avatar
    After everything, watch costs 29 pound
    quake.ee's avatar
    How come??
  17. Toup's avatar
    Yeah, they are the one. But again, it's it worth it ?
  18. Del1701's avatar
    When I preordered my z fold 5 the trade in value was max of £650 now its £850 only a few days after I received it. Good trade in value now but I don't think that samsung are selling these as fast as they thought they would.
    I didn't keep my one though, Sent it back today, I just couldn't get on with it.
    Blazzz's avatar
    £850 for which phone. Could see only 650 max.
  19. james.pondBzo's avatar
    Camera looks the same, so its inferior to s23 ultra?
    Saif_Anwar's avatar
  20. Blazzz's avatar
    So what's the final price of the Z Fold 5, after all the codes and the minimum trade in of £150.
  21. Saeko's avatar
    £1109 for a 512 Fold 5 if i trade in my fold 3... Still too much, would have been tempted if the student discount stacked on top
  22. chaywa's avatar
    Still cheaper on the Currys Pre-Order for the Z Flip 5 with a Flip 3 to trade in btw (although I think they only have the cream in stock now)
  23. zen200's avatar
    Is 1652.19 a good price for a fold 5 512gb and watch 6 classic 47mm and Samsung care+ 2 years? Which include trade ins (edited)
    ao4real's avatar
    what phone are you trading in?
  24. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    The issue with flips and folds and the reason ill never buy one, if you have a fault with the screen which should repaired under warranty, if theres even the slightest tiny mark on the frame around the screen they use it as an excuse to not repair, ive seen hundreds of people say the same thing happened to them when screen delaminated
    MrTagoe's avatar
    tbf, I had the exact opposite. marks on frame and they opted to replace entire screen plus frame PLUS battery. YMMV
  25. mikeyjai's avatar
    Order cancelled by Samsung
    Shaz546's avatar
    what did you order and how much did you pay / I want to understand if you had passed a saving threasold samsung would decide to cancel. ?
  26. Android786's avatar
    Anyone know what's the cheapest way to get the watch 6 classic 47mm?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    do you have something to trade in?
  27. Phlump's avatar
    What's the livestream code? I signed up at the time but don't have any emails with it. Was it a one-time code on the website?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    the codes are in the description
  28. Dingdong007's avatar
    Unfortunately it nowhere near what they did on the 4 pre-order offers so can't justify getting it. Honor Magic V2 me thinks when that drops in September which should be cheaper too !
    ao4real's avatar
    totally....offers on fold for were far far better
  29. kkh786's avatar
    Earlier in the week I got the Z Flip5 with Samsung Care+ and 47mm Watch6 Classic for £1022 in total with loads of stacked codes and no trade ins (this deal was deleted by HUKD).

    Amazing price however I will be returning them today. The camera wasn’t as good as I hoped. So will keep the S23 Ultra until the iPhone 15 Pro Max drops.

    Oh well. Build quality of both Flip5 and Watch6 were amazing. (edited)
    quake.ee's avatar
    Well unfortunately there is physically no space to place really good cameras like in Ultra model.
  30. brian_je's avatar
    Price with trade in of iPhone 13 Pro Max just an example was £499 …… £450 for the iPhone curry’s do enhanced trade in £590 total and the £100 off the phone so comes in at £359. Just how it works to switch from iPhone.
    Shaz546's avatar
    flip or fold 5?
  31. Msx98's avatar
    Anyone tried combining the voucher with top cashback at 8%?
    quake.ee's avatar
    Yes but it was 5% and tracked.
  32. fame's avatar
    So what's the cheapest we can get Galaxy Z Flip5 512GB ATM as of today??
    Winracer's avatar
    Without trading anything in £849 using codes FLIPSIDE100 and ZSAVE100.
  33. Shaz546's avatar
    this is what I was getting last week - but not today anymore - some of my codes aren't working now.... but still to high for me since I had to trade in a FOLD 3 and I can't see me parting with £939 plus my FOLD 3. trade in this year seemed not as good , but thats not true actually trade in were in line with other years problem is they almost forced you to buy a 512GB phone and put the price up to £1799 when all I really needed was the 256GB with the usual trade in and a 10% off for buying 2 products etc,
    sivilis3d's avatar
    Unlucky pal. Got my Fold 5 + Buds 2 Pro for half price WITHOUT any trade in

    50937445_1.jpg (edited)
  34. Shaz546's avatar
    old price, the game has now changed, lucky to get it at £1200, these was with August 2023 pricing and code stacking
's avatar