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Posted 17 September 2023

Soundcore by Anker P20i True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (Customization via App) Sold by AnkerDirect UK / FBA

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Powerful Bass: soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds have oversized 10mm drivers that deliver powerful sound with boosted bass so you can lose yourself in your favorite songs.
Personalized Listening Experience: Use the soundcore app to customize the controls and choose from 22 EQ presets. With "Find My Earbuds", a lost earbud can emit noise to help you locate it.
Long Playtime, Fast Charging: Get 10 hours of battery life on a single charge with a case that extends it to 30 hours. If soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds are low on power, a quick 10-minute charge will give you 2 hours of playtime.
Portable On-the-Go Design: soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds and the charging case are compact and lightweight with a lanyard attached. It's small enough to slip in your pocket, or clip on your bag or keys–so you never worry about space.
AI-Enhanced Clear Calls: 2 built-in mics and an AI algorithm work together to pick up your voice so that you never have to shout over the phone.
IPX5 Water-Resistant: Wear soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds during workouts or even in the rain. They are protected against splashes of water, so you can keep playing in any condition.

10mm Oversized Drivers: Big drivers deliver detailed sound with powerful bass.
22 EQ Presets: Use the soundcore app to pick a preset that works best with what you're listening to.
Compact and Comfortable: soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds have a small and lightweight fit. The compact charging case easily fits in small pockets and bags.
Extended Playtime: Enjoy 10 hours of playtime on a single charge. The charging case holds up to 30 hours of extra power, so you can top up your earbuds on the go.
AI-Enhanced Clear Calls: Be heard clearly thanks to soundcore P20i's two built-in microphones with AI-enhanced voice pick-up.
Fast Charging: A speedy 10-minute charge of your soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds gives you 2 hours of playtime.
IPX5 Water-Resistant: The music doesn't stop even if it rains thanks to soundcore P20i's IPX5-rated protection. Note: Water resistance rating applies to earbuds, but not the charging case.
One-Step Pairing: When you're first setting up, just open the case, take soundcore P20i true wireless earbuds out, and they will be ready to pair. After that, the earbuds will automatically connect to the last paired device whenever you take them out.
Single Earbud Mode: Want more awareness of your surroundings or to extend playtime even further? Simply remove one of the earbuds from the charging case, and the earbud will enter Single Earbud mode.

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  1. Bigdave99's avatar
    I bought these last time they were on offer at a similar price. Use them primarily for Teams calls and am told the microphone is super-clear. Sound is pretty decent too - for a little over £15, you can't go far wrong.
  2. sycookuk's avatar
    I got these last time on offer can easily recommend and i have ALOT of bluetooth headphones. Brought them for the 10 hour battery as wear them all day at work and my 8hr ones were just falling short these are bang on!
  3. S1027's avatar
    Does anyone know if the cable for these is USB-C?
    Albert_Tatlock's avatar
    Yes, received mine today . . . the cable is USB-C
  4. Gary_James8tp's avatar
    Are these any good or do they jusy fall in the bracket of cheap bluetooth earbuds?
  5. uziee's avatar
    Has anyone worn them at the gym? Do they stay in the ear when on the treadmill?
    If anyone can recommended any other better suited for the gym I would be greatful
    gaijintendo's avatar
    I usually wear the a3i at the gym. They're perfect for me, but rarely on offer. Most buds will survive a run if you have the right tips and/or ear parts selected.
    And I'll add, I am not some kind of slippery smooth runner.
    I occasionally get a sweaty ear which is horrible and seemingly unavoidable - but I'm interested in trying one of those bone conduction ones!
  6. willyg's avatar
    I have these & concur with others that they stay in. I'm definitely a fan although I have to say that folks on the other end of the line always complain that all they hear is wind during a call.
  7. Tom_Proctor8474757577's avatar
    I find these really comfortable. I got them last time. Pretty alright, sound. I mean, 15 quid isn't the end of the world, is it?
  8. toffee's avatar
    i purchased these for £22.49 a month ago, and was very pleased. comfy, stay in ears, good battery life. I mostly use in "single ear" mode to listen to podcasts and language instruction whilst walking the dog. I have used em for calls on the go, and people say they can hear me loud and clear.

    at this price, i am half tempted to buy another pair to put in the cupboard in case the others break or get lost etc.
    imran_sami's avatar
    are they good on calls?
  9. Merihell's avatar
    I'm no expert but I have these and I'm really happy with them.
  10. Albert_Tatlock's avatar
    Ordered . . . appreciated
    THESMITH7's avatar
    Happy to help
  11. NJO's avatar
    TY OP
    THESMITH7's avatar
    Happy to help
  12. Slewzini's avatar
    I have these, they are my spare set.

    I have some some other anker buds that are better, the lifeA1s

    These are a tad uncomfortable to wear and protrude more than I'd like, the sound quality is a 7/10.

    For this price a total win, but wouldn't pay any more than 20.
  13. Phil_Blake's avatar
    Got these last deal.
    Excellent quality sound.
    Good connection.
  14. ncolli's avatar
    So I have been an Anker convert for the past 5 years or so. I had the first gen AirPods and just out of warranty one went really quiet, not impressed for such expensive head phones. I bought a pair of anker p2’s and for the money I was well impressed. Granted I am not a full on audiophile but the sound quality is good, if you are expecting beats quality audio you are not going to get it for £15 but for everyday use, gym, train, bus, teams calls these are spot on and worth every penny of the £15. My last pair went a good two years with no problems before being upgraded, my son still uses the old ones.
  15. J257's avatar
    Can you use the left earphone on its own?
    My jabra headphones did not allow this, only right.

    Are calls Decent or terrible? (edited)
    toffee's avatar
    you can use left or right on its own. calls are pretty good, only used a couple times but people said could hear me just fine
  16. deleted229642's avatar
    Any comments on how these are for calls? I use some cheap Aukeys and while they're fine for music and podcasts they're pretty much unusable for calls.
    Impoor's avatar
    They're really decent for calls and people can hear you clear if you're somewhere quiet. They pickup too much background noise if you're somewhere busy and you'll be basically unintelligible.
  17. jaizan's avatar
    I have the Soundcore P2s and am pleased with them.
    The sound is good and battery life is excellent compared with the Mi buds I had before.

    However, the dangly bits on these tend to get caught in things, so the shape of the Mi buds were better. For example, I could take a jumper off with the Mi buds in situ. The controls on the Mi buds were easier to use.

    I don't see the P20i on the Soundcore UK website, so have no idea what the spec difference is compared with mine. Anyhow, perhaps it's too soon to buy a spare set, even if the price is good.
  18. andrew_parkes's avatar
    Anyone recommend noise cancelling earbuds? These are OK for the price and quality but not for my workplace. Thanks.
    aldo66's avatar
    I have the QCY HT05 Melobuds and they seem good to me but I have nothing to compare them with.
  19. 8bitleo's avatar
    Just bought the P3is for 34.99, how do these compare? Worth returning those for these?
  20. MartyNUFC's avatar
    Thanks OP one of my Samsung Galaxy buds stopped taking a charge and died on me after 3 years so I've ordered these!
    THESMITH7's avatar
    Happy to Help
  21. e.h's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks
    THESMITH7's avatar
    Happy to Help
  22. deleted229642's avatar
    These arrived for me this week, happy with them for the money and definitely an upgrade in call quality over my cheap Aukey pair. Only downside I've found so far is you can't have them connected to two devices simultaneously.
  23. ZuuTube_'s avatar
    Got mine yesterday, Maybe mine are just a bad pair, fully charged but I've had them disconnect 3 times in 2 hours, once even when the phone was Infront of my face

    Ganna send them back, gutted cause they fit really nice in the ear and sound good
  24. Nilshah's avatar
    Used these for a while now and have found the microphone quality to be very poor for phone calls especially when outside.
  25. Connorsdad's avatar
    I'm 47, I will never wear ear buds that look like someone has snipped the wire.
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