Space Flight - Virgin Galactic £126000

Space Flight - Virgin Galactic £126000

Found 20th Mar 2012
An out of this world deal! In recent years it's cost 20 million to travel to space. You can now book with Virgin Galactic for £126,000 with a deposit of just £20,000.

Don't vote cold just cos it's a bit chilly up there!

Book now to be amongst the first 1000 customers. Warning, early flight booking may be on the same flight as Ashton Kucther
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Back in the 90's I was taking space flights for around £3 a go. Not sure if these were the same thing though
Cold - the Virgin Galactic 2 will be out next year.
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will get cancelled, :pthis has been posted a few times and always removed
Ashton Kucther just booked today. Confirmed as customer 500. Test flights have been complete. 3... 2... 1... go! Go go go!
any quidco?
I would love to be able to afford to go. Space really is the final frontier.
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Figure any bank will give me a loan for this lol
any Quidco? That's actually a good question! Currently Virgin Atlantic are offering 3.03% Quidco on their normally holiday flights, so shouldn't be too long until you can book Galactic through same website. A lot of the Galactic Pilots are originally Pilots from Atlantic.

You can also book a flight for free if you cash in 2 million Virgin Frequent Flyer miles

Frequent Astronauts can sign up for Astronaut Frequent Flyer. I am not kidding.
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Any thing on Quidco/TCB? Can't afford to miss any Cashback in this price.... HAHA
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I will remortgage my house thanx op heat added
Who could actually afford this ???

Who could actually afford this ???

Everyone on hot uk deals, with all the saving and stuff.
I'll pay double that to send my ex wife, if you make sure she doesn't come back

Everyone on hot uk deals, with all the saving and stuff.

Can you afford this ?
How many years away are they, before the name 'Galactic' actually becomes relevant?
I've show this deal to my father-in-law (83) and he said it could be great to spend his last moments on trip like this !!!

BTW (less traffic on the way to God) - It's his words
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Dam.. £125,000 was my limit for a holiday...

Who could actually afford this ???

Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian.

Who could actually afford this ???



Good point! Tevez could nearly go twice on one weeks wages...

Who could actually afford this ???

Don't worry, there will be news article someday about Benefit scroungers in Space X)
Is it Sandybride?
I'll hang on a few months . . easy jet are bound to do a cheap option

Is it Sandybride?

I don't know about your wife, but vision will definitely be grainy.
Wait a minute...that much just for the flight? Then how much for accomodation?
In flight meals, fuel taxes and pick your own seat extra!
Bargaintastic I'm in

I'll hang on a few months . . easy jet are bound to do a cheap option
Booked, thanks OP and HUKD. This site gets me buying thing I never even wanted, but its such a bargain

Hot from me.
virgin can't get me up in a hot air balloon - 9 cancellations in 2 years - how are they going to get me into space?
The price some people will pay just to look around uranus!
flight times are shocking, you got to pay extra for a meal and the in flight movie is apollo 13:{
Astronomical price.
Hot!! just bought ten to sell on eBay, thanks op
In all seriousness although I could not afford it, this price is actually fantastic. Imagine what the price will be in 10 years time...
You can do this paid by the government if you happen to be an immigrant who doesn't work, have a conviction, and have a big enough council house. Just explain on your application about your human rights and it's guaranteed.
Whats the full price, how much do you save?
This will be 123k in a few weeks. I'll wait.
Sorry but cold from me - not a word on luggage allowance!
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