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Posted 20 February 2023

The Warriors HD £3.99 ( To Buy) @ Amazon Prime Video

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A classic and at a reasonable price, The Warriors (1979)

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The Warriors combines pure pulp storytelling and surprisingly poetic images into a thoroughly enjoyable cult classic. The plot is mythically pure (and inspired by a legendary bit of Greek history): When a charismatic gang leader is shot at a conclave in the Bronx meant to unite all the gangs in New York City, a troupe from Coney Island called the Warriors get blamed and have to fight all the way back to their own turf--which means an escalating series of battles with colorful and improbable gangs like the Baseball Furies, who wear baseball uniforms and KISS-inspired face make-up. Pop existentialism, performances that are somehow both wooden and overwrought, and zesty, kinetic filmmaking from director Walter Hill (Southern Comfort, 48 Hrs.) result in a delicious and unexpectedly resonant operatic cheesiness. --Bret Fetzer

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  1. hellojoe2's avatar
    Underrated movie
    marblestingray's avatar
    By who?
  2. InTheKnow444's avatar
    Warriors, Come out to play-yay!
    Affray's avatar
    Can you Dig it!
  3. expandingmaan's avatar
    The PS2 game was awesome
    let.them.eat.JAZZ's avatar
    Yeah I played it too. Really enjoyed
  4. sdduk's avatar
    About 1977 i went up the west end in London and see this at the late night pictures brilliant film always remember because it was 2am in the morning me and a friend was watching this.
    Unsane's avatar
    The Scala?
  5. Paul_f1's avatar
    I'll shove that bat up your a** and turn you into a popsicle.
  6. Unsane's avatar
    Still as relevant today.
    InTheKnow444's avatar
    Nowhere to run to baby, Nowhere to hide!
  7. Broxy's avatar
    The Warriors or the Wanderers ? All my mates where Wanderers fans and I was the only warriors fan...shame on them 😁
    BloomHerder's avatar
    Both great tbh
  8. NitrousUK's avatar
    Good film, classic.
    But interesting to see the change in attitude from the 70s. One scene one of the "good" guys, openly to the rest of the group, goes on a side quest to casually rape a lone woman.. he immediately fails though.
    Klunky's avatar
    Ajax is clearly not one of the good guys and is ostracised from the warriors. Swan who is effectively his nemesis shows respect to the female protagonists.
  9. Duckman's avatar
    Is this the theatrical or director's cut? If it's the former then I'm all over it.
  10. robbiewin's avatar
    Classic film
  11. ssc1's avatar
    Have the game on PlayStation portable. (edited)
  12. iGlad's avatar
    The best!!

    “For all you boppers out there” (edited)
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