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Posted 17 January 2023

TRIPLE QX Concentrated Screenwash 5Ltrs - £4.05 with Free collection @ Carparts4less

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TRIPLE QX Concentrated Screenwash 5Ltrs
Our Triple QX Concentrated All Season Screenwash cleans all types of dirt, grim, tar and sap from your windows, leaving a spotless, and streak clear finish. The concentrated formula allows you to get up to 20litres from a single bottle, meaning excellent value for money!
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    Looking for a Screenwash this weekend gone and thought it was a good price.But couldnt see anywhere what the temp it worked down to.This should be blazed across the front of the container so you are in no doubt.Also one of the reviewers mentions tht there is no dilution measurements on the container.Opted for One from Halfords that has very good reviews and is good for -20.Which is what i wanted.Good price but two main points missing,shouldnt need to go looking for them.
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    Used this stuff for years but now a recent convert to the prestone concentrate. Makes a lot more per 5 litres and crucially clears screens much better.

    eurocarparts.com/p/p…320 (edited)
    It says 'use neat' in winter for the Prestone concentrate, would you still dilute? And by how much?
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    This stuff is useless, I own various flavours of this screenwash from over the years and it's honestly like coloured water. To be fair, in the summer I tend to use water as it performs just as well.
    I agree with you
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    Also one of the reviewers mentions that there is no dilution measurements on the container

    The descriptions states that it makes up to 20L from a single bottle, so should be diluted 1:3. Or you can just eyeball it like I do and say "that'll do" :-)
    That will do it
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    Thanks but that autodoc website is just the worst. Spent 5 minutes dismissing intrusive pop-ups
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    Gone are the days when this was £1.70 with free postage. 
    Still have around 3 in the garage. 
    Still not a bad price. 
    I remember that deal I bought 6 bottles, was delivered within 2 hours.
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    Is this 'concentrated' screen-wash which needs to be used neat in freezing weather?
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    Only Prestone for me, this stuff doesn't even say on the front what temperatures it works down to. Buy cheap and it'll have a low alcohol content in and won't work in freezing temperatures. Get the better stuff for 2 quid more.
    Any links for a good offer on the Prestone?
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    Cheaper to use a petrol station like shell and top up from their screenwash hose.

    Most the time someone paid for air for tyres and didn't use screenwash so free
    Isn't that just water though as it normally says Air/water
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    I tried the TripleQX -30°C concentrate stuff undileted and it was useless. Froze up on a couple of occasions in the cold weather.
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    website offers various collection points but doesn't show the addresses?

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    Damn, that’s inflation alright.