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Tesco Prestone screen wash - £1.50 instore @ Tesco (Llandudno)
20/08/2021Expires on 20/08/2021LocalLocalPosted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Ultra performance summer screen wash down to £1.50 at the till without Clubcard. Sign still states £5.00 so good bargain to be had. This was at Llandudno junction branch main store… Read more

Yes I took 15 litres of screen wash with me to Tesco shopping and then put a post up regarding exactly the same screen wash. Remember not all are great at spelling and genuine reasons for that like dyslexia like myself. So instead trying to be smart In front of a crowd why not help or say nothing at all if with common sense the sentence can be understood which I believe most normal people could with this post. Try to be kind and not a bully because that’s the way you are coming across. Just to be clear I did in fact purchase three 5 litre tubs that day and was in fact being sarcastic in my first sentence. Just wanted to clarify that so you understood (y) 🏻.


(y) Thanks for sharing your first deal, @nice_chat


Well spotted @Nice_Chat thanks for sharing your first deal! (y)


So you didn't buy any you *brought* them with you (confused)


Lucky as regards the store pricing.

Prestone Max Visibility Screenwash 5L for £2.50 (Clubcard) @ Tesco
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
1/2 price Clubcard offer on this screenwash at Tesco £2.50 until 18/08 (Was £5) -- Prestone maximum visibility screen wash excels in extremes. This specially developed Spring/… Read more

Same I get mine out of Costco's


Tastes alright does it? XD


Hardly the end of the world is it... it costs £0 to get one & it actually benefits you because you get money back vouchers as well through the post, unlike many other loyalty card schemes whereby you get zilch


Ready made.. no..


I could see your point if it cost anything to get a club card - however aren’t they stil free

TRIPLE QX Concentrated Screenwash 5Ltrs - £3.49 (free click and collect) @ Euro Car Parts
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
TRIPLE QX Concentrated Screenwash 5LtrsOur Triple QX Concentrated All Season Screenwash cleans all types of dirt, grim, tar and sap from your windows, leaving a spotless, and strea… Read more

Use it neat


Still waiting for that deal to come back around(lol)


How is this a deal and not an advert? It’s neither a good product or good price. Look. Much better products are £3 retail at normal price. HOTUKDEALS need to watch their step or end up like MySpace.


This blocked my jets and had to buy 3 sets before I realized this muck was clogging as it went very sludgy. Never again. Heed the warnings everyone.


That's shocking if it goes mouldy that quickly what is it going to do in your washer bottle... I must admit, it's the stuff I have in my car currently and the bottle is fine, maybe a bad batch but that's put me off... But yes, this isn't a deal, 300 heat??!

Prestone PSCW0026A Extreme Performance Screen Wash, Yellow, 2 Litre £3.50 (£4.49 p&p non prime) @ Amazon
234° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Description Prestone Concentrated Screenwash works down to -18°C. Prestone Concentrated Screenwash New formula with hydro-dynamic technology to repel road spray and dirt. For Summe… Read more

You're welcome :)


Ordered, only got a small amount left of non-concentrated stuff so this will come in handy. Plus grown up kids who've left home always pinching mine when they run out, cheers OP (y)


Same at Tesco if youre doing a shop !

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Oh no to ready mixed


Ready mixed means you're paying (a lot) for water - and at what percentage? Best case would be 50% but I'll bet it's closer to 20% so you're really only getting around a litre of screenwash and four litres of water. You're far better off buying screenwash alone and providing your own water to mix it to whatever percentage suits your usage. ISTR Wilkos charge around 79p-£1 per litre and I know ASDA had some 5ltr bottles of screenwash (not mixed) for around £2.50 though that was months ago so no idea if still doing them.


I guess both are good questions LoL (embarrassed) Typo corrected


No, won't buy ready mixed..


No, you don't want to but ready mixed? or No, you don't want to buy ready mixed?

Frosted Fruits Screenwash 2.5L - £1.13 instore @ Tesco, Gallows Corner (London)
392° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th JunLocalLocal
1.13 clearance Tesco’s gallows corner

Essex, Greater london (y)


Lovely with Gin


Lol took me a few seconds to get what you were on about.. I get it now (highfive)


Use with caution. I've broken two televisions so far using this, hopefully it'll go better next time. Third time's a charm!


Nice find. If it hadn't been for the stock I have from all the other deals on screenwash I found on this site previously, I would be there in a shot.