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Posted 18 September 2022

Windscribe VPN Pro Plan: 3-Yr Subscription for £60 ($69) for new users via StackSocial

Shared by koolpubba
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Sorry I haven't copy any of the details about the VPN but most important details of the deal is below. Hope this is useful for someone.

Important Details

  • Length of access: 3 years
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: desktop or mobile
  • Max number of device(s): unlimited
  • Only available to new users
  • Version: v1.83
  • Updates included
  • Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here
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    Use voucher code sms10 for 10% off.

    Can also use 50 stack social credit for 40 to stack up.
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    No matter the codes or credits, you’ll still get charged and have to pay the VAT? I have $69 credit to offset but it won’t let me off the tax (edited)
    Choose country as Virgin Islands But still put your postcode in. Worked for me
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    I was hoping for the lifetime. My biggest regret was not buying that. winscribe is great.
    Same here...
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    Thanks guys - people mentioned a lifetime membership above jogged a memory and I discovered I'd bought one back in 2018 via Stacksocial for £37.50! Bit of a gamble at the time and I didn't think any more about it after the free Opera one came along.

    Best check if it's still working! Is it really so much better than the free Opera one?
    The opera "VPN" isn't really a VPN, it's a proxy that works inside of your browser and as such it only "protects" your browsing info within the browser.

    Windscribe is a VPN that protects everything using a connection on your device, from browsing to netflix, social media and even games
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    Mullvad is a better VPN, you get what you pay for if it’s for privacy. Having said I would still happily buy this over the likes or Nord or Surfshark.
    Don't think mullvad works with some streaming services
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    Ripp off purchased 3 years for £36 last year
    Have you look at the £ exchange rate to USD now to last year ?
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    How do you pay for this. pay pal?
    Is it better than surfshark (edited)
    I think better to use fee free card such as Monzo or Revolut. PayPal will charge you more usually according to my knowledge. Regarding the VPN I'm not able to compare this with Surfshark as I haven't used it. Windscribe is very reliable and works great so far but you can see the review here

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    I bought a lifetime BulletVPN subscription for £36 (ish) and it's been pretty solid. Windscribe would be my number one go to VPN though.
    Ditto to that, BulletVPN been great for me, on the very very rare occasion one of the connections goes down then I switch to windscribe free version. It's extremely rare tho
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    It's probaby worth looking at stacksocials other offerings


    Some of these are lifetime free, for instance 'the fastest vpn'
    I bought the Fastest VPN one but it is unreliable for me. Sometimes it will block or cripple (very slow) all traffic for no reason at all, I've had it cause conflicts on multiple systems or get stuck 'on' but actually be turned off, twice I've had to reinstall the driver, switched back to the Windscribe Free tier mine fell back to and it's been great, I really miss having Pro. Depends what you're doing with it I suppose but for me, biggest use was BitTorrent for emulators, ROMs, etc. and occasional film without DRM.
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    Ok sounds simple but How do people pay for this ?
    You can pay with PayPal but it will add 20% VAT to the cost (I'm not sure if there's a way to escape this with PayPal?)

    If you pay on the StackSocial checkout and select British Virgin Islands as your country and enter your postcode then the payment will go through and there'll be no VAT. Note this way you are billed in USD so you may pay commission from your bank unless you have a travel friendly card like Starling/monzo/Revolut etc

    Currently on the 3 year option the code WINDSCRIBE will get you a further 10% off at checkout. (edited)
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    There was a good VPN review comparison man but he tooj it down. Not sure if anyone else has picked it up. Windscribe was great for me before for football but struggled with Netflix later on. Great for p2p Linux distros whereas I find keep solid's lifetime Vpn slow for them.

    Windscribe based in Canada and I wonder if my next VPN should be based somewhere more exotic.
    Are you referring to thatoneprivacysite / thatoneprivacy guy ? If so, he sold the website to the Safety Detectives which was bought by Kape Technologies who own VPN Mentor aswell as VPNs such as Express VPN, Cyber Ghost and Private Internet Access where those VPNs are now suspiciously highly rated. As you can see unfortunatley for us consumers the VPN industry is shrinking to the point where a few big players end up owning many of the VPNs and indulge in pretty underhand tactics to get sales such as VPN providers owning "review" websites making them nothing but ad websites or the more a website owner gets paid by a VPN provider the higher up the rankings they go. (edited)
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    Been using Windscibe myself for a few years my account runs out in 2024 pity I didn't get a lifetime...but I also have "Keep Solid" VPN lifetime and it works good also with the right settings (edited)
    Wht settings do we need to adjust to get the best out of it?
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    Still using my 50gb a month for life I got for free a couple of years ago. No problems with it at all.
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    Got the a few years ago when it was like lifetime for £39-40. unlimited devices, Honestly it just auto connects and i don't even realise its on. pretty good. for the price
    Same here, mostly, I've noticed during peak hours that if I'm using Discord voice chat then my response time will leave much to be desired.
    Generally speaking for the price (mine costs me about £2/m) it's an excellent choice for a reliable VPN
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    very tempted. i lost my lifetime as they locked out the password after i was messing with controlD and I didn't use an email on original sign up. but liked them when using them.
    Wht happened pls so we can avoid such a thing with controld
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    Recently went on a trip to Kraków and couldn't get Windscribe to work with Sly. My m8 used a different VPN and his was fine.
    Which VPN did your mate use for Sky?
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    this looks similar price to what you get at black friday.... though getting now means would have to wait a couple of years to renew in 3 year's time
    surfshark simialr black friday price too... (edited)
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    Mine currently runs until November. Likely to be similar deal for Black Friday?
    usually is...
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    ...pity it could not be added to existing sub
    Still over a year on my existing Pro sub, so fingers firmly 🤞 for some kind of a 🤝 (edited)
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    Windscribe got a free one version on phone used it before to buy some games etc stopped working.... any ideas guys? That's the only reason don't want to purchase because Free version don't work no more little but worried I will lay and still nothing..
    I use it on eneba for my xbox games and works fine m8
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    oh my
    never had an issue
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    Does anyone knows if static IP is included and if on port forwarding all ports are able to be forward
    Wht is that
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    What about current subbers? Mine is up soon. Do I need to cancel and take out a new sub.
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    So glad i bought the lifetime subscription for like £25-£30
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    Is it good for Kodi? Just not used this one before.
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    Windscibe is supposedly owned by a Canadian company and not by a consortium of Russian and Chinese backers. Somewhere in their terms they'll be saying they don't keep logs. All nice and well. But who's checking? There would need to be a reputable, regular 3rd party audit whose report I can read, to gain a little more confidence.

    I am not aware of a VPN that can be trusted for true privacy as yet, but Windscibe (which I do use) is fine for trivial purposes. (edited)
    Best way to regard all VPNs really. For obvious reasons, nobody really knows which ones are secure, which aren't, and which are actually run covertly by security services. For general use it doesn't much matter, but I suppose it does to some people/organisations.
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    How do you pay for this? When I select PayPal it adds 20% taxes to the final price.
    Yes, looks like they charge VAT on top no matter the method of payment.
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    Would this work with Disney +, BBC iplayer and netflix?
    Unlikely. I tried a VPN while on holiday in Spain to watch the BBC News channel I was paying for via my licence. No dice. However Channel 4 did work, only via VPN, so C4 News it was.
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    $39 for a year for existing subscribers here (if you are a student): windscribe.com/upg…ool
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    My previous 3 year sub expires in December. Hopefully they'll have an offer again then, but for current users instead
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    is there 30 days refund policy for this deal ?
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    Is this better than Nord? If so, how?
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    Can I just confirm that you get a license code with this that must be used in 30 days? My 3 year license runs out 31 November 22 which is 10 days after this must be used. Hoping I can get a code and set up a new account with different email.
    ...new sub stacks up onto existing one