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Kaspersky Total Security 2019 - 3 devices, 2 years £19.99 (Deal ends 15/05!) @ Amazon
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Lowest price for 2 year license for 3 devices - looks like a lightening deal, ends at midnight. Instant code if you choose e-mail activation. Can used on PC/Mac/Android

Here is AV comparative test results for various AVs if anyones interested.


Bitdefender is great, but has a heavier footprint that removes it as an option on weaker machines - covering a lot of lightweight budget tablet / atom / celeron / cheap laptop based machines




No, my grass is greener...


Your own paranoia spy on you but nothing else. Any antivirus, especially with firewall, are licensed by intelligent services before allowed to be sale. Kaspersky still legally present on the UK market, means nothing wrong with it. Only wrong in some people's head.

Kaspersky Antivirus Free
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
I just thought I'll post this as someone has posted the Kaspersky Total security.

I think this free av for the UK arrived last year ; prior to that time you could get it on their .com site . Have used KIS for years .


Yes that Kaspersky which exposed the viruses released by the US and Israel - "These include Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Gauss, Regin and the Equation Group.[86][89] According to Wired, "many of them [were] seemingly launched by the US and its UK and Israeli allies. Kaspersky is especially well-known for its work uncovering Stuxnet and Flame." One of these led to the wannacry virus which brought down the NHS computers as well as major systems around the world and wiped all pictures, videos and music from my computer.


There are plenty of reviews where it is regarded as the best of the free versions. Use it with the free Malwarebytes and you have allround security. Definitely best in class for me as I use it when all the others fail and it has never let me down and I really have used every product on the market, but all our experiences are different. You should be even more worried about the US owned ones as they all, by recently passed laws, have to have a backdoor so that the US authorities have access to everything you have on your computer, and they have a reciprocal arrangement with the UK on sharing data, something Kaspersky will never have. Also there is a free version of Comodo which also does a great job as it contains AV and a firewall.


Another one propaganda brain washed person. Sad. Millions like you make a grey mass and that is what governments want


Anyone used bitdefender?

20% off Ivacy Subscription Plan with code @ Ivacy
21/05/2019Expires on 21/05/2019Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Read More

cheers winterborn


No problem at all, I'm glad it helped :)


Thank you for your explanation (y)


@Zeguvnor Ivacy is a VPN (virtual private network) it lets you bounce your internet connection through servers in other/locations countries. So you can access things that are region locked (U.S. TV streaming etc) While the deal isn't that bad, stack social seem to run a lifetime subscription for Ivacy fairly regularly for $40 with a discount if you're a new customer. So if you're likely to use a VPN for a long time I'd go for that. Just checked that deal is still running So you can get a lifetime subscription for approx £30.69


What is it,what do they do or sell???

Get 50GB at Windscribe on monthly basis (New & Existing Accounts)
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
50 GB free per month for 1 year on VPN Windscribe with coupon code KOMPUTER . You enter the code at registration, you must confirm the e-mail address to get the 50GB a month all… Read more

You're right. I stand corrected.


Same account on both devices is fine, but you could create an account on each device with the codes and get 100GB free in total with minimal effort. You need to download the app for use on mobile. All you have to do then is open the app and press the big power button and it will automatically choose the fastest server for you.


Excuse the newb query. Just signed on. Presume same account can be used on my android phone and laptop? Secondly, do I need to download the app for the mobile, or can I use vpn using chrome (also with extension)? Lastly, Google too bewildering - any suggestions on good vpn guides for near total beginner?


Sights - that pun accidental or on purpose lol another poster stated only some servers are free. What it is is that the free accounts can only use certain servers, if you wish to use others then you need to upgrade to a paying a/c. I bought a 3 year a/c a while ago, but just to say the offer is valid as signed up for a free a/c too - a back up for when my subs run out.


thanks will tell my friend so he can access these naughty sights after July :)

VPN Unlimited Lifetime 5 Devices - £22.31 @ Stacksocial
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
I think it's a good deal at this price, even cheaper than last December. Normal price is 59 USD. Reviews here :…cy/ comments from previous deal on last Decem… Read more

Yep. If he'd said its blocked by Netflix UK then that would have woken me up lol.


you need to use Downloader App


perhaps you have a problem with understanding ... US Netflix only ... read first or speak to their live chat (y)


Btw, how do you tell the vpn works on Netflix? How do you tell whether the Netflix you are watching is US or UK version?


Can’t find it on amazon app store

[Virgin Broadband/Mobile customers] Free F-Secure SAFE 12 Month Internet Security Subscription for 5 devices
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Just found this whilst browsing the web. Just put in the details and you will instantly get 365 days credited to your account. Seems like a good deal considering AV Test awarded th… Read more

Thanks for this never knew about this hopefully it is as good as some of the other leading virus protection software out there.


What would you like to know exactly ?


Please feel free to 'enlighten' us. :-) As I'm sure more than just me is interested in that one too, etc etc etc?, thanx.


Did you try the link I posted on an earlier post? I was also getting through to the "paid" version page but was able to sign up for the free year through my posted link.


I am a Virgin Customer and I have just tried to sign up for the free account but it won't let me!!!! Wants me to get the paid for one I expect (confused)

MCAFEE LiveSafe Premium 2019 for Unlimited Devices & Office 365 Home for 6 Users Bundle - 1 year @ Currys/PC World £39.99
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Saw the offer from Argos on this Post:… Read more

The people who served you are idiots. If this was a pricing error it would have been dealt with by now. It has been this price on the website for a week now.


They said it was a pricing error and that the bundle would no way be that cheap. They did try and flog me a much more expensive bundle - they weren't the most friendly people to be honest. No idea if they are obliged to sell at that price if I have reserved it, but I told them to forget it and went back to the car and ordered for delivery online within 2 minutes :)


why did they refuse? what reason did they give?


My local Curry's refused to honour this even though I reserved it and showed them the deal on their web site. Just walked out and ordered for delivery instead which went through fine.


schuwebz - KUDOS (y) Great find! Got from from argos then it was out of stock regretted not buying another. So seen this thread for Curry/ PC World, grabbed another now I have 2 years plus the 2 months free, thanks spannerzone (y) swwwwtt Hope this it next year, get 2 years for the price of ! years (if brought direct from Microsoft, not worth it when you can buy 2 for the price of 1 subscription) Thanks All ;-)

Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee 6 Device / 1TB Cloud Storage / 60 Mins Skype Per Month for PC / Mac now only £39.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Great offer. Reduced from £59.99. Get the installed applications you know and trust- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, across multiple devices w… Read more
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Genuine is debatable. I understand that these (office 365 for a few quid) vary from outright scams of software bought with stolen cards which risk being cancelled by MS when payment is cancelled, to resellers of corporate or student licences. Look out for warnings that you cannot subscribe with your own existing email but instead have to add it on afterwards. That should be an immediate red flag. Again you risk loss of the account and the potential that it could be accessed by the 'administrator'.


What's the best antivirus at the momen ? Cheers


Legally purchase Microsoft office 365 on eBay for £3.79. Genuine purchases with Microsoft support, use on 6 computers including Apple. Works perfectly!


Anyone who really wants to use the McAfee trash, feel free to PM for the key.


I just purchased it two days ago from Amazon for 52£. #feelsbadman

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IoT Inspector (Free Internet of Things smart device inspection tool)
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
A handy tool for looking into what an those smart devices (assistants, doorbells, lights, smart heating etc) are up to. Mac only at the moment but Windows and Linux to follow soo… Read more

I suppose it all comes down to what data is being sent and who you trust, your antivirus by default usually tries to send data back for analysis and don't get started on what Windows 10 has been up to.


I can't help thinking it ironic that something to detect what your smart devices are doing seems all that data to a server in the US.




Kaspersky Total Security 2019 10 Devices  1 Year £16.99 @ Amazon
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Price dropped on Amazon
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Just bought for 24.99 on Monday :( Direct via Kaspersky so its stress free version.


Log in to the my Kaspersky account, through the software (opens in browser) find the computer you wish to deregister. It should then give you a licence back for your new computers. As long as your not using more than your allocation simultaneously.


Can you please provide evidence for it being rhetoric?


I am shocked that someone who pretends to know so much has demonstratably shown they know so little.


Please don't talk about subjects that you don't understand, you will only cause confusion.

iKydz Internet Controller/Router - Internet Security & Safety for Children £21.24 with code @ Office Outlet
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Use code COLLECT15 at checkout, free C&C Get's good reviews and that was at a much higher price, it's £24.99 without code if you want ti delivered, which is still a great pr… Read more

Amazon also sell this (old model) at £36.79 and the one review reads as follows: 1.0 out of 5 stars Scam!!!! 8 March 2019 Verified Purchase This is a complete scam!!! The unit sold is an older unit which is not supported by ikydz app and is thus useless and doesn't work. Beware!!!!


Qustodio - does what I need and I'm an IT professional. I have 3 mobiles with O2 a d got qustodio premium free.


We use a mixture of OpenDNS FamilyShield on the router (which supports time-limiting) and Google Family Link on Android Phones, which is actually quite impressive.


Family link in Google apps is great kids have to ask for permission to install apps. You get to see what there accessing YouTube for kids has also disabled comments to protect kids l think there are many options rather than just one.


Have a look at this... Parental Control App - Kidslox by Kidslox Trading Ltd

Microsoft Office 365 Home & McAfee Total Protection 6 Device at Argos for £59.99
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Best deal I have found on Office Home 365. Original cost: £79.00 annual subscription, excluding anti-virus. A saving of 2 £20.00 About the product Get the installed application… Read more

Unsure why this is cold! A deal is a deal even if the product is poor or overpriced originally. 365 is 7.99 a month


Tried to thaw you out a bit. Whether you think office 365 is good value or not this is still a good price for the package.


I mainly want this for the Outlook and Word Licenses. With Outlook, when it's setup with my other 5 "family" members, can we share our calendars with each other (if we chose to do so) and even view each-others' appointments?


So just double checking, where can I buy this drive you speak of for free?


Which Synology NAS do you use out of interest? I’m looking at buying one too... but can’t seem to choose between ds218+ or ds218j




Fair do each to their own, just wanted to highlight the history 😁 May not be relevant anymore! I usually get a cheap mcafee key each year never had a single problem so far.


Save 70 on russian spyware


More fool you mate they are still one of the best, I wouldn't worry about that tbh


Doesn't work

Learn FREE JavaScript 2 Deals in 1!!! 2 Comprehensive Courses Covering Basic to Advanced Topics like NPM, Babel, React & ES6->ES9  @Udemy
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
Learn FREE JavaScript 2 Deals in 1!!! 2 Comprehensive Courses Covering Basic to Advanced Topics like NPM, Babel, React & ES6->ES9 @Udemy
FREE£194.99Udemy Deals
Finally managed to find TWO comprehensive Javascript Course FREE . Posting is as One to save clicking around. Course One (1) JavaScript Bible:… Read more

Essentially that Java code IS server side code. The phone is the server.


There’s a apply coupon option on checkout


Whereabouts do you put in the code?


seems like both codes have expired now.


It’s a hit Course and codes runs out fast

Password Checkup (Chrome Extension) New and FREE from Google
Refreshed 7th FebRefreshed 7th Feb
Password Checkup (Chrome Extension) New and FREE from Google
Looks good, just released from Google, like a more active version of (which is a fantastic website, highly recommended with email alerts if this addon isn't your… Read more

One of the best darn posts I’ve ever read on HUKD, if not THE BEST. I’d also add that you should ensure you use multi-factor authentication (MfA) or two-factor authentication (2fA) on said password manager. Furthermore, it’s critically-important to do the following: 1. Ensure that whatever password manager you choose has a backup and restore feature. The LastPass Authenticator can do this (although I haven’t yet assessed the risk of backing up MfA to the same database where you store your passwords) and so can the Microsoft Authenticator, which is really handy if you have Microsoft accounts like or Office 365. This ensures that if you lose, replace or wipe your phone, you can recover your MfA accounts. 2. Always securely store any backup codes you get from the websites when setting up MfA/2fA on your accounts. This also ensures you can access the accounts in the event of loss, replacement or wiping of your device and compliments point 1 above, in the event you’re unable to restore your MfA codes, for whatever reason.


God bless autotype. Shaved hours off my life from having to retype passwords at my workplace.


Nice one OP. :-)




Going to send videos of me fapping to all my friends and family. Hope they enjoy it.

have i been pwned? - FREE email check to see whether your username and password has been released publicly
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
have i been pwned? - FREE email check to see whether your username and password has been released publicly
Handy service to check whether your personal details have been hacked and passed on to others via. the Internet (usually on the Dark Web) So here's the lowdown. I've entered my e… Read more
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Try the Kee addon It can automatically fill the login fields on websites


I use keepass as it's simple with a vault but i need to cut and paste passwords so lastpass works better with their system although I never got on with it. Nothing wrong with a book and hide it away if you don't trust software but mix it up. ( Fs2£] ¥sfe3sdA199. Is a good password


I'm noticing a lot of advice these days tends to be aimed at your casual users. Changing on a regular basis can't be a bad thing, if you exercise caution, as you might not be aware of a leak until months/years down the line (if at all)


It wasn’t a criticism - just letting you know that perhaps it isn’t insanity.


Whichever keeps you happy and secure. I'm happy with my way.

Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Multi Device up to 5 Devices £19.51
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Multi Device up to 5 Devices £19.51
Have used bitdefender for years and it works great. Current subscription was expiring this month so I snatched this up. A tip for added value is to turn off auto renew when purchas… Read more
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Thanks, I was about to renew for £30 :)


It still works though.


On one of the Kaspersky install screens that most people probably just click OK on blindly to get past. At the bottom in small-ish print.


Yea, this is what i did last year, when i bought a years code, but i still had a few months left on my current subscription. I cant remember the exact amount of time that codes are valid, but its many months.


Waste of money you don't need these security suites at all. You arguably never needed them. These will cause you more grieve than having nothing at all installed.

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