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Anybody used the Hilton Garden Inn hotel at Heathrow T2?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody has stayed here and knows if it has it's own car park where we can be dropped off by a friend and he leave straight after? Their website says it has parking but it also says no overnight parking so I'm a bit confused. Thanks in advance.
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    Have a look at Tripadvisor and stick 'drop off' in the review search.

    I found one on the first page which said

    There is a drop off section outside the hotel, although it is hard to know which lane to use - just stick to the far left.
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    Thanks for this. I went on TripAdvisor but it was the mobile site so hard to navigate. Thanks for your help
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    There are two Hilton Garden inns at Heathrow Terminal 2, one inside the Terminal, the other is on the outskirts of the compound! (I found out by mistake when booking a work colleague a hotel. 🫣)

    I believe the one on the outskirts has parking, the other doesn’t (although don’t quote me, I haven’t stayed there!) 😁 xoxo
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    I learnt this the hard way currently sat in the wrong one. I don't understand why they have 2 hotels with the exact same name that are miles apart. I now have to get a taxi to T2 costing £21. The reason I booked this was because it said it was connected to T2 and had a walkway. Oh well. You live and you learn.