Posted 22 June 2023

Anyone tried farmfoods signature ice cream flavours?

Anyone tried these? Reviews, favourite flavours?

They're £3 each for 1 litre so don't feel like buying more than 1 or 2..

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  1. bargainhunter1's avatar
    Quite pricey....but looks good.
    Tutti frutti awww😋
    PenguinsForAll's avatar
    yeah it seems the going rate these days for 1 litre flavoured stuff
  2. abigsmurf's avatar
    Tutti Frutti what a cutie!

    Seems expensive for what you get but that's just food in general at the moment.
  3. Mendoza's avatar
    tutti frutti & hazelnut/chocolate
  4. AMaky's avatar
    Are they actually made of cream or usual oil and milk rubbish?
    PenguinsForAll's avatar
    They're actually pretty good! Nice strong flavours

    Would recommend trying the creamy hazelnut if in the area
  5. aga.aga's avatar
    Tutti frutti with colour from insect . Enjoy
    PenguinsForAll's avatar
    Normal food colouring source
  6. syed.zaidi's avatar
    Hi I would Like to ask that is it vegetarian friendly or not
  7. syed.zaidi's avatar
    Sorry my question was not complete . I was asking that is frame food icecream is vegetarian friendly or not.
    PenguinsForAll's avatar
    I posted a photo of the ingredients earlier
  8. Andrew_in_Wales's avatar
    I've been looking for Tutti Frutti ice cream for a while. I will have to pay FarmFoods a visit. Thanks for posting.

    Anyone know of a source of Melon & Ginger Yogurt please ? Another product I have not seen on the shelves for many years.
  9. ccraiggould's avatar
    I haven't seen or tasted tutti frutti ice-cream since the 90s. I snapped two tubs of this right up lol.
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