Posted 1 December 2023

Belfast people I need your help - stolen electric bike

37-39 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JG

This bike was stolen in Botanic across from the train station this past Monday. I have the ID number to prove it is mine and markings on bike. If returned to me in same condition that was taken I will not take it any further.

Please help me find my bike!

Update: Cctv has him in a orange jacket leaving Botanic Ave towards Shaftsberry Square and turning on Donegall Pass. Police are trying to find him on cctv again. If anyone knows anything please contact me or the police.

I use this bike to get to my hospital appointments, mental health and get things my family needs. If anyone sees this bike please speak up.
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  1. mutley1's avatar
    you're lucky the police take any notice. where i live, surrey, the police don't even care when you report a bike stolen. i read someone followed the thief to their house and reported the address to the police and the police wouldn't even bother to go there
    irishsea's avatar
    They have taken more interest in this bike than say when my motorcycle was stolen or friends car.

    Its a rare bike in Northern Ireland so not like there are bikes that look like it everywhere.
  2. Russ2626's avatar
    You may have more luck posting this on Reddit in r/belfast

    Good luck getting your bike back
    irishsea's avatar
    I have, then was told to post on r/NorthernIreland as it has more members and I got ripped apart. Just putting it anywhere.

    Thank you I appreciate it.
  3. sidhoooooo's avatar
    Put it on your local Facebook pages, may get lucky
    irishsea's avatar
    I've done my best with getting it on around 50. But a lot won't post it I'm finding
  4. Meathotukdeals's avatar
    I'm interested in what lock you had on it and how they circumvented it?
  5. newbie68's avatar
    Local here and I will certainly update you if I hear anything, however I'm sure as you know - I wouldn't hold my breath - scum they are.

    As you have done - just plaster it anywhere you can think of - I would even go as far as stapling some posters up locally in the area he/she went towards and offer a reward on it's return - big enough to attract someone's attention
    irishsea's avatar
    Yeah I'm just making it as hot as I can. The ADO A16+ as far as I know there is maybe 4 in Northern Ireland and I had 2 of those shipped over from mainland. The yellow accessories are also custom printed for me. So it's not a bike easily just passed off as theirs. I may try the flyers next week, I've been so sick with a migraine and nosebleeds since it was taken I haven't felt up to it.

    Only description I have is male and they were wearing an orange coat. It's all the police officer would tell me.

    Thank you for keeping an eye out.
  6. aLV426's avatar
    I'll keep an eye out for you - it's defo not a model of bike I have seen on the streets of Belfast so it will stick out like a sore thumb. Sad that theft is still a thing.
  7. SGTodd's avatar
    Ill ask all my running club to look out for this, we cover a lot of south / west Belfast
  8. cf1's avatar
    unless you have definitive and undeniable evidence and did the psni's work for them with tracking it down, unfortunately they wont help
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