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E-Life La Grande Folding Electric Bike ('Refurbished' but mine came as new)... £499 +£12 (48 hour delivery)...£511 ... Toymonster Ebay
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
I got one of these last month as a kind of introduction to electric bikes and have been very impressed. The one thing against it is it is a heavy beast, and the fold is not one yo… Read more
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Is this the bike where the battery bracket keeps breaking?


Heated for the op enjoying themselves.


Pleased you're enjoying yours but no way is it worth anything like £999. Usual IdealWorld con. £384.99 for this very similar one from the same supplier! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EPlus-Commute-Electric-Folding-Bike-700c-Wheel-MANUFACTURER-REFURBISHED/163259553421?hash=item260307168d:g:GlEAAOSwmZJbnRwU:rk:8:pf:0


I think the earliest they were released was around March this year, so if you did get one that somebody has used everyday, absolutely hammered and flattened the battery everyday (a bit unlikely, in my opinion) you would still be looking at having about 720-750 charges left. But I have a feeling these are stock they did not sell, (ie mine came and looked new, box was sealed, etc), or used a few times and returned (maybe the fold and heaviness issues put folk off... Ideal World did make a big thing of returning it no problem etc, and in their presentation they did make the fold appear to be easier than it is in real life (they did not do a full fold), but other than that their info was spot on). Also a big plus of this for folk not on a bike in a while is the weight it can take, over 19 stone (I am 17.5 and it Handles me easily).


They are refurbs, so be worth knowing how many charges are left as the battery is a costly consumable. The halfords ones are around £400!

Lectro Rapide Folding 36Volt 250w 8 Speed Electric Bike (B Grade) - £519.95 @ Parkers of Bolton
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
High quality e-bike that seems a genuine reduction from £1000. Features a claris derailleur and cassette/freehub gearing. Lightweight aluminium frame, steel forks and front wheel m… Read more
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Sorry just read your comment today... you need to find a SOLE white cable and then disconnect it. Not from a combo though.


I disconnected a white cable from a grey and black combo. Doesn't seem to have changed my limit. Any ideas? Thanks


I've purchased mine - when I looked over the weekend they were out of stock. Guess they've had some more in since.


Still 3 left but gone up to £520 and I think you can buy non B grade versions for £1000.


All gone now - great deal. Thanks for posting

SALE Evans Cycles Ex-Display Items - Loadzz or Bargains @ Evans Store / eBay
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Buy a decent branded bike great prices. https://www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/featured-events/evans-ex-display-warehouse-cleaence Norco Fluid FS 1 650b 2018 Aluminium Frame Mountain Bi… Read more

It's very much hit and miss. Save yourself the trouble. Discounts aren't that good anyway.


None of the prices look that great to me. The Pinnacle brand does offer some good value bikes generally but discounts aren't that great. Considering you can sometimes get 40-50% off brand new boxed bikes for last year's models I think those offer better value than scratched up ex-display, ex-demonstration models.


be careful when buying their RTC items - i bought a roubaix with £500 discount with paint scratches - when arrived in store had multiple faults (scuffed shifters/top tube) that hadn’t been mentioned. then when two spokes snapped within a fortnight i had to get really narky to get a resolution and ultimately go straight to specialized - evans just kept on with sold as seen, already had a discount line. would never do it again - evans know naff all.


More available if you go to all sellers items and filter by bicycles.

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FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike  10.4AH BATTERY £346 @ Gearbest
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike Moped Bicycle E-bike - BLACK 10.4AH BATTERY Never seen the 10.4ah (higher capacity, longer range version) as low as this price. Ships via China an… Read more

Put a claim in with your credit card company or paypal if you can't get any tracking information from Gearbest. 40 days surely is close to the expected maximum time to receive it. I'd certainly think about putting a claim in soon.


If any one finds any information on delivery of the Fiido d1 coming from gearbest I would be grateful to hear from you, Its been almost 40 days waiting and I heard that someone else as waited over 2 months (It's the not knowing bit what winds me up.)


Been waiting on delivery on my Fiido d1 Electric bike got it from gearbest dose anyone know how long it takes as I hear there's is quite a few people in the same boat waiting


Curious to know how these new EU duties will affect personal imports of e-bikes from China. https://www.bikebiz.com/business/e-bike-tariffs I assume at some point duties may get a lot worse. The Carrera Crosscity was £650 earlier in the year, it then went up to £700 and now its £850 in only a matter of months. That's about a 30% increase in price over about 10-15 weeks. Will Chinese companies still manage to find a sneaky way of getting them into Europe on the sly via some Baltic country without paying duties for individual purchases. Is this bike even certified to be sold in the UK and Europe and legal to use on our roads even if the spec is road legal in principle. If they can continue to bypass EU duties this way then perhaps in the future personal imports will be the only way to get a decent price e-bike.


Looks like it's expired anyway.. sorry

Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk - This bike/ bike parts seller has good reviews (9.3/10) and many reviews say they have great customer service Very go… Read more
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Is that including air drag? Without calculating it you have a massive over- estimate of power gained, as your model assumes the regen braking will be so strong that you are going 5mph downhill (where air resistance is a small factor), but in mountain biking you would be going alot faster, probably averaging at least 15mph (where air resistance is a huge factor)


I did the maths and you're right, like assuming a vertical hill 1km high and a 100kg bike + rider combo, reasonable efficiency, you spend about 400Wh going up but gain 130Wh going down with regen braking on. Not bad at all. The trick is you need a hub gear motor and extra power circuitry for regen braking so the resulting bike will be heavier, not enough to make it not worthwhile but a heavier bike with more unsprung mass will be less pleasant to ride.


Regenerative braking or some kind of dynamo would probably add a decent amount of energy for a mountain bike being used up and down hills. You'd also lose more energy going up steep hills so the 108 mile range would be reduced.


To be fair, for off-road riding that's still a respectable distance. Or, to put it another way, you'd be a sweaty mess after that distance offroad with a regular bike :-)


If you are lightweight, fit, on the flat, no or wind behind you, tyres at 70 psi, on the lowest assist setting. Otherwise expect about 40 to 70 miles

Eskooter electric scooter 30% off £69.98 @ Groupon
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul

(y) ;(


Thanks. Kind of helps. Made me realise I need a diet (y)


Was just about to answer lol. Like the man said it's around 11stone.


70kg works out to be just a little over 11 stone, or 154 ish pounds, hope this helps.


70kg? What that in real money?

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Carrera  Crossfire Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike now £1000 at Cycle Republic
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Crossfire ebike now £1000 at Cycle Republic (Currently £1250 at Halfords). This might be useful to someone. (Yes it's 1k but at least it's been reduced) Just been to Halfords it… Read more
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AHH darn hoping mine last 6 months( pays for itself by then)


No it has a motor on it, so you could make the wheel... but for your average person like me, I just want something easy.


My only concern would be spending a grant in a Carrera bike, considering is sort of a low range brand... Don't know, having a 300£ bike which just adds 700 for the electrical bit... Once you spend this money go bigger and buy quality.


Can't you buy the wheel anywhere?


You talking about mopeds here?

FREE 48 Hour Electric Bike Trial at Halfords
LocalLocalFound 17th JulFound 17th Jul
FREE 48 Hour Electric Bike Trial Ready for more oomph with an electric bike? Take one of our electric bikes for a free 48 hour test ride at one of our thirty-four 48 hour electric … Read more
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I haven't seen that so it just goes to show that duplications isn't always bad. I'm really interested in this trial. I'm going for the 30 min one in the next couple of days and if I like that, try the 48 hour one. Sounds like a great promotion as one of these is an easy sell to me and I can see my Mrs wanting one too.


This has been posted before. There is a big thread already


This might help


Nice! Heat added

A proper E-bike - Haibike Sduro HardSeven 1.0 27.5" Electric Mountain Bike - 2018 - £1499 @ Cycle republic
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
Here's a completely steal for an electric bike with these specs. Reliability guaranteed and astonishing performance.
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K trap a to B. Absolute tune


You realise Plato quoted Socrates saying much the same about himself, your name isn't Sophia by any chance? Even in your screenshot states "The weights listed are for general reference only; check the documentation included with your bike for specific weight limits". Must be beyond me to recognise the industrial guidelines all e-bikes much adhere to being quoted in their generic manual for the other product range of the Xduro that also states to look at the documentation supplied for the specific bike Community forums are about discussing what is correct - ego is about dealing with who is right and wrong and hinders people getting to what is correct. In the main I am reflecting the parts that you are excluding from you bias - when not going off piste.. That is your opinion - I think they have configured as their entry level mid motored bike with some features that I personally like on that frame e.g. the motor guard. The reviewer you posted up also stated he liked the frame a lot Everything else you are projecting I have said isn't the case but it would require you listening beyond yourself. Your recommendation as an alternative better and cheaper bike, according to its specifications, has a Suntour XCT, Mechanical brakes, Pro wheel chain set whilst not being mid motored and I have already flogged to death your advise that I consider dangerous. To you I would Bonzo as you can't hear what I am saying. Anyway I am out of here as you are going to continue talking to yourself no matter what.


Again you don't seem to understand much. Rider weight of 120kg is different to total permitted weight of 120kg, one is the rider weight on it's own without luggage or the bike weight itself and the total permitted weight is everything. How can you not understand anything so basic as that. You seem to be pre-occupied by your own ridiculous and incorrect opinions. Anyway here is the detail from their manual. I hope we can finish with your absolute nonsense now of the Haibike being a stronger bike. It is significantly weaker as you would expect from that frame and geometry add to that a more complicated and less reliable motor type. While Haibike may have light duty off road bike on their site it isn't being repeated on all websites selling the bike it is sold as a simple e-mountain bike. They have also configured it to look like a serious off road bike despite its many weaknesses. Your opinions are so utterly biased and ridiculous it is farcical. You are clearly wrong here, you have pursued this point but failed at every opportunity. You also lack any sort of level of politeness and just come across as some offensive keyboard warrior. https://www.4qte.com/pdf/Haibike/Haibike eBike Owner's Manual 2014.pdf


Sduro Hardseven is advertised by Haibike themselves as a light off road bike, here is the is a screenshot from their workbook: I copied the reviewer - albeit again you have cut off for the urban rider and with the warranty wear and tear would not concern him - much like you saw what you chose to see in the review rather than taking the full pro's and con's. EN15194 is about requirements for ebikes - a none ebike has no requirement to conform to this requirement in the context of retro fitting. This is where I think your advise suggesting that most bikes can be retro fitted is a dangerous one in an open forum. As pointed to the comparison between the non ebike and ebike from Haibike most laymen should be able to see the ebike is strengthened in a number of area's where the load differs between that of a human rider to a motor driven that goes beyond the weight to also the forces applied. I also made the point that the Haibike has from the ground up designed, specified and had a frame built for a mid drive motor. The Carrera (which is like comparing apples to oranges in relation to this mid drive Haibike) has taken a standard design and strengthened those key points required. Feel free to take a set of digital callipers and check the differences between the e variant and none e variant of their same bike in your local Halfords. As to you made up 110Kg for the Haibike and the Carrera being some 30kg more this is the spec of the Carrera on the left and the Haibike on the right: If you would like to look at the mountain bike magazines and awards you will see Haibike are up there and considered at the cutting edge and often first to market in pushing the envelope especially with their Yamaha and Bosch solutions. Of course if you want beyond entry level then you need to move your budget further north. If you were to move the analogy with cars then the Carrera would be closer to a Dacia - reliable, clunky, cheap, older tech but really nothing to get excited about. I answered all this morning when you posted which was deleted by the moderators as content was deemed not suitable and on that note I give in trying to keep you on track to the relevance of the Haibike in this offering or adding my tuppence where I can. So long


Again the bike is listed as a electric mountain bike which implies normal mountain bike use. You are describing light off road use which many bikes are capable of. As you have mentioned the Bosch motor version offers shift sensing which will reduce wear on the chain, sprockets and derailleur and that review stated even with that feature without even going off road those components had to be replaced 3 times in 1 year for a higher mileage cyclist. The Yamaha doesn't have that system so seems likely such wear will be higher. Crank motors are high torque which is ideal for real off road use but pairing them with lower end components effectively ruins that capability or means a product that is very high maintenance and give the cogs and chain a huge workout. Pairing such a motor with such a low end bike with lower end drivetrain components is a poor match. You may criticise hub motors for their lack of torque for off road use but some of them work very well over the long term even if they never quite achieve the same performance off road as the higher end haibikes. This haibike model looks like it would be high risk to take off road with some sort of failure likely either in the motor or drivetrain or possibly an issue with the basic forks. Going back to the retro fitting of hub motors on conventional frames. All these bikes are certified and tested and then rated for load capacity and other factors. The Haibikes have a lower weight rating than many conventional mountain bike frames that have been fitted with hub motors. All these bikes have to comply with EN14766 and EN15194. The fact is the certification often dictates the final load capacity of a bike. Despite the huge number of Carrera bikes sold in the UK, frame issues are not common. They often feature reinforcing not seen on their competitors. Like the Haibike frames they are probably manufactured at the huge fuji-ta facility in China but that facility makes light duty frames (often destined for it's own domestic market) and much stronger designs for the US and Europe, basically what the customer pays for. There are a lot of reports of Haibike issues for what is a niche product in the UK. Again no one is saying that a mid mount crank motor isn't the ideal for a mountain e-bike it's just such bikes do not cost £1,500. With a £1,500 price tag its probably hard for many to see this bike as entry level but it is for this type of product with this motor type and frame configuration.

Folding electric bike with 6 speed Shimano gears for £449.99 at Argos.
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Having posted a very cheap electric bike at Argos (https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/cheap-electric-bikes-at-argos-ebay-from-39999-for-e-plus-20-inch-wheels-electric-bike-2982395) I… Read more

Thanks. Pleased you weren't put off by the voting on here!


Quite well made. Has stood up so far. Battery power kicks in at about 2mph - has a reasonable assistive force. Gears are good, though sometimes 1st gear causes the chain to come off the gear - just needs adjusting. I would recommend this bike - fits easily in the back of a hatchback car/SUV.


If you got it what do you think? I can't understand why this as gone cold but the other one which is a much poorer spec got heat!


This is link to the ebike I returned,same make as op I think, absolute pile.of (poo) http://www.argos.co.uk/product/8019378


HUKD voters strike again! I posted a basic electric bike and it's well over 400 degrees and rising. I then posted this much better electric bike with gears, folding frame and better design for £50 more and it's gone cold. Can anyone explain? Anyone?

Cheap electric bikes at Argos ebay - from £399.99 for E-Plus 20 Inch Wheels Electric Bike
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
This is the cheapest electric bike I can find new from a recognised retailer with warranty, returns policy, etc. Much of the cost is in the battery which means prices can't go muc… Read more

Nah, that's *******. Any half decent mechanic will check the tyre and tube is seated correctly before inflating it, especially if it's new from the factory. It'll be on a PDI-checklist they have to fill in.


never liked the apollo range in halfords - they always seemed too cheap looking whenever i have gone for a closer look ( maybe some are better than others like the carerra range - seen some good ones & some that boggled the mind as to why they bothered with it lol.) the apollos always seemed to have that supermarket type of feel to em to me ( but on saying that, my 1st bike was a bike from ASDA over 20 years ago & i still have it & its still going strong even though i have never treat it with much kindness.


It was actually my flatmate at the time who paid for the goop add on as we went halves on the bike, as we were sharing it, but he picked it up from the store and he's incredibly gullible and he bought their sales pitch hook, line and sinker at the store. When he came back and told me what he'd paid £12 for I laughed at him because it seemed absolutely pointless to me. Although, as a retailer, you have to take responsibility for your products whether it was you directly who messed up or it was the supplier who messed up, it's up to you to make sure they are of suitable quality because you're the contact with the customer, meaning the customer complains to you and you complain to the supplier. As far as we, the End User, are concerned, it should be Halfords at blame because they are choosing to use that supplier, the bike was an Apollo range bike too which is Halford's own brand so it's not like that type of bike would be sold by other retailers. (The gears and brakes were bloody awful on it too but for all the bad stuff I say about it, it was no race horse or pure bred, it was a donkey, but it was a reliable, stubborn, and tough donkey. I rode the hell out of it in all weathers and conditions and it's still able to take more punishment, so it's not all bad.)


did your new bike have Presta or Schrader valved innertubes ??? if presta then its probable they were at fault indeed as not many of the bikes they sell come with suitable tubes as standard so you have to buy a slime tube or something like a continental tube & have it slimed ( or other brand that has removablable valve cores ) BUT if they were schrader valves ( car valve type ) then when you paid for the slime in the tyres addon, the store will not have removed the tyres or replaced the innertubes at all, instead they will have just removed the valve & sloshed in a suitable amount of goop from a huge drum of slime they have, refitted the valve core & reinflated the tube - thus transforming your boggo innertube that was already fitted ( badly ) by the factory into a slimed tube so again may not be the stores fault fully here. ( not all stores will operate this way but thats how my nearest 3 seem to operate with regards the slime stuff - next time ur in ur local see if there is a honking great barrel of green goop behind the counter, if so then thats the punture goop you paid for a squirt or 2 of :) )


do you work there

£30 off Halogen oven, £130 off Tefal Express Steam Generator Iron, £400 off Viking Freedom Electric Bike with Codes @ Ideal world
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
£30 off Cookshop Halogen Oven with code 303030 £130 off Tefal Express Steam Generator Iron with code 130130 £400 off Viking Freedom Electric Bike with … Read more
Read More

Great find op my friends after one after seeing mine on the weekend went to send her link... And it was £20 more than I paid! When does this expire do u know op

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike Black £472.14 but £344.20 with code @ Gearbest
Shipping from CNShipping from ChinaFound 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Seems like a good enough e-bike at a silly price. Usual 250w motor and fairly good range of 40KM. Seat apparently adjustable as high as 105 CM and 120 KG max load so should fit no… Read more

I've seen a couple of vids where people have extracted the battery unit. If you know someone who is good with electrics/batteries, you might be able to replace them, at a cost though.


It won't let me post a link. But it's the usual FB link slash groups slash 317347602178152


Got a link?


Be interesting to know what that involves :/


Unfortunately not, going through the warranty process. Seems like a faulty battery.


Thanks, my Mum had it and with the aid of special drops managed to reach 70 before it got really bad. Our whole family as with all families with a history are now monitored, all sight tests are free. I'm sure one day it will have a much better outcome!


I see their is some pretty amazing research going on to reverse eye damage by glaucoma but it sounds like its at least 10-20 years away at the very least of reaching patients. I know I'm just a random internet person but best of luck to you and hopefully your treatment will improve.


Your bike is considerably higher spec than this one. Folding as already stated but when the battery is flat your 6 gears will be a godsend compared to a single gear plus you can get a better fit on the bike as you have height adjustable handlebars. The quill stem on this ideal world bike might have a little height adjustment but you'd have to do it at home with your tools and can't be adjusted anywhere like yours. I don't think the ideal world bike is terrible value at the discounted price but it is an extremely basic model and more bulky bike.


Thanks no probs, life can can weave in all sorts of directions, I say never waste a second it goes all to quickly.


Apologies, hope it works out. (annoyed)

Decathlon Hoptown 500 lightweight folding electric bike with integral battery on clearance for just £499.00.
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Nearest equivalent is probably Halford's Carrera Crosscity at £700. Alloy frame with removable battery inside. 6 speed Shimano gears. Mudguards. Lights powered from battery. 20" a… Read more

This is nearly correct, in that the speed limit only applies to the motor assist, you can legally go as fast as you can pedal, which even on something like this is likely to be way over 15.5mph (25kmh) but the motor *must* cut out at 15.5mph.... now this might sound pointless, but the fact is when you have a motor to assist up 15mph, you save a lot of YOUR energy you would normally use for starts, riding up hills etc, so you find more energy to propel you over the 15.5mph motor limit.


We be driving foreigns only


Fair point but for many like myself Decathlon isn't local so it would also be an internet bike that I would have to assemble and check myself and either would be a protected purchase if you use a credit card as they would be jointly liable. There isn't a single Decathlon store in the south west or wales. Bristol is one of Britain's biggest cities but no stores there for example. Where as within about 30 miles of where I am there are at least 6 halfords stores possibly more and at 40 miles probably 20-30 plus stores including Cycle republic stores. In fact wherever you go with a halfords bike you can pretty much get warranty work done just a few miles away which is better than most local independent bike shops. I totally accept for many though having a local Decathlon store is an advantage over online especially when a bike has low end short life parts that are more likely to need warranty work.


Could be OK for someone like you with a good knowledge of bikes but I think a lot of people will want the reassurance of a 'proper shop' to deal with, especially with an electric bike. It may be cheap for an electric bike but £500 is still a lot of money!


Another option here if you want a more conventional e-bike. It has far higher rider weight capacity and about double the battery capacity. It might suit some better. It also has throttle control so probably older stock and legally a bit more dubious but has pedal assist as well. https://bicycles4u.com/products/esprit-electric-explorer

Free 48hr trial of electric bike from Halfords.
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
For those who didn’t get the free BMW mini trial,here’s a great equivalent.....a push bike with a engine on,one for the super lazy!!!!

Fantastic example of why not to buy from Halfords. Just went in at my allotted time and after telling them I was here for the Electric bike trial the guy actually sighed. On top of that no bike was available to try. Poor experience from start to finish and complete waste of time


ive booked into to try the crossfire Friday and Saturday jsut need to wait for them to lower the price again


"Bikes tested are to be returned clean and with a charge of at least 80%" I don't know how long a battery holds its charge but if you need to use the bike to return it to the store, let's hope you need less than 20% battery to make it there (skeptical)


Good idea, best to try before you buy. I got mine through the cycle to work scheme, so I didn't pay any tax and it came out of my wages monthly. Something to concider if you can get it. I go up steepish hills and my Crosscity ebike manages well. Its like someone is pushing you up the hill.


We will keep an eye out for offers but we are going to hire some for the day

Great Budget E-bike Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar £780 @ JeJames
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Great Budget e-bike from a trusted brand. With a TranzX F15 front wheel mount motor which provides the assistance to get you to where you want to go quickly and smoothly. The lat… Read more
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"The European Commission (EC) has today released its proposal to amend the Motor Vehicle Insurance Directive (MID), which would mean that pedelec users without third party liability insurance would be riding illegally." http://www.mbr.co.uk/news/e-bikes-insurance-375828


I didn't say it was a deal breaker and I voted hot, but the battery price/life issue is very real and few buyers are aware of it initially. Replacing batteries on a cheaper ebike is rarely viable from a cost point of view: may be better to remove all the electric stuff and sell on a decent conventional bike.


Depends, if you keep using it until it totally runs out or stick it in the shed for five months and expect no loss in capacity. Also, conversely, it is pretty certain that in 2021 batteries will be cheaper and higher capacity than now. By creating a market for batteries it ensures that they will continue to be produced and the bike will not be obsolete. I'm no fan of electric bikes, i think appropriate gears are much better. However, the battery issue is hardly a deal breaker.


Looks good for the money but the problem with ebikes is that the battery life expectancy is around 3 years and you are then faced with a BIG bill to replace it (usually £300-£500).


Possibly, but adds further weight, of course.

Daily Deals - Alfawise Smart Bracelet / Alfawise Sonic Toothbrush / Sticky Cell Pad for Car @ Gearbest
Refreshed 24th JulRefreshed 24th JulShipping from CNShipping from China
Some decent offers to be had at Gearbest today, rather than flood you with a load of separate posts, I thought "wouldn't it be nice to put it all in one place all organised like" s… Read more

I couldn't get the deal posted last week for the Xiaomi strip LED lights to work ... are there any deals for them about?


4x5 watt soundbar I'd have to have it low to avoid upsetting the neighbours (lol)




If you want to buy cheap quality Chinese phones then you get what you pay for. No point crying about it. Save up and by premium quality mobile phones.


If you want to buy cheap quality Chinese phones then you get what you pay for. No point crying about it. Save up and by premium quality mobile phones.

Giant Prime-E Plus 3 mid drive 36v electric bike, medium only, 33% off £1399.99 at Rutland (was £2098.99), further reduction!
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Now further reduced to £1399.99 (thanks robo989). Not the cheapest electric bike out there but very good value for the high specification from a well repected manufacturer. 33% o… Read more

Now out of stock but my 'expire' button has disappeared!


cool ok - might have to get one then thansk for the update


It has a conventional frame so a trailer should fit and plenty of people use trailers on ebikes. Within reason top assist speed should stay the same.


this bike looks interesting does anyone know if a bike trailer would fit to this and how it would perform with a trailer attached


Someone (Mod? Ed?) has unexpired this and removed the expire button! Odd.

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