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Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar e bike half price.  £650 at jejamescycles
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Details The Raleigh Pioneer is both good looking and practical. Its styling is inspired by classic Raleigh bikes, delivering these elements in a modern way. The Pioneer has always… Read more

Thank you.


I’m 6ft 85kg and got one in size L in december for the same price and it’s the perfect size for me. I use it with panniers on the back rack. It works great on hills (steady 15 mph)


Oh that’s great ... I’m 6ft 1 was genuinely looking at getting this


Would have thought there's a huge amount of used 26" mountain bikes out there for sale... 26" has been the predominant size for MTB's going back 30+ years. With only recently, 27.5 & 29ers, taking over. Every time i look in Pedelecs, the forum seems to be dominated with posts banging on about (and arguing about) Brexit.


This is the thread which got me to buy the kit; https://www.pedelecs.co.uk/forum/threads/yosepower-hub-kits.30061/ and this is the site where i bought the kit in case anyone wants to do it themselves; https://www.yosepower.com

Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
An electric bike is just like a normal bike, with the addition of an electric motor and battery. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are the perfect choice if you want to ride faster, … Read more

fully electric vehicles are exempt https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-exempt-from-vehicle-tax Electric vehicles The electricity must come from an external source or an electric storage battery not connected to any source of power when the vehicle is moving to be exempt.


Halfords Condition #5 I accept that (i) I will be liable for any death or personal injury to third parties, damage to property or any other claims, losses, costs (including, without limit, all legal costs) or demands arising out of my participation in the test ride I'm not a lawyer but surely any liability for death is up to the Jury to decide? ...now where did I put that voucher for the Hawker Hunter Test Flight?


Who chooses which branches do this? None in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee the four biggest cities in Scotland, but they have three in Scotland covering about 5% of the population.


Perfect for getting many of the cabinet into cycling.. They should lead by example... for once at least..


Doesn't fitting an electric motor to a bike make it an e-motorbike? PAY SOME TAX!!! :)

Electric bike sale at Rutland.  Over 30% off plus extra £20 off with code. eg Giant for £879.99!
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Large range of electric bikes at Rutland with big sale discounts PLUS an extra £20 off any purchase over £149 with code SAVE20. Ends Tuesday 12 March. eg This Giant step-thru was… Read more

Also didn't think you mentioned or linked a mid drive motor either On used perhaps he is getting confused by his own used avocet electric bike from Bolton - nice consistency again. On that one he was advocating that the battery was easily available from ali express albeit whilst not fact finding if it was a standard or bespoke component as well as saying, as he had replaced a couple of cells in a power tool previously, this made it perfectly safe and easy to do the same with these bigger packs - completely oblivious to shorting or bypassing the BMC can have explosive consequences.


Who said anything about used? First line of link is: "There's no better time to pick up a new electric bike than in our Electric Bike Sale!" Yes, a used one would need to be much cheaper to justify the risks.


I have a 25 mile trip to work. Like biking it but knackered when I get there and even more knackered when I travel 25 miles to get home. An e bike means I can get to work without using the car and be ok for work without being tired. Just the 16mph limit which annoys me, needs to be 20mph at least


Not heard anything about allowing more power and higher motor speed cut off for Ebikes. Where did you get this info from ?


Hi DigitalReaper, have you got a link to this news, not heard of this new law coming in, thanks

Halfords Free 48hr Electric Bike Trial
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
FREE 48 Hour Electric Bike Trial Ready for more oomph with an electric bike? Take one of our electric bikes for a free 48 hour test ride at one of our thirty-four 48 hour electric … Read more

Not in my area as well, a bit disappointing as I have started cycling to work and part my ride home has a hill that I cannot get up without stopping at least twice, so am looking to get an Ebike to help me. I am going for a test ride tomorrow, but have been told that it is for 30 mins and no more, I cannot get to my workplace and replicate the ride home to see if there is a major difference and back to the store in that time. I will ask the manager nicely if he will extend it, as if the difference is as big as I think it will be then I will be buying it, so they could be jeopardising a £1600 sale. I fancy the Crossfuse which has the better Bosch motor and battery, but am planning to buy when it is down to £1280 again and buy a British cycling membership and get another £128 off


None in my area unfortunately


Interesting, I couldn't really feel the difference on the two. I'm planning still to convert my existing steel road bike. I like the idea of a front hub as limited hills, not as complex and arguably I can slip the wheel and battery off and use it as a normal bike


Great offer, had a hub drive for 48 hours then a crank bosch drive for 30 mins which was way better than the hub drive, now very intetested in buying one for the MRS


Available at Halfords, Twickenham.

Electric Bike Haibike SDURO HARDSEVEN black/white/silver matt 2018 £1399.99 @ Thebikefactory
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
I bought one a couple of years back at £1600 and this is the cheapest Ive seen one. Excellent bit of kit and before you hard tail non electric diehards take the p*ss these doubl… Read more

All sizes showing out of stock?


Wow, that's quite a deal.


This has a yamaha motor not bosch. YAMAHA has less range and more nm 70 than normal bosch active line plus which has 50. Bosch top range cx motor has 75 nm but is mostly for off road. Bosch is better for range.


https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-assistant/ This works out with all different criteria. So from 30km-->140km depends


Great price for this bike, never seen a Haibike e-bike cheaper, heat from me

Raleigh Pioneer E-bike - Half Price NOW £650 - Was £1300 @ JE James Cycles
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar. Been shopping around for an E-bike for a while now, and saw this for £650. Rear carrier: Alloy carrier with Luggage strap Lighting: Front an… Read more
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What’s the difference between the pioneer and array edition ?


No... You and the bike discharge over about 50 miles. Max battery distance on setting no 1 for me has been 53 miles


Does this bike self charge when you peddle ?


Oh I really wanted this bike anyone know of any similar deals. ?


Thanks. So, for example, if you went shopping and left it locked up outside a supermarket you would unlock the battery and carry it inside the supermarket with you?

Raleigh Strada Comp Electric Bike  - Was £2500 Now £1650!!!!
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Raleigh Strada Comp Electric Bike - Was £2500 Now £1650!!!!
Just been browsing for a decent electric bike for less than 2k and stumbled across this - seems to have fairly decent reviews and I cant find it cheaper elsewhere? Might click th… Read more

Did you go for this in the end? Jejames have the strada e city bike down to £1250 now if your still looking


Thanks Deedie, this one looks to be the comp version though so hopefully worth the extra £££


Same price for a long time everywhere....


Je James still have the strada e city bike for £1500 but only in large frame size


Same price at Halfords

Haibike SDuro AllMtn Plus 27.5+ @ Cyclerepublic - £2,695
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Haibike SDuro AllMtn Plus 27.5+ @ Cyclerepublic - £2,695
£2,695£3,85030%Cyclerepublic Deals
Nice price for the high specification e-bike and Sam Pilgrim rates them. Enjoy for me as I sadly can't afford one this year as I'm saving for an operation (doh!)
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Battery it self cost over £500


For some people yep, I'm not wanting one yet. But if you can't get changed at work or haven't built up the fitness then I wouldn't dismiss the idea entirely.


Waste of time.


Like all legal eBikes it'll help you up to 15mph. You can go faster than 15mph but it won't assist. Assuming you're putting in enough effort and the battery has power you'll do at least 15mph on the flat and uphill and more downhill. (y)


Have no problem,someone buying a cheaper ebike,but dont put it in the bracket,that this is in,sorry but its not,,you can go offroad with it,but the places this bike is MEANT to be used mainly,is off road,its not priced as commuter bike,it should,,be used on black and red routes,,and built to last long enough,not fall to pieces,,you can buy a cheap dacia sandero to go off road rallying,or decent subaru impreza or vw golf,etc,,all do the job,,just not as good,,but if someone buys this just to commute,its a waste,,anyway,rant done,,ps nowt wrong with carrera ebike,,esp at that good price,,

Xiaomi M365 Europe version electric scooter £288.41 @ Gearbest (paypal check out discount - £5) Black Friday deal
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Xiaomi M365 Europe version electric scooter £288.41 @ Gearbest (paypal check out discount - £5) Black Friday deal
£288.41£39928%GearBest Deals
Update 1
Price changes:

£285 to £293 (19/11 @ 12:34pm)

(posted as a guide to track thread. If price fluctuates greatly thread will be expired and reposts at new price permitted)
List price is £285.47, but if check out with paypal, get extra £5 off (first 2000 customer per day). You can also stack a topcashback or Quidco cashback on top (I did TCB)! while… Read more

I went pass the Paris Xiaomi shop tonight - coat €350. With the rubbish pounds, gear best is a great option!


Congrats! In time for try season! Next thing is to talk about mods!


Just had a reply from them, they expect to ship mine between 17-23 December. Fingers crossed for a spring delivery


I just got mine (email) yesterday! So it’s now “leaving” the warehouse. I bought it 11/11...-_-


So I finally bit the bullet and bought on on 23/11 still waiting to be shipped. Anyone had their shipment email yet ?

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iMars™ Micro GPS Tracker Waterproof Locator Electric Bike Motorcycle Car Burglar Alarm For GT09 at Banggood for £10.89
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 11th Nov 2018Found 11th Nov 2018
This is a genuine GPS tracker using satellites so stood out amongst all the fakes for me. Discussed here before https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/micro-gps-tracker-waterproof-locat… Read more
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Ordered, thanks.


This thread may help folk use it as it seems like the same device? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/micro-gps-tracker-waterproof-locator-electric-bike-motorcycle-car-burglar-alarm-for-gt09-1464-banggood-2858428


What are you and the dog up to??


Yep, I have this one, will work by sms messaging, so I didn't bother set it up for GPRS data as that was expensive on the sim I used's tariff. I think O2 pay as you go might be a good choice for a sim, as I recall they are 2p per text, but you'd need to check position every few months to keep the sim activated.

Carrera Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike With trade in - £825 @ Cyclerepublic
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
Carrera Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike With trade in - £825 @ Cyclerepublic
£825£1,25034%Cyclerepublic Deals
Trade in any old bike to get £75 of the Carrera Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike making it £82 from cycle republic ( same company as Halfords which is also selling the bike but no tr… Read more

Has this offer expired now? It seems to have gone up to £1000 with 10% off, so £900. Is there still a way of getting this for £825


I paid £850 as there was 15% code at the time. Can't fault the bike. Definitely no going back to non electric. You are more likely to use an electric bike. It is heavy with the battery but I find the gentle assistant up to 15mph cruising speed magical. The brakes are superb too. I 100% recommend. :D


Can I ask what you paid for you Vulcan and where did you buy it from ? I'm looking to buy one from Halfords and I'm wondering of I should hold off until black Friday. As it stands they have £250 off (supposedly) which makes it £1,000, I can get a further 10% off if I buy it instore using a code I have,so the best i can get it for is £900. How are you finding the bike ? What's the positives and negatives that you experienced with it ? I recently went on holiday to Majorca and me and the Mrs hired some electric bikes and it was the best bike experience I've ever had,turned what would normally be knackering after a few hours,into a pleasure and didn't feel pooped out or all sweaty. I just hope the Vulcan will feel as good to ride as the bike i used abroad cost about £2,500. Thanks in advance for any reply ;)


How can you get it around £650?


As you've found out, not all 250W motors are created equal..... Its the torque that makes the difference. Always try to find out the torque figures for any Ebike or Ekit you buy.

E-Life La Grande Folding Electric Bike ('Refurbished' but mine came as new)... £499 +£12 (48 hour delivery)...£511 ... Toymonster Ebay
Found 12th Oct 2018Found 12th Oct 2018
I got one of these last month as a kind of introduction to electric bikes and have been very impressed. The one thing against it is it is a heavy beast, and the fold is not one yo… Read more
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Is this the bike where the battery bracket keeps breaking?


Heated for the op enjoying themselves.


Pleased you're enjoying yours but no way is it worth anything like £999. Usual IdealWorld con. £384.99 for this very similar one from the same supplier! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EPlus-Commute-Electric-Folding-Bike-700c-Wheel-MANUFACTURER-REFURBISHED/163259553421?hash=item260307168d:g:GlEAAOSwmZJbnRwU:rk:8:pf:0


I think the earliest they were released was around March this year, so if you did get one that somebody has used everyday, absolutely hammered and flattened the battery everyday (a bit unlikely, in my opinion) you would still be looking at having about 720-750 charges left. But I have a feeling these are stock they did not sell, (ie mine came and looked new, box was sealed, etc), or used a few times and returned (maybe the fold and heaviness issues put folk off... Ideal World did make a big thing of returning it no problem etc, and in their presentation they did make the fold appear to be easier than it is in real life (they did not do a full fold), but other than that their info was spot on). Also a big plus of this for folk not on a bike in a while is the weight it can take, over 19 stone (I am 17.5 and it Handles me easily).


They are refurbs, so be worth knowing how many charges are left as the battery is a costly consumable. The halfords ones are around £400!

Lectro Rapide Folding 36Volt 250w 8 Speed Electric Bike (B Grade) - £519.95 @ Parkers of Bolton
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Lectro Rapide Folding 36Volt 250w 8 Speed Electric Bike (B Grade) - £519.95 @ Parkers of Bolton
High quality e-bike that seems a genuine reduction from £1000. Features a claris derailleur and cassette/freehub gearing. Lightweight aluminium frame, steel forks and front wheel m… Read more
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Ordered one of these yesterday which arrived today, pretty impressed so far. Seems as new and it's my first electric bike and I'm loving it. Going to be useful as part of a split commute. Worth noting that mine did actually come with a saddle quick release contrary to what someone else posted in this thread which is rather confusing, useful though as it meant I didn't have to swap one in. Haven't delimited mine yet but may give it a go since it sounds quite straightforward


Sorry just read your comment today... you need to find a SOLE white cable and then disconnect it. Not from a combo though.


I disconnected a white cable from a grey and black combo. Doesn't seem to have changed my limit. Any ideas? Thanks


I've purchased mine - when I looked over the weekend they were out of stock. Guess they've had some more in since.


Still 3 left but gone up to £520 and I think you can buy non B grade versions for £1000.

SALE Evans Cycles Ex-Display Items - Loadzz or Bargains @ Evans Store / eBay
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
SALE Evans Cycles Ex-Display Items - Loadzz or Bargains @ Evans Store / eBay
Buy a decent branded bike great prices. https://www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/featured-events/evans-ex-display-warehouse-cleaence Norco Fluid FS 1 650b 2018 Aluminium Frame Mountain Bi… Read more

It's very much hit and miss. Save yourself the trouble. Discounts aren't that good anyway.


None of the prices look that great to me. The Pinnacle brand does offer some good value bikes generally but discounts aren't that great. Considering you can sometimes get 40-50% off brand new boxed bikes for last year's models I think those offer better value than scratched up ex-display, ex-demonstration models.


be careful when buying their RTC items - i bought a roubaix with £500 discount with paint scratches - when arrived in store had multiple faults (scuffed shifters/top tube) that hadn’t been mentioned. then when two spokes snapped within a fortnight i had to get really narky to get a resolution and ultimately go straight to specialized - evans just kept on with sold as seen, already had a discount line. would never do it again - evans know naff all.


More available if you go to all sellers items and filter by bicycles.

FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike  10.4AH BATTERY £346 @ Gearbest
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike Moped Bicycle E-bike - BLACK 10.4AH BATTERY Never seen the 10.4ah (higher capacity, longer range version) as low as this price. Ships via China an… Read more

Any news on your bike?


Put a claim in with your credit card company or paypal if you can't get any tracking information from Gearbest. 40 days surely is close to the expected maximum time to receive it. I'd certainly think about putting a claim in soon.


If any one finds any information on delivery of the Fiido d1 coming from gearbest I would be grateful to hear from you, Its been almost 40 days waiting and I heard that someone else as waited over 2 months (It's the not knowing bit what winds me up.)


Been waiting on delivery on my Fiido d1 Electric bike got it from gearbest dose anyone know how long it takes as I hear there's is quite a few people in the same boat waiting


Curious to know how these new EU duties will affect personal imports of e-bikes from China. https://www.bikebiz.com/business/e-bike-tariffs I assume at some point duties may get a lot worse. The Carrera Crosscity was £650 earlier in the year, it then went up to £700 and now its £850 in only a matter of months. That's about a 30% increase in price over about 10-15 weeks. Will Chinese companies still manage to find a sneaky way of getting them into Europe on the sly via some Baltic country without paying duties for individual purchases. Is this bike even certified to be sold in the UK and Europe and legal to use on our roads even if the spec is road legal in principle. If they can continue to bypass EU duties this way then perhaps in the future personal imports will be the only way to get a decent price e-bike.

Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes
Found 2nd Aug 2018Found 2nd Aug 2018
Up to 30% off great eMTBs @ winstanleysbikes
£2,100£3,00030%winstanleys bikes Deals
https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk - This bike/ bike parts seller has good reviews (9.3/10) and many reviews say they have great customer service Very go… Read more
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Is that including air drag? Without calculating it you have a massive over- estimate of power gained, as your model assumes the regen braking will be so strong that you are going 5mph downhill (where air resistance is a small factor), but in mountain biking you would be going alot faster, probably averaging at least 15mph (where air resistance is a huge factor)


I did the maths and you're right, like assuming a vertical hill 1km high and a 100kg bike + rider combo, reasonable efficiency, you spend about 400Wh going up but gain 130Wh going down with regen braking on. Not bad at all. The trick is you need a hub gear motor and extra power circuitry for regen braking so the resulting bike will be heavier, not enough to make it not worthwhile but a heavier bike with more unsprung mass will be less pleasant to ride.


Regenerative braking or some kind of dynamo would probably add a decent amount of energy for a mountain bike being used up and down hills. You'd also lose more energy going up steep hills so the 108 mile range would be reduced.


To be fair, for off-road riding that's still a respectable distance. Or, to put it another way, you'd be a sweaty mess after that distance offroad with a regular bike :-)


If you are lightweight, fit, on the flat, no or wind behind you, tyres at 70 psi, on the lowest assist setting. Otherwise expect about 40 to 70 miles

Eskooter electric scooter 30% off £69.98 @ Groupon
Found 18th Jul 2018Found 18th Jul 2018
Eskooter electric scooter 30% off £69.98 @ Groupon

(y) ;(


Thanks. Kind of helps. Made me realise I need a diet (y)


Was just about to answer lol. Like the man said it's around 11stone.


70kg works out to be just a little over 11 stone, or 154 ish pounds, hope this helps.


70kg? What that in real money?

Carrera  Crossfire Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike now £1000 at Cycle Republic
Found 18th Jul 2018Found 18th Jul 2018
Carrera Crossfire Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike now £1000 at Cycle Republic
£1,000£1,25020%Cyclerepublic Deals
Crossfire ebike now £1000 at Cycle Republic (Currently £1250 at Halfords). This might be useful to someone. (Yes it's 1k but at least it's been reduced) Just been to Halfords it… Read more
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AHH darn hoping mine last 6 months( pays for itself by then)


No it has a motor on it, so you could make the wheel... but for your average person like me, I just want something easy.


My only concern would be spending a grant in a Carrera bike, considering is sort of a low range brand... Don't know, having a 300£ bike which just adds 700 for the electrical bit... Once you spend this money go bigger and buy quality.


Can't you buy the wheel anywhere?


You talking about mopeds here?

FREE 48 Hour Electric Bike Trial at Halfords
LocalLocalFound 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
FREE 48 Hour Electric Bike Trial at Halfords
FREE 48 Hour Electric Bike Trial Ready for more oomph with an electric bike? Take one of our electric bikes for a free 48 hour test ride at one of our thirty-four 48 hour electric … Read more
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I haven't seen that so it just goes to show that duplications isn't always bad. I'm really interested in this trial. I'm going for the 30 min one in the next couple of days and if I like that, try the 48 hour one. Sounds like a great promotion as one of these is an easy sell to me and I can see my Mrs wanting one too.


This has been posted before. There is a big thread already


This might help


Nice! Heat added

A proper E-bike - Haibike Sduro HardSeven 1.0 27.5" Electric Mountain Bike - 2018 - £1499 @ Cycle republic
Found 15th Jul 2018Found 15th Jul 2018
A proper E-bike - Haibike Sduro HardSeven 1.0 27.5" Electric Mountain Bike - 2018 - £1499 @ Cycle republic
Here's a completely steal for an electric bike with these specs. Reliability guaranteed and astonishing performance.
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K trap a to B. Absolute tune


You realise Plato quoted Socrates saying much the same about himself, your name isn't Sophia by any chance? Even in your screenshot states "The weights listed are for general reference only; check the documentation included with your bike for specific weight limits". Must be beyond me to recognise the industrial guidelines all e-bikes much adhere to being quoted in their generic manual for the other product range of the Xduro that also states to look at the documentation supplied for the specific bike Community forums are about discussing what is correct - ego is about dealing with who is right and wrong and hinders people getting to what is correct. In the main I am reflecting the parts that you are excluding from you bias - when not going off piste.. That is your opinion - I think they have configured as their entry level mid motored bike with some features that I personally like on that frame e.g. the motor guard. The reviewer you posted up also stated he liked the frame a lot Everything else you are projecting I have said isn't the case but it would require you listening beyond yourself. Your recommendation as an alternative better and cheaper bike, according to its specifications, has a Suntour XCT, Mechanical brakes, Pro wheel chain set whilst not being mid motored and I have already flogged to death your advise that I consider dangerous. To you I would Bonzo as you can't hear what I am saying. Anyway I am out of here as you are going to continue talking to yourself no matter what.


Again you don't seem to understand much. Rider weight of 120kg is different to total permitted weight of 120kg, one is the rider weight on it's own without luggage or the bike weight itself and the total permitted weight is everything. How can you not understand anything so basic as that. You seem to be pre-occupied by your own ridiculous and incorrect opinions. Anyway here is the detail from their manual. I hope we can finish with your absolute nonsense now of the Haibike being a stronger bike. It is significantly weaker as you would expect from that frame and geometry add to that a more complicated and less reliable motor type. While Haibike may have light duty off road bike on their site it isn't being repeated on all websites selling the bike it is sold as a simple e-mountain bike. They have also configured it to look like a serious off road bike despite its many weaknesses. Your opinions are so utterly biased and ridiculous it is farcical. You are clearly wrong here, you have pursued this point but failed at every opportunity. You also lack any sort of level of politeness and just come across as some offensive keyboard warrior.https://www.4qte.com/pdf/Haibike/Haibike eBike Owner's Manual 2014.pdf


Sduro Hardseven is advertised by Haibike themselves as a light off road bike, here is the is a screenshot from their workbook:I copied the reviewer - albeit again you have cut off for the urban rider and with the warranty wear and tear would not concern him - much like you saw what you chose to see in the review rather than taking the full pro's and con's.EN15194 is about requirements for ebikes - a none ebike has no requirement to conform to this requirement in the context of retro fitting. This is where I think your advise suggesting that most bikes can be retro fitted is a dangerous one in an open forum. As pointed to the comparison between the non ebike and ebike from Haibike most laymen should be able to see the ebike is strengthened in a number of area's where the load differs between that of a human rider to a motor driven that goes beyond the weight to also the forces applied.I also made the point that the Haibike has from the ground up designed, specified and had a frame built for a mid drive motor. The Carrera (which is like comparing apples to oranges in relation to this mid drive Haibike) has taken a standard design and strengthened those key points required. Feel free to take a set of digital callipers and check the differences between the e variant and none e variant of their same bike in your local Halfords.As to you made up 110Kg for the Haibike and the Carrera being some 30kg more this is the spec of the Carrera on the left and the Haibike on the right:If you would like to look at the mountain bike magazines and awards you will see Haibike are up there and considered at the cutting edge and often first to market in pushing the envelope especially with their Yamaha and Bosch solutions. Of course if you want beyond entry level then you need to move your budget further north.If you were to move the analogy with cars then the Carrera would be closer to a Dacia - reliable, clunky, cheap, older tech but really nothing to get excited about.I answered all this morning when you posted which was deleted by the moderators as content was deemed not suitable and on that note I give in trying to keep you on track to the relevance of the Haibike in this offering or adding my tuppence where I can.So long


Again the bike is listed as a electric mountain bike which implies normal mountain bike use. You are describing light off road use which many bikes are capable of. As you have mentioned the Bosch motor version offers shift sensing which will reduce wear on the chain, sprockets and derailleur and that review stated even with that feature without even going off road those components had to be replaced 3 times in 1 year for a higher mileage cyclist. The Yamaha doesn't have that system so seems likely such wear will be higher. Crank motors are high torque which is ideal for real off road use but pairing them with lower end components effectively ruins that capability or means a product that is very high maintenance and give the cogs and chain a huge workout. Pairing such a motor with such a low end bike with lower end drivetrain components is a poor match. You may criticise hub motors for their lack of torque for off road use but some of them work very well over the long term even if they never quite achieve the same performance off road as the higher end haibikes. This haibike model looks like it would be high risk to take off road with some sort of failure likely either in the motor or drivetrain or possibly an issue with the basic forks. Going back to the retro fitting of hub motors on conventional frames. All these bikes are certified and tested and then rated for load capacity and other factors. The Haibikes have a lower weight rating than many conventional mountain bike frames that have been fitted with hub motors. All these bikes have to comply with EN14766 and EN15194. The fact is the certification often dictates the final load capacity of a bike. Despite the huge number of Carrera bikes sold in the UK, frame issues are not common. They often feature reinforcing not seen on their competitors. Like the Haibike frames they are probably manufactured at the huge fuji-ta facility in China but that facility makes light duty frames (often destined for it's own domestic market) and much stronger designs for the US and Europe, basically what the customer pays for. There are a lot of reports of Haibike issues for what is a niche product in the UK. Again no one is saying that a mid mount crank motor isn't the ideal for a mountain e-bike it's just such bikes do not cost £1,500. With a £1,500 price tag its probably hard for many to see this bike as entry level but it is for this type of product with this motor type and frame configuration.

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