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Electric bikes are a popular transport way to do the planet a favour while reducing the amount of physical effort needed to cycle. With hybrid electric bikes, electric mountain bikes and electric bikes for kids available, there's never been more choice of what to buy. All the latest bargains and offers on electric bikes can be found right here on hotukdeals. Read more
Vitesse Pharos Unisex E-Bike £799.99 @ Aldi
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
I note someone else has already posted the other E bike now available at Aldi. This model has a Samsung battery mounted at the rear. Personally I think the more expensive model is better val…

Nope, I do average 35-40 miles (55/60km) including boost for hills with 12ah battery between charges so quite possible on lower assist setting and mostly on the flat. And I ain't young or super fit either.


MInd you cant take anything for granted these days! If you enlarge the image on the aldi page then right click it and "open image new tab" it will show a slightly bigger pic to see the components better. It has vbrakes. Need to be careful with these batteries. Dont overcharge them and dont let them drain too low in general. Unplug em too when not being used. The battery here looks a bit dodgy..too small to be 11.5aH and certainly cables too short or just assembled wrong.


v brakes are fine, I'm just saying it doesn't actually state in the description that it has any brakes at all.


Looks good - I had a elife voyage which was great for 15/20miles but no good off road as a plodder even. I think the 26" wheels would make a big positive difference...anyone ever compared the ride on 20" Vs 26" ebikes of similar spec? Mine was a front hub too which was a bit dodgy initially when turning into a road etc it tried to pull away from you..well dodgy. Still it was fine once you got used to it but you had to have your wits about you if you hit gravel on a road etc. but anyone have any real life experience of front hub/mid drive/rear hub drives?


It is indeed these days when most cheapies are 7ah and 24v!! hold me back. Great warranty too from aldi Forget disc brakes etc they are just a fad...you cannot beat bog standard v brakes for plodding along and simplicity "Range 60-70km" TOTAL BIG FAT LIE . 11.5 aH will give you 20/25 miles on the flat

Zinc 20" Wheel Size Folding Electric Bike with 36V Battery for £550 click & collect @ Argos
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Seems like a good price for a folding electric bike, down from £700 so a nice saving. Handy for the commute in hilly areas, perhaps? It is quite heavy at 22 kg, but then it is an electric bi…

Overpriced for what you get, better deals have been had


Plus I'd look at online reviews. YouTube etc. Weight is a big factor if you are commuting. Speed / ease / size of fold. Reliability? If you expect to use bike everyday and it's broken.. How long for repairs or even are there any repairs. Gears! These bikes are pedal assist plus if battery gives out / goes wrong.. Its for you to cycle.


I’m not sure about Manchester, My local is Corby.


Wonder if I do bike 2 work with this one think


The Swifty Liberte Folding Electric Bike on amazon is the same frame motor etc. But has 7 speed and disk brakes. It's price varies day to day and with color option ( £586 at time of this comment for the silver/pink.) I got it at £360 and am blown away with how well it performs.

E-Plus City Folder 20 Inch Wheel Size Unisex Electric Bike £375 with code Free C&C @ Argos
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Commuting just got easier. This folding electric bike is ideal for getting to work. It folds up to less than a third of its size. Perfect for taking on the train and storing away at work or …
Avatar rugman

No worries all set up now. I have done the 2 folds for storage but I'm not sure how the final assembly should look because it isn't tight, the bike folds seem loose and limp. How should the final folded assembly look? I can't get the bike to sit folded on its 2 wheels


Maybe change the gear on the right hand twist shifter?


I set mine up but cannot ride it normally due to the chain I received mine, set it up but can't ride it normally (without motor) because the chain seems to be stuck in the wrong place. Am I doing something wrong? I then charged it and trued riding with motor assistance but still to no avail because the chain is stuck in the wrong groove. Any similar experiences? Can this be easily fixed at home or should I return it? Or am I just using it wrong?




Build quality seems fine to me. Comfy seat. Taken it for a ride down my road as a test and very happy. You can't get any ebike for under £400 even direct from China so £375 from argos (with no quibble returns) is indeed an amazing deal. You could probably make money on these on ebay. The £550 model is sold out pretty much nationwide. Battery life probably won't be great but if I get anywhere nr 20miles I'll be fine recharging nightly with my commute. No throttle button, but it's not like you have to put any effort Into moving the pedal to get the assist to turn on. You may even be able to find cheap extended batteries for this thing.

Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike (Red) Sport Pursuit All Colours £639.99 @ Sportpursuit
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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Perry eHopper Folding Electric Bike (Red) Sport Pursuit All Colours £639.99 @ Sportpursuit£639.99 Free P&P Freesportpursuit.com Deals
This bike was £650 on wiggle a few days ago, now dropped to £639.99 on Sports Pursuits (all colours available) Join the revolution and cut away a greener path to freedom with the UK's light…
Avatar Angharad111
Get deal*Get deal*

Battery is awful


its a kids size and clearly unrestricted which is illegal thankfully. You be lucky if the tiddly battery got you to the shops.


Out of stock now


Join the revolution and cut away a greener path to...


There's very little information on spec for the normal bike components anywhere online, it all just talks about the battery and motor. From the pictures it looks as if it definitely has a threaded bottom bracket, so whichever it is supplied with it should be relatively cheap and easy to replace.

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Perry eHopper 16" Folding E-Bike (2021) £650 at Wiggle
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Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Perry eHopper 16" Folding E-Bike (2021) £650 at Wiggle£650Wiggle Deals
The Perry eHopper 16" Folding E-Bike rolls upon 16" wheels and features a strong and durable folding frame and an electric motor drive. This gives it a pedal-assisted performance that's idea…



https://goperry.co.uk/collections/16-inch-folding-ebikes. For a price match on the Black Bike use code “onetime” this code will expire at midnight


Ok,Understand now.Thanks


Hey, yeah just drop them a message on live chat or email and they’ll give you a code for any of three colours for £650 :D https://goperry.co.uk/collections/16-inch-folding-ebikes


Hello,What does the personal code give you please, the blue is £650 like Wiggle? Thanks.

Halfords Assist hybrid electric bike 20" wheels - £449.10 @ Halfords
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Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Halfords Assist hybrid electric bike 20" wheels - £449.10 @ Halfords£449 Free P&P FreeHalfords Deals
Assist compact ebike from Halfords. Currently on offer with 10% off, if this ebike is not right for you, checkout others in their range, most have 10% off. Use quidco for additional cashback…
Avatar ifitsfreeitsmine
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Totally agree with what you say, converting a good quality bike with a good quality ebike kit and high quality high capacity battery is far superior than most ready made ebikes on the market. It won't be as neat or tidy as an off the shelf bike but you get more power, throttle mode, faster, bigger or multiple batteries, more adjustability and modes on the display and controls. All the components are fairly generic and if any part fails then you can buy another (from the same or often from another manufacturer) and it will work. Unfortunately many of the better ebike kits are illegal due to power, voltage, throttle etc but they are so much better than the off the shelf bikes restricted by law. Buying replacement parts for a ready built bike is an absolute nightmare, displays, motors and especially internal batteries cost a fortune. Don't be put off by the weight of an ebike, I actually prefer a heavy ebike if the weight is due to bigger battery (more cells) or more powerful motor ( more copper inside motor), the bafang mid motor you suggested is pretty heavy but that's a good thing, it is powerful with heavy heat sinks for better cooling. The only downside is if you go off road and have to lift your bike over fences and gates.


This bike is available for £100 less here (£350): https://www.ebikes.co.uk/eglide-assist1.html (Reposting this in a separate message so it's clear; as a much better deal is available). Even at £350, not sure it's what I'd choose, but it's starting to get a bit more reasonable.


Good idea.....covert your own but dont buy any components without a proper warranty. That counts out amazon/ebay etc


The Swifty folding e-bikes from Amazon could be a good alternative to this, they're geared, 36v, disc braked, etc. Currently more but they semi-regularly hit £450 and on occasion have been as low as £320 brand new. Black here and pink here. There's a "Used - Very Good" example of the pink model on Amazon with cosmetic imperfections for £447.09 right now (Don't listen when Amazon says red, it's pink). I'd personally wait for the brand new price to come back down again. I owned the black one briefly (purchased at £335) and only sent it back due to damage in transit, otherwise was very pleased with it.


Yeah this is a terribly heavy and poor geared steel bike with the cheapest electric setup they could fit. I've got a power bank with nearly as much capacity as this bike and I can imagine it would take quite a lot of peddling to get 20 miles. I would suggest people - if able - convert their own bike, as most of us looking at electric bikes already have a decent one that could take a much better kit. amazon.co.uk/Bafang-Electric-Bicycle-Conversion-Components/dp/B07BSCS4QL