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Electric bikes are a popular transport way to do the planet a favour while reducing the amount of physical effort needed to cycle. With hybrid electric bikes, electric mountain bikes and electric bikes for kids available, there's never been more choice of what to buy. All the latest bargains and offers on electric bikes can be found right here on hotukdeals. Read more
Vitesse Pulse Ladies Hybrid E-Bike in 4 Colours and 2 Sizes £899.89 delivered @ Costco
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Vitesse Pulse Ladies Hybrid E-Bike in 4 Colours and 2 Sizes £899.89 delivered @ Costco£899.89 Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
The Vitesse Pulse Ladies Hybrid E-Bike is a well-equipped city bike. Perfect for commuting to work or exploring your local area. Fitted with a Alloy sports hybrid 6061 frame as w… Read more

my bike failed after 100 miles...power just stopped while riding it,tried to switch battery back on but nothing.i took it to the supplier in Derby and they inserted a working battery but that stopped working too..they said it could be a fault in the wiring loom or front end components but could be fobbing me off re their battery being affected too...was it working in the first place?very dissappointed by their lack of not wanting to help the customer


There is no sizing chart on there. Anyone know what height the 51cm is for?


Looks good value but not the strongest bike and perhaps not ideal for heavier riders. The motor hub is tiny and will be geared at that size plus the Shimano Nexus 7 is actually a 9 speed mechanism with 2 gears locked out from selection of which one annoyingly is the 1:1 direct drive gear this means its mechanically more prone to failure than the Nexus 8 despite having less gears. So unlike the Nexus 8 where you can choose gear 5 where possible to reduce wear on the hub gear mechanism and have the maximum efficiency there is no such option on the Nexus 7. However combining a hub motor with hub gears can mean the hub gear mechanism gets lets wear going up hills than a normal bike. I still feel this will be a bad option for heavy riders though and likely to have a relatively short life. In case you haven't worked it out the reason this bike has got such a long range of up to 120km is the motor is especially weak and simply won't take much charge from the battery. If I was guessing I would say the torque level would be less than 15Nm possibly closer to 10Nm. So it provides much lower assistance compared to some ebikes but this means it will provide that assistance for a huge range.


Ladies? Is that woke? It's very sexy though 😰


Looks like a good bike! Recently got a Pendleton for my partner

Hardtail ebike at Rutland: Return Focus Whistler2 3.9 2019 Hardtail MTB Grey L Electric Bike now £999.99 at Rutland Cycling
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Hardtail ebike at Rutland: Return Focus Whistler2 3.9 2019 Hardtail MTB Grey L Electric Bike now £999.99 at Rutland Cycling£999.99Rutland Cycling Deals
Bike bargains have been hard to find through the pandemic and electric bikes are always expensive. This looks like a great price at Rutland Cycling. Large only left unfortunately… Read more

Don't post that - encourages the idiots to want one!


not much being shipped post brexit


I totally agree I put a plastic wrap and cable ties over the cable that you have to pull to un-restrict the bike so its permanently legal. It does have a throttle but that is legal as it only functions when the bike is being peddled. Many shop bought legal ebikes are being ridden unrestricted though. Often its just a few keypresses and selecting different settings. It's really a choice for the cyclist whatever the ebike whether to keep it legal or not. Like you the freedom that ebikes enjoy it would be a shame to lose that but there seems hundreds of videos on youtube of people riding unrestricted ebikes on the road, off-road etc. Even legal ebikes without being unrestricted often surge to over 800W for hills etc for some models like Bosch which seems well beyond of where they should be legally but I guess the important thing is they do restrict the speed to 15.5mph assisted or close to it at all times which is really the most important thing. I watched this video a few days ago, not only is it 2000W but the voltage is 52V where the legal maximum is 48V. He even blurs the speed reading so people can't see what he is actually doing but clearly highly dangerous to other vehicles and pedestrians etc. I think basically we are just waiting for the numbers of such ebikes to start increasing on the road and then you start having a large amount of accidents and deaths and finally the police will take it seriously. They certainly aren't being proactive at this point.


Both my ebikes are pedal assist and are legal with 15.5mph motor cut off. I appreciate the freedoms that legal ebikes enjoy, legally using canal paths and cycle paths & tracks and generally just being classed as bicycles. Something i feel may one day be under threat from idiots that use non road legal ebikes illegally. I see the advantages in hub and crank drive, which is why i have both, and probably wouldn't stick solely to one or the other.


I've only got a direct drive hub motor myself and it will only assist me on the hills I couldn't expect it to get me up the hills on its own. I'm actually running it in restricted mode that keeps it to 15.5mph and a nominal wattage of 250W but like most legal ebikes it will peak at perhaps double that figure or more on the hills. Unrestricted it would be capable of about 30mph but it would be illegal and burn through the battery life much quicker. In restricted mode I think it's running at about 30Nm but in unrestricted it can do about 45Nm but that is a peak wattage of about 1000W. The same hub motor is used in 1500W and 2000W kits with only the controller changing so with those controllers the motor can generate a lot more torque. I'm more into hub motors due to their simplicity and reliability especially direct drive but admit in performance terms the mid-drive motors are where its at at least for legal ebikes. I've seen comparisons of non legal hub ebikes that cost only £700 to make blow away £9000 ebikes because they are delivering 2000W of power and leave the £9k bike for dust.

Exposure E-Bike commuter light 1400 lumen £95 plus £5 @ Evans cycles
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Exposure E-Bike commuter light 1400 lumen £95 plus £5 @ Evans cycles£100£151.9934% offEvans Cycles Deals
A very niche product £52 cheaper than anywhere else, £190 on wiggle, plugs directly into an ebike battery pack.

Back to £190


I keep seeing bad reviews of cheap lights failing due to internal battery problems, I think of getting cheap lights I should stick to AA battery ones?


You can buy the cheap CREE Chinese ones of amazon or eBay but if you want a good quality light then exposure are as good as you can get, I’ve tried the cheaper options and from my experience they suffer from battery failing for no reason, wire connection issues , overheating etc especially when wet and muddy. With exposure i know I’ve got 12 hours low and 2 hours on max, so I’ll get home safely, I love night riding so a good headtorch and bar light makes it far safer


One thing I didn’t realise before buying a bike is how much a good set of bike lights cost.


Yes exactly what I meant to say!

Rayvolt Cruzer V3 E-Bike with Lights at Costco for £3499
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Rayvolt Cruzer V3 E-Bike with Lights at Costco for £3499£3,499£3,99913% off Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
Forget the Electric scooters and dodging the rozzers, glide to Tescos in discreet style on this smart electric bike to load up, fully street legal, fantastic saving of £500, comes … Read more

That is one fugly bit of kit


And here I am just wanting a decent cheap E-MTB :(


supplied at 250w street legal but software allows 1000w!! Sounds like fun


I saw a chap on one of these go past me at traffic lights a few months ago. He was not pedalling at all though. Appeared he had a button to push to go. My first thought was either he had modded it or not street legal.


Some SERIOUS competition here, hubless cycle, so cool, check it out below (y) https://youtu.be/rR-xLrUDS70

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Planet X Rock Machine Crossride E350 Touring E-Bike £699.99 at Planet X
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Posted 12th Sep 2020Posted 12th Sep 2020
Planet X Rock Machine Crossride E350 Touring E-Bike £699.99 at Planet X£699.99£1,499.9953% offPlanet X Deals
Planet X Rock Machine Crossride E350 Touring E-Bike sizes 20” Large or 22” X Large available

Mine had no logo either.... My battery keys also are the wrong ones..... (annoyed)



Firstly Thanks to the OP for this deal. The battery is a JOYCUBE JCEB360 36V 300WH


Did anyone get the roc on the battery for the rock machine logo ? I got the phylion36v same as yours


What battery did you get with the bike? Mine is PHYLION 36V 313Wh 8.7Ah. I expected 400Wh as it was advertised elsewhere.

Superior Erx630-t Touring E-bike (Shimano Steps Mid Drive) £1278.99 delivered (with code) @ Planet X
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Posted 29th Aug 2020Posted 29th Aug 2020
Superior Erx630-t Touring E-bike (Shimano Steps Mid Drive) £1278.99 delivered (with code) @ Planet X£1,278.99Planet X Deals
Saw this, looks reasonably good value from PlanetX online. Use code SIZZLING30 at checkout for this price (code valid until Aug31). Available in 19 & 21.5in sizes More detail… Read more

250w is the legal limit of e bike in the uk in europe. I wish it was something more sensible like 400-500w


I seem to recall a story about a Brose motor that failed 5 times in warranty and the owner was faced with a possible $1000 plus fitting charge for the motor outside warranty and I can't remember if he sold it with a working motor before the warranty ran out or he had to sell it for scrap, its hard to remember exactly all the mid-drive motor failure threads on forums. However Brose and Bosch seem to be the main culprits although pretty sure Bosch is market leader for prebuilt mid-drive ebikes. You don't really hear the same stories about Bafang mid-drive motors that could be because they are a lot more reliable or simply parts are freely available so people can easily repair them themselves plus they may not have such a large market exposure. This particular ebike probably wouldn't be economic to repair if there was a major fault with the motor that required replacement. It's going to be £600-1000 for the motor plus fitting and once your out of warranty the battery is likely a good part through its lifespan anyway. Saying that Shimano can be more reasonable for spares pricing and are generally more reliable and designed from the outset for a longer lifespan but still its a complicated motor with lots of parts that wear down and can fail like most mid-drive motors.


Obviously it would be a standard frame as its conversion but there is a big difference in strength between a lightweight road bike and an overbuilt mountain bike especially around the bottom bracket where mountain bikes can be very overbuilt due to the more extreme climbing and lower gear ratios. Pedelecs forum seems to be run or sponsored by a commercial ebike company and replies to many forum posts suggesting his own products, some of which are quite low end with basic freewheels etc. It's a good forum but you need to be careful about some advice there as its heavily influenced by commercial interests. There are other forums which while not UK based have some great technical advice and posters like endless sphere.


Certainly they won't be cheap to fix or replace but they should still be cheaper than buying a new bike. The one place you might get stung is labour costs, but a lot of motors and batteries are sealed units with connectors for the rest of the bike so unless your wiring loom needs replacing it won't take long to do. That said this is the one point that scares me. I currently own a Bosch mid-drive ebike and one day it's going to need a new motor. I can't buy and fit those parts myself as far as I'm aware and Bosch don't publish their repair price lists. Thankfully it's saving me plenty over owning a car so it'd still be worthwhile fixing when it breaks.


Every mid drive conversion I have ever seen uses a bike with the standard frame and normal size bottom bracket. The only exception is that carbon frames are not recommended. If you want good advice on a suitable donor bike, with advice from some very knowledgeable real world experienced folk, head over to the pedelecs forum https://www.pedelecs.co.uk/forum/forums/conversion-kits-general-discussion.42/