Posted 25th Jul 2022
Hello, I was wondering what streaming services people will be using for the upcoming football season? I know alot of foreign countries have all their football content in one place instead of over multiple services like in the UK.

I used to use Optus Sport but they've apparently lost the UEFA competitions matches and massively increased their prices.

I also don't fancy going down the IPTV route.
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    This is the current offer which works out at £28 for the season…seems like a no brainer. I’ve cast from the app to my tv without any issues too

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    I have a Sony bravia tv. I was able to download the vidio tv apk for it.
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    Vidio in Indonesia seems to be the go-to option for most at the moment. It's a bit fiddly to subscribe to them as you have to do it via Google Pay but I got it working via Bluestacks on my PC.

    They've got the Premier League and Champions League for the next few seasons.
    Didn't have to go through bluestacks to sort out my subscription. It worked fine off my phone via Google Pay even without a vpn.

    I do however, use my curve card for payments and it's never been declined yet. I even sorted out Bulgarian HBO max using my curve card via a vpn when loads of others were having problems subscribing. (edited)
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    Can someone do a quick walkthrough how to pay for this, Thankyou
    Have you sorted it out? As I can tell you what I did if not.
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    This looks great, been looking for something like this as Turkey lost the PL rights for S Sport Plus which was brilliant for me last year. Does anyone know if this has English commentary? And whether they have ALL the PL games or just select ones?
    hi not 100% sure if will have all games... probably... dazn canada used to. you have to subscribe via your phone / tablet. i got the old platinum package via google pay on my phone but then we found out that doesn't include prem and i cannot upgrade but need a new licence. so reviewing other options as this will be my back up. we will compare commentaries on vidio vs setanta sports on the charity chield this evening. the burnley game last night had no english commentary on setanta which was weird
    you need an indonesian vpn or use controlD for DNS changing

    you can also get free champ league on livescore app ireland i'm told with irish vpn and use chromecast to get on tv. i have bt sports on my phone so not really explored champ league. vidio should have champ league too (edited)
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