Posted 14 January 2023

Can someone please tell me why my dishes smell like wet dog from my dishwasher?

I put a cycle on my dishwasher and my dishes come out smelling like wet dog, it's revolting. I recently cleaned it with a W5 Dishwasher Cleaner from Lidl too. Can anyone help please?
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    Assuming it is plumbed into the sink waste pipe, make sure the dishwasher's drain hose is looped up and secured as high as possible under the sink unit to stop waste water from the sink flowing into the dishwasher.

    And use salt in the softener unit no matter what the all in one tabs claim, as others have mentioned.

    I use anhydrous citric acid to clean my dishwasher occasionally. (edited)
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    if all cleaned, filter fine etc, this could another reason
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    Random as but someone told me once don’t throw used lemons or limes in the bin run them through your dishwasher first. Sounds crazy but it really makes a difference.

    and for a cheap clean fill a cup a third full with  some bicarbonate of soda and another with half white vinegar right way up on the top shelf. Run a cycle before you spend your cash on a bottle of cleaner.
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    Interesting do you just put the used lemon on the top shelf standalone?
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    The dishwasher needs a clean... Google a DIY solution , or buy a proprietary cleaner that sits in the top rack - most supermarkets carry them.
    Before you run a HOT cycle with the above, remove and clean the filters and remove and clean the spray bars.
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    I was going to suggest that you need to run the hottest cycle it has to kill off any nasties.
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    Does your waste join with sink/washing machine? Can dishwashers vet backflow like washing machines?
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    In 9 years with my last Beto I never had this problem.
    In the summer the it was a bit smelly after 2 days with out use, after a wash was fine.
    I always use salt and rinse aid.
    Pop out and clean the filter.
    Open the salt reservoir and put your fingers in to see if it’s slimy.
    If it is maybe a bit of bleach and the a wash, plus another wash afterwards with a cleaner.
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    You haven't accidentally washed a dog in there?
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    If I have, it can't be mine as I haven't got a doggo but hopefully it went home cleaner then my dishwasher
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    Thank you everyone. I emptied out the stagnant water out of the filter reservoir using a sponge and bucket, then a little boiling water and bicarb which didn't clear the channel.

    As the dishwasher was unplugged at the time under the sink unit, I assumed that the pump maybe doesn't work when the door is open, and maybe only empties once the dishwasher is in use and the filter is in place etc.

    Upon first checking the filter to be cleaned, I went to twist the filter to unlock it, but it came away in my hand, meaning the last time the filter was cleaned, it wasn't twisted and locked correctly, the Mrs took the blame for this. I assume the dishwasher wasn't efficiently cleaning while the filter wasn't locked, but I can't be sure of this.

    Once everything was cleaned, I put the filter back in place and locked it, then switched on the dishwasher, and the salt refill led came on, so I topped up the salt reservoir then while empty and no dishes in, I popped in a dishwasher tab, then put it on a 60°c 58 minute cycle to give it a quick clean.

    I understand this isn't the proper way to clean it, but I was pressed for time and dishes were piling up, so will give it a proper clean next time with a dishwasher cleaner bottle from Lidl.

    I will take away the advice given to me on this thread, thank you all by the way, and will be sure to check the filter reservoir every couple of washes to keep the dishes etc clean and the dishwasher efficient.

    I have dishes on a cycle now, so hopefully the issue is gone, but if not, I will go back to the drawing board and use the advice given to me to tackle the issue once and for all.

    Thank you all again, and apologies for the essay
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    Have you put salt in it
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    Lack of salt can result in a foul manky mess in the water softner system.
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    It could be down to the dishwasher tablets. Although I don't own a dishwasher I have noticed glasses in many pubs have that smell too. Not that I go to the pub a lot
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    I use lidls own dishwasher 3 in 1 lemon tabs.
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    I don't own a dishwasher but does it dry the dishes or do you do that by hand with a tea towel? Was just thinking it could be the tea towel
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    I put it on quick and shine 60°c with an extra drying cycle. It's a Beko.
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    Cleaned out all the filters? White vinegar clean always worth a try too
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    The Mrs said it could be the filters too. Will try white vinegar.
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