Posted 4 February 2009

Do the AA tow you to a garage of your choice?

Gonna call the AA out later just wondered do they tow you to a garage of your choice, I want my car to go to the Audi specialist I have used for years about 10 miles away, there are nearer garages but would like it to go to someone I know and who knows the car?
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    yeah, they are pretty friendly, im sure they would take you there
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    I have been looking at these deals with car breakdown cover and you really need to check your cover. Most will take you to a local garage no more than 10 miles from where you break down. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to go to your local.
    I have searched and searched to find a breakdown cover that will actually take me home or my local garage around the corner . I broke down about 40 miles away last year and they took me to this garage who couldn't fix it so I then had to pay to be towed home.
    Cheeck EVERYTHING. I have now paid a bit extra to have a policy by which I can go home or a night in a local hotel near a garage close to the breakdown site whilst the car is being repaired. If it still cannot be repaired from there they will take me home.
    There are so many out there. Check also if it is your car that is covered on it's own regardless of the driver, or if they will only rescue you if you are driving.
    Hope this helps!