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Duracell 4 AA or AAA batteries for £1.59 @Aldi
LocalLocalFound 2 h, 19 m agoFound 2 h, 19 m ago
Duracell 4 AA or AAA batteries for £1.59 @Aldi
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Or go to poundstrecher and pay £3.59 for 12. 30p each not 40p each (y)

Energizer Max 9v Battery, buy one get one free £3.99 from Argos
25/01/2019Expires on 25/01/2019Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Not the cheapest price for a 9v battery but a decent brand

If you need 9V batteries that last, Screwfix are still doing the Lithium batteries for only £1.49 each and with being Lithium will easily outlast an Alkaline battery like this Energizer.

Energizer Maxplus 10pk batteries half price £4.25 Wilko - free c&c
Refreshed 2 h, 42 m agoRefreshed 2 h, 42 m ago15/01/2019Expires on 15/01/2019
Half price powerful batteries at Wilko. -Long-lasting alkaline AA/AAA battery -12 year shelf life and In-device leakage protection -Pack of 10 batteries High performance energy … Read more

Thanks just bought them instore. Was still £8.50 on shelf but scanned at £4.25


Most store have loads of them.


Wilkos own high performance are £2 for 8. Though obviously, both alkaline and cheap zinc are best suited to low drain devices!


AAA batteries out of stock ;(

Amazon 24pk AAA Energizer Batteries £7.99 prime / £12.48 non prime
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Looks like a good price according to the three camels
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sheffield788 £5.99 and free collection from Ryman or £3.95 delivery, still cheaper than Amazon non prime.


This deal makes me appreciate more how good the deal I had from Robert Dyas....48 batteries for £5.99😁


Darn shame they're not rechargeable.


£5.99 at Robert dyas in store

Energizer Eco Advanced - AAA - 4 Pack £1.50 @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Stumbled across these in my local sainsbury's (Huntingdon) and saw them reduced from an extortionate £5 to a more modest price of £1.50. Not a mind blowing deal, but a deal nonethe… Read more

Not bad for a set of 4xAA, but don't let the green-washing sway your decision since the amount of recycled material is quite pathetic. From their own website: "the world's first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries and our longest-lasting alkaline."



Reasonable price and bonus that these batteries also use recycled materials. Heat ( or should that be power!?)

Duracell 12 Pack reduced to £2.79 instore at Aldi (Christchurch)
LocalLocalFound 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Aldi in Christchurch had these Simply Duracell AA batteries 12 pack reduced from £3.99 to £2.79...get in early for those xmas toys! Check local stock but had quite a few left so … Read more

I wouldn't be surprised if Aldi's own-brand batteries are better than these anyway, to be honest.


Non stock 12 pack, just 4 for £1,59


These are the budget simple version they are called simple as they are made simplydown to a price, pay the extra and get the next version up or duracell industrial ones from a good seller on amazon or eBay 10 fir around this price or slightly more.


Thanks. Will check my local (highfive)

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Dial Lithium 9v Battery £1.44 @ Screwfix
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Seems a good deal for a 9v battery. Similar batteries tend to be much more than these. Free NBD click and collect available too.

Thanks OP. Poundshop do 2 pp3,s for a pound. But in a gas and smoke alarm they don't last long before you get the annoying beep! ;( Hopefully these will do the trick. :D


To the best of my knowledge! I have been sleeping well since I installed them, and the test button works, which is now the only time that they chirp! So I am hoping to get a couple of years out of them, before they start chirping again!!.


Are these working well? Be nice to silence the annoying chirp chirp smoke detectors I have. Like you they seem to "eat" the branded batteries I have been buying.


Thanks ordered 4


Thanks, Op! Excellent price. Got 3 on the same deal a couple of months ago. Replaced the batteries in my smoke detectors, as the 99p alkaline ones kept running out night!...beep...beep...beep! (y)

Energizer Eco Advanced AAA Batteries - Pack of 4 £1.99 @ argos
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Energizer Eco Advanced AAA Batteries - Pack of 4 Energizer Eco Advanced AA Batteries - Pack of 4 £2.49

Precisely. Cold as product is cynical greenwashing (fierce)


The "Eco" part comes from them being 4% recycled. Whoopee-do XD


Sainsburys was 8 AS A for £1.50


Bought loads at Sainsbury as said where they had C and D sizes for £1.50 ish too but that was a few weeks back. Seem like quite good batteries


I thought the same. They make them to look to similar to their rechargeable ones.

24 energizer batteries - £5.99 @ Robert Dyas (free C&C)
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
I was shopping around and found this. I think it's a good price for branded batteries.
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243 miles. £135 travel (from Devon). Think I'll use a local one thanks all the same.




I have a good Panasonic charger and some really good Tronic 2400 mAh from lidl that stay charged and last a really long time in my Xbox one x controller,longer than these energizers.Been using nearly a year with no problems.


needed some batteries (y)


Most stuff in Robert Dyas is way over the odds in pricing. Occasionally they have the odd good deal, but if you have money to burn (ie waste) shop there! As for this deal might as well buy a load from Poundland. I can get TWELVE!! rechargeable Fusionmax triple A batteries for 6 quid (ie 6 packs of 2) that will outlast these 'ordinary' batteries by the proverbial mile.

Duracell 8 AA Plus Power Batteries for £4 at Wilko (free C&C)
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Duracell 8 AA Batteries for £4 at Wilko


G8 deal. (y)


It’s about capacity that’s all that’s different.


Thank you both for your extensive knowedge on the subject. As I said,... "As far as I know, no one has ever proved one alkaline battery is better than another at doing the job it's designed for.


How many budget brands are better than the more expensive, not many.They are a budget brand made to a price, only have so much charge in them as you move up the range they have more charge. They were firs introduced to get the pound shop market nothing more. Think of of them like toilet paper, these aren’t quilte certainly not double ply, more like the tracing paper of the 70/80s. If you are to young to know what that was like ask someone your know that’s old enough. That will start a discussion.

Ozito Power X Change 18V Cordless Chainsaw W/ 5 Year Guarantee £76 Delivered @ Homebase (Body Only See *Bonus* In Details)
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
*Bonus* MachineMart sell the compatible Einhell Fast Charger With 3.0Ah Battery For £29.99 (Free C&C) So if you don't mind having an Ozito chainsaw but with Einhell brandi… Read more
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Great for carving the turkey at Christmas


Yes have its uses just would like to see how long battery lasts. 20-30 min for £100 no thanks. If someone buys let as know how it does


Yes I noticed the video was edited, likely to save us the boredom of 45 secs sawing through a log. Here's a couple of Australian lads playing with the Ozito version with a 4.0 battery


Yes cutting bone dry log and just two cuts. Just have a look, cut is not continious, they change camera angle (y)


Here's the deal

Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries 12pk - £4.99 @ B&M
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
2 for £8. Also Duracell AAA batteries 12pk available too in same price

£3 for a 12 pack of duracell in pound land


£3.99 for 12 in Home Bargains. AAA or AA


Home Bargains are usually good for Duracells, 4 for £1.49 if I recall.


That's like better than half price. Usally it's 4 for £4.50. Great find.

Energizer Max + Power seal AA/AAA 10 Pack £3.95 @ Asda
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Energizer Max + Power seal AA/AAA 10 Pack batteries. Plus a free film via Google Play. Alkaline. 10 year shelf life. In store and online. Link is to the AA ones.
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Can someone post a code... A used one ?


Energizer Max is much tastier than Diet Energizer


The site where you claim the films. If anyone is interested... not much info other than the T&C


Once you pick your film you don’t have access any more. Most were old family films. The ones I remember are miracle on 34th Street, Mr popper penguins, Fantastic Mr Fox, epic, home alone 2 and one of the Planet of the Apes films not the new one. Lots of other films that I’ve never heard of. 20 in total. I ended up going with the only half decent film the grand Budapest hotel. I’ve already seen it but better than watching some other rubbish. Also your limited to 3 films per house hold. You can always fake the address if you wanted more.


Could you post the options?

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries 750mah £6.08 Amazon Prime / £9.07 non-Prime
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Duracell 750mah AAA rechargeable batteries for £6.08 from Amazon.

He is a T R O L L ...


Is this a serious question?


900mah £3.99 by JCB at home bargain


What’s wrong with throwing them in the bin?


What gadgets/appliances do people use these for apart from cordless telephones? They've been rubbish in everything else I've ever tried them in, ages to charge, loose their charge within a nanosecond or the charger (three different brands) decides they are corrupt. Now if they were li-ion..........

Duracell Ultra Power Type AAA Alkaline Batteries Pack of 12 + Free Delivery for Amazon Prime Members @ £7.19 / £10.18 non-Prime
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Duracell Ultra Power Type AAA Alkaline Batteries Pack of 12 £7.19 and free delivery with amazon prime, otherwise for non-prime users it is £7.19 with free delivery on orders ove… Read more
Dealmessiah Have a look at this site. It will help you get a much better bang for buck.


Nowadays I prefer recargables just make more sence now they as cheap as desposable batterys

Kodak Xtralife Alkaline AAA batteries (5 pack) 25p @ Tesco Wigan
LocalLocalFound 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Kodak Xtralife AAA Alkaline batteries (5 pack). Just 25p in Tesco Extra Wigan. Was £1. Lots left on shelf. Not sure of the quality of these batteries but for 5p each it seems a goo… Read more

I did. They wanted more than 20 bottles which Tesco refused which is fine to me. They (the ones buying the water) and the police did the rest.


Click the link to see


I live in Rochdale I’m ashamed to say. What I will say is they’ll 100% be more to the story than what is made to believe.


What did Tesco do?


Likely not significantly worse than the perceived leading brands according to recent informed post about alkalines in general:

Duracell Recharge Plus AAA Batteries - Matalan Cwmbran - £4
LocalLocalFound 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Scanning though in-store at £4. Original price £8. This was confirmed in Cwmbran Matalan
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400 charges. Lowest avaioable


Some reason they scanned through as AA but the ones we had are AAA. Happy days!

4x Panasonic Eneloop Pro AAA rechargeable batteries £4.99 @ Clearance Bargains in Stanley County Durham
LocalLocalFound 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Spotted in Clearance Bargains in Stanley, County Durham. There's a basket full of them, so hopefully there's enough stock to let this deal get hot ;) They are the 930mAh version.

For sure! I have a combination of both and use the higher capacity/drain cell in flashlights and the higher self discharge in everything else.


Good shout. It's definitely a question of use-case. For my needs, I'd probably opt for the lower capacity, higher recharge cycle batteries since I mainly use low-powered devices.


If you cannot get these i'd look online for the Fujitsu batteries, they're made in the exact same TDK factory with the exact same ratings. I have these and eneloops and their is no difference. 78p more expensive but includes delivery. However if you don't NEED the long capacity i'd look at the 2100 recharge cycles version as they'll last longer and have a better self discharge.


Actually, I just zoomed into my original photo. These are the 930mAh version :)


I didn't have the foresight to check the capacity of these before I left the store. Sorry about that :D . Given these are the Pro version, they should be at least 900mAh.

4 pack Duracell AA batteries, 1p c&c @ JTF (Minimum £5 spend)
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
4 pack Duracell AA batteries, 1p c&c @JTF Good if you are in the area of a JTF store Minimum £5 spend in store 1 per customer max

LMAO at the £3.99 SRP


Thanks gazdoubleu..


Should still be valid in store Screenshot (email) says valid to 30th September


Price is now:-- £2.15


It's just a loss leader to make you look for something else to make it worth while buying, hundreds of people will look through the site and add stuff they don't need just to get a couple of batteries for a penny!

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