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Duracell Batteries 4 pack, AA - £1.59 Instore @ Aldi
31/05/2019Expires on 31/05/2019LocalLocalFound 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Duracell Batteries 4 pack, AA normally these are around £2.00 in other shops, but they are priced up as £1.59 in Stafford Aldi, no special ticket so presume this is national. Ther… Read more

And the Aldi/Lidl ones at £2 for 8 will have more capacity than these.


Bad for environmental


Lidl Acell AA batteries x8 £1.99 are far better imo.


These are the weakest Duracell you can get, get yourself some Duracell industrials usually around £3 for ten on Amazon or eBay much better batteries.

Pack of 10 Duracell AA/AAA batterys daily deal @ Ebay color-pro £2.99
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Cheap good quality batterys, buy 2 packs (20) for £5.40. (10% gets added when you get to check out) otherwise still only 2.99
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Even with the 99%+ nearly 500,000 feedback score if I got 9 batteries when I bought and paid for 10, espieclally if they are "new" in a box I'd be giving negative feedback for sure.


Well.. I'm missing 10% of my order. 9 batteries received.. Knock-offs? Probably. Lifetime avoid of this seller - Definitely.


I think I bought the same ones put a ‘new’ battery in an old mini disc player and it shows up as half used!!


cheaper in poundland and not likely to be as fake as these


Lesson learnt in my life. 80% of these are fakes.

Instore Only: Energizer AA/AAA 24 Value Pack Batteries for £4.99 Free C&C in store @ Ryman
27/04/2019Expires on 27/04/2019Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Present this voucher in the Store This pack of Energizer batteries is great value for money. These Alkaline AA batteries are presented in a closable tub, perfect for storage. … Read more

Bought a pack of each around 30mins ago in Brum. The guy didn’t know about the deal until I showed him the voucher above.


Thank you for taking time to update us. (y)


Hot from me .Worked in-store on AAA and AA .I still use rechargeables but these are ideal for remote controls etc. (y)


Why didn't deals like this exist when I was playing my GameGear continuously?!


The title clearly says ' Instore'.. . (y)

7day shop AAA rechargeable batteries only £3.79 for 8!
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Ideal for home phones etc TCB 2.6% Also on their eBay store for £3.99

Manufacturer supplied batteries in Panasonic and BT phones are usually 550 so these are good value replacements


Apologies - thought they were AA


They're AAA. They're usually 900-1000mAh. 600 mAh is still not a lot, especially considering they're not the pre-charged type, but far from useless.


Found these not to last, the lidl ones are far batter in my experience


Its ok, Lidl have a decent offer Monday. I think i spend more!

Duracell Performance 128GB SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U1 - 80MB/s for £13.93 (Use EGG10 for £12.54) Delivered @ Mymemory
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Description Duracell SDHC/SDXC Class 10 UHS-I cards are designed to be fast, with reduced buffer time between shots, making it ideal for cinema quality full HD video and 3D video… Read more

Dslr shooter here. It would be fine for pictures and can shoot up 1080 video, the card wont be able to handle higher video resolutions tho. I wouldnt recommend this for professional work but for personal stuff it should be fine. I personally would stick to the more trusted brands for reliability. Hope thats helpful. =)


Would this be any good for a DSLR ?


Rubbish, same as the batteries they spew out. Hyped up advertising pointed at apple,sonos, joseph joseph consumers

Tronic Eco AA 2,400 mAh | AAA 950 mAh, 4 pack - Rechargeable Batteries £2.99 @ Lidl
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
As above. In store from Monday 22nd April ( 21st in Scotland ) Appears to be a good price for rechargeable batteries. Pre-charged and ready to use. Choose from: AA 2,400 mAh, … Read more
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Just bought a pack of AAA to find that they don't work on a recently purchased Tecknet mouse. I'll give them a full recharge to fully check. Has anyone managed to get a refund on a pack that has already been opened and tested?


I did say they have great customer service!


You misunderstand what I was saying, I'm recommending 7dayshop as a retailer! The own brand LSD cells they sell are o.k but nothing special imho


Recommended a good charger to go with these please! X


I'm a great advocate of lidl products, however their tronic rechargeables are usually terrible quality. The last 3 lots of AA's I bought (2200 mAh) came in at between 750-800 mAh after 5 cycles. Truly awful & they got returned. I just hope they've changed supplier this time & bought decent cells to rebrand. If you want no risk, go for Ikea Ladda's 2450, they are excellent value for money and all mine come in at 2420-2480 mAh tested on a Maha MH-C9000 analyser.

Energizer Max D4 Batteries -  3 X Packs of 4  £10 @ Wickes  c&c  / instore
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Good price for those that still need D cells I use them in my old led converted Maglite Most other sized packs of Energiser Max also on offer @ 3 for £10

Yes, in Mr Beams lights. I use Lloytron (paid £3 per pair from 7dayshop couple of years ago), but there are probably better makes & quality: - -


Good deal. But hardly any appliances are using C or D cells anymore


In Mr beams lights? Which ones you using?


I use rechargeables for not a lot more, considering they can be used multiple times & good for the environment too.


Heat for the deal and I agree great for Mr Beams lights (or Eveready cloned version!) (y)

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries, 4 pack £5 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Last time they were this cheap was May 2014
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As an add on item


I use these for Blink cameras. Unfortunately I got them at over six quid a packet. Heat added.


They are great batteries, but for those who have a Home Bargains nearby, these are the same price as without delivery.


Last time they were this cheap was 23 Dec 2018


Maybe last time they were so cheap in Amazon but they are regularly down at this price or lower in other places.

Eneloop 4 x AA batteries + basic charger - £6 instore only @ Waitrose
LocalLocalFound 9th AprFound 9th Apr
These were labelled up at £16 but scanned in at £6 @ the Wolverhampton store. Same price online but ‘not available’. Worth checking your local if you are after some!

Hehehehehehe, (obviously) clearly better that!, lol, thanx.


Not bad, where from please?. :-)


Aylesbury branch don’t stock ‘em


1900mAh is Ok, Ikea Laada batteries which are apparently re-branded enloop pros, 2500mah and cost £5.50 a pack of four.


I have this charger* & batteries set. The batteries charge pretty quick. No problems. *sorry my bad, mine is the 'Smart & Quick Charger'.

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Amazon Basics RECHARGABLE AA Batteries (2,000 mAH) 8 Pack for £10.22 (Can be reduced to £8.69 with Student Prime) + £4.49 Non Prime
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Hey Guys; As Amazon's spring sale is on, thought I'd have a look online and see what they had. Anyway, their rechargeable AA batteries have been reduced to £10.22 from £12.99. The… Read more
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Superb post - found that and the included graphic really helpful


After using this guys data on real capacity and current Amazon UK prices (based on purchasing 8 batteries) it seems IKEA LADDA are best value for money at 1726 mAh per £1 which is quite a margin above the competition. If you don't have an IKEA local the next best are EBL (1376 mAh), Amazon Basics Silver (1350 mAh) and Amazon Basics Black (1350 mAh) although the black are considerably lower capacity. Duracell and energizer are more expensive for similar capacities and eneloop come dead last because of their outrageous cost in the UK. This follows my own testing which put Amazon Silver above energizer and Eneloop for actual capacity. I've not had a chance to test IKEA and have no reason to test Duracell but I might buy some EBL to test just for science. Some people are getting 2100-2400 mAh which makes them stinking cheap and absolute best value at 2800 mAh per £1 if you get them for that price and get that capacity. Now there is the question of longevity - I've not been able to find what factory manufactures LIDL Tronic batteries which means they are likely cheap from China so they will likely lose charge over time compared to all the Low Self Discharge Japanese FDK made batteries listed above.


I am within the 40 day window. I'll give it a try it else have to use another email address account. I guess that will work as I am a valid student


Oh, when I click on it (I've already filled it in) it says; "Your request is either currently in process and you’ll hear back from us shortly, or you’ve requested student re-verification outside of our allowable window. You can only submit documentation to re-verify within 40 days of your membership expiration date. Don’t worry if you’ve submitted your request outside of this time frame, we’ve got you covered. When it’s time, we’ll send you an email with a link to re-verify your student status." So, I'm assuming you're within the 40 day window of expiry? If so, I'm not entirely sure what to suggest, sorry. ;( Although I've already re-registered.


Thanks. That's probably what I was looking for. Unfortunately when I go to that link, I see the following... We’ve had a great run, but all good things must come to an end. Members are only allowed a maximum 4 years of discounted Amazon Prime benefits. You can continue to receive unlimited One-Day Delivery, movies and TV shows on Prime Video, over two million songs on Prime Music, unlimited photo storage and more with a full-priced Amazon Prime membership at £79/year.

AmazonBasics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries (100-Pack) 17p each  £16.83 (Prime) / £21.32 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Pack of 100 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries Improved anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition resulting in 10-years anti-leakage shelf life Designed to provide reliable and … Read more

There really cheap as well


I haven't, might grab a few and have a look! Duracells are definitely not worth the significant extra cost.


Are you for real this is not appropriate at all.


Not a fan. Tried these very recently and found them poor compared to our usual Energizers or Duracell


Have you ever tried Lidl batteries I used to use Duracell until I watched a tv program about Lidl battery beating the Duracell ones by far. I wish I New sooner. I bought a Christmas light that takes two AAA batteries and it’s still going strong I put it on every night.

AmazonBasics 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries, Pack of 8 £6.37 (Prime) £10.86 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Pack of eight 9-volt (600 mAh) alkaline batteries 3-year shelf life so you can store for emergencies or use immediately Works with a variety of device… Read more
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They're very handy to have around for my guitars and effects pedals... but yeah, that's pretty much the definition of a niche usage


had to make an emergency trip to the 24hr tesco the other night for this exact reason, was not happy. The flipping things are hard wired, but still have a backup 9 Volt!


There are much better 10 year smoke alarms these days, why even risk a dead alarm? Besides, putting budget alkalines in a detector is probably why you even remember the last time one beeped, they really need lithium. also I'd suggest that Lithium-ion Rechargeables are a better investment if you need one, and need it to still be working in 3 years... personally I have some bathroom scales and some multimeters that still use them, otherwise PP3's suck as a format. I'm not actually recommending this particular set, just trying to help and it was the first thing that looked OK (unicorn) edit: actually that's a good price for EBL, >£20 on eBay.


I use Amazon Basics (Prime) for D cells on a 6 month subscription for my house / garden lights. Great value, seem to last for as long as the well known battery makes, and I like the cardboard packing.


I dunno, useful to have a few in the house when the smoke alarm starts beeping to let you know the battery is dead at 2:00 am :(

2 x 128 GB Duracell Performance Micro SD Card (SDXC) UHS-I U1 (Buy 1 Get 50% off the 2ND offer) + 5 Year Warranty - £25.49 @ MyMemory
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Buy 1 Get 50% off the 2ND item (y) Duracell Micro SDHC/SDXC Class 10 UHS-I cards are designed to be fast, with reduced buffer time between shots, making it ideal for cinema qual… Read more

Thought duracell only made batteries? lol


Then I prefer Samsung by paying a bit more (only cost 1 more dinner :))


use the cloud


In perfect circumstances with an optimised pipeline (let's say a dedicated recording device, drone, whatever) , it'll probably be okay! I ain't here for a scrap. However: On an Android phone with even mild amounts of bloat there'll be gaps where background tasks jump in to access storage, leaving the buffer to catch up. On a Sandisk Ultra, for instance, there might not be enough speed to catch up in time, whereas a Sandisk Extreme (V30) card might - avoiding a skipped frame or two in the process. Besides that, Duracell's own ad-copy states Full-HD at 1080p repeatedly, so either they're trying to keep this card distinct from their higher-end offerings or they truly don't think it would be reliable doing it.


Hehehehe, yep!, tell me about it ... It's kinda what I asked earlier also: Wouldn't mind some feedback on this product, from (preferably) some actual previous purchaser of this memory card, etc?. Hopefully. :-)

(Box Of 48) AA Value Pack High-Performance 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries £7.99 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Batteries247 Fulfilled By Amazon
Refreshed 9th AprRefreshed 9th Apr
Been looking for a big box of batteries and came across these, seemed like a decent price for some high performance AA batteries to me, £8 for 48 of them. Features & details … Read more

(And fwiw I've managed to get Varta Alkalines at prices equivalent to this in the past so frankly it's not even that great a deal!)


Try: Some useless facts: - These GP disposable batteries are very very poor - A tiny minority of devices don't work properly with 1.2v rechargeables - Any device you will consume the batteries in more then 3-5 times before you replace it would be cheaper if you ran it on rechargeables - when you factor in the cost of transportation and recycling of alkalines the financials are even more ridiculously balanced against them, not to mention the environmental impact The whole world should be running low-self-discharge NiMH batteries in almost everything they own by now, and a good charger will go a long way to making this pain free.


I have, but not many.


It's a Danfoss one.


What stat you got? Rechargeables work fine with my netatmo. Not trolling, others may like to know (this would influence me me).

Duracell AAA Batteries 12 pack is £3.79 @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Entire 12 pack of Triple A Duracell batteries is only £3.79!!! :o
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Indeed they do 12 alkaline aa for 1.99 Hyundai brand they do last well


They have 12 alkaline as and aaa for 1.99 they last well too Hyundai brand


Forget these get the next version up with 10 batteries for the same price but they willlast so much longer than these.


It's over priced for simple batteries, Can get quality alkaline batteries for under£3 for 12


They should be cheaper. They're an inferior battery

Panasonic CR2025 Specialist Lithium Coin Battery (Pack of 2 - Add On Item) £1 @ Amazon
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Bit random, but my car key recently died, and I went online to amazon to see if I could find them, lo and behold they were there for a quid add on. I've since been to asda and b&a… Read more

These'll do for my 3d glasses. Yes, 3D tv is still going strong in my household!!


Sounds like the 'Open' switch in the key fob may be faulty. Does the red LED come on on the keyfob when you hit the unlock button? Failing that swap it out for the spare..... ... The spare you say??????


Agreed. Not only are they prone to leaking, they're also at or near the top of the fake battery tables. Amazon sellers are little different from ebay when it comes to fake batteries. Considering the cost of replacing a damaged key fob - average cost is £260 according to ALA - I'd be happier spending a little more to make sure I'm getting a battery that's not going to leak. It'll cost a little bit more from sellers like these but at least you can be sure the batteries are genuine and long dated.


Really? Duracell over Panny? I've had sooo many Duracell AA batteries leak on me that were 100% genuine and in-date, I have lost count. In fairness it's always batteries that have been left for a long time, but that should be OK Duracell know their batteries leak like sieves but just don't care. By contrast, I have never had a Panasonic battery leak. Most of mine are Enerloops now. Different technology but you are obviously sold on the brand. In my opinion it's a popular brand but one that leaks.


Completely of topic but perhaps someone may have had the same issue:- Seat Leon Key Fob Will always lock the car remotely Will always open the boot by holding the "boot button" remotely Will always open all the windows by holding the unlock door button However Will intermittently open the doors via remote central locking otherwise I have to use the key in the drivers door I know 1st world problems... Has anyone seen this before or know the fix? Have replaced the battery, no difference. Thanks

Bosch Detector Truvo (3 x AAA batteries, case, max. detection depth: 70 mm) £24.99 Amazon
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
The Truvo digital detector The Truvo detector allows you to detect ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and live cables in walls. The wall scanner uses a simple LED-based traffic l… Read more

Correction to my last post, the Bosch one I bought from Homebase cost much more, I think about £40 but was still rubbish


Had one of these from Homebase, absolute rubbish, it was going off anywhere, so I didn't trust it, a bit disappointed with is being Bosch but then again a lot of Bosch tools are not as good a quality as they used to be as most are from China and apparently not much is actually made in Germany.


If you know how to contact him then this is your best solution:


Bought digital one from Lidl for £7.99 its not bad for the price. Picks up metals, wires, studs etc.


I've got the Bosch detector free with a drill, but to be honest, they're not always 100% accurate unless you spend a decent amount on one. Buy the one from Argos and if it doesn't work properly you can always return it.

MEGA VALUE 8 Pack - 7dayshop AA HR06 Rechargeable Batteries NiMH ECO 800mAh - £3.79 delivered @ 7dayshop
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Good Reviews (y) SUPERB VALUE 8 PACK - High quality product and super dependable: Saving you money, reducing environmental pollution of the air, land and waters AND ALSO… Read more

I've had bad experiences with 7dayshop stuff in the past; but this looks like they have gone off the deep end.


No, I think you've made it pretty clear who the one is. (y)


That just shows your mentality As they say " Their is always one " Need I say more


Oh, I see. In that case why don't you get a sundial and change the channel manually? Then you wont need any batteries at all. You'll save £3.79 and the planet. YOU'RE WELCOME.


The ENVIRONMENT plus you may not always have a spare battrey

40 [FORTY] AAA High Power Alkaline batteries LR03 MN2400 = £6.99 delivered @ 7Dayshop
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
AA 40-pack is still at normal price (or oos), so I'll try to post the next best offer below... - - - "You will love the incredible price on these top quality, high power … Read more

GP Ultra AAs are 50p cheaper on Amazon. But nice find in the AAA


I have been buying these batteries from 7datshop for several years and they are excellent batteries. Quick delivery and long lasting high quality. Highly recommended.


Does anyone know is those batteries are good ?

Energizer 12V Twin Socket and Twin USB Adapter @ Argos - Free C+C £10.99
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Plugs in to the 12v vehicle socket and allows the use and charging of a range of items on the move, such as phones, tablets and sat navs. Compatible with suitable for most 12V v… Read more
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What magnification are these and are they any good for birdwatching?


...which you do via voting things 'hot' so it's more likely to be seen?


I have these, nipple clamps, lol. Nah, mine are 24v heavy duty and long just in case I get a wagon without 12v/24v sockets. Yes, I've had a few.

Krizzo3 For the wife


Honda civic 12V obviously! Using an S4 to navigate in southern Ireland when wife plugged her phone in for a charge and... splat! Tried running a lead from the other socket in the boot and splatted that one too! Fortunately my s4 had enough juice to get us where we were going. Have since changed to an A class but too scared to risk trying dual USB port in power socket again (lol)

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