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Duracell Recharge Ultra Type AA Batteries 2500 mAh, pack of 4 @ Amazon (With Redeemable Voucher) - £4.35 Prime / £8.85 non-Prime
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
-Check the box for the 15% voucher -Subscribe for a month( you can cancel anytime) -Use the voucher SNS40 at the check out Product Description Duracell Recharge Ultra AA batter… Read more

Best advice/ comment in the entire thread. Definitely buy something more expensive/ exciting than batteries with this one time discount XD


It's stating iv already used my quota so won't apply to me


The code is SNS40 the one on this deal is actually incorrect


It let me do 50% off :)


Slightly misleading title

12X Duracell Duralock AA Batteries £3.79 ( more batteries see post ) @ Poundstretcher
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th MayLocalLocal
These are the Duralock batteries with 10 years power preserve. ( Not the cheaper ones from the Simple range ) Duracell AA Batteries are guaranteed to last, providing power and qual… Read more
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Go to Ikea, buy one box of AA batteries and compare their performance vs Duracell normal AA batteries, then you never gonna buy Duracell again.


Nice. Heat 🔥


Yes they do , good for animal welfare though (cheeky)


Just remember they need to be specially labelled if batteries are put in the post (cheeky)

Pro Elec Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries 100 Pack  £15.00 Delivered @ CPC Farnell
Refreshed 27th MayRefreshed 27th May
100 pack of AA Ultra Alkaline batteries. Non-rechargeable, mercury and cadmium free 5 Year shelf life Contents Batteries only
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Thank - you for pointing that out, I seriously didnlt realise 4 hours a day would drain them so much


I've had these, good for remotes and stuff but not great


my Eneloops from 2010 still going strong


Don't buy this trite, or any other disposable battery for that matter. They create such toxic waste. For the environment's sake go for rechargeable AA and AAA batteries such as Panasonic's Eneloop batteries that perform fantastically.


Huh, got a spindle of 10 CD-Rs I wanted for the car as well for around £2 extra... not bad.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries, 4 pack £5 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Last time they were this cheap was May 2014 https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Energizer-Ultimate-626264-Lithium-Batteries/product/B000IWW1G6
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As an add on item


I use these for Blink cameras. Unfortunately I got them at over six quid a packet. Heat added.


They are great batteries, but for those who have a Home Bargains nearby, these are the same price as without delivery.


Last time they were this cheap was 23 Dec 2018


Maybe last time they were so cheap in Amazon but they are regularly down at this price or lower in other places.

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Eneloop 4 x AA batteries + basic charger - £6 instore only @ Waitrose
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th AprLocalLocal
These were labelled up at £16 but scanned in at £6 @ the Wolverhampton store. Same price online but ‘not available’. Worth checking your local if you are after some!

Hehehehehehe, (obviously) clearly better that!, lol, thanx.


Not bad, where from please?. :-)


Aylesbury branch don’t stock ‘em


1900mAh is Ok, Ikea Laada batteries which are apparently re-branded enloop pros, 2500mah and cost £5.50 a pack of four.


I have this charger* & batteries set. The batteries charge pretty quick. No problems. *sorry my bad, mine is the 'Smart & Quick Charger'.

Amazon Basics RECHARGABLE AA Batteries (2,000 mAH) 8 Pack for £10.22 (Can be reduced to £8.69 with Student Prime) + £4.49 Non Prime
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Hey Guys; As Amazon's spring sale is on, thought I'd have a look online and see what they had. Anyway, their rechargeable AA batteries have been reduced to £10.22 from £12.99. The… Read more
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Superb post - found that and the included graphic really helpful


After using this guys data on real capacity and current Amazon UK prices (based on purchasing 8 batteries) it seems IKEA LADDA are best value for money at 1726 mAh per £1 which is quite a margin above the competition. If you don't have an IKEA local the next best are EBL (1376 mAh), Amazon Basics Silver (1350 mAh) and Amazon Basics Black (1350 mAh) although the black are considerably lower capacity. Duracell and energizer are more expensive for similar capacities and eneloop come dead last because of their outrageous cost in the UK. This follows my own testing which put Amazon Silver above energizer and Eneloop for actual capacity. I've not had a chance to test IKEA and have no reason to test Duracell but I might buy some EBL to test just for science. Some people are getting 2100-2400 mAh which makes them stinking cheap and absolute best value at 2800 mAh per £1 if you get them for that price and get that capacity. Now there is the question of longevity - I've not been able to find what factory manufactures LIDL Tronic batteries which means they are likely cheap from China so they will likely lose charge over time compared to all the Low Self Discharge Japanese FDK made batteries listed above.


I am within the 40 day window. I'll give it a try it else have to use another email address account. I guess that will work as I am a valid student


Oh, when I click on it (I've already filled it in) it says; "Your request is either currently in process and you’ll hear back from us shortly, or you’ve requested student re-verification outside of our allowable window. You can only submit documentation to re-verify within 40 days of your membership expiration date. Don’t worry if you’ve submitted your request outside of this time frame, we’ve got you covered. When it’s time, we’ll send you an email with a link to re-verify your student status." So, I'm assuming you're within the 40 day window of expiry? If so, I'm not entirely sure what to suggest, sorry. ;( Although I've already re-registered.


Thanks. That's probably what I was looking for. Unfortunately when I go to that link, I see the following... We’ve had a great run, but all good things must come to an end. Members are only allowed a maximum 4 years of discounted Amazon Prime benefits. You can continue to receive unlimited One-Day Delivery, movies and TV shows on Prime Video, over two million songs on Prime Music, unlimited photo storage and more with a full-priced Amazon Prime membership at £79/year.

AmazonBasics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries (100-Pack) 17p each  £16.83 (Prime) / £21.32 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Pack of 100 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries Improved anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition resulting in 10-years anti-leakage shelf life Designed to provide reliable and … Read more

They're 19.99 with prime now.


There really cheap as well


I haven't, might grab a few and have a look! Duracells are definitely not worth the significant extra cost.


Are you for real this is not appropriate at all.


Not a fan. Tried these very recently and found them poor compared to our usual Energizers or Duracell

(Box Of 48) AA Value Pack High-Performance 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries £7.99 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Batteries247 Fulfilled By Amazon
Refreshed 9th AprRefreshed 9th Apr
Been looking for a big box of batteries and came across these, seemed like a decent price for some high performance AA batteries to me, £8 for 48 of them. Features & details … Read more

I thought the same, so I spent an awful lot of money investing in lots of rechargeable batteries. Energizer Accu Recharge Extreme... Claiming to last up to 6 times longer, than what I'm not sure. It was the biggest waste of money, they didn't hold their charge for long at all. I don't mean lasting 2 months instead of 3, more like a week, depending on what they were used for. I was constantly recharging them, it was futile. I wouldn't risk that again after that.


(And fwiw I've managed to get Varta Alkalines at prices equivalent to this in the past so frankly it's not even that great a deal!)


Try: https://www.7dayshop.com/products/7dayshop-aa-and-aaa-intelligent-nimh-pro-ds-sc1000-super-fast-battery-charger-multi-mode-lcd-display-ds-127 Some useless facts: - These GP disposable batteries are very very poor - A tiny minority of devices don't work properly with 1.2v rechargeables - Any device you will consume the batteries in more then 3-5 times before you replace it would be cheaper if you ran it on rechargeables - when you factor in the cost of transportation and recycling of alkalines the financials are even more ridiculously balanced against them, not to mention the environmental impact The whole world should be running low-self-discharge NiMH batteries in almost everything they own by now, and a good charger will go a long way to making this pain free.


I have, but not many.


It's a Danfoss one.

Varta Batteries AA 8 pack £2.69 @ Screwfix
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
As above Was £5.49 with great reviews Ends at midnight so reserve online today at the price stated and pick up within 7 days. AAA also available same price screwfix.com/p/var… Read more
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(skeptical) wondering if that pun was intended... Not an expert. No doubt that chart in referenced deal showed varta as having good capacity, but wouldn't go out of my way to buy them over other alkaline alternatives that are cheaper. Home bargains also do them for around 20p to 25p per AA battery.


Ah’ a battery technology expert. Thanks.


A lot of less expensive alternatives mentioned on that post like £2 for 8 at aldi and lidl. Also superdrug. These varta are at least 30% more expensive and unlikely to have prorata increased capacity.


Just purchased the AAA Robert dyas 24 pack for 5.99 how do these the AA vesion compare to those?


Slightly more then last time they were posted in case anybody wonders if might be a good deal. £8.07 now vs £7.49 back then but you don’t have to buy 24 if you don’t want to :) hotukdeals.com/deals/24-x-aaa-or-aa-varta-batteries-749-at-screwfix-they-really-are-great-batteries-3136361

IKEA LADDA Rechargeable AA batteries: 2450mAh high capacity, pre-charged, low self-discharge  £5.50
Refreshed 31st MarRefreshed 31st Mar
You can use these batteries for all types of products. Batteries with a high energy capacity (high mAh number) are particularly useful for products with a high energy consumption, … Read more

I've even soldered a pair of these Ladda batteries into my Nvidia shield tv controller. They seem to last longer than the originals.... Amazing


Was reading out IKEA product names from my trolley the other day and accidentally summoned a demon, yakking on about Ragnarok or something, horns and everything. Sorry, my bad. The battery name wasn't part of it so you should be safe.


Ladda? Nice one kidda!


Yes, and a very obvious one i must say


The components will probably come flat packed, and require assembly.

LOGIK LAA2416 AA Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 24 , £4.99 at Currys (pack of 48 for £9.99)
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Free delivery, c&c. Product features Alkaline Voltage: 1.5 V

I got some last time, AA & AAA ... I'm not impressed with them. Seemed to go flat quite quickly compared to my Energizer ones. I think they were £1.99(???) but I don't remember the pack sizes.


I'm not sure about Wilkos, but Kodak are one of the worst batteries I've ever used. These are at least twice as good as Kodak


Maybe but found wilko's and Kodak alkaline batteries last longer than these.


These are actually quite well regarded. I don't know how they stack up against the tried and tested GP Ultra from Amazon, but at this price you can't go far wrong considering the positive reviews


I hope they offer Instant Replacement Cover so if they die, they replace them for free.

X12 Duracell Duralock AA Batteries £3.79 @ Poundstretcher
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th MarLocalLocal
Duracell AA Duralock 10 years power preserve Batteries are guaranteed to last, providing power and quality for longer! Our epic 12 pack is ideal for remotes and gadgets to keep the… Read more
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None in my local (Lanark) store


Obviously a posh area? (highfive)


Great find heat added, unfortunately no Poundstretcher near me. :(


Great price Got a couple packs earlier

Duracell Value 4 Hour Charger with 2 x AA 1300mah & 2 x AAA 750mah Batteries £12.99 7dayShop
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Duracell Value 4 Hour Charger with 2 x AA 1300mah & 2 x AAA 750mah Batteries £12.99 7dayShop
£12.99£1513%7dayShop Deals
This is still a great price and still available, use these all the time now as they hold there charge not like other rechargeable s, 3-5 day free delivery, no expire still availabl… Read more

perhaps someone can explain to me why this was voted cold when it is obviously cheaper than the other posted as Sheffield788 said, perhaps i belong to the wrong club I always thought this was about the best find, i now know not to trust posts in future


Good price so heat


Heat from me!


You will have to leave it to charge for hours, 45 min charge only gives a few hours and only when you charge 2 batteries at the time, not 4. This is a quick charger for convenience, if you need some power now. If you want proper charge, will probably take the same amount of time as your old charger. I've got the Duracell 15 min and for me is great.


These are not great for charging AAA batteries. I have one and my charged AAA's from these only last a few hours compared to when using my old 7DayShop charger; which last many days.

50 Duracell AA or AAA for £15.99 ebay /  color-pro
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
50 Duracell AA or AAA for £15.99 ebay / color-pro
£15.99eBay Deals
50 x Duracell Industrial AA or AAA Alkaline 1.5V LR6 MN1500 LR03 MN2400 Battery. As far as I can tell, these are the same as the standard copper top Duracells. Decent if anyone wo… Read more

I usually buy them from Amazon for a similar price, but packs of 20 (around £6). Duracell Industrial are a decent enough alkaline battery, I haven't had any issues with them.


Before being branded Industrial, these were known as Procell - used to sell them at Kew Electrical - then they changed to Industrial. Same batteries as far as I know.


AA’s are £14.99 here .. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292973857465



I have used these over the last few years and have been very good. Used to be called Duracell PROCELL

8x AA ReCyko Pro Rechargeable LSD batteries for £9.99 (Prime) + £4.49 delivery non Prime @ Amazon (Sold by Batteries 247 / FBA)
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
8x AA ReCyko Pro Rechargeable LSD batteries for £9.99 (Prime) + £4.49 delivery non Prime @ Amazon (Sold by Batteries 247 / FBA)
£9.99£12.8022%Amazon Deals
The best value AA rechargeable on the market. 1500+ charge cycles and 6 year guarantee! Value is calculated by combining the total mAh of the 8 cells, multiplied by the charge cyc… Read more

I buy these in at £5.80 inc VAT so a good price on prime IMHO!


Any recommendations on a reasonably priced charger to go with this please?


None, please vote cold. Thanks.


For clocks and tv remotes I'd use Kodak Xtralife £1 for 5 or £2 for 12 from Poundland.


I would love to know what the experts recommend on here, I mostly just need batteries for TV remotes, I no longer have the time to use my xb360 so don't really need batteries for that ;( for tv remotes what matters most? mah or the voltage? i'm guessing mah counts as thats the storage?think i have some really old uniross rechargeable batteries in the remotes and most remotes are never really used. oh the clocks too!

Pack of 40 Varta AA Batteries LR6 - £11 @ Amazon (+ £4.49 non Prime)
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Pack of 40 Varta AA Batteries LR6 - £11 @ Amazon (+ £4.49 non Prime)
£11£14.4824%Amazon Deals
I've been looking around to get these as cheap as possible and as far as I can see this is the cheapest
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2x 8 pack (16 batts) at scewfix a fiver on't counter (same as these) can mix 8 aa & 8 aaa if needed


Also varta INDUSTRIAL aren't tested on that chart. According to this, they have 14xx Mah


Worse alkaline in the chart shoot have about 1900mah, this Varta has like 2300 max. 50% more money for 20% more capacity and 20% less batteries


Not according to the chart above. I don't claim to know much about these things, but I have been looking for Varta as many members here say they are significantly longer.


Probably the same battery with a different label on it. These are alkaline, not the lithium ones. Alkaines all last roughtly the same, all within 5% with the exception of extreme China knockoffs

VARTA AAA Batteries LONGLIFE Alkaline Power 4903 LR03 Pack of 24 for £7.99 (AA 4906 LR06 for £8:99) Delivered @ 7Dayshop
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
VARTA AAA Batteries LONGLIFE Alkaline Power 4903 LR03 Pack of 24 for £7.99 (AA 4906 LR06 for £8:99) Delivered @ 7Dayshop
£7.99£10.4524%7dayShop Deals
AA Link for £8.99 VARTA LONGLIFE are the long-lasting primaries performing especially well in devices with constant and low energy needs, such as TV and audio remote controls, fl… Read more

You can get 40 Pro-Elec AAA from CPC for £6.89.


right up the varta..


These batteries are excellent!! i have tried and tested. 100% highly recommend


These are no doubt very good & voted hot, but wonder how they compare to these Energizers (not specified in the chart below) at almost £3 lower: Energizer AA, AAA 24pk £5.09 w/c 15SC19 @ Robert Dyas - I reckon the Energizers win here based on their 36% lower price....

AA Batteries |Pack of 40|GP Batteries|Superb operating time| 1.5V - 15A-AM3For  £8.06 Prime (+£4.49 NP ) @ Amazon UK
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
AA Batteries |Pack of 40|GP Batteries|Superb operating time| 1.5V - 15A-AM3For £8.06 Prime (+£4.49 NP ) @ Amazon UK
£8.06£13.9942%Amazon Deals
Lightning Deal. Ends at anytime today. Description Product Description High performance, long lasting alkaline batteries for portable, digital & electronic equipment in an ea… Read more

I had a few packs of these several years ago that were within use by date that all leaked still sealed in pack, stored in a dark cool cupboard :/


Buying these once was a huge mistake. Dead in days where other brands last weeks. Avoid.


£10.19 now


Will not take it if free, save your money.


So not going to buy these

12x800MAH AAA/12x2300MAH AA Pre-charged LSD Rechargeable batteries £7.99 Prime / £12.48 non (AA +£2)-Batteries247/Fulfilled Amazon
Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
12x800MAH AAA/12x2300MAH AA Pre-charged LSD Rechargeable batteries £7.99 Prime / £12.48 non (AA +£2)-Batteries247/Fulfilled Amazon
Seems a pretty good deal to me, especially the AAA option. You can get higher MAH but not for anything like this price for 12. Reviews are pretty good and I've done a Fakespot anal… Read more
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Yeah they're Mormon batteries (lol)


Thought the title was a typo :D


Great spot - post it up man! Sadly not in AAA flavour which is what I needed EDIT: Just realised - 1000MAH for AA? Hmmm not great.... 2000MAH plus is more like it for an AA battery.


2.79 4X GP recyko from 7day shop delivered 1000mah


Regardless of which batteries you go for it’s the charger that’s really important. Unless you get a decent genuinely intelligent charger capable of slow charging without causing the batteries to heat up, you might as well give up

4x AA ReCyko Pro Rechargeable LSD batteries for £4.99 (Prime) + £4.49 delivery non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
4x AA ReCyko Pro Rechargeable LSD batteries for £4.99 (Prime) + £4.49 delivery non Prime @ Amazon
£4.99£7.3932%Amazon Deals
UPDATE: 4 pack is now sold out, however 8 for £9.99 is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072XJ2LFB AA ReCyko Pro Rechargeable LSD (low self discharge) batteries. 200… Read more

Yeah, getting very hot isn't great at all!


Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I'll use 500mA from now on. Many years ago I bought an energizer 1 hour rapid charger with Energizer cells for the kiddies toys. The batteries would get seriously hot and I thought to myself this can't be right. The batteries stopped holding their charge after no more than 30 charges!


200mA IS potentially better for the battery, it's just that at 200mA it might not catch the end of charging indications, and overcharging (along with deep discharging) are the worst things you can do. 500mA is a nice compromise. For 2000mAh batteries on a fast intelligent charger that uses pulse charging, I believe 500mA is still considered pretty gentle - many people out there happily charging at 2A. Personally, I generally use 700mA with our batteries and charger.


That makes sense then. I've always thought slow charging at 200ma is better for the life of the battery but will try at 500ma. Did a charge test on the Recycko cell and it came up with 2300mAh :)


Also an option with 8 AA and 4 AAA with a charger which seems quite good AA & AAA Rechargeable Battery Charger Bundle with 8 AA & 4 AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries GP ReCyko Pro https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IA22LUG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_GkCmCbK2EE2ME

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