Posted 9 January 2023

Dyson V12, £377 from Curry with Price Match…v12

Dyson V12 is sold in CS Supliers for £377. It can be bough directly from this website but also it is possible to buy directly from any Currys store with price match.
This is the Cs Suppliers link;…ket

In Currys store you can ask the store officer about price match and show the website so you directly pay £377 and buy it.

In online shopping, you can ask any person Currys online webchat, they accept the difference and give you the product for £377. I did same price match option in Currys last month using Donaghy Bros. But they are out of stock. By the way my suggestion ; don't buy from Cs Suppliers. If stocks are over, nobody can't benefit from price match in Currys.
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  1. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    I would rather not buy or pay slightly more than ever buy from currys
  2. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Quite impressive that Currys would pricematch against such a questionable website that
    does not obviously state its VAT number as required by local legislation
    openly makes statements that flout local consumer legislation
    but respect for the co having active mandatory ICO registration.

    Regardless, if buying this item from Currys (why expose yourself to such trauma?), pay at least a penny by some element of regulated credit to bypass Currys' hilarious (non)CS and benefit from S75.
  3. mug's avatar
    How does the online price match work? Do you buy the item at full price and they refund the difference? Or is the price match price given immediately?

    Reason I ask is because my works perks website has a code for 10% off Dyson, so maybe that could be used also.
    Delhi's avatar
    You are asking before buying. Also you need mention %10 discounted price. They checked and sell the item with that price. So you never pay the full price.
    Another option you can pay the full price and then you can get money back. I did this last month. I showed the price in Donaghy Bros website. They transfer my card the difference.
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