Posted 7 December 2023

Heathrow Airport Parking


Just wondering any have some recommendations for Heathrow airport.
Looking for 2 weeks parking, and Heathrow long stay is just over £200.
Would have 2 large luggage and maybe hand luggage’s as well for 2 person, so need something convenient.

Any website I should look at?
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  1. FrampyStinkwonkel's avatar
    Don't forget to pay the scam ULEZ charge too if you have to. (edited)
    Evilcell's avatar
    Think I won’t need to go through the ULEZ zone, as I’m coming from the South.
    Also think my car is ULEZ exempt.
  2. standaman's avatar
    Try money-saving expert and look for airport parking. You should get it alot cheaper than £200. Paul
  3. slamb's avatar
    We used Purple Parking last time, only problem was finding them. Coming from the west you seem to go way past Heathrow, sat nav said we were there but on checking we then had to do a uturn through a cut through in the road. Worth checking before you go.
    Service was very good though, leave plenty of time as the minibus goes to each terminal on the way round so takes a while.
    Currently looks like £129 for 2 weeks in February - there may be 10% TCB with that, or you can probably get a code to reduce further.
    Evilcell's avatar
    I see purple parking, but just didn’t know if they are good.

    From Hampshire so might be similar route as you, I’ll have a look at them, might just need to check the place and minibus timing.


    Just checked, £182 (edited)
  4. cornishscouse's avatar
    Do you need a night in a hotel too.
    If so, have a look at the thistle hotel if flying from t5
    You can then get the pod to t5. If flying from other terminals, get the pod to t5 then the free underground between terminals.
    Evilcell's avatar
    Price does look good, £200 for a night and parking, which is just under Heathrow long stay parking.

    But only live 1h30m drive to heathrow, and be flying from T2, might not worth the hassle.
  5. cis_groupie's avatar
    In the past I've parked at the Long Stay at Terminal 4, got the free bus to terminal 4 building then the free train to the other terminals. Unless it's now changed the car park at terminal 4 was much cheaper than the other long stay ones.
    There's also a Premier Inn at terminal 4 if you need an overnight stay, it's cheaper than the other hotels around Heathrow.
  6. Xippi's avatar
    Depends a bit on the terminal you're flying from. For T2 we normally have a combined Justpark/ travelodge blend. We normally overnight in Stockley Park Travelodge, park in Goulds Green and bus it on from there. Its become habit. Means 3 ulez days though if it applies. We're T4 in Jan so we're parking in The Gardens, Uber to the Premier Inn and flying next day. Pre-pandemic had a brilliant meet and greet but they've gone and I'm nervous use anyone else.
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