Posted 17th Dec 2021 (Posted 4 h, 26 m ago)
Dear Santa............

Saw this and just wanted it. I don't care i'm a fully grown man...i like it and i want it

It does look rather fun to be fair. Check it out.... LINK

  • Includes one Rainbow Road race track with two configurations of play, one start gate with authentic Mario Kart lights and sounds, one finish gate with electronic scoreboard and 2 Mario Kart 1:64 scale die-cast karts.
  • Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway Set with 2 1:64 Scale Vehicles
  • Get racing right out of the box with 2 included Mario Kart 1:64 scale die-cast karts - an exclusive King Boo and, of course, Mario!
  • Check out the parking spaces located in the support pillars of the playset for easy storage!
  • Two different layouts -- straight or curved -- create different races, controlled with an electronic start and a finish gate that displays the winner!
  • Course reaches 8 feet long and 24 inches high for maximum thrills and has lights and sounds for a big impression!
  • Batteries Required 6 x AAA

Product Description

Hot Wheels and Mario Kart bring a dramatic video game level to life with the most iconic and final course in the franchise—Rainbow Road! The 8-foot long track has five translucent rainbow-coloured race lanes that can be configured straight or curved. Kids can use the electronic fair start gate to race up to five favourite Mario Kart 1:64 scale die-cast karts.

The track set comes with two vehicles: an exclusive King Boo and Mario. Once the karts get racing, they may face banked turns or a wavy road and must pass through the Item Box randomizer to win! Lights and sounds announce the winner at the finish gate. Makes a great gift for kids ages 4 years and older, especially fans of Mario Kart! Colours and decorations may vary



If anyone gets this in their stocking then I want to come round and race!!!!!
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  2. Avatar its a load of plastic that can be 2 different tracks AND it doesn't even come with enough racers to fill the track?
    I love Mario Kart but this is upsetting.
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    A hundred and twenty five quid ? ?
    How is this a "hot" Uk deal ?
    Its a rip
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    Looks class , would love it but know I’d regret it and need an extension on the house Plus it’s a tad expensive still
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    Simon it's not a shame if you wrote a letter to Santa sling for toys. Guess what I am doing with my kids when we writing a letter to Santa. ... Usually toys for kids but Daddy have to test it before ... Merry All
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    Scottish_Bikers17/12/2021 14:33

    A hundred and twenty five quid ? ?How is this a "hot" Uk deal ?Its a rip

    As a kid/teen I used to be absolutely fanatic about Hot Wheels.

    I had something similar to this and bought it £30..

    Absolutely crazy price.

    Imaginarily voted cold.
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    How much 👀 money
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    This one does nothing just goes from top to bottom, at least some of the better designed hot wheels have loops or jumps and they dont cost this much either
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    If the karts aren’t all falling off the track, then it isn’t true to life.

    Well, in my experience at least.
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