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Xbox One S with Forza Horizon 4 & LEGO Speed Champions at Currys for £249
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Play from a selection of over 1300 amazing games with the Xbox One S . From the biggest blockbuster titles and Xbox exclusives, to iconic franchises that everyone's grown up playi… Read more
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This place was selling Xbox One S with "Sea of Nieves" game. I wouldn't risk it. Lol


I’ll pass on that website


What's the warranty and returns process like? Genuine question.


I bought one from there no issue. What was you saying again? Lmao


Argos were selling the 1TB one X for £259 not long ago, and they'll get cheaper as we get closer to the series X launching. This is a pretty poor price

Hot Wheels ID Track - £45.99 Delivered @ Costco
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Hot wheels id takes vehicle play to a new level of pulse-pounding excitement, offering a first-of-its kind mixed play experience. Hot wheels id is a distinct system of play that bl… Read more
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Yes, I think so, I have an online membership £15 I think..


I really wanted this for my Son but I am struggling in placing an order. Do I need to join in annual membership. How do I place an order online? I am not a Costco member


I would imagine kids would want to put as many cars they can for the thrill and excitement. Lol.


Im pretty sure it comes with 2 ID cars which is enough


U can use it with older ones just to go around the track. They wont show up on phone/tablet tho only the ID cars will

Scuderia Ferrari SF90 - Sebastian Vettel - 2019 Model - 1:43 Scale - £10 + £4.95 delivery @ The F1 Store
303° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Super deal for any Seb or F1 fans. Every other 1:43 car cost at least 7x more. Scuderia Ferrari SF90 - Sebastian Vettel - 2019 Model - 1:43 Scale Take home an exact replica of… Read more

Showing in stock at £10 for me


Yeah, that's not minichamps.....


LOL did you even look at the other 1:43 cars on there? £70.




Thanks for this! Maybe OP should amend post to this one.

Radstar Lamborghini Super Leggera Radio Controlled Car £7.50 / £11.45 delivered Argos
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Own one of the world's most desirable cars with this scale Lamborghini Super Leggera. The radio control car version of this luxury sports car will give you hours of fun as well as … Read more

They also have the 911 available (y)


I think the exact frequency is pot luck unless you could get someone in Argos to find 2 different ones. All radio controlled models work on 27MHz it is the bit above that which is important e.g. 27.145Mhz or 27.280MHz. There is usually a sticker on the box giving the exact frequency. It is not worth asking Argos because they just say all of them are 27MHz.


Do you need bitcoin to purchase?


1:24 is bigger. My understanding is the : effectively means divided by. So 1:2 (1 divided by 2) is half the size of the full sized car. 1:20 (1 divided by 20) is a twentieth of the full sized car. So the full sized car is 24 times bigger than this model. I'm not sure how they deal with frequencies. Just been reading a bit and two cars may interfere but it says in the info above "27MHz frequency - race multiple RC toys in the same area at the same time.", so maybe it's ok.


How much to lease over 2 years?

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LEGO Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 Toy - 75895 £14.35 delivered @ Argos
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
20% at Argos, not included delivery. Classic 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 collectible toy car model to race and display! LEGO® model number: 75895 - for ages 8 and up. Theme: LEG… Read more

Just picked my one up this evening!


Aha no worries, I’ve just ordered one so thanks anyways :)


Was originally posted as £10.40 just HUKD added the delivery costs onto the price which is £3.95, that's why its saying £14.35.


£10.40 at Argos now (y) 🏻 (y) 🏻


I must admit I quite liked the GTR, I have both the Audi and GTR, they both look great once finished. This Porsche one though I will have to smuggle into my home without my kids noticing it so I can build it myself haha (evil laugh)

Hot Wheels XL Pedal Grow With Child Go-Kart (4-12yrs) £73.50 delivered @ Online4baby
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
This Hot Wheels XL Go Kart is now £73.50 with free delivery Suitable for children aged 4-12, you can easily adjust the seat from child to child, or as your child grows. Watch… Read more

It is coming out as free for me at the moment with no code. Not sure what the problem could be as I believe delivery is free over £40


Costing me £20 for delivery. Any discount codes on this?


Tcb too. Ordered


We would have huge arguments if I bought this. Kids wouldn’t get a look in (highfive)


Watched the Youtube video on the site, now even more tempted! (lol)

Porsche 911 GT3 RS Radio Controlled Car - £7.50 / £11.45 Delivered @ Argos
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Lamborghini also available at the same price: Down from £11.00. This highly detailed Porsche 911 GT3 RS radio control car has body decals… Read more
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Look, you're the one who said "some" people and then began to single me out as an "individual" as being only my point of view just to amplify your point so either you've got more people standing behind you as you type (I don't know, hence why I pointed that out) or you've reached to conclusions that I'm alone in this view point and started talking about the world being to a certain way. That's simply rude. The hypocritical part is you want me to be reasonable when I am, while clearly with the above presumptions you made; you are NOT. I'll again clarify two things. I never said I want zero jokes. Did I? This is a website about hot UK deals. Is it not? I think those two answers should clarify who here has reached to conclusions and started strawman arguments to silence the other. I wish there was a way I could filter memes, humor so I can sometimes just scan the whole comments for valuable feedback before making a purchase or voting. This is all I wanted. Now just go away.


What someone is driving at the moment and how big their engine is has nothing to do with this deal does it really?


So from me saying that some people might find a joke funny, that you do not find funny, you have come to the conclusion that multiple people are using my account and that I’m hypocritical? (lol) The only person jumping to any sort of conclusions and quite ironically, being hypocritical, is yourself. Yes, some people did comment on the thread not being on topic and I never said that it had stayed on topic (again you’ve jumped to a conclusion). I only commented on how you said some jokes are unfunny; to which I said some people might find those jokes funny. Thats really not a difficult concept to understand so I don’t understand your struggle.


What's everyone's favourite Soup?


Its a car, they are discussing cars, it has everything to do with the deal.

Xbox One X 1TB – Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions Bundle - £264.03 @ Amazon DE
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Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
You can pay using a fee free card and in Euro to get it for £255 instead. UK prices at the moment are a bit silly so I think it is reasonable saving. You would need a UK plug for i… Read more
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just went through the link (even though it had expired) and saw there was a couple of amazon warehouse offers, apparently only game codes missing (which I am not bothered about) and 245 euro (so £226 with postage) .... took the punt so let's see....what can possibly go wrong ?!


Just got that bundle today. Cost me 349 notes


You check Amazon at least once a day, I've noticed that and drip feed the lower priced consoles.


Brexit hasn't happened yet, so no.


Argos (or be it they have very limited stock depending where you are in the country) have got it new for 199.

Lego 76896 Speed Champions Nissan GT-R cheapest yet £12.99 Amazon Prime / £17.48 Non Prime
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Lowest price yet (if you have prime)

Not two Race Champion models though?


Same price as Argos plus they have two for £15 on some other models.


I'm 40 - admittedly I do get my children to make them bar stickers!


Is it wrong to buy for a 30 something? No me you understand


Not that the R35 is a pretty car but that's the most hideous Lego version of a car I've ever seen!

Tamiya 58347 The Lunch Box CW-01 Electric Monster Truck RC Model Car £93.99 delivered Sold by Fields of Glory Models @ Amazon
25° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Tamiya 1/12 scale Lunchbox Monster truck. Great price for this. It's the kit only so you will need to add your own radio gear & running battery.
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Got this for my 6 year old at Xmas...we love it Was about £70 but just had a quick look and most places don't have stock :(


Thanks Dude had a 2 broken hoppers as a kid managed to get one working out of the pair and agree I want something that will stretch me and the boys as a treat ... Could stretch to £100 or so will look at the Avante and see if I can't dig something up


If you want challenging buggy stay away from the Grasshopper. I watched a video for on-road cars saying the TT02 chassis could be built in 90 minutes, but that was by an RC shop who probably build hundreds. The Avante has complicated suspension which draws out the build but it's expensive I think. You can pick up black editions of some models which have up-rated parts in the box - I have a Racing Fighter Black Edition to build that comes (from the spiel on the box) - full ball bearings (most basic models have plastic bushings - ball bearings are a good upgrade and not expensive if a model doesn't come with them) metal drive shafts and wheel axles torque tuned motor oil dampers turnbuckle arms for camber adjustment hi-torque servo saver. red wheels if thats your thing. Cost £107 from Amazon Poland but pretty sure they'll be out of stock now. It can be a minefield, might be worth thinking about buggy v truggy v car v truck, and your budget.


Most these days are RTR or very little building needed. Have a look at the 'mouldking' RC/phone controlled brick kits. (They are rather good)


I'd be interested too something challanging to build ideally

Hot Wheels 54886 10 Car Pack Assortment (Pack May Vary) £10 prime / £14.49 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Age: 3+ Connect Hot Wheels sets to create city Fuel hours of storytelling and imaginative play with a world full of connectible and themed playsets Hot Wheels basic vehicles are… Read more

Available in store at Asda for £10


Anyone had issues with delivery of this item?


Just like it's too much hassle for the seller to individually list them......


Same price at Smyths - but would have to pay delivery unless you get to £19 in basket for free delivery



20% off Lego Speed Champions at Amazon - 76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo £14.40 (£18.89 non-Prime) / 75893 Dodges £28 / more
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Amazon seem to be price matching Argos now: £14.40 £12.99 - 76897 Audi Sport Quattro S1 £14.40 - 76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo £14.40 £12.99 - 76896 Nissan GT-R-NISMO … Read more

I'll reserve final judgement till they make a classic 911 that looks as good as the last one


I think the wider models have much better proportions.


Tesco Roundhay Road last time I looked only Blue Chevy were left.


@yahoo007 which store in Leeds have these?


Anyone else prefer the narrower last Speed Champions line?

Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin Metallic Edition kit only £99.75 @ Jadlam Toys and Models
122° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Ready to assemble 1:12 Scale Radio Control kit 2 Wheel drive off road buggy Working suspension with with coil spring and shock absorbers Tough ABS impact resistant body shell D… Read more
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Is that office speak for "Fleecing " the public?




Do you need to buy all the radio gear separate


So you mean just like Amazon's dynamic pricing based on demand?


I had a moment last year and bought the Grasshopper to relive my childhood, I’m 43 and have gave it a run out a few times, must admit was more difficult to build than I remember, had to pay someone to do the electrics!!!

Theo Klein 3911 "John Deere Service Car Toy Car Set £8.92 prime / £13.41 non prime at Amazon
124° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Description Product Description Toy Car »John Deere Service Car« to assemble. With light and sound function. For children from 3 years. Safety Warning not suitable for children un… Read more

Anyone actually know If this is any good? I only bought is coz of the savings (lol)


Was 47.99 so saving £39.11 (81%)

Disney’s Doc Hudson car - collectors item £16.19 + £1.99 at Zavvi
57° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Mattel Disney Cars Doc Hudson Collector’s Edition 1:24 Scale Die Cast Figure - RRP £89.99

Nice (y) at least some of us are lucky haha


It's a miracle.... it's finally been posted (y)


Yeh I avoid them when I can but if they have a statue at a descent price I go for it. They ruined the "limited" steelbook collection, released way too many and the limited to 1000 seemed to sell out and then magically appear back in stock. Happened all the time


Does anyone know what I should do then? They said they're going to investigate but I have no faith in them tbh, first time I've ordered from them and my stuff is "missing".


Cowboy company will never buy from these thieves again. They also create products to make them look limited edition all a load of rubbish not worth anything. (poo)

Hot Wheels Cake Bars 9 pack + free Hot Wheels toy £1.39 @ Home Bargains
260° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th AprLocalLocal
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item - we should all limit… Read more

Purchased for my son and yes not the normal quality of hotwheels but more like a kinder suprise quality. However at this price and with 9 cakes I think it's a great price. Will definitely be buying him some more. Thankyou heat added


Fantastic my son would of loved this when he was little. Good wee car as well. Heat from me


No it isn't, it's not a die-cast just a plastic car, not the worst quality but not your usual hit wheel toy


Worth it for the toy.


These were 99p when I saw them in Home Bargains, possibly without the toy. If so then it isn't really "free" when it's an extra 40p

Bestway Hotwheels Inflatable Car Wash £49.99 @ Camping World (Free delivery on a £50+ spend, otherwise £2.95)
401° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
I think this falls under the category of 'I don't need but now I have seen it I want'. Cracking price, as this seems to be around £86+ elsewhere. Cool down with a child's very ow… Read more

Will my Ferrari fit through this?


Some folks will waste their money on anything!


Says it's not longer available, discontinued item. Such a shame, wanted for my boy's birthday


Ordered, thanks! Heat added (y)


My Jack Russell would have hours of fun in this.

FEBER Range Rover 6V LIGHTSND £129.67 at Amazon
-4° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Amazon has reduced it by 50% now. Car with Motor 6 V battery and charger included.Takes Accelerator and Electric Brake.Forwards, Reverse, front lights, horn and engine sounds. Conn… Read more
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Reminds me of the very old Range Rover/hedgehog joke....


May be due to licensing.


If this is half price, then it was overpriced to begin with. 12v seem to range from £120 to £160. This 6v should have been around £80/£90 I've been looking a lot at these the past few days as I want one for my daughter.




6v on a ride on this big will be painfully slow. If it is like the feber ferrari i have, it is single motor making the pain even worse in any kind of incline

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