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Preowned Wii U Black Console (Fair Condition) + Mario Kart 8 + Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD £119.99 @ Game
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Also Wii U Black Console (Fair Condition) + New Super Mario Bros. U + Super Smash Bros for £119.99. Wii U Black Console (Fair Condition) + Yoshi's Woolly World + Kirby & t… Read more

*you’re ....and nobody cares what your opinion is.


They are totally different concepts, with Wii U handheld unit was meant for game augmentation. Whereas the switch is portable play. You can’t use the switch display if you are using it on the TV.


I've played both and the Wii U has definitely a lot more frame drops in villages especially when it's raining etc. The Switch version is a lot more stable. Out in the open they both run very similar. I think the Wii U version was gimped to make the Switch run better TBH.


Played both and cant say i noticed any difference tbh but i could b wrong


No it doesn't, Wii U has lots of frame rate issues in villages. The Switch doesn't.

Refurbished -  Nintendo 2DS Black & Blue Console £39.99 - Nintendo 2DS Black & Blue Console with Mario Kart 7 £49.99 (more in OP) @ Argos eBay
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Various refurbished Nintendo 2DS console stock has been added to the Argos eBay store They are B grade refurbs with 6 month warranty and free delivery Limited quantities availab… Read more
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No problem, it's the fact these were rated at grade b and gumtree is usually pretty decent as you can


Thank you for mentioning Gumtree. Looked straight after reading your post. Bought a 2ds XL brand new with 2 sealed games for £75 (horror) Didn't really need it but at that price...


Always one of the grammar police out.. must be a fulfilling life you have.


Ikr! Pokémon red was WAY better!


One sugar pls (y)

Nintendo Switch Console Grey/Neon + Select Lego game/Mario Kart 8 £289/£299 @ Tesco Direct
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Two separate offers from Tesco direct, they seem reasonable. Grey console can be picked up for £289 with Lego worlds Lego City Undercover Lego Ninjango Lego Marvel Superhe… Read more
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Regularly see the Neon go for £249 and the Grey for a little less, so its an ok price, not low enough for myself to bite yet tho.


Not bad if you have some club card points to use as well


In store too

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Mario kart 8 deluxe wheels (Nintendo Switch) £3.50 @ Tesco (Greenstead)
Refreshed 19th AprRefreshed 19th AprLocalLocal
Reduced to clear. Seems like a good price... ;)

For the worst way to play the game...


So with this you need to use auto accelerate. And are there buttons on the back for triggers? Else that would be pretty awkward


Haha I get it 😁


Aw man, I should of posted this last week when I saw it in my local- I figured it was my store only and didn't post for fear of 'wild goose chase' comments but it looks like it's now national (fierce)


And in Broughton (nr Chester) tried 3 other nearby ones but there gaming sections were awfull and they didn't have these.

Nintendo Sweatshirt + t-shirt £24.99 (+99p delivery) @ Zavvi
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Seems a pretty good deal. Even tshirts/sweatshirts like Mario Odyssey there :) Added a collage to avoid the disappointment of not having one (embarrassed) (embarrassed)

The misuse of 'free' is a pet peeve of mine :).


I knew someone would complain about the title, so I’ve reworded it.


What do you mean by the second sentence? :)


Heat from me


It's an expensive 'free' T-shirt too :).

Nintendo Switch Console Bundle Neon With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe £299 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
There’s various bundles around at the moment, some cheaper than this with an alternative game. If it’s a neon console and Mario Kart you’re after then this is the cheapest option a… Read more

Think it was Tesco Direct £289 choice of Zelda / Mario Kart (/ possibly Mario Odyssey :/ can't quite remember :D ) It was when Switch + Fifa + accessory pack was £259 (there was a £20 off code at the time) (highfive) *here it is **but has been possible to buy console and top game seperately for less


Been looking a while. This seems to be the best deal with a good game. Argos are doing £279 with a game but the 3 games are choice aren’t great. That offer runs out Friday so I’m hoping they will change the games as I want to buy one this weekend. I need to buy it from Argos too as I’m paying with nectar points.


I’m on the lookout for a Switch and I’m poised to buy as soon as I see a deal that takes my fancy (this one doesn’t). A question to anyone who’s been keeping a close eye on these things, what has been the best deal so far for a new console + highly rated game?


I have read stories recently that PS4 sales are dropping. Don't know about Xbox, but hopefully there will be a price war again soon like back in 2015


I've waited a year. It hasn't really droped at all.... Bought from Maplins in the end. Most stores don't event have stock at full price.

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Nintendo Switch Mario Question Block Game Case £7.99 @ Argos
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Good price for this Mario themed case. Holds 12 carts, has a firm but soft protective inlay. Made by PowerA.

Dam I was so close to inventing that, I coulda gone on dragons den, and pitched the idea to them? And who knows, this time next year I might have been a millionaire! (excited)


That’s mega cool 8)


plus its Bright Yellow!! Good thing or bad thing who knows


Seems like this one is made for you :) -


As a tip for an alternate use of this, I seen someone post a picture of these and they seem to also fit PS Vita games quite nicely too. (If any of the other 17 remaining PS Vita players are reading this. :p )

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Digital code UK £41.99 @ Smyths toys
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Bought and got the code through email about an hour later. Not sure if they manually scan and send codes bought at 1pm. Not sure when deal ends.
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also i didnt vote it cold my problem isnt with the deal itself just nintendos pricing in the first place


dont give it the biggun mate i understand the game im a massive mario kart fan i just hate how they have re released the same game over and over but kept with a high rrp so knowing i payed £45 for the wii u version plus £8 for the dlc then now would have to pay again for bassiclly the same game really grinds my gears so i think personally £25 would of been a nice gesture by nintendo to all the loyal fans who like me will of deffo bought the wii u version and now upgraded to switch dont you agree with my reasoning?


yes but the point i was making was i payed 45 for the original wii u then the deluxe edition came out then now pretty much the same game on the switch is £42 rehashing a game they already have made and sell it for full price annoys me


Never played Mario Kart before? Game is easily worth £42


I don’t u defeat and why it’s -149 cold? It’s the cheapest including any of the “key seller” websites such as cdkeys ... why waste my time it’s digital as stated and not physical copy and the guy saying it should of been £25 has no understanding what this game offers in content and game time.

[Used] Mario Kart 8 Wii U £12 Instore @ CEX
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
For the first time in HD, Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise comes to the Wii U console, introducing new racing circuit designs and antigravity karts that will have players driving up… Read more

If anyone has a Switch, the Switch version is the same plus both DLC packs included.


Wake me up when Super Smash Brothers is this price for Wii U


Buying it new and you get the drugs threw in as a bonus.


Your logic is flawed.


:/ So just a bag then?

Diddy Kong / Waluigi / Timmy & Tom Nook / Dr Mario AMIIBOS £6.99 - £7.99 @ Go2Games
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Good Amiibo price reductions at Go2Games, with free delivery . The rarer Diddy Kong one is a steal at £7.99 :) Timmy & Tommy Nook are a nice price at £6.99 and this amiibo loo… Read more

Diddy Kong, Dr Mario and Waluigi all unlock outfits in Mario Odysee.


I don't think I've ever seen Diddy Kong in stock anywhere in the last 2 years


Diddy and Mario are out of stock now. Shame


Diddy Kong oos ffs.


Nice prices. CEX want £18 and £15 for Waluigi and Diddy Kong second hand (lol)

Nintendo 2DS Black & Blue w/ New Super Mario Bros 2 / Tomodachi Life / Mario Kart - £58.99 - Grainger Games
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Looks alright Nintendo 2DS Console White & Red w/ Tomodachi - £58.99 Nintendo 2DS Black/Blue + Mario Kart 7 - £58.99
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Instead of pirating games like cheap losers do, get a decent education and job so you can buy them like a respectable human rather than a bum.


Aha thanks mate. You da bomberman


Thx dad


I'm waiting for two of these to be delivered but I paid £65 on Tuesday. Will they refund the difference?

Refurbished Nintendo 2DS Black & Blue Console with Mario Kart 7 £49.99 @ Argos via eBay
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
“Argos B-Grade is our second grade of refurbished product. Please always read the full product description for important information relating to the individual product as on occasi… Read more
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Cheers! (y)


"Street value" that fella does talk some utter nonsense (lol)


You can play the same games for the most part, however they've released an updated line of 3DS Consoles with better performance - these are literally called the 'New' Nintendo 3DS (also an XL version) and 'New' Nintendo 2DS XL, which is a flip down one. There are some games that can only run on these newer ones. The main difference is the lack of 3D on the 2DS and New 2DS consoles, hence the name and lower price point. Also this model lacks the small analog stick they added which is a nice touch. Honestly I'd save up and get a 'New' 3DS or 'New' 2DS mainly for the portability / flip down factor. The performance boost is also nice. I've bought my fair share of 'New' 3DS consoles on ebay for great prices so it's worth keeping an eye out!


If you're not bothered about 'street value', have a budget of around £50 and happen to be looking for a 2DS then this is a good deal. If you can save up and get a 'New' 3DS I'd say to do that though - the performance jump is great and the ability to keep the screens covered (and the option to replace Faceplates if you get the normal size model) is very handy.


I am beginning to sense you don't understand the term "Street value". Seeing you mention shops, frankly no shop would sell this tat, most second hand shops wouldn't be able to shift them. They wouldn't give you more than £20 (if your lucky) to buy one from you. Young kids are better off with a 3DS unit, is comfier ergonomic wise, less spread in the controls layout and comfier for hands. Same for adults. Wealth of games available for both kids and adults. Before anyone throws in conspiracy theories and scare mongering, there is zero documented cases of kids dying from using 3D on a 3DS. And even then it is easily disable via a toggle button, or system / parental control settings.

Wii U Console 32GB [Preowned] + Mario Kart £104.99 @ Grainger Games
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Decent price for the basic console. Mario Kart:
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Very please with mine. Came nicely boxed with Mario Kart on Disc.


Wii U is quality. CBHC all the way.


Sure it would, PS3 and Xbox 360 hit that price eventually as most consoles do. Things don't cost the same to manufacture forever you know, consoles are more expensive to make when they first come out then get cheaper as processes and yields improve and can benefit from scale savings if they make enough. Plus the real profit has always been from games, traditionally a console manufacturer is considered to have done well if they break even on the sale price of a console. Nintendo is alone in expecting to make a profit on console sales. It hurt them badly on Wii U, somehow they are getting away with it on Switch, but I think the bubble will pop eventually as £280 is massive money for the spec of the Switch...


From the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo made a loss on each console sold so it wouldn't have been possible for them to reduce it all the way to this price.


Theres a disc bundled version and a pre installed version.

Switch Joy-Com Mario theme comfort grip £5.99 @ Smyths (free C&C)
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Outstanding price. Never been anywhere near as cheap as this before.

No I don't think so as looks the same shade. Should match the light red joy cons though. I have been using a black Nintendo made comfort grip, that came with console, and the red Odessy grip, and the red Mario Pipe grip in this deal post since Christmas. I see no noticeable performance difference so far in any of the grips. To be honest at £5.99, it is pretty good buy right? for a nice themed grip whatever concerns over quality you might have.


Not made by Nintendo themselves, third party Power A stuff always feels inferior in quality and as somebody else pointed the red is a slightly different red to the mario joycons


Stock available at Smyths in Speke


Does that red match the Mario joycons ?


Sorry for confusion, I'm saying the red Mario grip looks nice with the grey joycons as pictured

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) £13.99 Delivered (Pre Owned) @ Grainger Games
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Put the pedal to the metal in gravity-defying courses when Mario Kart 8 launches on Nintendo Wii U. This time around, take to the starting grid with Bowser’s minions, with all av… Read more
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Do REM not like MK8 then? I don't like the game much, myself. REM are alright though!


MK8D and DKTFD have certainly killed the price of the Wii U physical versions. Another reason not to support and buy the lazy and expensive rehashes.


Been waiting for this to drop in price, cheers!


Still one of the greatest ever games. Prefer the original though


Nintendo 2DS Black & Blue with Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart £64.99 @ GraingerGames
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Nintendo 2DS Black/Blue + Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 2DS White/Red with Tomodachi Great price for 2ds consoles around £10 cheaper than anywhere else

No they didn't! They released 'New 3DS' and 'New 3DS XL' in February 2015. They never made a 'New 2DS'. In July 2017 they released 'New 2DS XL'. Facts please people


its not a 'new 2ds' it is a 2dsxl - completely different and kind of obvious but ok i get what you mean now thanks

loonyboyx Can you see it has "new" on the box? That means it's one of the more modern ones


erm can you show a new one?


The did a 2nd updated model a couple of years ago. All the boxes for those have "New 2DS" on them.

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