Posted 24 November 2023

Kids bike with stabilisers

Has anyone seen any decent deals on kids bike with stabilisers for both boys and girls. Black Friday deals aren't very good this year
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  1. daearegwr's avatar
    Do they need a bike with stabilisers? Reason I ask is it's better for most kids to learn to ride a balance bike than use stabilisers. But I don't want to assume about any additional needs your child might have which warrants use of stabilisers.

    My advice would be avoid the bikes you see with stabilisers in Halfords etc as they are mega heavy. I would recommend searching somewhere like Facebook marketplace and buy a bike made by Islabike, Frog or Woom. These are super light and you can add stabilisers to them if needs be - but best learning to balance and then introduce pedalling later. You don't need to buy a dedicate balance bike - get one with pedals and remove those if your child is big enough for it.

    They also hold their value so whilst you might spend more on one (usually around £150-200) you'll get almost all of that back. Whereas the 'toy' bikes you see in Halfords will drop in value and be worth almost nothing resale
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    gumtree - i sold my son's old one to upgrade there. loads of parents in the same situation - you will be in a few years' too!
  3. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    You can attach stabilisers to any bike if that helps. Also I'd buy 2nd hand if it's just for learning. I picked up a bike for a tenner from the charity shop for my 8 year old daughter when she was learning. (edited)
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