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Learning how to ride a bike is one of the earliest accomplishments kids experience. They get a great feeling from balancing on their own and pedalling their way around the park, and it's something that parents love to share too. Anyone who wants to get their kids cycling can find the best models in the UK at the kids bike listings. Read more
Indi Balance Bike or Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike (Yellow) - 10" Wheel for £19 / + p&p £3.99 @ Halfords
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Good balance bike now at a low price (y) Was £25, now £19 Indi Balance Bike - 10" Wheel Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike - Yellow - 10" Wheel Your little one will lo… Read more
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That sounds correct actually as my son struggles to balance.. Professional riding school sounds expensive, lol..


My 6 year old went to a professional riding school to learn how to ride. Apparently some kids can pedal but not balance and some kids can balance but don’t know how to pedal. For my daughter she couldn’t balance so they started her off on a balance bike. However, they also just told me to take the pedals off her own bike to save money. She was riding after about 3 or 4 lessons.


Halford web site it’s available at £19


Just paid £390 delivered for 2 x 16in wheel balance bikes, my kids are tall, have development delays and haven't got on using pedals at all. 🙈


Thanks OP I purchased one on Friday, turns out it reserved the store's demo model so will take a little longer!

Spike Easy Rider Green Chopper 14 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike - £102.95 Delivered @ Argos
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
12/10 Would ride to the shop on this bad boy :D Pretty cool looking bike, would have been all over it as a kid. We had to make do with a bottle rammed in the back wheel, which w… Read more

Showing as £149.95


I haven't quite used this method but it sounds a good one. I have 3 boys. The oldest learned to ride unassisted at 3 and a half, the second at 3 years and 1 month. My youngest learnt to ride at 2 years 10 months. I had to get the angle grinder out, cut nearly 2 inches from the seat post and fitted a pivotal bmx saddle so he could touch the floor. After 2 months, at 3 years old, my youngest was happily peddling along on 20km family bike rides. My biggest tip to all other parents is that repetition is key. Yes, a nice islabike or other similar lightweight kids bike makes things easier, but other parents we know also have good bikes for their kids and simply don't persist. They think that they've tried once and the kid rejected it and that's the end of it. With all of my boys I have spent anywhere from 5-30 minutes day after day until they have got it. Make it fun and don't over-pressure them. Also so much easier if other kids are around also cycling as it encourages and inspires them. If progressing from a balance bike, the balance on a larger pedal bike will come very easily. The next step is pedalling to propel themselves. A long, gentle downhill will assist here so they are not doing all of the propulsion straight away. Then help them focus on brakes and stopping and finally setting off by themselves. That's what has worked well for me, but i'm sure there are many other good ways to do it. My oldest is now 8 and we cycled 60km yesterday, no problem at all. All 3 absolutely love cycling, but sometimes they jump on friends bikes like the heavy tat being posted here. Needless to say, they quickly get off and never want to get back on something like that. Even as a novelty item, total waste of money. A second hand dawes academy 14" (copy of a islabike cnoc 14) can be picked up for £50 and weighs half of what this does, has quality components and will hold it's resale value perfectly. In summary, this is COLD!


What bike are they trying to learn to ride on now?


Because you took the time to write all that, I'll give it a go (y)


My 5 year old has this bike. Only bad part is the brake pads are a bit solid and useless in the wet. Also the retainer nut on the bottom bracket came lose and needed a fair bit of disassembly to access in order to fix. Apart from that it's pretty easy to pedal and he loves it.

Apollo Charm junior mountain bike with 20" wheels and full suspension for £128.25 delivered @ eBay / Halfords
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Full suspension on this kids 20" mountain bike, not a bad price for £128.25 including delivery from Halfords via eBay. Use the code PRODUCT5 to get £6.75 off — not an amazing savin… Read more

I think people are missing the point. This bike is probably going to get outgrown before it rusts. It'll be mostly used for wheelies and jumping off kurbs. Not everyone can afford an outlay of £300 even if they can sell it for £200 later


I do get that but a £300 bike is a better deal and offers better value over the term but I do get that. I do agree though that Getting a bike with suspension is likely to cost more in the long term than one that does n9t


Nice! #hiddeninahashtag XD


Nope, this bike will perform poorly on flats, it's heavy and the suspension will make it really inefficient but arguably that's great exercise (lol) But fair enough, looks are subjective and a bike is better than no bike I guess, enjoy the heat #pleasedontbuyyourkidthisawfulbike


Okay, but you are making assumptions that it will be used for sports like riding downhill. It is just a bike for a kid, who might want to have suspension because of how it looks. But I don't want to get into a discussion, it's too hot. Cheers!

Huffy Rustler 20 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike £83.94 including Fast Track Delivery @ Argos
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Nice bike for the money, with excellent customer reviews. 125 years of Huffy experience built into this bike. The Huffy brand have teamed up with Argos exclusively to offer great … Read more

I had a ZX Spectrum and I liked it, but I would certainly cry and moan if I was forced to use it in 2020.


Horriific, non sbimano gears, kids will be in tears trying to turn the gear shifter on these unbranded shifters, pay a bit more and get a bike with shimano revoshift


I've just ordered a Frog 52 for my daughter. However looking around since have come across the Black Mountain Hütto, with the extendable frame seems may actually be a worthwhile investment... Has anyone bought one for their kids - any comments? Alternatively an Isla bike?


Have you successfully fixed then front brake..? (confused)


We bought one of these a couple of weeks ago in white ( for my daughter. She only used it a couple of times before we realised it wasn't enough of a step up size wise from her prior bike. So, if anyone wants a twice ridden white version in the SG5 postcode for £45, please get in touch :D

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Spider-Man 12" first bike with stabilisers for £74.99 delivered (using code) @ Bargain Max
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Cool first bike (or after the balance one I guess) for £74.99 including free delivery from Bargain Max using the code SAVE10. Black and red, with accents of blue, this is the best … Read more

Can only speak for my son - he had the Wiggins balance bike from the age of 2 to 3, then just before he was 4 I got him a Frog 48 (Frog 43 is also available for smaller kids). Frog bikes are similar to islabikes but are usually a bit cheaper on eBay ;) , his Frog 48 was 90 quid second hand.


This is a balance bike. Anything with pedals?


Agree. Skip stabilisers, and get something decent like a frog bike. 100 big ones on ebay used


In my opinion this bike isn't good as a first bike - plastic wheels and heavy. I would get something like this: and then straight onto a 16" for a first pedal bike, stabilisers won't be required.

HOMCOM Balance Bike - Rubber Tires / Adjustable Sea / Ages 2+ - £26.99 @ eBay / mhstarukltd
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Quite a good looking balance bike for £26.99 using code - PRESENT10 It's not time for me to buy one yet, although I probably won't be spending a fortune on one, based on the time … Read more

I recommend this one: Which is 2.7kg that is not much more than half of the bike advertised here.


If you have small child get the lightest bike possible, foam wheels are fine up to 3 years certainly. Rubber wheels are primarily haevy.


Brakes on balance bikes are counter productive. Momentum is required to develop balance. They out their feet down to stop. Braking is more complicated and is learned at a later stage after pedalling develops


The one I already put has a brake, but my son didn't use it once... he did however wear out a pair of clarks shoes lol. This wiggins one is the best price/quality balance imo


She could have done with a brake? Feet no good?

Apollo Starfighter Kids Bike -16" Wheels MTB Mountain Bicycle For 5-8 Years - £80 @ Halfords eBay
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Nice kids bike with a detachable foam shooter :)

Is this suitable for girls


Lastly, if you're getting this you'll need some tools. From memory: - 10mm, 13mm, 15mm sockets and/or adjustable spanner. - A set of Hex/Allen Keys. - Some screwdrivers (Philips) for the reflectors and adjusting the brakes. Hope this helps


We got them from a local bike shop some years ago when the eldest was learning. They look like these: They're not the prettiest but they do a job and hopefully won't be needed for long (y)


Just checked. The gun on our bike just makes a noise and has a spinny green bit in the middle. No sign of anything else... I can't see it lasting long but is a bit of fun for the kids while it works


Where did u get the stabilisers from?

The Lion King Kids Bike 12" Wheel Children's bike with stabilisers for £55 delivered @ eBay / Halfords
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
The Lion King Kids Bike 12" Wheel Children's bike with stabilisers for £55 delivered @ eBay / Halfords
£55£8031% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
I want one of these so badly I wish I was four years old again. Mag wheels, Simba, and stablisers — a dream bike. For £55 with free delivery this is a great deal. Your kid can be… Read more



Arsene Wenger


Ordered thanks

Raleigh Performance 16-inch kid's single speed bike in blue for £184.99 delivered @ Rutland Cycles
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Raleigh Performance 16-inch kid's single speed bike in blue for £184.99 delivered @ Rutland Cycles
£184.99£199.998% Free P&P FreeRutland Cycling Deals
Good price for a Raleigh Performance kid's bike at £184.99 delivered. You'll simply need to turn the handlebars and put the pedals on, unlike some where you need to build the whole… Read more

children's bikes are such a rip off. There is so little material used and often they have very basic components, these are probably manufactured for no more than $10-15. I can't see anything on this bike that would justify a normal price of £250 and don't say the frame, even adult aluminium frames come out of Asian factories for about $20 and this is tiny and likely has no butted tubes or heat treatment. Yes its a lot lighter than steel but that still doesn't justify the price. The margin on children's bikes is so huge in comparison to adult bikes. The drivechain here is a sub $1 freewheel, sub $1 chain and a crankset probably less than $3. The brakes are basic V brakes probably less than $4 for the set. How could this bike ever justify £250? You could get an adult bike for that.


Carrera cosmo or the Wiggins kids bike, much better, lighter options than this


7.1kg is OK, but not amazing, I would expect the Raleigh to be lighter. As a comparison, the equivalent size Isla bike is 5.6kg albeit a lot more expensive.


Might as well buy this then


We have this bike... It's as good as a frog or islia bike. Very lightweight.

Pj Masks Blue & Red Character Graphic 12" Bike £40.00 @ Tkmaxx (£1.99 Click & Collect)
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Pj Masks Blue & Red Character Graphic 12" Bike £40.00 @ Tkmaxx (£1.99 Click & Collect)
£41.99£75.5044%TK Maxx Deals
Excellent price for a Branded and Licensed Pj Mask Bike. This is the cheapest this bike has been, and still on sale everywhere at a price upwards of £70.00. P.s. this can be delive… Read more
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Put some tall bars and a rear break on this bad boy and you can do some fat stunts

Apollo Starfighter 16" Wheels MTB Mountain Bike for kids aged 5-8 Years for £80 click & collect @ eBay / Halfords
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Apollo Starfighter 16" Wheels MTB Mountain Bike for kids aged 5-8 Years for £80 click & collect @ eBay / Halfords
Okay, if this had been around when I was a kid I would have begged day in day out until my parents broke. The only thing that could make it better is if it had mag wheels. For £80 … Read more

Manchester is a friendly place, generally.


Don't know where you grew up, but if I cycled to school on that, I'd be bullied mercilessly...


This was my dream.


Will this help in the fight against the Kodan armada?


That's what I'm talking about!

Apollo Marvin the Monkey Kids Bike - 12" Wheel £36 @ Halfords
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Apollo Marvin the Monkey Kids Bike - 12" Wheel £36 @ Halfords
Apollo Marvin the Monkey Kids Bike - 12" Have fun tearing through the jungle on the Apollo Marvin the Monkey Kids Bike ! With cheeky Marvin along the ride, learning to ride … Read more

Couldn’t find this on Halfords but they have it on Halfords on eBay - just bought one, 7 left only


Can't find it.. expired?

Wiggins Pau balance bike - £50 - Halfords - Click and collect only
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Wiggins Pau balance bike - £50 - Halfords - Click and collect only
£50£8743%Halfords Deals
Looks like a limited number of stores now, but very good price if there's stock near you. They're going for close to this price 2nd hand! Current model is £87 in Halfords but I do… Read more



What man??


Would be getting one for my daughter especially with the 10% BC discount- just cannot stand that man! But a hot deal nonetheless.


Thanks for the help !


L Light is better, plus resell value is much better- you will be carrying this...............a...................lot

Animal Planet Kids Bike Helmet - £1.99 @ Home Bargains Rochdale
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th JanLocalLocal
Animal Planet Kids Bike Helmet - £1.99 @ Home Bargains Rochdale
Animal Planet Kids Bike Helmet - £1.99 @ Home Bargains Seen in the Rochdale store, the one near Tk Maxx
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Watch the Video on youtube here:


Dont kids find that scary?!?!!?!?


These look great, any idea of size or age please?


Good lord, I know its cute and all that but don't cheap out on childrens safety equipment.

Virhuck Kids Tricycle Trike Children 3 Wheel Super Rider Rear With Basket at Ebay/Mason-Goods for £12.99
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Virhuck Kids Tricycle Trike Children 3 Wheel Super Rider Rear With Basket at Ebay/Mason-Goods for £12.99
£9.09£12.9930%eBay Deals
Virhuck Kids Tricycle Trike Children 3 Wheel Super Rider Rear With Basket
Kids Bike sale eg Disney Frozen 12inch Bike now £67.49 / £37.49 New Customers @ Very
186° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2019Posted 21st Dec 2019
Kids Bike sale eg Disney Frozen 12inch Bike now £67.49 / £37.49 New Customers @ Very
£37.49£109.9966%Very Deals
Very Kids bike Sale some great saving plus new customers opening accounts can save further still Disney Frozen 12inch Bike was £109.99 now £67.49 New Customers save even more … Read more
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They have those on offer too


I would imagine this is very heavy. I personally wouldn’t go with a bike with stabilisers, balance bike makes it a lot easier to progress onto a full bike.


You don't have to pay in installments you can clear the balance.


That code is if your applying for their credit account for payment by installments, besides I just bought a kids bike from Very 3 days ago and it came with missing parts.. read the reviews before buying... Avoid


Thanks updated to remove that code the example given uses the other code anyway

Upto 20% off Kids Bikes + Extra 10% off using code @ Halfords - e.g Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike - Yellow - 10" Wheel - £18
530° Expired
Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019
Upto 20% off Kids Bikes + Extra 10% off using code @ Halfords - e.g Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike - Yellow - 10" Wheel - £18
£18£2528%Halfords Deals
Use code KIDSBIKES10 at basket - few exmaples below, more on get deal link Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike - Yellow - 10" Wheel Strong and durable steel frame 10" plastic p… Read more

I like the colour - gotta check in my local halfords if it is still available


Just do no ask them to assemble. I did with my girls bike I picked up yesterday as I couldn't be bothered, thought they can't get a childrens bike wrong, right? Wrong, front wheel over tigheted meanings it hardly moved, brakes not properly aligned. It was unridable. Asked them to set it up properly only to be told that's the best i would get it or buy a more expensive bike. I declined and took it home to setup myself and was fine after an hours setting up. What annoyed me is a lot of parents without the nowse to put their bike right will be giving their kids badly setup bikes making them hard to ride and less enjoyable. Really is an indictment on their customer service 👎👎👎. Then again it might have been deliberate and a klaxon going off when I placed a order, with the hundreds of pounds I squeezed out of them on the voucher code stacks a few years ago 😁


Thanks for this. I went in and got 10% back on the bike I bought but hadn't yet collected :)


oops guess I got one of the last ones, I tried to buy it a few times but the Halford site kept saying they have an error.. hopefully it ships! fingers crossed


How u did is showing unavailable

Schwinn Sabotage 20" Kids Bike at Evans Cycles £115 @ Evans Cycles
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
Schwinn Sabotage 20" Kids Bike at Evans Cycles £115 @ Evans Cycles
I bought this bike and although my son hasn't ridden it yet as its a Xmas present, it looks fantastic, with simple gears. Also available in white. This is for (roughly) a 7-10year… Read more
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13.2 kg? For kids? No thank you


Looks great. There is nothing quite like getting a new bike for Christmas when you're a kid 💪🏻

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