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Learning how to ride a bike is one of the earliest accomplishments kids experience. They get a great feeling from balancing on their own and pedalling their way around the park, and it's something that parents love to share too. Anyone who wants to get their kids cycling can find the best models in the UK at the kids bike listings. Read more
LIttle Town Wooden Balance Bike Scooter in grey for £34.99 delivered @ Aldi
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Down from £44.99 to £34.99, these wooden ride on scooters are fun for your toddler. Made for aged 2 and up, these are made from FSC wood, and will be good for both inside and outside play. I…

Or you could buy a bike, take the pedals off, use it as a balance bike and then put the pedals back on when they can balance properly. Saves buying two different bikes.




Don't bother with these, I did the whole wooden toy thing with our youngest. This was really heavy and cumbersome get one of these instead, best value item we purchased !


We’ve had this a couple of years now, pretty solid and no real complaints

Pedal Pals Galaxia 14 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike - £64 + Free Click & Collect - @Argos
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Pedal Pals Galaxia 14 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike marked down at £64 on the Argos' website. (If you need a smaller one for smaller little ones, there is the 12 inch model for slightly cheape…
Avatar MariRicciardi
Get deal*Get deal*

As others have said, don’t use stabilisers. Had our 3 year old peddling without stabilisers after a long time on a good balance bike. We started on a £20 balance bike and he just couldn’t get on with it. Spent a bit more money and he was peddling within 4 months


Balance bike - - > pedal bike with no stabilisers. Using stabilisers after learning to ride a balance bike is a step back.


Buy from eBay, kids grow out these so quickly it’s best getting used imo but having said that, this is a decent offer


Yes we have a couple of frog bikes, can't recommend them enough. Made in UK, light, nice colours. Kids love them had a specialised before that but was just about the badge, so heavy.


Is it just the weight advantage you'd get the Ridge back.

Spike 18 Inch Wheel Size Kids Bike - Green £80 (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Reduced from £120 to £80. Collect Free from your local store. DESCRIPTION A wicked design and paint job will make this 18 inch all-terrain bike really stand out from the crowd. Th…
Avatar Yasmin26
Get deal*Get deal*

Genuine question as I'm following this advice to look for a next bike for our son - did you buy pre-covid and then sell at the time when bikes were hard to get hold off and prices were high? Cheers


Build that core strength 👌 XD once he can ride this he can ride anything


It serves a purpose for some which is why these bikes are still sold. I wouldn't let my child anywhere near a bike that is the same weight as mine. This isn't about budgets either, you can buy a decent used bike for the same money at the correct weight for a child to gain more experience cycling. Even a small climb will be tricky for a child on this bike.


12kg is heavy...but for £80 it's not a bad bike to mess about on...


Yes but if you buy a frog or a Isla bike it might be £300+ but you sell it for a lot more than others which might lose all their value. We bought an Islabike and sold it two years later for £10 less than we paid for it!

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Piranha Frenzy Green 24 inch Wheel Size Kids Bike - £136 Free Click & Collect @ Argos
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Great deal for a 24" bike with gears and suspension, 20% off at £136. With an all-terrain style frame and front suspension fork, the Piranha Frenzy kids bike has 18 speed gears with a rota…

Worth keeping an eye out secondhand as kids grow out of these quickly and you see them on facebook marketplace, gumtree, ebay local etc go very, very cheap. Sometimes the owners are mechanically minded and keep them in good shape. Seems pointless buying new as they won't be using them for long. I know many people only want new but I think if you are going to buy anything secondhand this makes the most sense as pricing can be so cheap and once this is out of the box and starts being used its secondhand anyway. Really you don't want suspension though its junk on these type of bikes and the 3x drivetrain means much more frequent maintenance. By going for a rigid model with 1x drivetrain you will save a lot of weight and maintenance and the bike will be much more durable. I don't think a single speed drivetrain is that bad. Many kids are happy with BMX bikes.


I was thinking Bull Ship Orifice


Bicycle Shaped Object.


What’s BSO? (I’m tempted to come up with my own interpretation, but it’ll be too post watershed for this site).


Look at the frames they are identical. Except the one in this deal is too slack because they have put a longer fake suspension fork on and jacked the front end up It can't be heavier as it's the same frame without the pointless forks and excess gears. 6 gears is arguably better anyway as few children need the extra low or extra high gears or complication of changing dérailleurs at both ends. Look at all decent modern mountain bikes, how many chainrings do they have? It's absolute a like for like comparison as they are the same bike but one has pointless extras and costs more. In any case I wouldn't recommend either as they will be pretty grim to own and maintain.

Kinderkraft Balance Bike SPACE, 12in Wheels, Adjustable Saddle, Footrest, Bag, Bell, from 2 Years (max 35 kg), Pink - £26.54 @ Amazon
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Kinderkraft Balance Bike SPACE, 12in Wheels, Adjustable Saddle, Footrest, Bag, Bell, from 2 Years (max 35 kg), Pink - £26.54 @ Amazon£26.54Amazon Deals
HANDBRAKE - The safe drum brake mounted on the right side of the handlebars allows the child to immediately stop the bike LOCKABLE HANDLEBARS - The lockable handlebars prevent excessive …

gone up in price.


Cold, no disc brakes.