Posted 10 January 2024

Lego Display Options

I am looking for something cheap and cheerful really that would fit across the top of a 5 x 5 Kallax (182cm length, 39cm depth and no more than 60cm in height. Ideally in no more than 3 or 4 sperate boxes but made from plastci/clear acrlyic, everythign iv found so far is very expensive, any thoughts or ideas anyone has used please?
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    Not necessarily cheap, but have you tried and More generic sized cases are also available on eBay and Amazon. (edited)
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    Wickedbrick is fantastic, cheers for sharing that. So many nice displays.
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    Ikea do glass doors for the kallax if that's what you're looking for
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    Not quite, I was looking for soemthing which would sit on top of the Kallax but thankyou it may be a good option if I cnt find anything.