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Posted 23 April 2024

LEGO Speed Champions - £12.79 each - 76916 Porsche 963 / 76908 Lamborghini Coutach / 76917 Fast 2 Furious Nissan Skyline - Evesham

Nice prices here and lowest price for a while on all three

B&M have 20% off all toys, including these three Speed Champions sets at £15.99 + 20% off making them just £12.79 each from their £20 RRP.

The ones at this price are:

LEGO Speed Champions 76908 Lamborghini Coutach
LEGO Speed Champions 76916 Porsche 963
LEGO Speed Champions 76917 Fast 2 Furious 2 Nissan Skyline GTR34

Also the LEGO Speed Champions 76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione is £17.99 + 20% off down to £14.39, not as good as the others but not a bad price.

Spotted at the Evesham and Worcester stores, all three stores had plenty of each in stock + even some of the 2024 ones for £16.79. Bought the Porsche myself as one I was missing.

Price is national - where in stock. As i say Evesham and Worcester stores all had good stock of each as of posting, though likely to sell quite quickly at this price.
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