Posted 25 November 2023

LG smart tv /tv guide loading

I have recently bought an LG smart tv and find that when I go to tv guide it seems to be really slow coming up and always takes a good few seconds loading . I have never had an issue like this before on any other tvas it was always instant , so want to know is this the norm for LG ?
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    I returned an LG set for this very reason a couple of years ago. Sounds like the EPG implementation hasn't improved.

    Discussed on AV forums, so seems to be a common complaint.

    AV Link
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    Thank you for your reply , I thought it was me being a little fussy but I have never had this issue with any other tv ,smart isn't that smart it seems
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    mines same shows 1 half of guide an takes ages to load other half this seems to happen if i have just turned the tv on
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    I have been in touch with John Lewis today who suggested reset to factory settings , made no difference ! They now say it is my aerial at fault ....bloody jokers