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LG G6 LG-H870 32GB Android Mobile Smartphone Astro Black Unlocked - Refurb Very Good £169.99 @ XS Items / Ebay
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Good price for a very good. The unit comes with its internal battery only. Please note that the power adapter and USB lead are not included. Very Good Condition - This product… Read more

I havent had any bootloop issues with mine


Did they fix the bootloop issue with the G6's? It was an issue with all the other G series LG's upto 5. Always something that has highly put me off them as I had a G2 and G3 that both got bootlooped and LG refused to touch them or acknowledge my claims. Edit: The LG G6 does have a bootloop issue but nothing bad at all just a simple fix of connecting it to a pc and holding a button or two. So with that I say great deal!


I have this phone and it is really good. The battery lasts 36-42 hours with just normal browsing/Facebook, etc. The snap dragon 821 coupled with 4gb ram makes this phone very quick (things load instantly). This is my first Android phone too, and I would highly recommend this to anyone.


I wouldn't take it as a sign at all... All part of planned obsolescence.


Reviews were good a year ago when this was going for £400+ so for less than half that I think it's a very decent deal. If I had the cash I would be tempted

LG 27 inch LED IPS Monitor: Full HD 1080p: 5ms Response (27MP38VQ) - £105.13 @ eBay / cclcomputers
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Be quick if it is your thing. I've been after a monitor for a while and this is as good as it has been for some time I think. £105.13 before 8pm using the PIGGYBANK code on ebay … Read more

I think you can use Argos Click & Collect, which is free.


Shame it doesn't post to Northern Ireland ;(

LG 32GK850G-B 32" 2560X1440 VA G-SYNC 165HZ GAMING WIDESCREEN MONITOR - £599.99 @ Overclockers
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
LG 32GK850G-B 32"(31.5” Diagonal) 2560X1440 VA G-SYNC 165HZ. Flat panel not curved. Been looking for a new 32" g-sync monitor and it was either a VA panel or IPS, in the end decide… Read more

Unless there have been sudden advances in technology, I have always thought: Colour: IPS > VA > TN Viewing Angles: IPS > VA > TN Contrast: VA > IPS > TN Response time: TN > VA > IPS IPS glow is also a thing, and sucks on larger sized screens. My preference is VA due to how much I value contrast to make things pop.


Don't have an issue with VA panels but ideally anything above 27 inches when it comes to monitors should be 3840/4096 x 2160.


But is the faster response time (not refresh rate) not better for FP gaming?.


They are fastest and I use a 120hz 27" iiyama. What I mean is that it would be nice to have a higher response monitor with better colours.


Nice deal great refresh rate

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LG OLED E7 55" - £1499 @ Reliant Direct
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
What a beauty. Outstanding TV with great design, picture quality and good price. Offer you can't refuse. As a owner of this tv I can tell you it is a good choice. Having the tv for… Read more
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Its funny that I have my C6 perpendicular to my viewing position for the best 3D, you can't see the curve at all. I also didn't want the curve but wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I'd missed the last chance of 3D.


Yes I really wanted 3d but the only options on the 2016 models were the C6 and E6 I think. If the C6 was flat I would have bought one of those, but the curve put me off and I didn't want to stump up an extra £500 or so for the E6, plus I already have a soundbar and don't like the look of the built in soundbar on them


Great, thanks for letting me know. I have not played since the last update, so I will definitely check that!


This made me pull the trigger on my C6 and the 3D is awesome, (even the 2D/3D conversion mode.) It's so good, I wish I'd bought 2 so when the first packs up, I will have a replacement.


On my C6, HDR game mode was originally bright until they brought out an update. They have now brought out another update which was re-brightened the HDR game mode. Can't comment on this TV though.

LG OLED65B8PLA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV £2,499 @ Currys
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
LG OLED65B8PLA 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED £2499 also 18 months Interest Free available. TV Cracking TV, I have one.

Yes sit in the garden (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed) and look through the window




Me too Oliver


Student Beens


Inorite? And whilst we're at it, who on earth pays £50k for a Porsche when you can get a minibus for half that? Because by virtue of both having four wheels, they're exactly the same thing. Not a terrible deal for the B8, but it's basically the same as the 2017s, which if you can find one, even better deal.

LG 43UJ630V43 inch 4K TV £329 (£299 for VIP Members, free sign up) Richer Sounds
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Really good price for this TV. And to become a VIP member is free you just sign up via the website.

Just bought instore for £299


nothing would be for that amount I'd recommend saving up another £300 for something decent like Sony Bravia.


yeh but it's less than 300 quid so what do you recommend for that money?


Awful TV! Do not buy it if you want a good 4K, HDR experience. No WCG support, 1300:1 contrast ratio, no local dimming, only 300 nits brightness and fake 4K to top it all off. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/uj6300 https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/7v658m/xbox_one_x_lg_43uj630v_not_seeing_the_difference/


Says I can only buy instore?

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LG 4K Ultra HD 43" LED TV - £329 instore @ B&M Bargains
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Good price. Nice TV. Model - 43UK6300PLB £329 in B&M Bargains, Llandudno. Seems a decent price .
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LG is the worst make out for tv's


its okay for the price - i have a similar 2017 model i think its a 43uj750. (RGBW) 1080 and 4k picture is great, ps4 is grea, 4k youtube demo videos look cracking - the backlight is terrible! my model has, i think, bottom edge lighting - there are maybe 6 bands of backlight. so be warned - dark scenes will have a bright band of light shine up the dark screen to give the details on that section of the screen!an example is if the screen is blank - lets say i have not got anything active on that input - the input name will appear top left (HDMI1 for example) and there will be a long glow up the left side of the screen - 4 inches wide to make the white text glow (to try to get HDR brightness?) It was truly awful at first. I've simply grown used to it and it hardly bothers me now


I can confirm that this tv is an RGBW as I have one myself and have a picture of the individual pixels from the 1px checkerboard test pattern. I also got it for £250 on the blue light deal and for that price it’s a good deal not sure I would pay over £300 for it though.


Maybe they have, i know the pre 2018 they definitely did this, if they have and these have hdr then they are a good deal


I thought this year on their 2018 models LG stopped doing this.

65" LG OLED65C8PLA Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV - £2799.00 @ Currys
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Noticed that Curry’s have just knocked £500 off this. Brings it back down to the same price it would have been with the £500 LG redemption/cashback offer that ended last week. Prob… Read more
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I think their too expensive yet. They still suffer from banding that runs down the screen, usually in dark scenes. I also noticed some near black blockiness on certain movies or compressed broadcast, streaming etc. Not as bad as my 55ef950 OLED but it's still their. I think once they iron these problems out and the price comes down, they will be amazing tv's. Mine is brilliant at times and then banding appears. If your desperate for a tv, then their the best around. The sony OLED has a better picture in my view, but the LG is a great all rounder.


Got to be hitting about £2k Black Friday. That’s how I stopped myself buying a B7 anyway 😬


Richer Sounds have price matched this. Guessing it may be the new RRP now that the LG Cashback offer is done. Have to wait and see if others follow suit Edit: this price pretty much everywhere now. Hopefully lowers the floor for future deals and we regularly see this sub £2500 soon


Not worth the extra £920 compared to the B7 for 'better brightness and processing' to be honest. This may have better brightness and processing but still doesn't make the B7 a redundant set. The picture is still stunning


Agreed with the comments on better brightness and processing. I was just saying that 65b7v is better value at the current price. Depends on what you need. I personally don't feel the added features are worth £420....

LG 86inch TV £929.04 @ Amazon (temp oos)
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
My first post on hukd! 86inch TV LG, sold by Amazon, Temporarily out of stock but You can still order now and they will deliver when available! Same TV on rgbdirect £4999
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Amazon are actually really poor for that. I've had a few missprices from them that have took days and days to be cancelled. Its fair enough cancelling a missprice but to wait ages before telling you is a bit crap I think


Still plenty of time (lol)


Surprised not having received cancellation yet, c'mon Amazon, spill the beans, what you doing, :/ suspense killing me :).


(y) (y) (y)


tommymac: Anybody heard from or spoken to Amazon? Yea, I've just spoken to Amazon. I explained @mancuk87's earlier comment, and they agreed to cancel his order.

ECOVACS CEN540 - LG Robotic Vacuum cleaner @ Gearbest £79.15 delivered
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Just received the discount email from Gearbest. Not sur eon the reviews, but seems a good price for one of these cleaners. If anyone has one, please let us know the quality. Searc… Read more
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Expired :/ Now £87.06




Lucky you, I wish my son was Iron Man.


Does he do women? I need a customised one.


A present from my son. He's is a robotic engineer he builds and programmes robots.

LG G7 ThinQ 30GB Data on O2 24 Month - £30.50 per month (£732) @ Mobile phones direct
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Note this is a cashback by redemption system On O2 with International roaming extra 27 countries inc the USA plus Euro data FREE (was £74.99) 30GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited… Read more

I hear you about the demo, I just feel guilty asking them to show me something I have no intention of buying in store. Instead I reckon I can sell the P20 Pro plus earbuds for £500 if I don't like it. I got it free on 30GB for £33 tariff, £44 cashback has tracked, so £792 less £500 less £44 is £248 or £13ish a month which is pretty good for 30GB.


Cheers mate, yeah think I need to hold one, I love most things about it, then watch a review that moans about it, then it kinda puts me off. It's a toss up between Lg G7, S9 or P20 pro.....


I would just go and demo one in a shop and compare it to others on your list and don't listen to the sales pitch. I did that after I decided to send the S9 back and before I got the P20 pro. The problem with technical reviews are they tend to be too technical and may not be relevant to the individual. All the tech reviews for my phone say turn the AI off for the camera. I leave mine on and pictures look perfect to me. I bought the G4 a few years back when the S6 was supposed to have the best camera but I beg to differ. I had no issues with my G4 on quality for pictures. If the G7 is as good or better quality, coupled with the speed of the S7 you will be well pleased. Individuals can also be too picky or not wanting to slag off their £600/£700 investment. I demoed the p20 pro, like it and bought it.


No problem. I always go for a phone that has a good camera. Even my old Samsung S4 took pictures that were good enough to have as wallpaper on my works monitor. I am really pleased with my P20 pro and sometimes it's nice to have something that is not Samsung or an iPhone. I don't like IOS and not too keen on the Samsung edge range and their apatation of android. LG had it spot on in their G4 in my opinion. It always take me a while to get used to a new phone to fully appreciate it and I wasn't overkeen on Huawei's EMUI so I just downloaded a different launcher from the play store. I tried a few but the one I like is Microsoft launcher as it does what I needed it to do. I am sure you will be very pleased with the P20 pro.


I'm due for an upgrade next month, and I'm seriously considering getting the G7. Does anyone have any feedback from owning one? For me, the Google assistant button is a plus for me, but I have watched numerous videos on YouTube about the camera quality compared to other flagships, and they have conflicting opinions. I currently have S7 edge, and want to know if the camera will be a big upgrade or not. Thanks.

LG OLED B7 OLED65B7V 65" Premium 4K Ultra HDR Smart OLED TV £1879 @ Hughes
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Seems like a good price delivered from a company I have only had good experiences with. I know there is a newer model out now but for about 1000 more for the 65 inch. Use voucher c… Read more



I bought it just now from Richer Sounds for £1849 with 6 years warranty! Had to email their "Telesales" for price match.


I have the Pioneer PDP-LX5090. Pioneer Tv's were amazing. That was a good deal you posted. I think I paid £2350 for a 50"


My my, what is you're problem, are you having a bad day?. No need for that at all


I’ve clearly lost the plot, I’ll endeavour to ask someone to proof read posts prior to posting in future! (annoyed) I’m you will be the a willing volunteer! Does the punctuation get you extra discounts with retailers?!?!

LG FH4U2VCN8 Smart 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - Graphite £379.99 w/code @ Currys
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Best price for this LG washing machine ,dont forget to register for 5 years warranty,use code LKA50 at checkout. My first post ,hope this help.

Absolutely no space. New houses hardly have enough where there is plumbing.


My recommendation is you don't buy a combined washer / dryer they seem a good idea but in practice not worth all the trouble a combined device gives you. Try and make space in a spare bedroom or shed/garage for a cheap tumble dryer.


They have white colour one at same price. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/laundry/washing-machines/lg-fh4u2vcn2-washing-machine-white-10139011-pdt.html


Looking for washer dryer. Recommendations would be appreciated.


Nothing wrong with mine and now thinking about replacing it... dam you HD

LG SJ9 Dolby Atmos Soundbar - £449.97 @ John Lewis
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Further price reduction. Fantastic delivered price for an Atmos soundbar, and from John Lewis no less. (Don’t try and buy from Currys - they are offering the same price but all t… Read more

Yep, looks like they have cleared all their stock now.


No longer available online


Just bought mine today but now they are out of stock


Set up the email alert. They keep coming in and out. They had some in stock earlier today.


No stock

LG sj9 Dolby Atmos soundbar £429.97 collection only Currys
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
As above cheapest I have ever seen the sj9
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They don’t have any at all in stock


I like it. Comes alive with an Atmos source, like you say.


How do you find the sj9 ?


No delivery + no stock in store at the 36 locations closest to central London (the maximum the Currys website will search). Currys eBay outlet also out of stock.


And cheaper still i must admit the sj9 comes alive when you feed it atmos just watching ready player 1 on the atv 4k and it’s awesome subtle overhead but the room is booming very impressed

LG 43UK6300PLB 43" UHD 4K HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play £364 Delivered with code @ Hughes
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Good savings on this LG 43" 4K TV from LG. With delivery included, this seems to be the cheapest price for this particular set. Would be perfect for gaming or bedroom use. Be sure… Read more

It's not really 4k either....


https://www.richersounds.com/lg-43uk6300plb.html £379 but you get 6 years warranty, to me is a better deal.


Picture is wrong. This isn’t one of their super uhd TVs just standard uhd tvs. Super uhd is their quantum displays.


Great thanks for explaining.


Horrendous motion blur , fine if moving in a straight line move the camera and shocking

LG V30+ H930DS 128GB 4G Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Aurora Black without B&O earphone £362.99 @ Toby deals
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Discount auto applies at checkout. Details Sturdy and Seamless Behold the bezel-less beauty. With its seamless curves and balanced 2:1 ratio, the LG V30+ gives you full immers… Read more

1. Probably 2. HK outfit, no customs charges, EU warehouse. Bought from them, no problems




I see it now, eBay had automatically excluded it from my search results because it's located in the USA – so not £335 by the time it hits the UK (if item 142809650842)


The deal I mentioned is still available on eBay but when I tried to put a link to it I was not allowed to. Just search for it on eBay and you will find it.


The only difference is the storage and included headphones (which you don't get from this deal anyway). I don't see the deal @dz1 described, though.

Free film rentals (including UHD) from Rakuten for LG & Samsung TV owners
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Rakuten are currently offering a free UHD (also HDR) film rental when you register an account through their app on compatible LG TVs (also reported to be available on some Samsung … Read more
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If you close the app after registering and offered the free film then you will lose the offer but you can keep it open by just selecting the tv app


Was free for me until I rented something using points. Now offer has gone. ake sure you use the free offer before other offers (y) 🏻


Still £3.99 for me


FYI Ready Player One, recently posted as a £5.99 offer, is now available to rent. Still showing as £0.00 for me as you can see below. Pleasantly surprised as this is the movie I was originally hoping to watch when I discovered this deal

LG SJ6 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar - £149.97 @ Currys
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Clearance. Available for store pickup. None near me unfortunately. Product features 320 W Supports High-Resolution Audio Wireless subwoofer Compatible with LG Music Flow Blue… Read more

OOS everywhere


Can’t find it being available anywhere


SJ6 is better?


Bought myself a SJ4 last week for 10 quid more!


Which? would say differently.

LG V30  Blue/Silver  64GB Storage, 4GB RAM  6.0" Touchscreen, 16MP Camera (New Other)  £332.99 @ Ebay / Tech outlet store
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Good price, few in stock. New Other Supplied in an original or generic box, comes with a USB charger data cable and 3 pin plug. This is in brand new condition, been opened to … Read more

I had the LG G4. It had the bootloop issue. I sent it back to LG, no fuss, no hassle (postage paid for and seamless) and it's still going strong today - gave it to my dad who absolutely loves it. I occasionally use it and am still pleased by its performance and screen AND the replaceable battery. Talking of LG - I still have my LG G2 knocking about from that amazing deal years ago where Vodafone had it for £150. Happy days!


No more of the As New, only grade B showing now


Not new devices, Grade B & C listed which usually means quite scratched and very scratched.


Sounds like a refurb


Is your phone broke? Haha

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