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Mattress help

Good afternoon Hotdealers

I'm after 30cm height 160x 200 Kingsize) foam mattress.

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Can anyone recommend some, price isn't an issue. Just trying get a good mattress
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    Is there a reason you want foam? You say there is no issue with price, in which case you should probably look at a quality mattress provider and those don't supply foam mattresses. Look at ViSpring as a starter.
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    I thought most people liked hybrid mattresses these days but my sister specifically prefers foam mattresses (she has had a double hip replacement and reckons she can 'feel' springs!). I prefer the hybrid beds, such as the Simba. (edited)
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    160cm wide is an unusual size in the UK, standard is 150cm and 180cm, normally called King and Super King.

    So that'll narrow down your choice a lot.

    30cm thick is also unusual, most mattresses are thinner than that, especially firm ones that don't need to bend as much. So if you have a bed with solid sides or some other setup where height is a strict requirement then you may want to budget for building an extra frame inside to raise up whatever mattress you buy.
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    Brooke and Wilde
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