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Many people don't get a good night's sleep. Often, the culprit is easy to identify: inferior mattresses. Instead of struggling to doze off on sub-standard bed surfaces, buyers can upgrade their bedroom technology with the latest designs at the hotukdeals mattress listings. Read more
Half price Casper Essential mattress single only for £137.5 free delivery @ Casper UK
Posted 12 h, 27 m agoPosted 12 h, 27 m ago
I was looking to buy a good mattress and looks like this is a decent mattress for the price. RRP is 275 but now 137.5 after applying voucher 7.35% top cash back also available

I'm pretty sure that's the old essential which had the 3 layers. This is the new version I've read this is much better than the old one.


Code expired


Saying code expired for me too. Ah well its what I get for not ordering it sooner.


The American 'essential' has a third layer, UK only has 2 layers.


Saying code had expired?

70% off Casper fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases & mattress protectors
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Casper currently have a 50% off sale for everything using code SLEEPMORE (decent value for the electric adjustable bed (king size down to £375 from £750) which fits into your exist… Read more

Try code SLEEP60


Anyone able to get pillow for half price? Its showing 50% off pillows but doesn't take any money off at checkout. Have tried all codes as well.


Order 2 thank you


What is,the alternative that you recommend


Jesus... people calling this a “deal”. Here’s one for you guys: I’ve been bottling this amazing hydration stuff called water and selling it for £100 a 500ml bottle. I’m doing a cracking deal right now though: HALF PRICE. PM me for details.

Enjoy 20% off Mattress Orders at Tempur UK
-9° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Tempur manufacture and retail a wide range of mattresses and pillow which mould to the contours of your body, allowing you to enjoy an extraordinarily super comfortable night’s sle… Read more
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This deal wasn't aimed at a pillow, its aimed at the general offer they are currently doing.


Cold. £89 for a pillow? Jesus, you must be rich to buy that!

Newark Electric TV Bedstead White Double Without Mattress £395 OR Black King With Mattress £480 - Poss Extra £20 Off @ Groupon
10/06/2020Expires on 10/06/2020Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
I posted these some time ago and the price went up. Now they're on offer again with the potential to get another £20 off using code HONEY. The code no longer works, but when you tr… Read more

Only poor people don't have a TV in their bed. Peasants


"Welcome to HUKD"


Guess other issue is getting any TV aerial there for Freeview or a Satellite cable? Bit of under floor or under carpet wiring? Though with a Sky Q mini box running via Wifi that would sort out your terrestrial viewing as well :/


Some have drawers/openings in the side of the bed base for that, but as you say, things like Fire TV sticks and Smart TVs mean they're not so important these days.


Ah, answers that one (y)

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45% off mattresses at Brook + Wilde
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
As the title says. A slightly more premium mattress in a box from Brook and Wilde. Possible 16.5% cashback from Quidco. Well reviewed. Tested and working.
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Thanks. I guess the issue is that currently there are a lot of offers floating around whilst not being able to visit anywhere to test them. taking advantage of one but not liking it may mean I miss out on another. Will likely go for this or the John Ryan, mainly as I’ve always read the pros of pocket sprung mattresses above others - I think anyway! A bit wary at just how many advertisement reviews there are out there though! Thanks again.


Mattresses are a personal thing, some like one brand above the others and they all use different combinations of layers and thicknesses. Depends how you sleep and the firmness of the mattress you prefer. Most offer a trial period which helps


Does anyone know the best place to get an impartial review of mattresses? Deciding between this, a Simba Hybrid Pro and a John Ryan, all doubles but have NO idea which to go for and all online review sites seem to be ads rather than impartial.


I got their elite mattress using a 35% off code through topcashback - got it in January and the cashback payable a couple of weeks ago. Remember the return policy is 100 days so to allow for that the cashback takes a while. Thoroughly recommend the mattress!


What's so premium about these mattresses?

35% off Emma Pillows & Mattresses
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Do not use 'ENDSPRING35', 'SPRING35' is what you need! Works perfectly & is valid for another week. Upvote if it helped :)
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This is what I've read and what has put me off. I want it to last more than one year especially at the price.


Ordered this deal, couldn't justify the extra £125 (Emma key worker discount) for the added 200 night trial.


I have had a Simba mattress and I began to notice sinking after around 9 months. After 2 years the back pain for the missus and I was too much to deal with. You could definitely feel a ridge down the middle of the bed on the area that isn’t laid on. Simba will be coming out to measure the ‘sink’ after lockdown. I don’t hold out much hope though as I’ve heard they will always find the sag within acceptable levels. Here's an interesting Guardian piece about it. I now have an Emma mattress. I got it because they offer a 200 day trial at the moment. It is slightly thinner than the Simba. I can already feel the troughs developing. I suspect I will be returning at the end of the trial. My view is that all these ‘hybrid’ mattress are the same. They are the most comfortable mattress you’ve ever slept on for the first 6 months or so. After that they age very quickly and begin to sag. Each person will have a different tolerance to this sag of course but it’s not for me. The big issue is that reviews for these products are written in the honeymoon period. Very few people write reviews after having a product for a year or two. I will be buying some kind of pocket sprung mattress perhaps with a latex topper after this. Anyone have any recommendations?


Don’t get hung up on the discount being over shortyit ranges from month to month, is always on offer between 42% odd number and 30%. Emma are good mattresses at least for the short term and you get a trial per mattress you order not per person like other companies. Customer Service is okay, they did forget to process a refund on one mattress we got but did quickly once it was raised to them. one watch out and it’s not aimed at Emma themselves, two mattress in a box companies have went bust or planned to close recently, and it’s not clear what happens in the trials. Some of the mattresses can be bought from third party sellers which also have the trials so you might have a chance of getting your money back if something goes wrong. John Lewis are even price marching as well.


Yes. Have ordered the essential at this price via wowcher last week. May cancel and order the original at same price, on offer this week

Ventidry Washable Crib Mattress - £2.99 (+£4.99 Postage) @ Hawkin's Bazaar
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
£30 reduced to £2.99!! This comfortable and supportive mattress is reversible, with an attractive grey star design on one side and a plain white side on the reverse. For ease of… Read more

I think they bought some stock from BabiesRus (ToysRus) when they went out of business, still unusual though as you say.


Unusual item for Hawkin's Bazaar, but Heat nonetheless (highfive)


+£4.99 postage.

Up to 60% all mattresses and beds at Dreams
-57° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
As seen in the description. On their website. They have some good deals on there. Give it a look.
Get voucher*

Almost negative 60 degree's!


Shoddy and poor quality service. I would rather sleep on the floor. Inflate price then all of sudden oh here is some percentage off....


:S just like it !! cold from me


Awful service and poor quality and always have these magical non existing sales


Is this like the dfs sale?

Simba double(most sizes available Hybrid Mattress Refurbished by Simba delivered - £274.63 @ simbasleep eBay
255° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Pretty good price I would say RRP is £750 but these are always on offer for around £530 simba does 10% off plus ebay code for another 15% PICKSAVE free delivery and they will come… Read more

Thanks. I ordered a silentnight one today.


Company is fine, delivery was quick & it all comes in a smallish box, compared to a standard mattress. But I have to say my previous Silentnight mattress with miricoils with inbuilt memory foam topper was probably the most comfortable mattress ever.


Thanks. I am still wary of this company so might just go with silentnight. I'm not sure yet.


The mattress has harder and softer areas when a full sized adult has pressure points etc. So in this respect it's more suitable for adults. On the other hand children are lighter and don't have issues like adults, so I would imagine that the mattress will be perfectly fine and comfortable. I would have no issue letting any child, adult or even old folk sleep on one of these mattresses, they are very comfortable.


I got my one today. My girlfriend already has the same one bought new. She looked at my one and thinks it is also brand new. It said generic packaging on the card which was in the box for the refurb but my one was in the proper box compressed as new. Did anyone else take delivery yet? Very happy with this for £251 after nectar points and a 5% credit card cashback offer.

Simba Premium Seven-Zoned Foam Mattress King 150x200cm £272.30 (discounts in basket) Dispatched from and sold by Simba Sleep Amazon
252° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Simba Premium Seven-Zoned Foam Mattress King 150x200cm | 100 Night Trial | Made in the UK 30% off at checkout and free delivery with amazon prime PREMIUM SLEEP SURFACE — incred… Read more



On eBay type Luxury Coolblue Quilted Memory Foam Matress - 4ft6 DOUBLE 5ft King Mattress £69.99 its gone down seller bedsdirect247 is away until the 25th


Good to know about Casper as I was in the market for one of their mattresses. What now? I was also looking at "GHOSTBED", but despite it being stated on their glossy website that they are available in all sizes, when you click through to buy, you are taken to Amazon and the good old "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock" Are all these new-fangled mattress companies just in it to take your money and run in a few years time, making any 10-20 year warranty absolutely pointless?


£100 cheaper on Groupon than eBay (y) & also direct from Eve


Ye I’m tempted by a refurb. Cheap on eBay from eve

Simba Memory Foam Pillow, 42 x 66 cm - Soft, Supportive & Hypoallergenic for £39 Sold by Simba Sleep and Fulfilled by Amazon
243° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Not used myself but seems best price lately. Simba feedback seems okay. RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Adaptable memory foam cradles your head and neck - great for back and side sleepers. C… Read more

Simba pillows use cubes in one of their pillows


Dam showing as £60 now. Need a new pillow


Yes, same for me. Shame.


It's showing £60 for me


You managed to reply without actually giving me an answer thank you....A simple yes this is a brilliant pillow and really worth the money especially as you spend a third of your life with your head on it would of been helpful

Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib with Crib Mattress - Dove Grey £159.95 delivered @ Online4baby
253° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
UPDATE:**NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN USING CODE SALE1** Use code SALE1 to bring price down from £199.95 to just £159.95. Includes free delivery too. Used For Bedside Sleeping Or As A Sta… Read more

People might say it's expensive for a bedside crib and they're probably right. But this is the cheapest price for this and the conversion kit is a good option to turn it into a regular crib. Hot (horror)

Babyway Classic Travel Cot/Play Pen + Mattress Foldable Portable - £35 @ buyitdirectdiscounts / eBay
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Product Information: The Babyway Classic Travel Cot is a multi-purpose bed and play pen to use with your baby or toddler on the go. It comes ready to set up, complete with a carry … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

'children up to 3 years old who weigh 15kg'? Isn't this is a bit optimistic? I'd say up to 2 years tops, unless you have a very small child.

Original Memory Foam Queen Medium Pillow £63.29 with code at Bensons for Beds
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Original Memory Foam pillow from Tempur, perfect for back and side sleepers. Yes expensive, but when suffering from neck pain it's worth it so this is more of an investment in your… Read more

I have 2 of these still going strong after 7 years , not used all the time as very firm use with my other pillows, So I usually use this at the top for when i'm reading and under another pillow to sleep... They wash in the machine no problem and would still class as good as new...


As far as I'm concerned Tempur is leagues above all the others, especially their mattresses. I've got a comfort pillow which is great, my girlfriend was annoyed I spent £60 on a pillow, she can sleep anywhere and doesn't care, her words, yet this morning she laid on it for 3 hours and I'm now having to order another for her. Go figure. Don't know how good this particular pillow is though, but Tempur as a company are great. Edit: although, I do prefer Huawei to Samsung so (lol)


Anything that overpriced has to be perfect. Anything less than 5 stars on that product is negative as far as I'm concerned, so 62% negative reviews. That's my opinion! Judging by the temperature of this deal I'm not the only one who feels that way. Tempur make huge profits based purely on the name they got for supplying NASA. Others are equally as good if not better.


The link has 4 negative reviews out of 30. Do you check the actual reviews before buying or just look at the stars? Also assuming I purchase by choosing the highest priced items is so shallow and proves you didn't even read properly what I said before. But hey, everybody has the right to an opinion.

Da_Ta Tempur reviews 3.5 out of 5 and £63 Cheap make 4.3 out of 5 and £26 When I buy things I don't click 'sort by price, most expensive first' then buy the first thing on the list. Buying smart is what this site is all about! I've had my cheap make memory foam contour pillows for over 5 years and they as good as new.

Panda memory foam pillow, £32.89 delivered at Costco
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Panda memory foam pillow, £32.89 delivered at Costco - lowest price I could find online. Bamboo is a hard, woody plant but it can also be made into an ultra-soft, healthy and comf… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I was debating on this when I saw it at the warehouse. Is it quite high to sleep on and firm? I have always had a Dunlopillo but the new ones I just can’t get along with they are too hard and too high. I have tried Simba and some others so don’t want to spend out on another that gets dismissed after first night.


Yesterday i purchased my pillows from Costco Reading. The queue to get in wasn’t bad at all. I had to wait for a few minutes to get inside. I arrived around 2pm in the afternoon. Generally I prefer my pillows really firm. On face value they are not firm. However they did support and neck well. I had a decent sleep night sleep last night using it. However it does take a while used to it. So I’m happy with my purchase.


I was there on Friday getting a food shop and needed petrol to get to work and took about 20 minutes to get in my local but once inside I could fly round get the stuff I needed and then the tills were empty rather than a normal day when you’re waiting to be served. it was probably worse being a bank holiday when I went as I would imagine doing in the last 2 hours of a night it wouldn’t be as busy.


Are these decent pillows to purchase?


I guess it depends on timing (middle of the day tends to be busier), but i've not seen anything like the toiley roll crises of March 2020

5ft King Size Silentnight Atala Eco Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress - £342.99 Delivered @ The Sleepshop
191° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Was £489.99 30% off looks decent for the money

Tbh I really dont knw where to many so its confusing


Wouldn't buy an open coil mattress (Miracoil) unless there was no alternative. For £350 you can definitely buy pocket sprung.


Same...but I only need the mattress


Miracoil is an obsolete spring system for mattresses. Save your money and look for Mirapocket/pocket spring.


Did do a quick check myself and couldnt see anything obvious this looks a great deal for king size

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