NordVPN - 2 year subscription £71.71, but 90% TopCashback making it £7.17 after cashback

Posted 14th Jul 2022
My NordVPN expires next month, and just spotted TopCashback are doing a 90% cashback deal right now.

A 2 year standard subscription is £71.71 right now, meaning that the effective cost after cashback would be £7.17 for 2 years with NordVPN (one of if not the best VPN provider out there).
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    Cashback only payable to new customers, so current customers cannot get the cashback.

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    Mine expires in 4 weeks..
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    Cashback is calculated as a % of the pre-VAT amount.
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    Same with PIA but only £43.94 for two years
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    You can use a new or modified email address. Also if you are not in the UK and tell them that (for example when I happened to be living in Oregon the last couple of times I signed up) there is no VAT due. I don't recall you might need a VPN to do it and I would have paid with my Clarity card so no fee for the exchange rate.
    I've gotten the cashback each time.
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    I’ve had 2 payouts consecutively now with no issues
    Just use a different email address as a new customer
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    apart from redeeming foreign xbox codes, I am not sure many people actually need a vpn
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    Anyone have a slot for NordVPN to share for a few quids a year? I don't use it much to pay the full price. Only use it for the Spanish HBO and Discovery+. Please DM me. Cheers