Posted 1 December 2023

Pokemon Team Rocket booster box - split or not?

One for Pokemon and eBay experts!

Is it best to sell a Pokemon Team Rocket unlimited booster box sealed or to split it as 36 individual packets?

I'm looking at eBay, but can't work out which is best in terms of maximum return.
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  1. Tyrone_H_'s avatar
    Is it first edition? Also rocket packs can be weighed so people will likely return if not heavy packs. Id Sell sealed box 📦. But I'd recommend selling directly to a reputable tik tok shop seller and then they can sell them individually on live streams
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    No not first edition. Unlimited. I was thinking is listing with weight noted and wouldn't take returns because of risk of fakes being returned. Will look into your tik tok seller tip - thank you!