Query about RWG Mobile from EE

Posted 17th Aug 2022
Does anyone here use RWG Mobile PAYG from EE? I'm currently using PAYG, what with using WhatsApp for the majority of my texting I don't really think I require a contract, so would like to stick with PAYG for time being as I think a contract would be a waste of money for my current usage.

Anyway, can anyone please explain how RWG Mobile actually works? On MoneySavingExpert it says top up once. I take that to mean I won't need to keep topping it up every few months like with 1pMobile and iD Mobile, and bearing in mind I'll be mainly texting via WhatsApp, so won't lose it if I don't top up if I don't happen to use it. I'm assuming this is correct. Can someone please verify this?

RWG Mobile appear quite competitive compared to my current provider, ASDA mobile. ASDA mobile are also putting their prices up from 26 September, so looking to switch.

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