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EE Unlimited Data (5G), Unlimited Minutes/Texts + Benefits, 12 Months, £38pm (poss £26.00pm after £144 Cashback) @
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
The £144 of cashback is by redemption (5 throughout the year) through but you can also opt for the £85 auto cashback instead, which equates to £30.92 pm. I… Read more

The adage you have just demonstrated.... “Wise men have something to say. Fools have to say something”. :{


If someone’s looking for a Tesla M3 and they manage to find one for a few thousands cheaper. But you know theres a Dacia Sandero that goes for a fraction of that. According to you the few thousands that could be saved on the Tesla is not a deal even worth looking at when you can have that damn sexy Sandero and save the difference. It’s an exaggerated analogy, but should make it be a bit clearer now.


The point he was trying to make was more than valid but it was probably too subtle for you since it just went way over your head (lol)


Why have you diverted this thread to apple hating? Actually sky do 5G and I pay £29 a month with them for that (including iPhone XR). Please get your facts right before flaming up at people


So where is there a better deal for this product - unlimited 5G data on EE? I have to drive to two specific locations to get 5G on any other network. Makes me MAD - not for me does not mean cold - I'd never buy an iPhone (pay the crazy apple tax), I don't cold vote every iPhone deal because there are cheaper 'phones' available. EE have successfully made themselves the premium network & thus get away with charging more (you can't with 100% confidence argue the same with apple as their tech is often not the best).

EE sim only deal 20gb data £22 per month - 12 month contract £264 Total via Fonehouse
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Cracking deal. Comes to £13 after £108 cashback (£22 before redemption).
Get deal*Get deal*

this deal isn't great, but if you want to stay on EE, fonehouse have very decent 5G sim only Smart tariffs on EE with good cashback (compared to buying from ee direct)


I’m paying £20 a month for 100gb data unlimited calls and text. That’s through EE so might be worth checking their website first


I thought it was supposed to be warm out..very cold in here :|

10GB for £10pm - Plusnet SIM only (uses EE network). £50 TCB possible £120 Total @ Plusnet
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
12 months contract EE network 4G £10 a month, 10GB unlimited mins / text If cashback tracks, bring cost to £5.83 a month.

Thanks, sounds like EE aren't throttling Plusnet at all. The upload speeds are very impressive. I get similar speeds on EE in West London. Plusnet here I come.


I did a couple of tests inside my home around Islington and I got 63/61Mbps of download and 19/28Mbps of upload (yes, between 20 to 30). I haven´t tried outside, I will do later this month because I only got 4GB but each test consumes 150MB of data. CS is good, in fact, if you are in the top SIM of 10GB for 10£ and you call within 14 days saying you want to cancel due to lack of GB, they will offer you up to 14GB for the same price. I think EE could be even faster but inside home having 60/30 is more than good. Ps. Three gave me 8MBps down and 6Mbps up in the same place.


Out of interest, what kind of 4G speeds do you get on Plusnet and how is the CS? I'm on EE but coming out of contract and want to go SIMO, tried a VOXI SIM on Voda and 4G speeds went from 50 to 3 Mbps on average so that's not gonna work. I've heard that the networks tend to throttle their MVNO speeds, not sure if this is the case with Plusnet. Feel your pain about Three, had a second line for 7 years with them but the last 6 months has been abysmal with dropped calls and ridiculous 4G speeds (West London). Moved that line over to EEand it's been night and day. But now can't afford two EE lines haha. EE is probably the best network out there, but they do charge for it.


Plusnet customer / sales service is excellent. However, the Plusnet network is rather iffy, to say the least. Comparison: moved from EE to Plusnet and use a TalkTalk SIM in the same phone. Same issues affecting another Plusnet SIM in the household (different phone) * no shortcode support * poor coverage, even in the same locations as with previous EE - can't recall ever seeing five bars * unreliable whilst driving, even if signal appears OK * poor call quality almost constantly, even to another Plusnet SIM * large latency on call's audio * failures to connect calls - missed calls that never actually rang * long delay in connecting calls, before ringing starts, in particular to the other Plusnet SIM in the household (spouse's) * no engaged tone when calling engaged numbers - it just ends the call immediately with a single beep

Siilver google

EE 4G Unlimited Data/Minutes/Texts - 12 Months Retention Deal - £25/month = £300 total @ EE
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayLocalLocal
Was looking at my upgrade options with EE for sim only and came across this deal. So if anyone is looking to stay with EE and looking for a good everything unlimited sim only deal … Read more

It sure is with maybe a u/l bonus (y)


I’m still debating what to do. On 4g max tariff with EE I get approx 120mb/s download times, my virgin sim (also using EE network) gets 80mb/s, my wife’s Vodafone gets about 15mb/s My tariff is getting expensive now so looking to change to the smart sim 5g ready tariff which is cheaper with more data (mine is 30gig at 23 pounds currently), however have to do it either via the student discount route with EE, or using the tone house cash back route.....but will require me to pac code my number out and back in. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions. Retentions were useless and offered me the standard smart sim deals at full price. My pac code has been requested.


I'm tempted by this deal as currently on EE and have a standard upgrade from today. I just tested Vodafone through Voxi at my house and EE. Vodafone was over 19Mbps down, EE less than 6 Mbps down. Both were about 6/7 Mbps down. Surprised me. I'm on a 4GEE Max deal at the moment too so should getting fastest speed available on EE. Makes me think I'd be better with the £11.50ish auto cashback deal for Vodafone than £25 per month with EE, even though I get an extra £5 for perks. Think it is worth getting a Voxi SIM and testing.


I say that, but for some reason I'm only being given 40gb of data on this 'unlimited' plan (confused) . No idea why. I'll have to give them a call when they open at 8am.


Here are the bandwidth requirements from Netflix themselves - it's 3/5/25 Mbps for SD/HD/4K streaming.…306

Apple Iphone 11 125GB EE no upfront £46 a month (24mths) at Affordable Mobiles
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Apple Iphone 11 with 24month EE contract and 125GB. 24 months contract 46£ a month
Get deal*Get deal*

i just got a new deal with ee iphone 11 pro 256gb with unlimited calls and text and 60 gb data 44pm


Sounds good what did you have to do to get this


just manage to get an ee retention deal, £44pm inc vat 60gb data and unlimited calls and text, iphone 11 pro 256gb


That's great for you, i tried Three in an sim only and here(close to London), it sucks in comparison to both EE and Vodaphone. However when i say EE is better than Three than that is based on a plethoria of researches rather than purely personal experience.


I am fortunate enough to have never had any issues with Three in the 10+ years I have been with them

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Google Pixel 3 64GB Just Black Refurbished Good (locked to EE) +12 months warranty - £219.99 @ Music Magpie
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Google Pixel 3 64GB Just Black Refurbished Good (locked to EE) + 12 months warranty - £219.99 at Music Magpie
Get deal*Get deal*

This isn’t an upgrade over the 3a besides processor (which also means poor battery life on the 3). There’s a reason why the 3a and 3 can be had for very similar prices these days.


I have the 3a, might be worth an upgrading? I rarely use the headphone jack.



june 11th and more details here - 4A would be lot cheaper than the iphone SE.


Where have you seen it announced to be released in 3 weeks? Has Google officially announced it?

iPhone XR with EE at £34/month for 2 yrs with 6 months free Apple Music and EU data £75 upfront at
-330° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
iPhone XR with EE at £34/month for 2 yrs with 6 months free Apple Music, 6 months free MTV Play and UK minutes usage in 48 EU countries. … Read more

I feel for you man. Just wait it out if you can. No point tying in to something else, you’ll kick yourself when prices drop again. Get that new SE. I took the deal out for myself. I had a contract too, but it was a cashback sim only and wasn’t worth paying to upgrade, so I got the 11 as an additional line. I can share the data anyway. Plus I’d just moved house and had a 5 week wait for broadband. My way of looking at it, was not that I got a surplus iPhone contract, but that I was saying £8 for a sim only with some extra data for a few months. I can cancel it soon.


Tell me about it. My current contract is about to end. It was for an s9. Included 13GB of data AND Spotify premium for two years (effectively knocking 9.99 a month off for me). After two inflation price rises it's still £34 a month. Anything similar right now is literally around double the price.


I took that contract for my wife. I was still tied to a contract at the time. Now that it has finished I am on the lookout for similar deals and nothing comes even close to it!


Gotta subsidise all the nhs freebies the government are giving out ;)


I bought my XR on Black Friday via Carphone warehouse...... £33 a month, unlimited calls unlimited texts AND 60GB Data. this is a poor deal, especially considering £75 up front.

Sony Xperia L1 16GB Black Smartphone - £49.99 + £10 Top-Up @ EE On Pay As You Go
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Thanks to @tyr for the original find, this is a great price for a phone you could give as a first phone to a child, or as a second phone etc in my opinion Comes locked to EE, bu… Read more

For some reason the L1 has a much brighter screen than the L2. I have an L1. Overall it's a good phone for the money. The screen is really nice but it is a bit sluggish. I intend to get an L4 when there is a deal


Giffgaff had Xperia 10 for £99 and 10 Plus for £169 a few weeks ago. Compared to everybody else's prices these were crazy cheap. May be worthwhile keeping an eye out there if not in a rush. With L4 now out I'd expect L2 & L3 to become available at discounted prices.


Thanks. I may stick to looking round the Xperia range. They've never let me down in the past. Currently having to use my wife's old Samsung S7 cos I dropped my XZ and cracked the screen, I looked at getting it repaired but might as well just buy another for the price it would cost.


Yes. One of my first ones was the (then) mighty Atrix, bought for £200 imported from China. I find Motos now to be average compared to what other manufacturers are offering at the time. Don't think the Macro is anything special compared to many same priced or cheaper handsets and can't see it being a great seller. Since Lenovo took over it's like they're a step behind in terms of VFM. Like the latest release would have been comparable to what the competition put out a few months ago. Saying this, phones are at the point where you're getting pretty much the same overall from most manufacturers for around the same price if you shop around.


You tried Motorola at all? I too like Xperias and are generally my phone of choice. However I've see a few good offers on Motorola at the moment and am tempted by either G7, G8 or even One Macro. Don't want to get tied into another contract so have a bit of a budget.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro 128GB Smartphone | EE Grade C £205 - Unlocked Grade C £208 | Twilight & Black @ XS Items Ebay
329° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Posted this a couple weeks ago with some positive comments that these grade C came in better than described condition, however YMMV :S WARRANTY: If a manufacturing fault occurs … Read more

My one has just a couple of wee scratches on the front


It is, I'm surprised


Looks in good nick mate


It does still get updated mate, yeah.


That's what I mean, grade C my ass :D

IPhone SE 64GB With 20GB EE Data + BT Sport (3m) + Apple TV £31pm - £744 (+ possible £168 Cashback by Redemption) @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
A good deal in my opinion with zero upfront, equivalent to £24. + a further £40 cashback possible via Quidco

Just clicked through to have a look, and this option comes up. 125GB data, less than £30per month after redemption. Seems like a good deal, albeit with strings attached. Still with EE


Anyone has experience with redemption cashbacks? Reliable ?


German league starts next week on bt sport. Prem back in June 11th


I am sure the lockdown won't last 2 years... hopefully :{


Offering free BT sport for 3 months when there's no live sport seems a little mean to me :/ ;)

Google Pixel 4 : £15 upfront with code/ 24m / EE / £31 pm for 24m / 20GB Data, Unlimited Texts& Minutes- Total £769 @
76° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Google Pixel 4 On EE £15 upfront with code 'TREAT10' 20GB Data Unlimited Texts Unlimited Minutes £31pm Brilliant Deal

I am same as you I got it for pure android and the camera! I have the radar and always on display switched off! Yes it's not the best battery life you will ever get but it's no where near as bad as the reviews make out! I got the 128gb XL version on eBay so I recommend trying to find a good deal on there!


Is that with everything running? I want this phone mainly for the barebones android and camera, so would disable everything I could to save battery life.


I get about 4/5 hours screen on time!


How terrible?


Not so sure about the battery after the updates.

Sim Only 50GB 18 months / £20 per month (first 3months £10) at EE
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Just looking for sim only upgrade deal and found that . Worth to take a look.

Ah it was about a week ago, I'll try again, thanks!


When did you call them. Ee tariffs have changed in the last few days. I called them today and they offered me the standard 60gb 5g deal I mentioned above for £27, no discounts.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the cheapest 5G SIM they could offer was £42, and I wanted to avoid cashback by redemption deals. May just swallow the pill and change networks to Vodafone


i'm on the same plan and have had the same problem. You've got a couple of options Fonehouse are currently doing good cashback deals on their 5G smart sim EE plans You can get 60gb data, unlim mins and texts for £27 a month on a 12 month contract and get £120 cashback (in installments). (100gb plan is £30 a month with £132 cashback) which works out at £17 a month, for better than what you have at the moment (if you want to keep your number you'd have to port out to another network pay as you go, then port back to your new EE account) The other option is to get the same 60gb deal direct from EE which is £27 a month, and aquire a student discount code for ee (worth 20% off) and it would come to £21.60 a month (but you wouldn't need to do anything with porting your number!) (Note with the smart plans you have 1 swappable, one of those is a roaming pack which includes all the countries on our legacy "ee max plan") Im still undecided what to do, but hope that helps.


Here you go.... Taken in 23 April

Huawei P30 lite New Edition Breathing Crystal | 256GB 6GB Smartphone - £199.99 + £10 Minimum Top-Up @ EE
333° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Excellent for the bigger storgae Huawei P30 lite New Edition Breathing Crystal INDULGE yourself with the Huawei P30 lite New Edition with 6.15-inch FHD display, 48MP AI ultra-wid… Read more

Found out there are total £20 balance inside. Also not able to apply unlock on line, have to call CS and they ade sorting out for me. Awaiting their return


The H20 will get 10 for sure though


No difference apart from name.


Is there any real difference between them?? The only thing I can see on a GSM Arena comparison is that it says the Nova 5T is upgradeable to Android 10, but it doesn't say this for the Honor 20.


Oops, I do indeed... Typo (embarrassed)

Motorola One Macro 64GB BLACK Smartphone - £99.99 + £10 minimum Top-Up @ EE PAYG
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
EXPLORE the stylish Motorola One Macro, which features a fantastic 6.2-inch HD+ display as well as triple-camera system with AI and laser autofocus. £9 cashback from Quidco … Read more

(y) Thanks for the update. Good for people who still have a working phone but if you need a replacement in a hurry then maybe something to bear in mind.


Hi just incase you are still thinking about this, I got my UNLOCK code today so overall about 2 weeks wait. Not bad considering the cheap price of handset. Overall would recommend


Me too. I mean for the prices they offer the phones I'd probably don't again with knowledge that ot will be a faff to unlock but still the website makes it sound so easy....


Good to know. The wording on the EE website made me think it'd be an instant unlock.


Thanks mate. I'll keep on at them. Understand it's not really their fault. Although That said they should make it clear on their site that some phones are difficult to unlock currently. Cheers

Google Pixel 3 White 128GB Grade B EE xsitems_ltd eBay £199.99
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
very good price for a Grade B 128GB unit. locked to EE but should be able to get it unlocked direct from EE for £8.99 Condition: Seller refurbished Seller notes: “T… Read more

Sold my 3 for that very reason. Mine was a Google Refurb, battery rated 100% but lasted a day. Got a Pixel 3a argos refurb and battery is lasting me 30hrs!


My wife has pixel 3 and battery life is not great, gets about a day with regular use but not a heavy user. Not sure what the battery life will be like on a refurbished. Cracking phone apart from the battery


I got the 3xl of them last week it was listed as reasonable condition came as very good condition no scratches or marks. Checked on Google and still under warranty until June 2021.


You can always return if you can't get an unlock from EE.


May have problems unlocking these. We have issues sometimes unlocking pixels ( even Google did)

Motorola G8 Plus 64GB COSMIC BLUE Smartphone - £149.99 + £10 minimum Top-Up @ EE PAYG
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Don't forget Quidco for £9 cashback bringing this down to £150.99 Free to unlock via… Read more

No hurry. Indeed good saving as JL got it for £240.


Hope it's quick. It is a bit of a hassle but worth it for the decent saving.


Thank you. I called them and now will wait.


I called them as am pay monthly customer only and I think that caused issue trying to do it online as my online account was tied to my monthly handset.


Did you see this on a different EE thread? EE website says you can unlock instantly online but other people had problems and had to call them.

Motorola G7 Plus 64GB DEEP INDIGO Smartphone - £139.99 + £10 Minimum Top-Up @ EE PAYG
329° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Decent price for the G7 plus, give the sim away or whatever, phone for £139.99 plus topcashback Motorola G7 Plus ENJOY the Motorola G7 Plus with a 6.2 inch Max Vision Full HD+ d… Read more

This or the Moto G8 PLUS advertised here earlier for £159.99 fro EE including top up


No, from the reviews/specs I've seen they have removed it. That's the annoying thing with Lenovo, they often compromise on things you might not notice at first (e.g. NFC, compass, OIS, gorilla glass) to keep price low.


I thought the G8 Plus had OIS?


I got my mum the G7 power, she loves that too. I think the G8 Power is on offer on Lenovo's site now.


(lol) (lol) (lol)

iPhone XS 64gb, 20gb Data, Unlimited Minutes and Texts on EE for £31 a month. £99 up front - £843 @ fonehouse via uswitch
-263° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
£99 up front and then £31 a month. Seems pretty good for the price I think, anyone seen anything better out there? It may get cold in here but after shopping around a little, thi… Read more

It's not just Apple that it applies to...


Welcome to apple


Any upfront for 2018 model is daylight robbery


This phone has been £31pm without the £99 upfront earlier in the year. No, I don’t have a time machine, but, I can’t vote hot on the basis it’s been significantly cheaper recently.

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