Posted 17 December 2023

QuidCo - £2 Cashback for signing up to Lego Life Magazine

Get £2 cashback after signing up to the Lego Life Magazine!


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  1. LoR1977's avatar
    Got a £2.10 on TCB
  2. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Not sure why this is not in deals.

    It is the same as £2 cashback on £10 spend but you don't even have to spend any money. (edited)
    copperspock's avatar
    Yeah, and considering how hot those deals get, this would get suuuper-hot :).
  3. placidsheep's avatar
    Mine was £1.50 but have signed up regardless :-) cheers op.
  4. crassness's avatar
    Same was 1.50£ for me thanks
  5. LoR1977's avatar
    Does say only for children upto 10 so make sure you put in right DOB. When registering
  6. jools19's avatar
    I tried this through tcb & didn't get cashback, so opened a claim & they were asking for order number so at that point I gave up chasing it. (edited)
  7. Tokyoku's avatar
    Thanks guys, tracked for me on TCB. (edited)
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