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Razer Kishi/Backbone for Honor Magic 5 Pro

Hey guys, I have an Honor Magic 5 Pro and want to buy a gaming controller for it in the form of the Razer Kishi, Backbone, etc.

The Magic 5 Pro has a huge camera bump on the back so, has anyone out there managed to find a controller which is compatible with the M5P?

I have done a little bit of research but couldn't find anything that will 100% fit my phone so I thought I'd ask this wonderful community.

Many thanks in advance guys ✌🏼
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    I have a Kishi and have just looked and it does not have a solid back at all. So where the camera bumps for the phone would be it would not interfere with the controller at all (edited)
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    That sounds great, thanks! Which version do you have? V2 or V2 Pro?