stupid question but what do people do with old divan beds?

Posted 3rd Nov 2015
If you can't bin yourself, get the council to collect etc? Do some companies collect when you buy with them, my chosen companies would be tesco or argos neither seem to offer this service.
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Some companies will take them off you but usually you'll pay extra from my experience, I haven't done this for a long time though.m

You can get the council to pick it up and they should you a set time/date to leave it out.

If the divan bed is in good condition you could always consider giving it to charity? Never done this before myself, just an idea.
councils normally charge ours will pick a bed up and 7 other items for £16 or sometimes disposal is cheaper through the delivery company.
If you live in a rough are, wait until dark and push it out into the street. The local, poor children on can then set it on fire.

Or if in useable condition the British Heart foundation or salvation army might collect it.
why won't your council collect?
yes cornwall council will but just asking options as not crystal clear they dont list superking under options
Stick it on Gumtree free to collection. I did this with my old double and the local homeless shelter made contact with me asking to collect it within 10minutes of posting it. They came that same night and took it away. I had never even considered the idea of giving it away, even less so to a charitable cause, I just wanted rid of it. So I got what I wanted and a nice feeling for a few hours that someone less fortunate was going to benefit from it.
Well bonfire night is thursday night. Burn it or throw it on the local bonfire near you. And my council would charge £15 just for a whole bed as they count the base,headboard and mattress as 3 separate items.
Its coming up to Bonfire night cant you find a local fire to put it on?
Councils will collect but charge a disposal fee, see your local website for prices
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My council take it for free
+1 for British Heart Foundation or other local charity furniture shop. You could also put it on freecycle/preloved/gumtree.
Ask a local charity shop if they want it or put on ebay/gumtree as free (pickup only). Else leave it out for some kids to take for bonfire night, perfect timing.
Can you not break it up into manageable pieces if you need to take it to the tip in a small car or on a bike? Divan beds tend to be made of fairly thin softwood so it shouldn't be too hard to cut or break it into easily handled bits.

council will collect for a fee. you can break it up and drive it to the tip. you can also try to give it away on Gumtree
Have fun with a big hammer and stanley knife, took me 5 mins to smash a double up so it fitted in a peugot 107
Its bonfire night in a couple of days... give it to the kids on your local council estate, they'll have a whale of a time!

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