Using cartridges after cancelling HP Instant Ink

Found 1st Mar 2016
Wondering if someone has experience of this - I recently cancelled my service but the cartridges are almost full. You're supposed to send them back but that seems a waste, they're not going to recover the ink. They're supposed to stop working as well, but my printer is disconnected from the internet, and the cartridges still have experience of this? Do they really expect the cartridges back? Are they uniqely identifiable (sounds unlikely)?
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I think you'll be charged for any further prints
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Well...not if I keep the printer disconnected from the net!
what happened with this? Take it you're not using the wifi printing feature on the printer?
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Not using wifi, don't need it. Happily using the cartridges despite the regular prompt to connect to the net
You can disconnect from the net but your printer counts the pages printed and when you reconnect to the net it sends HP the number of pages you have printed and they charge them against your account. You can disconnect from the net, print, hack your printer to delete the pages you printed, then reconnect to the net.
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Now that is interesting...and fear of that happening is the reason I've never reconnected!
Go to the pad on the printer and turn off web services.
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