Xbox - Buying from other regions using card/vpn - UPDATED 2018

Posted 17th Jan 2018
Hi all,

Following on from a thread I created 3 years ago here, this is an updated guide to buying digital games from other regions at a MUCH lower cost than from the UK store.

This does not involve changing ANY settings on your Xbox, can all be done online & is safe to use (no bans, infractions etc).

Buying with cards seemed to have been stopped around 2 years ago now, but after a few of us have tested today, this now appears to be working once again, but with a few small updates.

Step1 - Find a game/DLC you wish to purchase via the digital games comparison website (

Step 2 - Click the link to take you to the Microsoft Store. of the country in which the game is cheapest.

Step 3 - Ensure you are logged in. If the store takes you to the UK store, in the bottom left of the screen will be a clickable link stating "United Kingdom". Click this, then select the store you wish to purchase from.

Step 4 - Click on buy game & then proceed to enter payment details. It is advisable to use Goolge Chrome for this task in order to translate the page into English.

The following cards have been tested as working for this step, please let me know if you have success & what card you have used and I will update the list:

FX Credit Card

Step 5 - Ensure the address details are from an address within the country. A university, UNICEF or McDonalds are easy to find.

Step 6 - Before you click Proceed, turn on your VPN & ensure it is set to the country you are purchasing from. I use VPN Unlimited, but any should work if they have a server in the country you are purchasing from.

Step 7 - Click Proceed & your purchase will go through.

Step 8 - Turn on Xbox and your game should download. If it doesn't, it will be in your games list to select to download.

Step 9 - Enjoy your cheap games

If this doesn't work for you, try this method
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