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3rd Gen Apple TV £59.99 @ Clearance Bargains (Walsall)
Made hot 19th Nov 2012Made hot 19th Nov 2012
3rd Gen Apple TV £59.99 @ Clearance Bargains (Walsall)
Love them or hate them i don't think these will stay in stock long! Clearance bargains = Argos - fluidz

This is all this is worth. The bargain bin...... Apple ****


I have both, jail broken 2 and this 3. Bargain!


Utter nonsense. I'm not rich. I have 3 ATV's for different rooms. I have never paid Apple anything for watching TV/Movies using mine. I use it for streaming my stored Movies/TV Series around the house. (from NAS drives) *Main use for me I can also watch streaming movies/Sky channels/Streaming TV/Football/Photos/Music etc if I choose to, though quality of these vary a great deal. There's lots you can do with them. I would obviously recommend the 2nd Gen though, until a Jailbreak is released for this model (which I'm pretty sure will happen at some point, but could still be a fair way off).


No longer available - great deal if you got one!


I pay 5.99 for netflix how do you get it free ?

3rd Gen Apple TV - 1080p - £75.99 with Free express delivery on Ebay -  photodirect
Made hot 3rd Nov 2012Made hot 3rd Nov 2012
3rd Gen Apple TV - 1080p - £75.99 with Free express delivery on Ebay - photodirect
£75.99eBay Deals
This is the latest generation Apple TV on sale for Ebay with free express delivery for only £75.99 where the original price is £99.

No doubt good with jail break just very very limited without. It is a lovely bit of kit and takes very little power, for me it was not about the 60 quid it is about the fact that something else I own that serves no purpose. Mirroring would have been good but the image was only on the middle of my T.V. If I thought Jailbreak was coming anytime soon I would have hung n to it.


Was going to buy one and hold out on the jailbreak. I have an atv2.... Once jail broken, FANTASTIC!


Just noticed your comment, dont waste your money on one of these. Mirroring works but you do not get full screen only the centre of tv is filled, Tried it for streaming itv player and takes ages to appear then keeps buffering. Took it back on sunday. Spend your money on a western digital live tv, miles better


Thanks Steviecross. Too far away from me though. Have you had a play with it yet? If its no good to you I could buy it off you ;)


It is in Walsall in the west mids, they sell argos items that are discontinued etc. You have to ask for an unopened box otherwise you could get a return or display model. It is a nice bit of kit, shame no jailbreak though

Made hot 20th Jul 2012Made hot 20th Jul 2012
NEW APPLE TV FULL HD 1080p - £80.97 USING CODE TDXR-KFJM @ TESCO DIRECT - 80 Clubcard points - 5% Quidco (Expires in 2 days) - 3.03% TCB - £15 off voucher code doesn't work for e… Read more
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this thread obviously isnt for the likes of you if you dont know what xbmc is or even how to use google! oO


Code takes £15 off.


Anybody got more than one of these on a network? Does it work ok? Love the one we have, stream so much to tv now, opens up photos and other media from iTunes. Worth every penny


WTF is XBMC? Hope you know what WTF means?


it is great.

Apple TV 3rd Generation - £79.94 @ Amazon
Made hot 5th Jul 2012Made hot 5th Jul 2012
Apple TV 3rd Generation - £79.94 @ Amazon
As title says.. + Nectar points (if you are collecting)
fluffy-k 5.1.1 is the latest iOS


no it's not it's £93.20 from amazon itself the other cheaper prices are from resellers


price has gone up to £82.94 delivered. Still good price tho


Yes you can.


none left at £79.94

Apple tv 3rd gen brand new, eBay only £80.99 @ wesellapples eBay outlet
Made hot 15th May 2012Made hot 15th May 2012
Apple tv 3rd gen brand new, eBay only £80.99 @ wesellapples eBay outlet
£80.99eBay Deals
Brilliant price for this, not sure which way it will go, but cant go wrong at his sort of price. Thanks for voting!
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Back on :)



IMPORTANT NOTICE We DO NOT change Shipping addresses after checkout is complete. We will NOT alter Customs Documents. We are not responsible for any Import Taxes or Customs fees. Warranty


Expire.....price gone up.



Apple TV 2nd Gen £50 @ Tesco (Instore)
Made hot 12th Apr 2012Made hot 12th Apr 2012
Apple TV 2nd Gen £50 @ Tesco (Instore)
Just bought an Apple TV 2nd Gen from my local Tesco (Batley) for £50! Seems to be in store only but worth checking out your local store if you fancy one.

Should have had a drive! He didnt get the last one, went in today and they had one left at £50 and had a few previously by the sounds of it but no all gone now.. lucky day that was :)


Did the stock check on phone Yesterday afternoon (sat) and told me 1 showing in Bradford, but they couldn't promise it would still be there as there stock is updated daily. So I made the trip and asked instore, the guy disappeared in the back and to my amazement came back with one!!!! I couldn't believe it and many many thanks to the OP.


Walsall store had 1 in stock


Phoned Irvine store and they are showing 2, went to the store and they weren't there. They checked in the back and still no joy.


I paid £75 from Amazon warehouse deals 4 months back.

Brand New Apple TV 3rd Gen 1080p [Latest] @ eBay / wesellapples  £84.99 [Reduced Again]
Made hot 10th Apr 2012Made hot 10th Apr 2012
Brand New Apple TV 3rd Gen 1080p [Latest] @ eBay / wesellapples £84.99 [Reduced Again]
£83.99eBay Deals
The latest 2012 gen Apple TV. Remember Quidco - up to 30% of the final sellers fee! - maverikk
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Even cheaper, now down to £82.98. Just got one to complement my upgraded AppleTV 1st gen! :)


Thanks to the useful comments I've just ordered one. It's only a shame people have to search through the other comments which are neither for or against the product in a constructive manner. Thanks to the original poster as brill price!


O quick its a crappy apple products Zzzzz get a wd live player. Cheaper and better. Cold


Still getting cheaper, now down to £83.99



Apple TV - New - £84.94 @ Amazon Sold by Digigood
Made hot 30th Nov 2011Made hot 30th Nov 2011
Apple TV - New - £84.94 @ Amazon Sold by Digigood
Apple TV - New from Marketplace seller Didigood (Good seller who I have used before) Or... £88 inc free delivery direct from Amazon.
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now a further £5 cheaper, check out the deal post at


To be honest, for the best part of £85 its quite a nifty device if you own one or more iphones and decent surround sound system. It allows you to play your playlists stored on a PC/Mac and content from your iphones. Its certainly not perfect by a long way, but useful and relatively cheap if you have all your music stored within iTunes.


Back to a discussion on the deal. This is available cheaper from for £68.06 if you are a new customer to them and set up a credit account (if you like once you have made the order just pay the outstanding balance with your card straight away) At very it is £99, use code 23NKF for £25 off making it £74. Then Quidco/Topcashback offer 6% cashback for new customers and they pay this on the value of the goods before discount thus £5.94 cashback. So in total effective price £68.06. If you can’t click and collect at store it is £72.01 delivered. Hope this helps some people as it is what I did when I ordered last night-bargain at that price when jailbroken. For me the difference between 720p and 1080p is negligible, as it should be for anyone with a TV 32" or less


This is what I do with mine - got it set up in the bedroom on a small 22" set - no need for 1080p - I just use my iPhone to watch TVCatchup then flick it over to the TV using Airplay - works brilliantly.


Can you play games that support AirPlay?

New Apple TV 2nd gen - £84.41 @ Amazon
Made hot 14th Nov 2011Made hot 14th Nov 2011
New Apple TV 2nd gen - £84.41 @ Amazon
I think this is the cheapest it's been so far. Stream films, TV programmes, music, photos and more to the redesigned Apple TV Connect to your widescreen TV and wirelessly sync you… Read more

Well it did turn up :-) Just a US version with a US plug! Luckily I had an adaptor but just to let Hotukdeals know that they did send my order!!


Yes seasonpass works I'm looking a code for atv flash. Hate paying full price.


Has anyone managed to JB their box with the new firmware 4.4.3 that came out yesterday?


As I thought, 2 pin plug but with 3 min adaptor in box.


It's just a radio lead, I've got others. You are right mind! naughty naughty, and does take the shine off this deal somewhat. Where do I get the amazon complains number?

New Apple TV 2nd gen - £85 @  Amazon
Made hot 28th Oct 2011Made hot 28th Oct 2011
New Apple TV 2nd gen - £85 @ Amazon
The Apple TV is back down to £85 at amazon.. A great companion to the iPad/iPhone with Airplay, etc.. Jailbreak it and add XBMC and you've got a great entertainment machine. :)

Ordered - thanks OP


Guys seriously considering this as an additional player.... I had used xbmc on an original xbox and wa great... But essentially had to move on as no proper hd mkv playback. (720p is fine) Anyway from reading some reviews there a few issues that could be a showstopper... - is the GUI on the atv2/xbmc still sluggish - will it store the passwords for my Nas - where is media art stored (must use library)


I'm sure I read elsewhere that iplayer can be used but this is only available after you have jailbreaked the device. That's why you won't see it mentioned in any reviews!


hmm, I was just assuming it works the same way as on the Revo.. I've got XBMC running on a Revo 3610, as well as an on old Xbox, both running iPlayer and TvCatchup just fine.. Its just a python script at the end of the day, so I thought it would work on all devices running XBMC.. Somebody might confirm this..


Any link to confirm this? Every review I've read says iplayer is not available.

Apple TV / Wireless Digital Multimedia Receiver £85 delivered @
Made hot 25th Oct 2011Made hot 25th Oct 2011
Apple TV / Wireless Digital Multimedia Receiver £85 delivered @
Apple TV redefines what your HDTV can do. A new design provides instant access to your favourite content. Rent or buy HD films. Buy HD TV programmes. Listen to your iTunes music or… Read more
pataldis Might want to look here for a better price that for some reason is in the negative.


Thanks for unexpiring


Back in stock Just ordered :p


Run tiny umbrella first , then run ireb and you will get error 1602 but it will be jailbroken , install atv flash then take all updates to maintanance and nito tv , then install scripts via cyberduck to xbmc , install zips within xbmc and u will be sorted


Thats the one I'm trying, and I'm now getting error 2006 or error 2009 when it tries to verify the firmware. Very frustrating!

New Apple TV 2nd gen - £85@  Amazon
Made hot 15th Oct 2011Made hot 15th Oct 2011
New Apple TV 2nd gen - £85@ Amazon
can't find them cheaper anywhere else brand new. Would go very well with iOS 5 and an iPad or new iPhone to allow wireless mirroring, which is a new feature in iOS 5. The wireless … Read more
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browsing the movies database of Icefilms in the library with xbmc is very laggy anyway I could speed it up?


The latest firmware is 4.4.1 for apple tv. I just googled if it's jailbreakable and found this So it seems that it is, thethered and plex and xbmc don't work on it yet. So not very useful. Another interesting thing if I understood correctly is that apple can force an upgrade. Hopefully ive misunderstood this point because I don't like that idea. I will have to upgrade to 4.4.1 eventually becuase I want to use the wireless mirroring, but won't bother with it until iPad 2 is jailbreakable on ios5.


Any jailbreak out yet for he latest IOS?


Try Seas0npass - It worked for me - I then installed aTV Flash Black (available from torrents) and then XBMC, which is working great at the moment - and unlike Plex it doesnt need to transcode files, and can play from just a shared network drive, a big plus in my opinion.


Has anyone got a working guide to jailbreak 4.3 using windows? i cant even get into dfu mode using ireb!! thanks

Apple TV - Only £87.39 Delivered @ Amazon
Made hot 27th Apr 2011Made hot 27th Apr 2011
Apple TV - Only £87.39 Delivered @ Amazon
Apple TV only £87.39 delivered at Amazon. Cheapest I can find at the moment compared to other online retailers such as where this retails for around £99 and next cheapest … Read more
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indeed i have both although i only use my ps3, but i can stream anything i like using tversity and it plays fine. i thought these boxes had hdd so you could put all your dvd movies on them so you dont need the discs. does anyone know if such a device exists?


I bought one of these for the bedroom when it first came out, then took it back - for me the limitation of not being able to use the remote to change the volume was frustrating - also it did not integrate with my IPhone 3G as promised by the dude at the Apple shop - you have to have a 3GS or 4G to allow the media sharing. I found it quite limited in what it could do. I love using Remote with my Airport Express to stream music around the house, but this felt too limited - maybe in an update or 2 it will be better. In the end I got the £299 Sony 32" Full HD TV I found on HUKD and with DNLA and integrated freeview HD I found it a much neater solution. Never used XBMC, but these days I can't be arsed messing around jailbreaking stuff! :D


I can agree its a matter of the item being fit for personal purpose. I havn't had those issues with PS3 though typically I play all files locally from an external drive, unless its unsupported (in which case I use a PC), I certainly cant hear the fans, however it is placed near a floor standing speaker. I'm om 10mb Virgin, the 3 movies I have rented have taken 2-3 hours to download ready for use (on an iPad), it's good to hear this may be a network speed issue instead of hardware failings to be sure.


PS3 is fine if you a) like the sound of fans b) dont mind having to screw around all the time to get things going. I was using a ps3 and tversity/ ps3 media server both of which I found to be awful. Rewind and fast forward being particuarly crap if I recall correctly. I mean it did work but was so limited. it could play pause and stop and that was about it. Plus it would have the occasional freeze and de-sync. And the server was an 2gb core duo, so should have had plenty to help it along. I cant comment for the device about streaming from itunes, but if I were to get this and use it to put xbmc on, I would have a lovely tiny media centre for my living room/bedroom. While this is far from an all in one solution, your suggestion to build your own pc and configure it, hope it wont make much noise, put an os on it etc etc, may work for you but for others, myself included, I just want something nice, neat, that will do the job as intended. To say it is useleess is really not the case. I have an iphone and ipad and they (constuting all apple products, as you have suggested) do not take the "hours" as you have quoted, to stream from the apple store. Maybe this is a problem you face, or a limited number of others. I note no-one has given their actual bb speeds to perhaps give a reason as to why they themselves are experiencing difficulties. Mine is 20mb (real world speed on virgin). I have only just upgraded from 10mb. This may or may not be the case as to why I do not experience difficulty. I dont mind if people comment on here about their experiences, but some comments are just so throwaway its unreal. Rant over! Cheers Phill


PS3 runs MKv and any other format fine if you use TVversity or PS3 media streamer. Yes you need to have a PC/NAS on to stream, but you do for Apple TV, which cant play local files. All Apple devices take hours to stream a rented/bought movie from the store. You are better off grabbing someone's old small form factor P4 or Athlon X2 for free or £50 tops, add a £40 low profile HDMI card and you have access to everything. IMO useless piece of kit.

New Apple TV - £91.67 Delivered @ Amazon
Made hot 18th Mar 2011Made hot 18th Mar 2011
New Apple TV - £91.67 Delivered @ Amazon
Good price? Dixons/Currys/PC World: £101.01 Play: £99.99 Apple TV redefines what your HDTV can do. A new design provides instant access to your favourite content. Rent or buy HD … Read more

I dont like you if I'm honest, but unlike you I'm not a keyboard warrior. So I'll just say go and do your homework young lady.


The point he/she is getting at is why pay for something when it's socially acceptable to get it for free? Then again I'm sure you know that and are just being a pain in the ****!


Cheers for the advice


Thanks but it's nothing to do with the network speed. It happens on certain MKVs with more than a certain number of reference frames or some extra advanced options when encoding I think. I'll give it a shot with an FTP server on the NAS and see what happens. Ta :)


A nas box is the way to go, you can get them for less than £80 almost the same price of an external hard drive.

New Apple TV £79.20 + £4.20 Delivery at TJ Hughes using code TJSAVE20. Also available In-Store or by calling 0845 605 1912. Possible 4% Quidco bringing price down to £76.03.
Made hot 26th Jan 2011Made hot 26th Jan 2011
New Apple TV £79.20 + £4.20 Delivery at TJ Hughes using code TJSAVE20. Also available In-Store or by calling 0845 605 1912. Possible 4% Quidco bringing price down to £76.03.
Cheapest I have seen using voucher code. System requirements Wi-Fi (802.11 a, b, g, or n) wireless network (wireless video streaming requires 802.11a, g or n) or 10/100BASE-T Ethe… Read more
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My email was also ignored. Not had refund either. Judging by their performance so far, it may take a while.


Anyone had their refund yet? My email to their customer services was ignored


Got mine cancelled too, very annoying after receiving this email a few days ago; ======================================================== Dear ******, Thank you for shopping online at TJ Hughes. This e-mail is confirmation that your order has been accepted and your payment card has been charged accordingly. Please find below the details of your order: Order number: ****** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Product: Apple TV Qty: 1 Size: Colour: Price: GBP 99.00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delivery Option - Up to 1kg: GBP 4.20 20% OFF Everything: -GBP 19.8 Total cost, including VAT: GBP 83.40 ======================================================== Clearly states that the order had been accepted and my card has been charged. Yet their terms and conditions state no order is accepted until it is despatched?? They don't seem to know their own terms and conditions. Real reason for cancellation I think is stated above, they didn't want to sell the product at the discounted price!! I would be very interested to hear if anyone got one, surely they had some in stock at the time of the offer. I don't think I will be shopping there again in a hurry.


I think you will find they just didnt fancy selling these at 80 quid and are now trying to wriggle out of it


Well they don't even have the product on their website anymore, so maybe thats the case

New Apple TV £91.37 at Amazon
Made hot 16th Jan 2011Made hot 16th Jan 2011
New Apple TV £91.37 at Amazon
You either love it or hate it. I think its a good price seeing as you dont rely on cashback as per the bestbuy deal. Nectar points too!

£91.57 now


I already have an Acer Revo running XBMC, now this Apple Unit has been opened to run it, it's a no brainer... Home theatre for the bedroom, It's going HOT.


I'd image the states price would be plus local taxes and maybe uk import charges, plus maybe the cost of a new power supply to cope with our 240 volt system, think best to use the UK price rather than price in other countries. I'm sure the box has loads of different bits and bobs that might be of interest to some but most people's BASIC need is 1080p output and maybe DTS/AC3 passthrough and it's not able to do that. Good upgrade if you own one already, but this does not make me want to rush out an buy one. Maybe Apple TV3 with an A5 CPU will be worth it.


It also doesn't do DTS/AC3 pass through. I think ones the XBMC devs have matured the code on the device it'll be worth a purchase but right now by Popcorn Hour A100 blows it away as all I really care about is quality. The interface is always secondary for me.


Extensive Subtitle support (including on-the-fly subtitle downloading), options for tweaking DTS-HD & Dolby sound settings, numerous add-ons, support for new video formats when they are added to mplayer, various skins, UPnP media (server and client), support for various file sharing protocols (Samba, AFP, NFS), Media Scraping, various audio & video tweaks on-the-fly and more are just some of the features you've missed, most of which the WD HD and Hisense cannot do. I think XBMC is much more than a nice interface these days. It's a £91 box (£62 if you're coming from or know someone in the states!) that does alot more than these £60 players, while the lack of 1080p output is less than ideal (the 1080p decoding problems are almost certainly teething problems, ION was the same when it started off) to say that this box (with XBMC mind) is overpriced at £91 is unjustified imho.

Apple TV (new model) £89.80 @ Amazon
Made hot 3rd Jan 2011Made hot 3rd Jan 2011
Apple TV (new model) £89.80 @ Amazon
Apple store will not discount this product but save £10 off the normal £99 price at Amazon. See "more buying choices" on right hand side of page for Amazon price * Stream fil… Read more

Now back to £99 from EXPIRED


The company I work for gave me one of these for Christmas which I promptly sold the next day on eBay. I got £88 for mine unopened so this price is about right. As people have said, there are other options if you look around, I gues it depends really on what you want to do with it


Mine came today - fantastic bit of kit. Using my iPad to control what albums I want on and the whole Airplay thing is tremendous. Can start a track on my Mac in the office and hear it out the speakers, click on 'Speakers' and select Apple TV to either send the audio direct to it or have the audio coming out of both speakers. When a lot of new stereos have Airplay built in you can imagine having the same tracks playing around the whole house like Sonos. Very pleased with it, especially for ease of use on looking at photos etc. too.


it isnt.... (I wont give a reason either)


not bad for the eiffel.

Apple TV (New Black Model) - Only £84.15 Delivered  @BestBuy Plus Possible 14.89% QUIDCO @ BestBuy
Made hot 11th Dec 2010Made hot 11th Dec 2010
Apple TV (New Black Model) - Only £84.15 Delivered @BestBuy Plus Possible 14.89% QUIDCO @ BestBuy
This is the new Apple TV. The RRP is £99.99 and it is around that price everywhere. Use the code 15COM to get it for £84.15 at Bestbuy. Also could get 14.89% quidco which would me… Read more
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Code is not working. :(


None for delivery?


XBMC is only for the 1st gen apple tv.


[/quote]Agreed on all that, but it's worth mentioning that it can be hacked to run XBMC (c/w its fantastic format support) and 1080p through the Crystal HD hardware add-on: [url=][/url][/quote] Are you sure this hardware and software will also work with the new Apple Tv?


Cancelled and re-ordered, tracked this time.

New Apple TV £88.24 + delivery, + voucher / Quidco at IT247
Made hot 28th Nov 2010Made hot 28th Nov 2010
New Apple TV £88.24 + delivery, + voucher / Quidco at IT247
The latest version of Apple's media streaming device, Airplay compatible. Putting the anti-Apple religious wars to one side, this seems to be the cheapest deal for the Apple TV if… Read more

I'm shocked at all of the posts suggesting you need to buy media from iTunes.... I simply buy from other sources and import it into iTunes. Using iTunes to manage and play my media. I'm buying an apple iTV in Vegas today for $99 and will report further on its suitability with my home TV.


Voted hot - because this is a deal... The actual item IMHO is great if you want to live in apple's walled garden of iTunes and buy all your music and movies that way. But if you don't want to live in apple's world of wonder... And would rather use the best music and video service the day has to offer it's restrictive proprietary junk So why is it hot..? Simply because this is the cheapest price / place to get one...


Mine arrived today. I knew that it's smaller than the old Apple TV, but I was still surprised to see that the packaging is only 10x10x9cm!


Interesting, the price seems to have dropped back down to £88.24 inc vat again, so could be unexpired. That'll make it £90.58 delivered with the voucher, or £92.93 without it (the voucher runs out today). Plus Quidco at 1.5%. 22 left in stock, if you believe the website :)


Has this expired...... Price is £86.59 ex VAT or £101.74 inc VAT. Put it in the basket and it says... 1 item £86.59 Delivery: £3.99 Total: £90.58 Plus VAT the total is £106.43 Adding the voucher takes it down to £103.78.

Apple TV 160GB. £146.00 @ Argos
Made hot 26th Sep 2010Made hot 26th Sep 2010
Apple TV 160GB. £146.00 @ Argos
* 160GB hard drive. General features: * Size H19.7, W19.7, D2.8cm. might wanna add what it does * Product Type: Digital multimedia receiver * Digital Storage Media:… Read more
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Xeijin, see you'll get much better support on the Xbox1 than a hacked ATV1. The xbox, btw, has 64MB RAM. there's much discussion about this, but basically if you stick to an efficient skin like PM3 or xTV, run at 720p or lower, and use plugins rather than scripts, you'll be fine and there's so many Xbox users out there you should be fine for a while yet. I don't know how well XBMC runs on the ATV1 and i don't really care to try because for this much money, as said, you can get a real HTPC and install what you like without any hacking.


well no I don't work for sky nor blockbuster, but it's simply a sensible answer. why would you buy a product which is more expensive than the existing alternatives which I have discussed?! If anyone is stupid then it's folk like yourself who would more then likely buy this product thinking it's a best thing since sliced bread. I'll stick to my opinion, but if you think that it's stupid then clearly you are an uneducated moron and you deserve to be ripped off!


As I understand it, currently the cheapest "True HD" (as you call it) alternative (that is it can run XBMC) is the Acer Revo, it hasn't been seen under ~ £180 for some time now IIRC,. Others seem to be comparing it to the WD Live, fine if you just want to play downloaded videos straight off the drive but really laughable if you try and compare it to XBMC, the two devices are not in the same league. Finally XBMC have officially dropped support for the original xbox, on top of that the original xbox and sometimes chokes on even the most basic of skins thanks to its 128MB RAM. It just about gets by with SD content (imho) and apart from playing xbox games (hardly a fair comparison) I fail to see what "more" the xbox can do than an ATV. Not to mention that an xbox is about 3x as noisy and about 10x as large as the ATV not to mention an eyesore for the living room (again, imho).


For those saying the new Apple TV can't be hacked:


I thought it was quite a sensible and true post, imo.

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