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Without iOS, there would be no iPhones, iPads or iPods. Apple’s proprietary operating system is a slick, easy to use, reliable foundation for its famous series of digital devices. Locked in competition with Android for the mobile market, iOS has plenty of advantages and this HotUKDeals buyer´s guide will help purchasers decide whether it is the operating system for them. Read more
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around Ear Headphones for iOS - Ivory £120.99 @ Argos
Found 15 h, 8 m agoFound 15 h, 8 m ago
Would appear to be a really good price for the around ear version of these headphones. Collection only, but plenty of stock near me (Surrey area).
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Sure, but they weren't talking about these specifically. It seems an odd sentiment to me. Where wired devices can be replaced with wireless they generally have been, including phones themselves (which actually *do* need constant charging), and I can't think of too many other areas where it attracts such strenuous objections. People act as if there's no reasons for wireless, and of course there are, as anybody who exercises with headphones will tell you. The wireless Momentum's claim 22 hours of battery and it's longer in my experience, so hardly a matter of charging all the time. Besides, they can use 3.5mm as well, if you want, you don't *need* the battery or Bluetooth. Maybe I just find phone and headphone afficionados irritating.


I agree, i tried it and it was a bad idea (lol)


Yeah but you don’t take sehnheisers like this to the gym, unless you like sweat stains on your suede trim


You may have noticed glossy buildings with treadmills... those are gyms, and many people inside them would say it.


Have the wireless version and I'd agree only worth around this price - sound cancelling and quality plus controls not as good as my ( more expensive) Sony's. Don't like the rocker switch, feels flimsy.

SONOFF S26 WiFi Smart Plug Socket - UK Plug (Works with Alexa, Google Home + iOS & Android) £6.51 w/code @ Dresslily
Shipping from CNShipping from ChinaFound 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Sonoff S26 Wifi smart plug (UK plug) for £6.51 with code DSDLSALE9 . This is the newer Sonoff Smart plug and is more compact than the older S20 version and works with Google Home … Read more

I don’t think this is a thing. It would need to be your router that has poor security for you to have this problem. This device only connects with that and can’t operate as a WiFi repeater that someone could use as a connection into your network.


Seems fine so far.... I'm joking, I haven't even brought one!


ordered 3. thanks OP.


Nice, back in stock!


Thanks for this OP - just paid 10.50 for 2 - fantastic price!

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit (available on google playstore or ios app Store ) **Please do not share referrals**
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
This is a amazing way to keep fit and earn points to buy stuff the best thing about it is that it works enjoy :) please don't vote it cold until you at least try it and see its all… Read more

Its all about referrals to boost your sweat coins.


I worked this out, to receive a £1000 amazon voucher, or a holiday voucher or any of the big ones, you'd have to walk for at least 15 years before getting anywhere even close to the 20,000 coins required. This is due to the daily limit of coins you can earn. Each week I am in the top 100% of coin earners "apparently" and I've been using sweatcoin for months and months and months now and I've only earned just over 100 coins. I don't get this app, literally nobody wins.


I reinstalled for the Revolut offer. It retains your coins when you reinstall. Now uninstalled again!


Title updated sorry for the confusion :)


Used for 3 months then binned. Basically a steps tracker that munches your battery life.

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Sleep Show Baby Lullabies (baby soothing app) free on iOS
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
A bit of an unusual one, but thought it may be useful for those HUKD'ers with wee bubbas. It has an app-purchase in the form of a 'tip' if you like the app, and even if you don't… Read more

Thanks may take a look as a back up - currently use a baby monitor that has projector / music etc that my twin granddaughters love at night, during day we find they like Hushabye Mountain (Dick Van Dyke version only though) or songs from Mary Poppins :)


A few years too late for me but this could help save some other parents sanity


Ahh, how lovely. (y)

DC Super Hero Girls FREE on iOS - Google Play - Amazon App Store
20/09/2018Expires on 20/09/2018Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
My kids enjoy this game and it’s FREE to purchase with no in app purchases. Available on iOS, Google Play & Amazon app. Amazon link:… Read more

I suppose boys say, "I don't want a yukky girl on my t-shirt" (or whatever the item is)..shame because I was quite happy to play with and collect male superheroes and their comics as a kid! I did notice that a lot of the editorial letters (for Wonder Woman and similar female heroes) came from males, (this is a few decades ago), so I'm sure it all evens out.


We've had this one for a while.My 5 year old likes the super-hero creator & has fun playing the mini-games


Well, Beast Boy can be a bit that way in the series


Same with paw patrol. Bill Hicks put it best:


I've noticed that certain Justice League merchandise (the stuff that's marketed to boys, I assume) leaves Wonder Woman out - even though she's one of the founding members of the JL. Make of that what you will.

Never get a speeding ticket or hit a traffic jam again - WAZE Free on Google Play/IOS
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
never get a speeding ticket again THIS IS A REMINDERRRRRRRRR! Available for android and apple
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It got no speed cameras warnings lol


Just a quick yes I agree. I drive alot in my work across the country and Google maps you can always gain time. With Waze, sometimes you do but quite often you get surprised by things along the way and adds minutes. I guess the algorithm for waze is tuned to more immediate roads rather than whole journey perspective (hence why London/cities could be better?). Also I think the algorithms is more geared for the rat runs etc. It prefers to go through town rather than round them, it's fine if information is accurate, but if its not, you get very stuck. On a risk note, going through town has significantly more safety risks on comparison and imo (the amount I drive) I prefer not to go through towns if I'm purely getting from a-b in good time. Other points about UI, I don't find waze being optimised; Why would I need to know if there are roadworks 5 blocks away from my routed journey? Traffic jams seem to just "pop up" compared to Google maps. In horizontal mode, why is the centre of the screen not used? Anyway, I suppose I am comparing to top 1 and top 2. I I've dropped the garmin and copilots etc indefinitely unfortunately.


Why? Go Google and you'll probably already have an account.




Waze traffic and obstructions are shared into google maps - when you search on a website on google maps you can click on the traffic and it says “Waze user”. However Waze does not seem to get google data (at least that I could see visibly).

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Save money on food shopping with the mySupermarket app @ Google Play/IOS
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Android and IOS (IOS app has bad reviews for some reason would be happy to know why :D ) This app checks the price of foods against all the stores in the UK to make sure that you… Read more
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This app saves me a fortune & time. So before i leave the house, i know were to buy my foods cheapest and im pretty lucky tesco and sainsburys are 5. Mins apart , so i buy my on offers from both shops, i stick to my list & im in and out, and yes alerts dont seem to be working, great for looking up alcohol and mixers for them who dont buy food.there is no adds on this app also!


Thanks for sharing, hope someone new installed it and was happy. I use it while i'm in the store to double check what im buying is a decent price. Also can check the 'savvy buy' in the app in case i missed any good deals. Worth having and have to say I've never seen an ad on andriod, not sure how other people are getting them. You could also use this app to buy products in Asda that you can see aren't cheapest in Asda so when you do the Asda price guarantee check you're guaranteed to get the difference plus 10% back.


Why lynch the OP? atleast consider it was done with a good intention..I believe we are becoming more intolerant and thankless now a days.


Are you sure it's the same app? Never seen any adverts in this app at all



SoloLearn - Learn to Code for FREE [Android/iOS]
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
iOS Link: SoloLearn 100s of Coding language for free. SoloLearn has the largest collection of FREE code learning content, from beginner to pro! Choose from thousands of progra… Read more

If money is your only true motivator, then you could look into the world of legacy applications. There is a whole bunch of extremely old code out there, and companies will pay a lot of money for them to be modernised. They often have to pay more to subsidise the fact that you as a programmer may fall slightly behind, due to not working on cutting edge stuff. Consider your languages carefully. I've worked with a quite a few, and the differences between them is really big. Consider what kind of lifestyle you want. Be careful about opting for something just because you've seen a high paying job for it. Django is quite niche for web development, and the job itself could be a giant pain in the ass. There's always a reason behind the high pay.


Thanks for a lengthy reply... I want a career that will bring my loads of money... Is the simplest answer that I can give you. A friend showed me Python/Django job offers to motivate me (most of them £500 a day salary). Hence my choice of Python... Eventually after few years I would like to be able to get a job for a firm here in UK and go back home and work from home.


Each language has it's own niche and speciality really. You could make a website in C++, but why would you? It would take ages If you're interested in making games, or creating the foundation for many big systems (which other languages then go on top of) then C++ is the obvious choice. If you're interested in creating web apps (websites) then the obvious choice is PHP, which you can mix with some JavaScript when you get more advanced. If you want to get into Data science, data mining, software testing etc then Python is a great choice. You need to know two things before you make coding your job: 1. What do I want to be making? 2. Do I want to work for a company or freelance?


python for ML


Just because jobs are plentiful right now, does not mean it will not contract in the future. If someone doesn't think AI and Machine Learning is a real threat to programming jobs, then people don't really understand AI and Machine Learning.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II Free on iOS
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
A nice little game that's free on iOS for the first time (albeit with pesky in-app purchases if you want to make it 'premium' which removes the ads) Also free on Android but not … Read more

It was a real shame that they never made a part 3 for this Sonic series. I wanted them introduce Knuckles and Sonic 3 nostalgia to the mix.


"Get advertised to, for FREE!" No thanks. not voting on this as the actual game is included, and free

Twin pack TP link HS100 smart plugs works with Google Home / Alexa / iOS / Android / IFTTT now £34.99 delivered @ BT Shop
Refreshed 4th AugRefreshed 4th Aug31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018
Really good price for these seeing as one is £24.99 in Argos and Amazon etc at the moment and this is a twin pack making them £17.49 each with free delivery as well. Control loads… Read more

Thanks OP! Purchased..incredible high prices..even on ebay:)))


Great response, thanks heardy21. Much appreciated. Think I'll take the plunge and give the extension a try, thanks.


Good points.


Yes Dave, I’ve got 6 plugs and one extension and they work a dream. Pros are they are a decent build quality for the price, and do exactly what I need. The app you can set routines and scenes. The only con which is small is that the plugs are a little bulkier, but no more than others. I have the mss210 and the adapter is mss425e. The sockets are placed at a decent distance so fairly hefty plugs can be used. The usbs are powered as a single group so it’s all on or off, which tbf doesn’t cause me any issues, as I only have iphone charger plugged in. I believe they’re 10amps per socket. Like u said, hard to gauge how long they’ll be going for, but if I get a few years then I’m happy. Plus if you buy a plug they will probably send u a 30% discount on your next product for writing and honest review on amazon, so bringing the extension price down to £16. I’d recommend them all day long and find the superior to same of the big brands.


Yes. I use one on the TV and HiFi to switch off before bedtime. It’s amazing how much power they can use on standby!

Conexis L1 Yale Digital Keys (Glitch, iOS only)
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Yale have made a mistake on their pricing for 5 digital keys on their Conexis L1 app. Instead of £9.99 for 5 keys it's showing as £3.99! This is only showing on iOS and not Androi… Read more

a smart lock you have to buy digital keys for? what a rip off..


you could say that about going to get a spare key cut for your traditional lock.


So, this is pretty much micro transactions but for a door lock?


The Conexis L1 maybe?


What lock goes with it

Smartwatch Fossil Q Venture Unisex Gen 3, Case and bracelet in golden color stainless steel, Compatible with Android and IOS £141.67 @ Amazon Spain
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Save over £100 compared to UK amazon. Very very good price if you ask me. So tempted by this myself. Euro card, otherwise its £150, which is still an amazing price. A smartwat… Read more

Simply ghastly colour!!


LG Urbane I can get 48 hours from it but generally always lasts a full day


That's a very Generic statement based on your own experience. My Sony SW3 NEVER runs out in 2 days. You must have a bad example or some app which eats your battery life. Bad luck on your part by the sound of it. Try resetting.


not a bad price. if using an android watch, carry a spare watch. my watch can last all day (90% battery full by end of day, --OR-- 100% empty within half a day). There is no way to know how the day is going to be. OS Wear is an awful OS, alas.


Very cheap quality imo. Heavy, poor fitting charger that fell off and extremely poor battery. Returned the one i bought.

Obscura 2 iOS app free via Apple Store app
25/09/2018Expires on 25/09/2018Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Expires on 25/9/18. Download the Apple Store app (not just the App Store app) if you don’t already have it, scroll down the discover tab (quite a long way), find Obscura 2 as the f… Read more
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great find!


Nope. I’ve never downloaded it before. Still says offer has been redeemed by another account? But I’ve only got one account


Search for it in the normal app store. If you've redeemed it, it should be there to download from the cloud.


Doesn’t work for me despite several tries. Says that I’ve previously redeemed it with another account - when I only have 1 account??

Karl's mortgage calculator free on Android and iOS.
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
The only mortgage calculator you need. Been seeing mortgage deals coming up and with the imminent interest rate rise, this is a brilliant app that can give you facts and figures v… Read more
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What if the mortgage lender doesn't actually have that money to lend out, and mortgages are just based on your ability to pay?


Free but full of adds like most apps these days. Why is this a deal am I missing something?


I don't usually say this, but this is one app where the ads are worth it. He's done a cracking job on this. Also the ads aren't intrusive in my opinion, so ok.


To load all the adds that it pushes?


Looks good. Cheers OP

Up to 50% off all Korg iOS apps
26/08/2018Expires on 26/08/2018Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Not sure when this sale started. I only just got a notification today but Appshopper says it's been on for two weeks. :? Couldn't find it posted here. What to buy…? Korg iDS-10 £… Read more
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Deal extended until 26th August.


Yes that worked. Thanks!(y)

hat_ok_dear Any better?


Are you logged into an account for another country?


I know it should but it doesn’t.:/

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (Android / iOS)
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
UPDATE: Also in iPhone and iPad versions for a few £ more. Other Final Fantasy games on sale as well it seems: FINAL FANTASY SUMMER CAMPAIGN! Select Square Enix apps are… Read more
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Still amazing game all these years later. Is the android version any good? There is a patch but it requires you to have custom firmware


Wish they would release this on steam or switch.


This is a remake of the first, which is considered the best of all of them.


never played any of these games. Which one is good start to someone new to the series?


Thanks for the find. Something to use my Google rewards credit with!

Dungelot: Shattered Lands (roguelike dungeon crawler game) free on iOS
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul
Rather cool mobile game now free to keep you occupied whilst hiding from that pesky sun 8) "A brilliant roguelike with a finger in a load of genres that gets the balance just r… Read more

Ha! I played the original Dungelot tons and returned recently on a bus trip to find its incompatible with the latest iOS. Will give this a go for sure, thanks OP


free for me, maybe you may have misread its for apple store?


£3.69 to me.

$5 off ANYTHING / items from 1p @ Dresslily
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Bargains to be had, doubt will last long - Use code WOOHOO at basket and you'll get $5 off ANYTHING on-site with no min spend - 1 use per account Adding more examples shortly, sto… Read more

When it worked out knocked out 80pence off £5. You haven't missed much


Error code now expired. Good luck to those that got it.


spent 15 mins browsing through 28 pages of items and filtered out only 2 items that I want. Going to check out. Code not working. &^$)$"^"("$....


Error, this promotion code has expired, ah well


I've been trying for the past 10 minutes, not in my destiny to order hundreds :(


The 10 devices version is also on offer. I purchased it for £25 a few days ago. I just purchased it again for £18 so I get back the diffrence.


Voted hot. Great price always worked well for us


You can only speak as you find but I was tempted by a giveaway price on Kaspersky last year and regretted it to the point after 3 days of their support not able to resolve issues I went back to Norton.



Thanks for sharing @Julsocks !

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