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Luther - Series 1-4 - £14.99 - iTunes
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Luther, Series 1-4 only £14.99 Bargain for a great series!
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Idris is hot so voted accordingly


Got to agree S4 was not up to the same standard. It was only 2 episodes anyway. Also now on Netflix if you have that.


Great show. Too bad that S4 was/is how it is. Not voted either way.


I notice there's a Luther s1-4 blu (Dutch import) on Amazon now for £12.99... But heat anyway for this great series (well, 1-3, 4 was okay). :)


£15 for 16 episodes. Nah.

Oceans 11 trilogy HD digital film collection £9.99 @ itunes
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
All 3 films for just £9.99!
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Dno what they are moaning for the scores have been decent has the same meta score as the last two films :/


Well you don't have to watch the whole movie to tell the movie is going to be awful Watching the trailers and follow news articles about it, follow the whole feminist marketing The actors said the bad critic reviews are because of the "aggressiveness" of "white men"


I wish they make a female version of magic Mike where they always take their top off I bet that would be good take that feminism ...


Watched 8 tonight, just doesnt have the same charm like Clooney and Pitt with their on screen characters. Also the actual plot seemed alot basic, well perhaps because they game most of it away and the end surprise wasn't much of a wow surprise!


A simple truth that is! :D

Apollo 13 4k digital film £3.99 @ itunes
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Great space film and not a Porg in sight!
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The thing about Tim Honks is that you know, no matter what, he'll be Honking better than anyone else in the film.


I love Tim Honks great actor


thanks , I was waiting for this to come down on price (highfive)


Cheers, purchased.


Heard this is very good in 4K on Apple TV! HEAT!

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La La Land 4K digital film £4.99 @ itunes
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
£4.99 in need to make a song and dance about it! :)
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Or hereditary. It sooooo bad.


Then you haven't seen Zombie Lake or Warpspeed!


Probably the worst film it has ever been my misfortune to sit through, absolutely dire


I hate musicals with a passion, but I watched this one the whole way through. So by that measurement I would say it's good.


It’s a very good film!

Rampage 4K Dolby Vision *early release* on iTunes - £13.99
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
On early release so only available on iTunes by looks of things, could be a mistake so get it while it's there! Please do not start quality comparison of disc vs digital on this l… Read more
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Yeah for whatever reason it kept going into moderation so kept going on and off. I think it's out properly soon.


Gutted as would of bought it. Was to invested in ready player one to see this. If they have it ready for digital distrubition they should just give it to us at this price.


Looks like it was a mistake by itunes.


Running on Android here it is this out on iTunes Now? If so that was very quick!


Cheers, shocked it’s going cold

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Ready Player One ***Surprise early release*** now on iTunes 4K £13.99
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Not out on physical media until 6th August and priced at £24.99, this film went from no known digital release date for preorder, to randomly becoming available now for purchase. £1… Read more
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Hahaha (highfive) well I started my gaming with just the 6 colours (Blue Red Magenta Green Cyan Yellow) so had to imagine the rest (angel) that reminds me I must change my avitar.


Not everyone is going to share the same opinion. And I totally get why the pop culture references are in there. Doesn't mean they have to be quite so ham fisted as they are. Don't get so butthurt just because I disagree with your opinion on your favourite colouring book. Prink


It's a specific movie - of course people are going to talk about how good it is. Just like if it was a specific car/bike/washing machine/console game thread. Have you been on a forum before?


Why is everyone reviewing this movie in this thread? Thought this was a deals site?! (skeptical)


Thankfully you are in the minority as per Amazon star ratings. As for 80's pop culture references in the book...

Pacific Rim Uprising - 4K - Pre order £7.99 @ iTunes
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Pre order and already marked as being in 4K
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Ok, but why are they pushing 4k, for people that have over 50" displays?


Why does it even matter if it's not 'true' 4K as you say? - On an average 40-50" TV, sat 10 feet away, you're not gonna tell the difference between 1080p and 4K anyway.


Remastered from what?, 4k print?, Remastering don't add more details that wasn't there in the first place if was originally 2k


16th July UK release date I believe.


That's your opinion. I personally went to see robots fighting which it gave me. 7.99 for a pre order is amazing value for money for people who enjoyed the film. Again it's a deals site not a movie review site.

Hot Fuzz HD digital download £3.99 @ iTunes
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Old film, new price. I couldnt resist posting this as it has somewhat of a cult following. Still one of my all time favourite comedies, full of classic one-liners!
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I've seen it in Poundland on Blu-ray for a quid.


If you think this is bad what's your favourite film (Hot Fuzz isn't the best but the directing is great) it's a comedy action film, there isn't many good comedy films


Same but I don't enjoy watching movies with long advertisments every 15minutes, it ruins the immersion and it makes a short movie into a long one, do you know most TV shows are around 40-45min long but slot is hour because their is 15-20min of ads


Crusty jugglers...


I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

iTunes Gift Card Extra 10-15% - PayPal Digital Gifts
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
This Father's Day, give dad a gift that keeps on giving. Buy a digital App Store & iTunes Gift Card on PayPal Digital Gifts before 17th June and - bingo - we'll add an instant … Read more
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Page doesn't display properly for me both on firefox and chrome anyone else have this problem and figured out a work a round ?


So true! But having been on the wrong end of a few ‘chargebacks’ I would say PayPal is among the worst digital companies out there.


Just like almost everything you can buy from Apple with an itunes gift card (annoyed)


These are handy for them yearly apple music subscriptions. It works out to quite a decent chunk of change off.


Not voted but paypal is an middle man and never much liked middle men no need for them just another company skimming money

Dunkirk 4K digital film £7.99 @ iTunes
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Fantastic film especially in 4K, now at the amazing price of £7.99
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I've really been waiting for this to drop in price, snapped it up! Thanks, heat for this.


The reason this question pops up in most of the 4K stream threads is because a lot of people are considering the switch and want to know if it's worth getting. Plus that and the fact that people who own and have invested in physical media don't want to accept or can't believe that the streams are pretty much the same in picture quality. I was on the fence but after watching numerous Youtube comparisons I took the plunge on a ATV 4K and don't regret it.


Well some of the 4K content streamed through the Apple 4K TV have seriously impressed me. Considering the stupidly cheap prices vs physical media and the ease of use having your library all in one place with a few clicks of the button, I can say with confidence it is a better solution.


Very happy with it. So please stop commenting on all the apple 4k.


Yes it is HDR.

Jason Bourne 4K £3.99 @ itunes
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Jason Bourne 4K
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Now £6.99.


Thanks- not bothered by 4k so will leave it- still good deal. Thanks for answers!!


Not bad price for 4k copy but film wise it pales in comparison to the original trilogy. Feels like a bit of a retread.



So, so..worth a watch at this price, especially as 4K version.

Harry and the Hendersons (HD) £3.99 @ itunes
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
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You gotta get the classics, Bigfoot and Hendersons, Batteries not included, Crocodile Dundee, The Sandlot, Stand by me, Goonies, Gremlins, Teen wolf, Mannequin, Ferris Buellers day off, Critters, Ghoulies, Karate kid, The Burbs, Big,the Last starfighter, Jaws,etc the 80s were amazing, awesome movies


i wish theyd release the tv sitcom on dvd


Wow almost forgot about this think I'm going to have to get the kids sat down and watch classic. Best films were made in 80/90s


Pfffft in my day this was called BIGFOOT and the Hendersons and I shall not recognise any alternatives!! 😁😁😁

Men In Black 4K digital download £4.99 @ itunes
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Show love to the (4K) black suit....for just £4.99!
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Hahaha awesome!


Sending you forget me nots To help me to remember, Baby please forget me not I want you to remember. Believe it or not, I've only just realised (while posting) the relevance of that sample!! (:I

Forrest Gump 4K digital download £5.99 @ iTunes
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
As wished for, its now dropped to £5.99
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Didn't say they did.


Neither does Netflix or Amazon for that matter. Doubt there's alot of people who have storage space to download their library to 4k




No you must pay for your sins with a gluten cookie (devil)


a 4k film would be between 50-60gb to download F### that !!! and then try and play it

Forrest Gump 4K digital download £7.99 @ itunes
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
This classic finally got the upgrade weve all been waiting for, 4K with DV and iTunes extras for just £7.99
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Now £5.99


Couldn’t agree more. Best ever made in my opinion haha


Yeah its been cheaper but then again, its not been in 4K before so its a good deal especially when compared to disc! However, im happy to wait for it to drop in price because i dont need to see it right now! ;)


While it's a great movie no question, it certainly isn't a great deal. On numerous occasions this has been £4.99, £5.99, £6.99 and has been on occasions £2.99. No one should be buying this at £7.99, instead download Cheapcharts app, add it to your watch list and wait for it to go on a better sale.


Yes, and also Pulp Fiction as well.

Mad Max Anthology £9.99 @ itunes
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Mad Max Fury Road - 4K Mad Max - HD Mad Max Warrior Road - HD Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - HD
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At least it has the Going Mad documentary on Fury Road and Road Warrior has some extras. They do sometimes add extras to films later on.


Lmao same (lol)


hope the first mad max has the Aussie soundtrack


More to add to my collection, since buying the apple tv 4k ive must have bought 30 films and none over £5


Hell of a set for the price, just wish it included The Madness of Max documentary!

Moana iTunes Digital Download £3.99
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Great price for a Disney film, £3.99 for today only
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I’m so shiny


SHINNY lol love that song (lol)


not at all, i didn't find it annoying, and let it go was the most annoying thing ever!! the crab song was awesome doe!


Possibly but maybe not to iTunes. Disney are looking to bring out there own service/app for streaming movies and so I would imagine they wouldn't approve of Apples upgrade-HD-to-4K decision. The thing I would be more concerned about is whether Disney pull all their content from iTunes when their service starts up.


Got one on the way, so considering it ready in the library for her lol

Planet of the Apes trilogy 4K digital download £9.99 @ iTunes
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Not a bad price for all 3 films
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Corrected that for you.


Apple charge you this much to stream movies!? Madness


Awesome. Very underrated films.


He was joking mate.


The B7 is a fantastic TV, but you don't have to take my word for it. Just trawl Google and you'll find no end of glowing reviews. All I can tell you is an OLED plus Apple 4K TV with HDR or Dolby Vision is a very impressive combo.

The Cabin In the Woods (4K/Dolby Vision) - £7.99 @ iTunes
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
From writer/producer Joss Whedon (THE AVENGERS), comes a sci-fi horror film unlike any you’ve seen before – or is it? Curt (Chris Hemsworth) and a rambunctious group of college fri… Read more

It was bit salty and a hole was cut through the bottom. im sure this was just so they could get the popcorn out easier :)


Was a bit disappointed when went to see it at cinema, watched a couple of times since & my feelings have changed - think it's rather decent.


Their loss (popcorn)




In 4K? Which channel please?

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