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iTunes cards 10% off at Tesco
02/09/2018Expires on 02/09/2018LocalLocalFound 8 h, 1 m agoFound 8 h, 1 m ago
Saw this in Tesco’s. Useful as was just going to get Infinity War and so leaves me with a little extra. 10% ain’t much but better than nothing I guess

Great. I use those cards for 10% discount for my Netflix subscription which I run via iTunes.


£25, £30 (3x£10 pack), £50 and £100 cards ONLY in Tesco. It is 10% OFF at the till - not extra iStore credit as most recent offers!


Ideal for all the old dears with a tax bill that can only be paid in iTunes vouchers


I seen asda have this offer too in huyton store this Saturday just gone


Cheers been waiting for an offer

Alien Covenant 4K HDR £3.99 @ iTunes
Found 13 h, 52 m agoFound 13 h, 52 m ago
Alien Covenant £3.99 this week only.
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I liked the film and have watched a few times, but nothing can be Aliens.


There is no logic... just learn to accept it :-)


Perhaps someone can help me out here Lol When a good film gets posted at a good price and there’s comments to say as such it gets voted Cold. Yet a supposedly Terrible film going by the comments here but gets voted Hot :/


This was the Prometheus sequel wasn’t it? If so I barely remember it, otherwise I haven’t seen it.


Can't argue with that. Have a 'like'.

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Various 4K X-Men films for £4.99 each @ iTunes - Full list inside
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Sale on 4K X-Men titles (no particular order): X-Men £4.99 (linked) X-2 £4.99 Last Stand £4.99 Apocalypse £4.99 Logan £4.99 Days of Future Past (original) + First Class £9.98… Read more
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Probably worth noting that The Wolverine is the Unleashed Extended Edition. Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut would definitely be the better to go for as it has both versions, but it’s £7.99.


Thanks buddy (highfive)

Fifty Shades Freed 4K film £6.99 @ iTunes
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
As sexy as a wet fish with a plot line to match but still the cheapest you will find it in 4K. This may be a good deal for someone but i will get my thermals at the ready...
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I would order but I’m tied up at work!


I worked in the porn industry in the 90s these 50 shades films are like carry on films


*mashes cold button*


Agreed there is certain parts I watched and was like.....nah that's not possible or that's not how it's done etc haha


Oh i understand it all very well and ive watched them all and the uncut versions.. it so misses the mark... !! It's fine to watch but those are into the whole sex part of it and not getting the subtext of BDSM may as well .. watch porn! :)

IT 4K film £7.99 @ iTunes
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Use your “Pennies wisely” and buy this film for just £7.99 in 4K!
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I thought Pennywise at the beginning, in the storm drain, was the best bit. After that he seemed to loose his calculating intellect and the horror felt more dated and less menacing, full of jump-scares.


I thought it was very good, I’ve seen the original and read the book


I personally thought the original was miles better


I enjoyed it. My pants didn't (shock)


I really enjoyed it. It’s exactly how I pictured the book. Much better than the original.

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Dreamworks Films (download, most/all have HD + closed captions) £3.99 @ iTunes
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
All but one (a captain underpants one) is £3.99. HD and have subtitles. Selection ‘highlights’: Boss Baby Trolls Shrek (all available) How to Train Your Dragon 2 (the first o… Read more

There's quite a lot Dreamworks animation available at sky store also £3.99 H


And music. And clothes. And food. Your point?


Yep. Some people want to be law abiding citizens and teach their kids to be a good human being too. Not everything is available on paid for streaming services


Ah I see, surely you know what you've bought though? I don't think it's sneaky just a technical failing.


Oh look, Captain Stupid is back!

Shrek 1-4 HD £9.99 @ iTunes
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
All the films released so far works out just under £2.50 per film. £3.99 each if bought separately.
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All of them are great films apart from 3. My kids still love them despite their age. The music in the first one is great as well. Absolute bargain if you don’t have them. My kids have watched them over and over again, but I paid full whack for each one. £40.


That's a reasonably good deal for HD. However I'm concerned if I do buy these I might not get a 4K upgrade down the line, as apparently Dreamworks/Universal have a habit of relisting movies. There's a review of Shrek on iTunes which talks about that: Has anyone here had this issue and been stuck with an HD release when a relisting (with 4K) has happened? Would Apple transfer your purchase to the new listing (assuming it's the same cut of the film)?


Good value, although personally just the first one at £3.99 would be enough for me.


Check yourself before you Shrek yourself.


Only just discovered the 4th one :o

Black Book (HD) @ itunes £4.99
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
PRE ORDER - Release Date: 20 AUGUST 2018
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Can you tell the difference in picture quality between Blu Ray and digital? I for one have preordered this film, like my Schindlers List purchase, it shows what a sensitive guy I am


I know.


Blu ray is superior quality as not compressed.


Thats Black Books this is a movie about Nazi’s


The new Blu-ray (+DVD) is a limited edition with 88 Films (part of their Black label), new interviews and a booklet.

Minions 4K HDR £3.99 @ iTunes (Amazon Video HD)
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Amazon HD link Back down to this price for today only.
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Hahaha very unusual


Still waiting for them, maybe its their day off?


Good find. Good film but not as good as despicable me :D


'cos, 'cos, 'cos, iTunes 4K streaming is only 20% the quality of UHD Blu-ray and the audio is literally recorded in a bathroom, so is only 10% as good. Therefore UHD Blu-rays are worth at least 5x more and this iTunes film is priced at the level it should be. Only the true home theatre connoisseur is able to appreciate the true excellence of UHD Blu-ray. You minions can keep your VHS-grade streams. Cooooolddd!!!


Looking forward to it, UHD blu ray £19.99 on amazon lets see how spending 5x the price is better value

Pitch perfect Trilogy 4K £12.99 @ iTunes
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Good price for 3 4K films although people on here love a iTunes deal
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Fantastic deal; bought :D Thank you.


Third one was terrible


Not for me personally but good deal for those interested



Apple Music from Russian iTunes Store (VPN NOT required) Individual: £2.38, family share: £3.78
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
***If you do want to sign up the family share plan please read the edited note at the end of this post, it is possible but do need some work on it, family share price would be: 269… Read more

You are welcome!(excited)


It's clear now. Thank you. So we just keep using the Apple ID in UK for all the regular stuff. Just use Apple Music through signing in using Russian Apple ID as long as we got the payment sorted there. Once we have decided to move out of Apple Music, just discard the Russian Apple ID and be done with it. . Thanks


Sorry I think I didn’t explain it in the post clearly. You DON’T need to sign out from your Apple ID to benefit from this deal, what you need to do, is go to the App Store and change the user of the App Store, NOT your Apple ID. After signed out, you can sign in with your newly created Russian account, all your apps you purchased with your usual account still there, and you can sign back in your usual account in the App Store to purchase or download app as you would. You CAN have one Apple ID sign in and with another Apple ID in the App Store!


What I don't understand is, how does one go about using it with existing Apple ID in UK? Do we just have to forget about the UK Apple ID if we have to use the Apple Music from Russian Apple ID? Can we still keep the purchases songs, apps and what not together with with the Russian Apple ID for Apple Music in Music App??


The worst thing about the family plan is the head of the family has to share their payment method with the rest unless I’ve got my wires crossed?

Storks 4K £4.99 @ ITUNES
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
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Yeah oh, £179 for this nvidia shield and only 16gb Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote


He always comes back when he gets day release.


Please point me to a 4k version of this film for less than £5


And as if by magic one appears! I rest my case your honour. Also can you please provide me with a link to this magic dirt cheap android box that displays 4k, HDR and Dolby Vision?


Keep going... keep digging. The (un)affordability of the Apple TV is irrelevant to the deal, in the same way as the (un)affordability of an Ultra HD Blu-ray player would be to an Ultra HD Blu-ray film deal. You're either genuinely unable to comprehend this (unlikely, as nobody can be that stupid), or you're simply trolling because of your misguided hatred of Apple (probably).

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit (available on google playstore or ios app Store ) **Please do not share referrals**
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
This is a amazing way to keep fit and earn points to buy stuff the best thing about it is that it works enjoy :) please don't vote it cold until you at least try it and see its all… Read more

Its all about referrals to boost your sweat coins.


I worked this out, to receive a £1000 amazon voucher, or a holiday voucher or any of the big ones, you'd have to walk for at least 15 years before getting anywhere even close to the 20,000 coins required. This is due to the daily limit of coins you can earn. Each week I am in the top 100% of coin earners "apparently" and I've been using sweatcoin for months and months and months now and I've only earned just over 100 coins. I don't get this app, literally nobody wins.


I reinstalled for the Revolut offer. It retains your coins when you reinstall. Now uninstalled again!


Title updated sorry for the confusion :)


Used for 3 months then binned. Basically a steps tracker that munches your battery life.

Jerry Maguire 4K £3.99 @ ITUNES
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
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If you think that's stupid, check out the knob head who thumbed up his comment. You'll never guess!


I can't take this movie seriously anymore after watching Lego Batman.


This has to be up there with one of the stupidest comments I have seen here!


What an idiot you are sir.


The Equalizer HD £3.99 @ iTunes
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
includes iTunes Extras, Good price and hopefully be upgraded to 4K soon * already is on US store * fingers crossed before the sequel comes out later this week (excited)
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Will purchase in the hope it will get the 4K treatment.


Managed to go see it 2 weeks ago really enjoyed it. Well worth going to see when its out.


Seen the sequel. It's ok but more of an in depth film rather than the previous shoot em up.


Also £3.99 on Amazon Video.


Only downside with this one is it’s still only HD unlike the US. Still a good movie regardless of pixels though.

Dreamworks Animation 15 FIlm Collection - HD - £29.99 @ iTunes
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Dreamworks Animation 15 FIlm Collection The Croods How to train your dragon How to train your dragon 2 Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda 2 Madagascar Madagascar 2 Madagascar… Read more
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not 100% sure but i think the only Dreamworks studio released in 4K at the moment is saving private Ryan, Gladiator is also in 4K on the US store as well


Don't use itunes, but cracking deal


Should keep the kids quiet over the summer holiday.


Great find, thanks.


Anyone know whether Dreamworks films are likely to see 4K upgrades?

Saving Private Ryan (4K) £4.99 @ itunes
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
On sale at the moment on the itunes store for £4.99. Even better since it's in 4K on the Apple 4K TV box too. This is one of the really good 4K movies. Another good few titles o… Read more

He meant HDR10+. Like DV, it uses dynamic metadata.


Hi, just wanted to enquire what you meant by HDR+? Do you mean HDR10? I recently watched a video on YouTube (HDTV test channel), and the host, Vincent Teoh, said that whilst DV was dynamic metadata, whilst HDR10 is static? Not arguing with you, just trying to clarify that’s all :)


Another classic for the collection


I have installed the Beta so Dolby Atmos is a definite. To watch iTunes movies in 4K you need an Apple TV4K, I think the iPhone 8, X and iPad Pro 10.7 can watch HDR but for the cost the Apple TV4K wins hands down. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, you can add other apps from the TVOS App Store. HTH


I have installed the Beta and following the recent update movies with Dolby Atmos are now more available and the sound is excellent, like any movie whether it’s disc or streaming it depends on the engineer who done the Dolby Atmos track, some are better than others. Whichever way it’s a cracking update.

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