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google home mini and chrome cast bundle £46.99 at  BT Shop
Refreshed 12th JunRefreshed 12th Jun
BT shop is doing a World cup bundle , both home mini and chromecast for £46.99. if you click the link and then scroll down the page you will see bundle deals. Quicklinx: C5D6

The content provider has to set up the chromcast compatible streams... no skygo - but there is BT sport and now tv which can include sky sport.


Would the same go for BT Sport, Sky Go etc? I think there used to be something via iPad that you couldn't, although I can achieve that now via iPad to my TV using screen mirroring via Apple TV.


It's not really just screen mirroring, better to just think of it as your phone being the remote control. For example you can set a program going on Netflix and then turn your phone off and the program will keep going...


With the Chromecast, as far as I can tell it's purely for casting a screen to, and it's not possible to install any apps on it. Doesn't even have a remote. I bought one and was very underwhelmed and never use it. Had major lag issues, although that's probably down to WiFi strength. Went back to connecting my TV to my PC via HDMI and using a wireless keyboard/mouse.


I have a question, but I really can't be asked to search it up. Can you download APK's on this like a firestick or is this strictly for mirroring your phone and using the few apps available on the device?

Google Home Mini + Chromecast for £49 (30 pounds off) @ Currys
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Pretty much are getting the Chromecast for free seeing as the Home Mini retail price is 49.
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It's £59 now, expired


Clearly for gaining market share, they cost hardly anything to make.


Google, tell alexa to switch off the heating. Alexa; you ***** do it yourself (lol)


I couldn't find it on my phone when checking yesterday. Would have gone for if it had.


So many deals for the minis. Why? Are they not selling well?

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Google Chromecast + Resident Evil: The Final Chapter HD Rental - £21.69 @ Rakuten
Refreshed 20th JunRefreshed 20th Jun30/06/2018Expires on 30/06/2018
Dropped to £21.69 20/06 Bargain, now £21.69 delivered with FREE HD Rental Limited offer. Rakuten TV Chromecast offers - Specific Terms & Conditions apply. Offer limited t… Read more
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Good deal. Thanks op (angel)


hi thanks for that , got code and ordered , shout out to op for sharing :)


If you ordered through Rakuten then they gave you a code to enter during checkout on Google for the Chromecast.


im confused registered, it asked for bank details, then sent me to google and its £30??


As in stream/cast Now TV from.your phone or tablet?

GOOGLE Chromecast Ultra - 4K Ultra HD - Black open box/return £49.68 @ Currys / ebay
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Google Chromecast Ultra on Currys pcworld Ebay page, open box/return at £55.20 with 10% off and free shipping = £49.68

Some just don't know the difference between this and the obsolete model still being sold by Google. Bet if was for old model , would have got plenty of votes here.


Why so cold? Seems like a deal to me...


Looks like they're updating the Quantity every few days so might add more soon


Had some problems with these. If you are using WiFi for 4k content make sure you have a decent connection to your router as it will drop and buffer alot. Best to connect hardwired to router. I sold mine on in the end.


Thanks i ordered the last one. heat added

Ability to Chromecast to telly from EE sim from next season
12/08/2018Starts at 12/08/2018Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
... In time for the next football season, EE customers will be able to access new BT Sport app features – including the ability to cast direct from their mobile to their TV with in… Read more

About time


Apparently not .... Just fired up a laptop that I've not used in a few months. Even had to log in again but my EE only BT sport login worked perfectly 😁


Surely this resets every time the app updates? Nice work though :)


Cold. You can do this anyway. (lol)


Would like this on my BT sim

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Google Chromecast + Resident Evil: The Final Chapter HD Rental - £24.99 @ Rakuten
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Limited to 250 redemptions, pretty low, so grab one if you're looking. Offer Valid until 30-06-2018 or until the end of stock (250 units). You must redeem the code before 30-… Read more
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Why do people keep saying these Rakuten Chromecast offers are for rentals of the movies only? The Chromecast offers have the movie for you to keep (for as long as the service is running, the same as any digital purchase), the Xbox Live offers are rentals only. This is from the current running Rakuten 'Salt HD + 12 month Xbox Live Membership': "This offer includes this specific Movie rental in HD." And in the Ts&Cs on that deal: "Operation limit 800 codes or until the end of the stock. This offer includes this specific Movie rental in HD. The movie will be available to watch 48 hrs right away after the purchase." There is nothing about being a rental in the OPs offer Ts&Cs, it just states this: "This offer includes only this specific Movie in HD. Your movie will be available to watch right away."


It's rental :o With the ease of streaming wouldn't you think they'd give incentives, especially for a home TV device for people sit down and use their platform for more than a few days...


Rental though man; they use to give a movie away with these, what happened to that?


Finally a decent film with one of these!

Google Home Mini and Google Chromecast Bundle - Chalk Mini and 2nd Generation SELLER GOOGLEUKSTORE
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Google home mini and google chromecast bundle

I'll take a free Chromecast


Don't want old Chromecast even for free . Won't bundle 4k Chromecast.


This has been posted a lot fairly recently, and all brand new, rather than eBay. These may be new, but not sure how the warranty works?


(lol) thanks sorted


Forgot the 'e' mate

Repost as this is still live - Google Home Mini (Black or Grey) + Google Chromecast BOTH for £49 delivered OR TWO Google Home Mini + Chromecast for £78 OR 2 Minis + 2 Chromecast £88 @ Tesco Direct
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Add both to basket and discount will apply, both in stock at time of posting. Can also add Two minis + Chromecast for £78 if needed. What is a Google Home Mini? The Google Home … Read more



Chromecast are OOS for me!

Save £20 on the New Google Home Mini + Google Chromecast V2 Bundle £59 @ Google
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Add the Google Home Mini to your cart, any colour and then go to the Chromecast V2 page, add that, any colour, comes up as a £20 savings, we also had some google play credit sittin… Read more

Yeahzl, my friend crashed a Toyota that was poorly manufactured which is why I won't buy a I doing it right?


Thank you @lloydyseetim that was proudly and excitedly made ((similar to my Triple QX glass cleaner one!)) by a much younger member of the clan... we were so happy they could design something so well, decided to let them do all our deal "picta's" as they call them!!!! Thought it added a bit of flair to the boring deal pix that pop up on feeds, but will not be able to oversee their crazy ideas / spelling mistakes, if there are any, as they are only 4 + 5, so will do what they want, when they want anyway (party)


Wow, did not know that! Added to the details up top (y) would be the deal of the year and yes I would buy it! As already answered, with the argos deal they do not have *all* the colours in both variants, at hardly any stores 8) A few things, the Soc (chip) used, that powers it, is around 2>3 times faster than V1, so no lag when doing anything, the V2 uses dual band AC superfast wifi ((435mbps!)) again a massive plus when you are chucking SHD or FHD files down its throat to view on your TV / Monitors, the V2 also has simultaneous bluetooth dual mode, as well. (y)

Dealmessiah Different system I know, but the same principle. Why anybody would want to have these devices (and pay for them too!) is beyond me. Avoid at all cost.


Beautiful thumbnail

Buy a Google Mini and Chromecast for only £49 at Currys
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Buy a Google Mini and Chromecast for only £49!

Sorry mate, you are just small minority with loud voice (just look how many comments you've made in one deal!) My experience with Google home has been great, it's hooks into all the common equipment flawlessly and with a Pi & node red I have it connected to my custom built devies with no problems. No device is perfect for everyone or every situation and you don't need to post repeatedly running down a specific device just because of your particular issues. I won't go into the problems I have had with Alexa devices but IMO Google home is far superior. (but i'll leave this here : Good deal, have a bit of heat ;)


Oh, and broadcasting doesn't work at the moment. No error, just doesn't do anything. Apparently that was fixed but the app update isn't turning up on my phone, so I don't know. Again, welcome to proof if you wish. And these aren't small things...


Oh here's a new one I found by myself just now! So I thought I'd share.You are most welcome to video proof. Telling Google Assistant on my phone to play (artist) on Lounge TV starts Spotify on the TV and plays it. And I just discovered that if it doesn't recognize the artist properly, you can spell out the name and it'll work. Nice. Well, giving the same command to Google Assistant on my Home Mini doesn't do a damn thing. I don't think it understands it can play Spotify on a TV at all. Savvy investment that paperweight was. I need to do something less stressful, like taxes.


I didn't say it was, in the long term. Specifically the opposite. But when constant updates bring constant problems that's obviously a mixed bag. People have had alarms failing to go off, that's not a minor issue. Weather seems oddly inclined to stop working. Unit conversions fail. Streaming may or may not recognise the correct source. Command recognition changes without explanation. Home automation control *usually* is supported, though if you try twice it'll work. And that's just what I've experienced personally. And the white noise was just one example, check out the rest of that community. The Home recognises my voice immaculately and has always has done. Not too helpful if the actual functionality is hit and miss. And don't get me started on the weird design decisions like blaring a confirmation at full volume when you've asked for relaxing sounds or the abject refusal to do anything about the OK Google hotword that everybody except the CEO hates or vocal device feedback that goes on for an eternity or the separate shopping list when they already have a shopping list app that everybody uses... and on... and on... I can believe perfectly well that it'll turn out fine in the end or exceed Alexa's quality. It's a typical Google dementia-riddled free-for-all right now. Your Mileage May Vary. Weekly.


I've got both home and echo and I'd say the Google home understands way more questions and always finds an answer or answers it better. The echo however seems to understand what my daughter says much more often, she has cerebral palsy and a problem with speaking loudly. I also fail to see how constantly updating is seen as a negative by you. Surely that's only a good thing.

Google Home Mini Coral (Charcoal and Chalk also available) + Chromecast £49 @ Argos
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Offer is back on - take to checkout to see the price update for the Google Mini and Chromecast combo for £49 Choice of colours for the Google Home Mini - including Coral, Charcoal… Read more
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What? when? anyway that's old news now ****UPDATE***** Just recieved a email from Vouchercloud you just can't guess what it said Yay! Your Argos Voucher is ready to spend! CLAIM YOUR REWARD!!!!!!


Typical! Vouchercodes are now doing £10 off £40 Argos spend (expires 28th) - could have saved myself buying a £1 sim card! :)


Will what work

will this work?


Buy anything that's worth £15.00 then go to till get refund they will refund to your bank card then boom free £15.00 good luck and enjoy the festive Ramadan season

Google Home Mini + Chromecast - £58.99 + 1% CB , Save £20 @ BT Shop
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Just spotting this in the marketing and thought I’d check a couple of my usual places to buy and noticed it appears to be cheaper in basket here (party) Update: Just found out th… Read more

How did I miss these deals it's because if the updated HotUKDeals app



When was it £49.00 was it together or individual prices


Agreed. This combo has been ~£49 quite a few times recently, and more than likely to be so again.


Home mini is usually £35.00 when on offer and Chromecast is £22.00 when it's back to basics so total comes to £57.00. I don't need both of these and If I needed to buy only one then I would rather wait for a good offer not this price so it's cold from me and I hope you understand my reason and concerns for your deal (please don't be offended by my comment)

Google Home Mini + Chromecast £48 @ AO with code
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
I missed the offer with Argos/Tesco this morning but found it on AO. If you missed out too I suggest you grab it quick

chromecast is oos already :(


dhanepud: naive question, How does having google chromecast helps with google home mini ? You can tell the mini to cast stuff like Netflix to the Chromecast and the connected TV.


naive question, How does having google chromecast helps with google home mini ?

Two Google Home Mini (Coral/Black/Grey) for £68 or Google Home Mini + Chromecast for £49 @ Argos
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Update 1
What is a Google Home Mini?

The Google Home Mini is a smaller version of the popular Google Home, with all the same features. A voice controlled speaker that can be used to play and control music, control smart home devices, create appointments, google search, or even play video / audio to a chromecast enabled device.

A newly introduced feature also allows you to make and take calls from the Home Mini, as well as locate your mobile should you misplace it in your home.
Scroll to the Special Offers area on the Argos website and select the appropriate offer, £68 for 2x Google Home Mini's or £49 for Google Home Mini & Chromecast. Don't forget t… Read more
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Expired the deal - prices have gone up to £59 / £88 this morning after previously showing deal ending July 2nd/July 18th. Tesco Direct are still showing the reduced prices if you're still interested.


Sounds superb to me on the samsung ms650... I actually use wifi connection mostly.


Lucky me


Hot! Thanks (y)


Could I still get voucher if I register for a free account or is it just for old paying customers

Google Home Mini (Black or Grey)  + Google Chromecast BOTH for £49 delivered OR TWO Google Home Mini + Chromecast for £78 OR 2 Minis + 2 Chromecast £88 @ Tesco Direct
Refreshed 15th MayRefreshed 15th May
Add both to basket and discount will apply, both in stock at time of posting. Can also add Two minis + Chromecast for £78 if needed. What is a Google Home Mini? The Google Hom… Read more
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This deal still works! I've bought 2 google minis and 2 chrome casts for £88! Great deal!!


I can confirm the deal still works, iv just bought 2x google minis and 2x chromecasts for £88, then bought the same again, cheers.


FYI the deal is actually back on now (minis back @ £40 each).


Right. That had never gone. The original deal was the same discounts with the minis @ £40 each. This is now £20 higher.


Save £20 when you buy a home mini and a chromecast. Looks like you can stack with £10 off if you buy two home minis too!!! (highfive)

Google Home Mini £39 @ Google or £59 with Chromecast
17/07/2018 at 07:59Expires on 17/07/2018 at 07:59Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Google has a Google Home Mini promo going on at the moment. £10 off any purchase of a Google Home Mini (seems to be at most retailers) The deal here appears to be their £20 off whe… Read more
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If the Home Mini isn't £34 and the Chromecast isn't £20 then these are not hot prices as they have fallen to these prices many times before and surely will do again.

Chromecast Ultra instore at Maplin 40% off - £41.40
LocalLocalFound 2nd MayFound 2nd May
I know a lot of the Maplin deals have been getting shot down in flames recently! But I popped into my local tonight to have a look. The only thing I saw which I thought was worth p… Read more
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Just popped in to my local Maplin and managed to get the last one behind the counter (so make sure you ask staff if they have any). And I managed to pick it up for £34.50...marked deal as hot!


Nah I just ask anyone that works at maplin


OK, you're just trolling now. Not only is it on the receipt, but I've aready answered that question yesterday. Goodbye.


Which store is this


Who are you, Mr Maplin? (nerd)

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