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Chromecast lets you stream online content directly to the TV screen. All it requires is a smartphone or computer logged onto the web, and owners can watch all kinds of streaming content without the need for a set-top box. All of the best Chromecast deals and offers can be found at hotukdeals.

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GOOGLE Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal - none pristine Box £24 @ currysclearance ebay
165° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
"Non-pristine" have opened boxes and/or the outer box has minor signs of age or wear - so strictly speaking can no longer be called "New". Looks like its just unwanted stock mo… Read more
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The RRP is £30 so this is not expensive. You may have got a better deal but right now when the whole country is trying to do things like stream their live videos calls to the TV these are hot products.


Thanks, expired I'll unexpire if they add more :)




I paid 10p for a Freddo frog once mate. I can't pay that much now sadly ;)


This is expensive, I only paid £20 for a brand new Chromecast from Curry's just a couple of months ago.

Kygo Bluetooth/Wifi Portable Speaker, Waterproof, Chromecast Audio / Google Assistant £28.98 delivered @ Scan
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Re-posting this because its a whole £1 cheaper and now comes with a free fridge camera (?!). It is basically a Google Home Mini, except it contains a battery, is waterproof and so… Read more
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Well whether the fridgecam works or not the speakers themselves are simply brilliant. Sound quality much better than my echo dot and unlike Alexa it seems to be 100% reliable at hearing 'OK Google' and responding with the result asked for. So impressed I have now bought three of them for myself and family.


It looks a load of crap to be honest, probably why it is free with this item which was already a good deal. Reviews online seem to say they don't really work. Scan probably just want rid of them.


Has anybody used the fridgecam? I presume it remains powered on in standby so that you are able to see it on the network. How often does it need a charge? Or does that depend on how often people open/close the fridge? Can I lay a trap, to see who is eating my chilled Kit-Kat? Description says, " Works with almost All Fridges", I don't see how it interacts with the fridge, or is it stating whether a signal will be able to reach it within most fridges? Can you access live image (does it have its own light) if you are off premises?


Free Smarter Fridgecam Worth £30 EXCLUSIVE


Fridge Cam ?

Google Nest Hub (Chalk/Charcoal) & Chromecast 3rd Gen Bundle £79.99 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
703° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Bundle on the Google Nest Hub and Chromecast 3rd gen for £79.99 including free delivery. Comes with a 2 year John Lewis guarantee on both products. Thought it looked decent value … Read more

Yes its it, we've done the same. It turns an old tv into a smart tv :) Also have the hub screen, it's great in the kitchen for recipes or catching up with the news or Iplayer.


Thanks, would have bought if the bundle was still in stock


Yes its it, we've done the same. It turns an old tv into a smart tv :)


The bundle ( The Chromecast really) is out of stock now, you may wanna expire


Account specific.

NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast 4K, 8GB £130.23 @ Currys/ebay
645° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast 4K, 8GB £130.23 with code @ Currys/ebay Dolby Vision Dolby Vision transforms your TV… Read more



Out of stock


For anyone wanting the Pro it's just come into stock on Just had order confirmation with next day delivery


Probably using Plex, I believe it had (still has?) some issues on the tube. I had zero problems with 4k remuxes via Kodi on mine. Bit late but i didn't see anyone answering this. For streaming football the only difference you'll see between a 4k stick and this is the apps will load up a bit quicker and perhaps feel a little more responsive, the actual stream will look and act just the same. Personally i've went from 4K Fire Stick > Shield tube > Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV 4K is easily my favourite. The UI is much better, generally the apps themselves are designed better (although occasionally the reverse is true) and i'm finding that the Apple app store is much better supported than the Android TV app store on the Shield. Quite a few apps on the Shield i had to resort to sideloading a phone or tablet version then had to use my phone to control them as they weren't designed for a remote, on the ATV i can get them natively from the app store instead. If i didn't live in a flat i'd have stuck with the Shield for it's HD audio passthrough capabilities but as i do i can't turn the volume on the AVR up that high anyway so sound is good enough on the ATV 4K for me.


Demand for shield seems unequal with high demand for the Pro version. Personally feel there isn’t enough price differential between them.

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GOOGLE Nest Hub & Chromecast Bundle - Charcoal £119 at Currys PC World
-146° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Make your home even smarter with the Google Nest Hub & Chromecast Bundle ____________________________________________ Google Nest Hub - Charcoal Sometimes it's easier to … Read more

Do you work for Curry's? Almost all your posts are "smart" devices from Curry's, seems a bit dodgy


Surely you would buy your earlier deal (chromecast and mini) for £49 and the hub from bt for £59. £108 and you have all 3


🥶 cold


Seems on the expensive side


Nest hub is £59 at bt Chromecast is £30 Why pay £30 more?

Free Chromecast when you buy Google Nest Mini for £49 + Free Delivery @ Currys
213° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Smart up your life with the Google Chalk Nest Mini (2nd Gen) & Google Chromecast (3rd Gen) Bundle _____________________________________________________________ Google - … Read more

Same offer at Argos


You must be one of the luck ones!


Amazon all the way.


Here is a tip for people calling customer service - their working hours are 9 to 6, but you can call before 9am. 1) call at about 8.58am and start selecting your options... but don't select the final option (I.e. the one that puts you through) or else you will be told they are shut. Usually there are 3 options before you get through, e.g. I pressed "3" "3" "2", so I just didnt press "2" 2) When your phone ticks on to 9am, wait for approximately 5 seconds, then choose your final option. You should get through really fast, in fact I just successfully got through at 9.05am and successfully cancelled an out of stock item.


Free chromecast when you pay top price for a Nest mini..Yay

Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming device - £59.99 with free tracked delivery @
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Decent price for the ultra version of the Chromecast. Product features Stream 4K HDR content to your TV WiFi Works with Google Assistant Catch-up TV &… Read more

Google I/o annual conference was due mid May but obviously cancelled so i imagine the new version would be released in a matter of weeks and with Android TV as well as Chromecast built in. I'm hanging on for that with a remote too


Do you mean the power brick that also houses an Ethernet (wired LAN) port. A very useful feature, especially if you want to use it for more robust 4k streaming and Stadia gaming (vs. the inbuilt WiFi)?


I really think all deal images for this device should include the massive ugly power brick it needs to be attached to in order to work


Its only needed if you want to play on the TV, which would then also require the Stadia Controller. I can't imagine this is the reason they're pushing it, as mentioned above a new version is imminent and is based off of Google TV which is going to be interesting. I'm imaging essentially a 4k Chromecast like device that allows casting.


I think they'll also be pushing this as it's needed for Stadia. Google's Game Streaming

Kygo Bluetooth/Wifi Portable Speaker, Waterproof, Chromecast Audio / Google Assistant £29.99 delivered @ Scan
217° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
A bargain for a bluetooth/wifi speaker, nevermind one with google assistant. Ideal for social distancing in your garden?? EU/US Plug but it does charge by USB-C so shouldn't be … Read more
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Nope not when it is plugged in. I’ve not ran it unplugged for 90minutes so couldn’t tell you if it turns off then but it doesn’t when plugged in. Would definitely recommend at this price!


Does it shut down after 90 minutes when plugged in? (earlier someone said it might do this)


For those interested this is an amazing piece of kit for £30. One of the best deals I’ve ever seen on hukd. It’s essentially a £250 speaker for £30. Build quality is very premium. It’s has the same functionality of a google home mini at the same price. When you add to this an amazing build quality, FAR better sound quality, deeper bass, aux in, Bluetooth and a battery this is an absolute steal. I have Sonos and google homes around the house this is somewhere in between. This deal has gone totally under the radar!!


Anyone ordered and had a play with one of these yet? Specs look good for this price but some questionable reviews on sound quality and functionality


Seems you may also get a free fridge cam with this deal

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation - Refurbished FFP, £19.99 at MyMemory
366° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Nice price here, might suit someone. Key FeaturesStreaming Quality: Full HD 1080p Smartphone App: Google Home App Wi-Fi: Built in WiFi Connections: HDMI to plug directly into TV… Read more

Yep, you'll need a device to run the apps.


Ah so ideally you want a phone or tablet just for apps for the Chromecast


I bought one of these from these guys - it complained it was designed for a different country but has worked perfectly.


Hey, I connect it to my phone and use apps from there. You dont have to stay in room it uses wifi so once you are in your wifi area it's fine.


Can someone just explain to me are the apps built in to the Chromecast or are they in your phone? ie does your phone have to stay in the room for you to watching Netflix etc?

Google Chromecast Audio - Refurbished FFP - £19.99 @ MyMemory
397° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Cast your favourite music from your phone or tablet straight to your speakers with Google Chromecast Audio. Google Refurbished Product - Does not Include USB Plug Plugs into the … Read more



Recieved mine. Works fine both analogue and optical. Bargain for £20. The scratched off serial number is wierd and suspicious though, seems like plausible deniability protecting them from the accusation of fencing stolen goods.


Looks like a good deal. Is it possible to bluetooth from an iPhone to a normal google home and then send this audio to the chromecast audio? thanks in advance


Link me to brand new ones sub £40 bud, I'll wait...


Yet, some people still prefer Bluetooth

GOOGLE Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal £25 Currys
-205° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
£25 on Currys, same price as on google store but with the advantage of a quicker checkout (e.g. PayPal is supported) and quidco/tcb 0.5% cashback. Free delivery (y) Ultra versi… Read more
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There website is a bit misleading in that it says save £5 (based on price from 1st Jan to 26th march). In reality they have put the price up recently by £5


It was £20 from Currys only 2 weeks ago. Cold. It will be cheaper again soon enough.


£5 less? It’s a temp offer


Where's the deal?


“Advantage of a quicker checkout” (lol)

Google Chromecast v3 - £25 delivered @ Google
368° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Seems a pretty good deal for the latest model.

So annoying they don’t let people pay with PayPal


Might be a daft question but can I connect this into a HK av receiver so that when I use Google home devices (say, hey Google play music on home group) that the home speakers will play and the chromecast can turn on the av receiver and play the audio through my home theatre too? I've tried the built in Bluetooth on the receiver but it doesn't wake, needs to be manually turned on an Bluetooth navigated to work the remote.


Thank you, I'm happy with the speed I think, only use it for casting pictures to the TV, and works well enough for that.


Sounds like you're screen mirroring rather than casting?


One problem I found with this is that any phone/tablet notifications come up on the screen when you cast. Is there any way to stop that?

Panasonic SC-HTB510 2.1ch 240W Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer Chromecast Bluetooth Refurb £142.49 @ Panasonic eBay
167° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Panasonic SC-HTB510 2.1ch 240W Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer Chromecast Bluetooth

Don't forget to add speakers.


Good price but invest in a receiver like a denon or onkyo. Way better sound


I might be mistaken, but this seems a bit high for a refurb on those specs, no? The same Panasonic shop releases SC-HTB688EBK from time to time for around 70gbp and that's a 300w 3.1ch system (expired deal here - I'd think that there would be some other possible choices that you could find at the 150 price that are not refurbs. One possibility would be this - Yes, the wattage is lower but at this price I'd say that you'll probably not really be able to take use of all the gigawatts... and with the virus please have a think of your neighbors :D

Google Chromecast Audio Music Media Streamer Refurbished + USB Mains UK Plug FFP £21.99 @ mymemory-uk /eBay
426° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Google Chromecast Audio Music Media Streamer Refurbished + USB Mains UK Plug FFP £21.99 @ mymemory-uk /eBay
£21.99£22.994%eBay Deals
Google Chromecast Audio Music Media Streamer Refurbished + USB Mains UK Plug FFP 05055335725215 What is Chromecast Audio? Google Chromecast Audio 2nd is a small device that plu… Read more

Excellent. Been wanting one of these for ever. Currently using a Bluetooth dongle to connect my Home Hub to my old skool amp and speakers. Works but flakey and not great quality. Looking forward to this arriving!


Hi that fab,thanks for persevering ,much appreciated 😄

cantonbean As my phone was on charge before upstairs! This is what you need.


Hi,thanks for trying,no probs 😁 (y)


I tried to share a link but as on linux and having issues setting up the email it wouldn't let me...sorry...

Google Chromecast Audio - Refurbished £22.99 from Mymemory
359° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Google Chromecast Audio - Refurbished £22.99 from Mymemory
Refurbished chromecast audio from mymemory, a little bit more expensive than last time but still cheap as these go for quite a bit more elsewhere, also available with power cable f… Read more

CC audio will play red book 16b/44k over WiFi to its optical output completely unadulterated (i.e. it's as good as a Sonos!). I wouldn't bet on it play much more than that. I wouldn't recommend its analogue output either, there's little to no power supply filtering in there so it can be very noisy depending on what you supply it with. You can use one as a cheap renderer (into a good dac) in a squeezebox system quite seamlessly. But then you can buy used squeezeboxes for not much more than this and then you get HD audio out and good quality analogue for free. I wouldn't bother with MQA personally, so I don't care whether it's supported or not.. (it's not).


Yes I am aware of that, hence why I differentiated between the two methods. Good luck but I really have doubts that it will work.


The stream doesn't actually come from your phone, tidal is only controlled by your phone, the stream is directly to the chromecast. Sounds like you're doing something quite different streaming from your phone to the chromecast.


I'm sorry to report that only MP3 files would stream from my phone to CC audio. None of the lossless material played, not only MQA but FLAC either. I was confronted by a message asking me to upload the file to Play Music rather than streaming it from my phone's memory. It may different for streaming from Tidal though but direct from smartphone does not work.


Yes, there's lots of conflicting information but in theory if the chromecast doesn't process the digital stream and it's fed unaltered to an mqa capable dac then it should work should it not?

Google Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal £20 delivered @ Currys
1766° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Google Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal £20 delivered @ Currys
£20£23.5015%Currys PC World Deals
Google Chromecast 3rd gen reduced to £20 including free delivery Stream content to your TV WiFi Works with Google Assistant Google Chromecast - Third Generation, Charco… Read more

Got mine yesterday and was sealed nicely. Thanks OP


Wanted to purchase from Currys direct as I have vouchers to spend, but hey hopefully it will help someone else, thanks though.




you can screen mirroring if the app dosen't allow you to cast


Showing OOS, next cheapest from Google themselves now for £25.00.

Google Chromecast Ultra with 2 year guarantee £59 @ John Lewis & Partners
238° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Google Chromecast Ultra with 2 year guarantee £59 @ John Lewis & Partners
£59£6914% Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis & Partners Deals
Same price as curry’s but without the guarantee.... £69 everywhere else Google’s Chromecast Ultra allows you to send your favourite online entertainment, in up to 4K Ultra HD quali… Read more



Yes works with Disney plus. It works with anything that can be cast I'm my experience... Which is everything... Even videos on Facebook. If you have Android phones.. you want this.


If you have Google homes. Buy Chromecast... Being able to tell Google what to play and do is Ace.


Better off with a Firestick or (Roku)


Does it support atmos on disney+

GOOGLE Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal - MISSING ACCESSORIES (Start Guide) - £19 with Code @ currys_clearance /eBay
148° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
GOOGLE Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal - MISSING ACCESSORIES (Start Guide) - £19 with Code @ currys_clearance /eBay
£19£2421% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Used for £20.50 with code Missing manual for £19 Key Features THIS ITEM HAS MISSING ACCESSORIES: Missing Start Guide Top features: - Turn any TV smart and start streaming -… Read more

Pretty decent deal then! Mine went straight in the recycle bin. Voted hot.


Currys price match JL for me yesterday


Perfectly possible but this is a deal for this product only. I can see you noted that you shouldn't of voted either way so at least other's may now know the JL option is there.


Doesn't look brand new to me, despite picture of shiny box in description...


Free delivery if you're spending over £50 in total. If stores are shut & people doing more online shopping it's not beyond possibility people might be buying other things in the same basket too.

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation £20 In Store @ John Lewis & Partners (£3.50 Delivery)
497° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Google Chromecast 3rd Generation £20 In Store @ John Lewis & Partners (£3.50 Delivery)
Good price for the Google Chromecast. Pretty much every John Lewis store is showing stock at the moment but you can also C&C from all John Lewis & Waitrose stores for £2 (o… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

The 3rd gen launched 2018. There is no subsequent 2019 model, so Curry's were blowing their own trumpet to suggest were offering something better then JL.


I have both and I prefer the firestick for two reasons. I can link my headphones via Bluetooth and that it has a simple remote. However, the google chromecast has worked better for my younger kids who can select what they want to watch from their device.


Says 2018 on the JL page. Has there been a revision since the 3rd gen was released late 2018? Plus remember JL stores closed from Monday


This or fire stick?


Good price!

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation - Refurbished FFP - £19.99 (2 for £38) Delivered @ Mymemory
368° Expired
Refreshed 25th MarRefreshed 25th Mar
Google Chromecast 3rd Generation - Refurbished FFP - £19.99 (2 for £38) Delivered @ Mymemory
Update 1
Further price drop from £21.99 to £19.99
Turn your TV into a smart TV with the Google Chromecast 3rd Generation. With just a push of a button, you can stream from your iOS or Android device to your TV. Turn any TV smart… Read more

If you set it up using your phone as as a WiFi hotspot it should work. I'm sure I've done it that way before


personally i think they are faster menu wise etc. Also you can stream Now TV which is not an channel on the firestick


I have the old 1st gen chromecast, been sitting in the cupboard for over a year. Still love my Chromcast audios. Do these offer anything over the FireStick or FireTV? Feel like some retail therepy.


I wish they'd put an Ethernet port on these :( (Yes, I know, you can get a USB->ethernet adapter, along with a power pass-through USB dongle.... Hardly the same though)


My understanding is that it doesn't cast as such . The chromecast will need to be connected to your phone by tethering as its wifi network. The chromecast will use data from your phone. I don't know it 3 will recognise it as included in you "free data" . But i definitely doesn't just cast

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