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Apple TV 4K 64gb - £169 Refurbished from Apple + free delivery
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Not as good at the BT deal earlier this week, but for those who really want a 4K Apple TV for zwift etc - this is a great piece of kit. From the Apple Refurb Store so you get the … Read more
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You really have to be a mug to pay nearly 170 quid for this. No real extra functionality that any other devices for a third of this price.


lol just because both are called 4k streamers doesn’t mean they are same. they are simply not comparable. you can compare it with Nvidia Shield TV


There’s no guarantees with leaks as always but Jon has had a very good run this year predicting things to the point of the accurate release date and even the exact time for press releases for the last couple of things. Apple hates him now and Phil Schiller blocked him on twitter lol


I’ll hold on a month then... might explain the refurb off load that keeps appearing


The release date wasn’t rumoured but Jon Prosser suggested they are ‘ready to ship’ potentially announcing in WWDC at the end of June or just a press release maybe like iPad, Macbook Air/Pro and SE over the last couple of months

Apple TV 4K 32GB New - £161.55 With Code @ eBay / Currys PC World
-395° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Was taking advantage of the current 5% off eBay offer which also stacks with Currys eBay store 5% off promotion giving you 10% off! I’m still rocking my trusty Apple TV 3 from day … Read more

Even though I’m someone who uses multiple ATV4K a lot, I wouldn’t need any more power from one as they are just 4K players for me (ripper my ex yes I’ve UHD library for playback on Plex) What might be a selling point for some is the availability of the new streaming codec (AV1). I’m not sure if ANY TVs support that yet so if that’s the case it may be another reason to upgrade. But as I rip all my stuff to H265 MKV and thats plays fine and storage isn’t an issue for me, I’m more than content with the current model (and at £109 ish that I’ve paid for each) I’m more than happy


Sell it now whilst it still has value.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Agreed re storage size. I guess if you play lots of games that has a use but I have PS4s gathering dust for that (although they have just gained a new lease of life)


We use ours (we have 3 and a 4th incoming from the grade B BT Shop deal) everyday. We use them to steam 4K UHD rips of our purchased discs across the house using Plex and Infuse Pro and it’s faultless I understand for those watching iTunes material and stuff from their phone, most new TVs do a great job but for anything above and beyond, in my honest opinion you’re going to be looking at this or the Nvidia Shield and nothing else comes close to the overall speed and agility of those systems for proper 4K viewing of uncompressed material. That said not everyone needs this and for many things like Firesticks are fine. That said 4K really prefers hardwiring a device(yes a I know WiFi can work) but as someone who has hardwired ethernet everywhere, it simply can’t be beat) If you want to sell your 4K box, let me know. Could always do with a 5th one ;)

Apple TV 4th Generation (refurb from Apple) £119 at Apple Store
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Seems to be a decent price for a direct from Apple refurb, currently selling for ~£100 on eBay and around £130-140 from other retails (CeX, etc). Overview Originally released Se… Read more
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No idea sorry. I came across this one on here.


WhEre can I get a similar price? So it's the 4k better than the 4th generation then? Thank you


Could be display so not on sale


ItS not sold out if says one... Been trying for 3 hours lol


Says only one in stock so could be sold out when you try

Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB Grade B for £109 delivered inc HDMI cable at BT Shop
1025° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Back in stock, currently showing 50+ available. Refurbished (probable customer returns) with six month warranty. Ensure you select the bundle deal further down the page to get the… Read more

Thanks, I'll have a look into this. New HDMI cable required perhaps!


wondering if its the remote itself. found this thread with a few suggestions... maybe theres some kind of interference..


I've done two TVOS updates since having it and had hoped they may sort it, but it seems intermittently laggy. Not the animations between screens, but between some button presses / pad swipes and the response. It's infuriating. Will look at warranty today I think.


how is it now? if its really bad then worth checking if its still in warranty from Apple. ( if you make a claim dont mention it was a refurb or anything)


Mine arrived last Friday. Unit was like new. Absolutely no scratches. The remote looks like brand new. It came with Lightning cable original apple and power cord. And as part of the bundle, I got another lighting cable and hdmi cable. I use it mainly for my Home automation, Home app with remote access; as a home Hub. I have now an Apple TV 3 on sale and an iPad mini back on service (it was the previous hub). So, more than happy with the upgrade.

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Samsung UE43RU7020 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with 6 year warranty £329 @ Richer Sounds
347° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Enjoy crystal-clear clarity, with the HDR-equipped Samsung UE43RU7020. HDR Watch every moment burst from the screen. Discover what’s lurking in the shadows of a horror movie or wi… Read more

contact them through ebay messaging. theres also a phone number. says the warranty is 12months. theyre probably the best ones to talk to first rather than samsung. they also have live chat on their website..


Crampton and Moore but through their eBay shop


ah fair enough. i guess theres going to be the odd faulty one. no manufacturer is perfect. where did you get it from? sometimes quicker to contact the retailer and get them to swap it for a new one rather than waiting for the manufacturer to repair. obviously this current situation makes everything a lot more complicated for returns.


I’ve had this tv for 6 months now and it is amazing for the price


I did the same bought a good set of leads. As I’ve got two screens I checked but found out one of them wouldn’t run 4k 60hz only 30. But the other screen would .... I contacted Samsung and they have said they will look at it at some point to repair (due to the current situation)

Apple TV 4K 32GB - Grade B Stock £129 at BT Shop
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Apple TV B-Grade stock comes with full 6 months warranty. Fully tested and in working condition be sure to order the BUNDLE DEAL with lightning cable and HDMI cable to make sure yo… Read more
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The current model plays all 4K be it streaming or local without issue I can play an uncompressed UHD rip over gigabit Ethernet with zero issues For many the current model when discounted is going to be more than enough That said with the new codec supposedly coming That would be supported I guess


Just beware there is strong rumours a new box is imminent the new 4K Apple TV will apparently feature Apple’s A12X chip with 64GB or 128GB. ...The current Apple TV has the A10X Fusion chip with either 32GB or 64GB so a sizeable upgrade no news on pricing etc yet but worth bearing in mind before purchasing I think


No a while back, Feb I think, BT were selling the 4K for 109 shipped Including a lightning cable and an HDMI Got mine back then and it’s been great Picked up another since as well but would like at least one more


I think £108 is for the non 4K versions


Will hold for the £108 price again I think as the one I got before was perfect

Samsung 50” 4K UHD Apple TV smart tv RU7100 HDR - £322.15 @ Samsung (Employee scheme)
200° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
So I bought the curved one through hot UK deals and set a alert for stock. This is the non curved one for £322. Apple TV works with mirroring and the tv is insanely good at this … Read more

OOS Now :|


Same model or different model?


No more in stock :(


Just got the 55" version. I'm really impressed with it. Stunning picture quality and the apple airplay works perfectly.


Hi. So the perks at work is a scheme run by employers for employees and uni days so worth a check if you can. Otherwise it’s £379. I bought the curved one on her the other day, same model but curved and for the price can’t quite get over how good it is. Apple TV to mirror usually you have to buy the box but it’s built in. The quality is bonkers as is the sound. I’m easily impressed but in my opinion bang for buck it’s a bargain

SAMSUNG UE49RU7300 49 Inch Curved Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV with HDR 10+, Built in WiFi, Apple TV and Slim - £349 Delivered @ RGB Direct
1559° Expired
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Good strong price for this set Product Details of SAMSUNG UE49RU7300 Get fantastic clarity and picture quality with the Samsung Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR Curved LED TV With HDR10+ … Read more

Did anyone get this TV? What’s your opinion on. It? I’m getting a stand in the next few days, have had the tv sitting unopened in the kitchen since I got it over a month ago.


I got the same with Hughes electrical. Avoid them at all cost


You won’t ever have control of the Philips. The one here often does not display menu settings for more than a split-second and despite being set to accept remote source switching, it never does. I always have to intervene to do it manually. When I had the Samsung, whatever source I selected, TV, PC, Mac, AppleTV, FireTV, etc., the Samsung simply reset to work with whatever source I’d chosen. Something the Philips refuses to do. It’s a pain made more painful by Richer Sound, London Bridge, will not allow me to exchange the Philips (even though it is well within warranty) paying more for a Samsung model again if necessary.


(horror) To be honest I'm probably going to wait until after the Lockdown to buy a TV so I can see in person... The Philips TV on Currys with Android sounds good though, I'm preferably looking for an Android OS to be honest since I would have more control and familiarity.


Not one Philips TV compares favourably with any other makes of HD 4K LED TV's. My harrowing experience with a Philips TV has been one of depression, rage and a spiritually destabilising disbelief of my life-long atheist beliefs that there is no god…why so? I hear you ask…Because the unwelcomed resident Philips TV is possessed by demons, and quite likely the swarm home of Satan and all the wicked helpers he keeps locked after dusk in the basements of a nationwide web of Richer Sounds stores. The waking nightmare began when our wonderful Samsung 4K TV started displaying signs of terminal demonic purple-patch-plague within less than a week of our next door neighbours, Simon and Marcus, purchasing a Philips Ambilight 4K TV, about which they bragged endlessly, right up to it weirdly appearing on our back doorstep a short while before Simon, Marcus, and their entire family of 6 budgies, 3 kids, 2 dogs a cat, and all four of the children’s paternal grandparents, were found scattered around their house, each variously strung up by, garrotted to near decapitation or strangled fatally by different lengths of electric cable attached at one end to mains plugs and roughly cut at the other. Really, if it weren’t for the tirade of thinly veiled death threats heaped upon us by the Philips, we’d return to a Samsung within a heartbearrgh…arg…gur,ggurr…gripppft...

Apple TV free streaming (e.g The Elephant Queen, Snoopy in Space, For all Mankind) @ Apple TV (Via App - No subscription required)
1266° Expired
Refreshed 11th AprRefreshed 11th Apr
Update 1
Should now be live
You can now stream several series and films (listed below) for free via the Apple TV app. Like similar offers, these series and films have been made free to watch to encourage peop… Read more
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This didn't last long. I only managed five episodes of For All Mankind. Now I have to pay for a month or two. :(


Thanks :)


You need a device that has the ATV app.


Does nobody know the answer to my above question? :(


Can you access these free shows on a Windows laptop, e.g. via a web browser or another way? :)

Apple TV 4k Box 32GB - Refurbished 'Graded B' + 1m Lightning Charge Cable + HDMI Cable - £109 @ BT Shop
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Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Apple TV 4k Box 32GB - Refurbished 'Graded B' + 1m Lightning Charge Cable + HDMI Cable - £109 @ BT Shop
Decent bundle here and back in stock, follow the link to add the bundle to basket Apple TV 4K 32GB - Grade B Stock Juice 1m Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - Black C2G 2m V… Read more

the juice cable is junk - fell apart on the 3rd use


You can sideload apps if you have a Mac and XCode or Apple Configurator 2 installed. I would say the interface is better on Apple TV. Also, if you have other Apple devices (iPhone, Mac, etc.) you can Airplay to the Apple TV.


Thanks for the help guys I now know much more than I did.


Not available / not in stock


Not always. If you live in a Freeview lite area (of which there are loads) then you receive very few channels. However using free apps you can get all freeview channels plus more, quite legally.

Apple TV Streaming - Future Shock, The Story of 2000AD
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Apple TV Streaming - Future Shock, The Story of 2000AD
Arrow films are doing a promo where you can stream select movies for free! Harpoon Mega Time Squad Battle Royale The Guyver Future Shock - The Story of 2000 AD
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Awesome yeah anything Judge Dredd related is awesome great. find out how Robocop started out as a Dredd film more or less even down to the helmet but they were refused so changed it. or how the artists original 2000ad comic artwork pieces from the 70’s/80’s were just used to mop up muck off the floor and how they ripped off the artists back then etc


Harpoon is well worth watching - funny, violent and entertaining.


thx! time to roll out the annoying in-jokes - quaequam blag! rigellian hotshot added.


It was only yesterday I was trying to find where I could stream Battle Royale for free! Thanks OP! (y)

Samsung UE50RU7100KX 50" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Apple TV App For £334 (Using Code) @ Ebay/Hughesdirect
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Samsung UE50RU7100KX 50" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Apple TV App For £334 (Using Code) @ Ebay/Hughesdirect
£334£40918%eBay Deals
Samsung UE50RU7100KX 50" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Apple TV App For £334 (Using Code) @ Ebay/Hughesdirect Discover True 4K colour and clarity for a beautifully vibrant picture… Read more

I keep getting "This code can't be applied to your order" when I apply the code. Anybody else has this problem?


I have this in the snug, great for gaming, low input lag.


I got this the other day. Needs the picture tweeking for the best outcome. Does anyone know any free software I can use to calibrate a screen?


The model number is identical. From C&M :-Product IdentifiersBrandSamsung MPNUE50RU7100KXXU EAN8801643772079 ModelUE50RU7100 eBay Product ID (ePID)28032299485


Mines is a different tv pal.

Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB for £89.59 on eBay stockmustgo
127° Expired
Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB for £89.59 on eBay stockmustgo
£89.59eBay Deals
Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB for £89.59 using code PAID20 on eBay stockmustgo 20% offer already applied, plus the 20% off using the voucher 90 Day Warranty

Just a point to note if like me you don't have any other Apple devices; this doesn't include the lightning cable required to charge the remote... (embarrassed) Thankfully Amazon have plenty of their basics ones available! Edit: arrived today. In its original box and overall pretty good nick, just some small hairline scratches on the gloss part of the main unit. Came with a lightning cable too.... (cheeky) (lol)


Just bought the last 4K one sorry and answering about refurbished items I bought a laptop from them before and came in excellent condition.


Went for this thanks. Planning on ditching Sky later this year and using Now TV (which my new Sony TV doesn't have an app for), so this'll do nicely. I wonder if it'll still be possible to claim the years free Apple TV+ as others have managed in earlier refurb Apple TV threads? Edit: Checked feedback specific to Apple TV and all good aside from one order cancelled!


4K all gone


If there’s stock left later, I’ll def pick one up

Samsung UE43RU7020 43" - £271.20 or Samsung UE50RU7020 50" - £314 UHD HDR10+ Smart 4K TV with Apple TV app delivered @ Crampton & Moore eBay
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Samsung UE43RU7020 43" - £271.20 or Samsung UE50RU7020 50" - £314 UHD HDR10+ Smart 4K TV with Apple TV app delivered @ Crampton & Moore eBay
£271.20£33720%eBay Deals
Good offers on these Samsung 4Ks. (y) Use code PAID20 at checkout Samsung UE43RU7020 43" Ultra HD Smart 4K HDR TV - £271.20 Samsung UE50RU7020 50" Ultra HD Smart 4K HDR… Read more



He worked for samsung not currys. I was surprised too, why wouldn't they just be the same price


was almost ready to accept... until you said a currys rep told you! odd that the price is between £10-30 more than the 7100. It must have something more (or less because the number is lower?)


Yes lol that's what I got told by the samsung rep in currys


that's literally it!?

Apple TV 4K (Grade B) + 1M Lightning Cable + 2M High Speed HDMI Cable BUNDLE @ BT Shop - £109
362° Expired
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Apple TV 4K (Grade B) + 1M Lightning Cable + 2M High Speed HDMI Cable BUNDLE @ BT Shop - £109
Good price with the additional cables (normally £24.98 extra). To get the free 1m lightning cable and 2m high speed cable, simply add the following to your basket: 1) Apple TV… Read more

Ordered, hopefully I’ll get one of the good ones. What’s the return policy if I don’t?


Yeah, thats ok. I can set a reminder or in worse case scenario I pay the £4.99 which is fine after 1 year free service or I even like it who knows.


Yes. a bit sneaky you can't just cancel the recurring payment starting now - you have to wait till around the time!


Done, activated. Now I need to remember when the promotion ends that I can cancel :-)


@gotadeal Thanks again for posting, would vote again if I could. Works flawlessly with my MacBook, IPhone and Synology NAS (DS Video) I might be lucky but could not find a single scratch. Well pleased :D

Samsung UE43RU7020 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR10+ LED TV with Apple TV (2019) - £299 Delivered @ Amazon
222° Expired
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Fab price for this 43" Samsung TV. Features for the price are pretty good - HDR10+, good upscaling, low input lag (so great for gaming), VA Panel, & excellent colour / motion … Read more
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Showing as £349 now.


on amazon?


Back up to £339 now, but can be bought for ~£297 by those with access to a workplace discount scheme.


spot on, Richer Sounds won't match at £299 despite selling it for that price 2 weeks ago and will charge £40 extra. Amazon wins again!


Thank you for the clarification (y) 🏻

Samsung UE50RU7100 (2019) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 50" with TVPlus & Apple TV App, £379 / £303.20 with Unidays at Samsung
330° Expired
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
Samsung UE50RU7100 (2019) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 50" with TVPlus & Apple TV App, £379 / £303.20 with Unidays at Samsung
£303.20£37920%Samsung Store Deals
UE55RU7100KXXU also available @ £339.15. Potential cashback through tcb or quidco too. Discount also available through student beans, blue light card, armed forces, employee per… Read more
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Yep I ordered that one too... It was the 50" 7100 @ £379. Hopefully it will be an improvement on the 7100 picture quality, with it having a much higher PQI... Luckily I ordered it on the 29th as even though the offer said until 30th. It had been removed on the 30th.


Offer finished a day early. It said until the 30th but finished on the 29th..


How do I get tcb when the unidays link is a hyperlink rather than a code


55 showing as 399 ??


Yes but a proper one not one of the free ones.

Apple TV 4th Gen 32gb £89.99 @ Clearanace Bargains Argos Walsall instore only
41° Expired
Posted 16th JanPosted 16th JanLocalLocal
Apple TV 4th Gen 32gb £89.99 @ Clearanace Bargains Argos Walsall instore only
Popped into Argos clearance Walsall this afternoon and spotted this Apple TV 4K 32gb seem a really good price for a new product and the lady said all the clearance store have had a… Read more
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Just called up and spoken to a what sounded like a young lad who knew his stuff He said they have both in stock 4gen and 4K the latter been £125 so the lady I spoke to earlier must of thought they was the same product. Sorry folks


Think I might pop back up there and grab one after the traffic calms down a bit. Cheers


It will have 4K written on the box, however it all points towards being a 4th gen which different and only 1080p


If it’s the 4K version mate, I’d grab it. If you have a 4K TV or even intend on getting one they are fantastic.


I didn’t mate I have the really old version 2 and don’t really use it other than to mirror my phone every now and again. I was tempted at this price tho.

0% interest free finance Over 24 months on a range of Apple products - iPads included @ John Lewis & Partners - from £199
1198° Expired
Refreshed 16th JanRefreshed 16th Jan
0% interest free finance Over 24 months on a range of Apple products - iPads included @ John Lewis & Partners - from £199 This deal has come up again at John Lewis. 0% internet free finance on a range of Apple products - iPads included. Over … Read more

You’re spot on friend, thank you. Called up and that’s what they said.


Yeah, not sure what they've done there but it does say prices may not be accurate. It would actually be £12.33 per month anyway as you need to pay a 10% beforehand bringing total cost to £296.10 / 24 = £12.33.


Not really. A decent stocks and shares ISA will get you 6% per year or more


Just had a look at this, for a silver iPad it costs £329, or £16.45 over 24 months. However, 329/24 = £13.70....pretty misleading!


Ah I see. I’m nhs and don’t get anything for John Lewis, so unfortunately doesn’t beat interest for me.

Samsung UE43RU7020 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR10+ LED TV with Apple TV (2019) + 6 Year Guarantee - £299 Delivered @ Richer Sounds
930° Expired
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Samsung UE43RU7020 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR10+ LED TV with Apple TV (2019) + 6 Year Guarantee - £299 Delivered @ Richer Sounds
Fab offer for this 43" Samsung TV with 6 years guarantee included Features for the price are pretty good - HDR10+, good upscaling, low input lag (so great for gaming), VA Panel, &… Read more

Price has gone up just as I was about to buy one, but the 7100 seems to be available for £319


Am I missing a code, or did the price go up?


That's a vestal, it'll be the same as any ElectricIQ, JVC, Bush, Alba etc... Might be able to get the same TV cheaper in a different brand


Is this tv any good guys looking a 43" for the bedroom many thanks


Ah, apologies there (y) 🏻

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