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Google Pixelbook, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 12.3" Quad HD Touchscreen £699 @ John lewis and partners
26/11/2018Expires on 26/11/2018Found 6 h, 10 m agoFound 6 h, 10 m ago
Also same price at Google UK: Argos: Argos eBay:… Read more

I keep seeing stuff about future integration... is this a firmware update to existing hardware we're waiting for or new hardware with better general integration? :/


Yes, I run into problems when editing a video in Kdenlive due to lack of GPU. Once finished and saved, the output plays fine as its not then requiring Linux to play.


Yeah, this won't do everything, but, for me, it does 95% of what i want very very well. Its really light, the battery lasts all day, the screen is beautiful and personally i like the fact that i have separated out certain tasks to different machines - I will say this though, i wouldn't have taken the plunge if i hadn't first used one for an extended period - for me the clincher was the form-factor, the fact that it was silent (no fans) and the screen. My wife is a software eng. and she runs Android studio on it so running IDE's and the like will not be a problem, just like, i guess, Gimp isn't a problem. Problems only occur when you need to use graphics hardware, i.e. playing videos. more peoples experiences in this reddit thread


That is all very tempting but I was under the impression it was possible to do "full linux" with some sort of dual boot mechanism (which I haven't researched). I'd rather have a full system - despite the above scenario being exactly what I use for work at this point! What a PITA. I want to be able to do some STEAM if I have a capable machine, and use Mixxx (if I think it's decent enough to replace Traktor Pro 2). Dj software is the only thing I haven't replaced with Linux (tho the NI Audio 2 is supported in Ubuntu now). Sounds like a perfect holiday/commuter/work-from-anywhere unit, but not sure if (at this price) I wouldn't be better getting a Dell XPS 13 or even another X2x0?! Tho the keyboard is all but gone (and IDK if I can stomach the Retro 25 unit because $$$) Chum in the US is running all sorts but thru Crostini it seems. Sounds very happy though. Is also running PHPStorm etc, which is graphical, right? How does that all pan out?


I'm so tempted by this.. I've already got the Chromebook pixel 2015. Which is perfectly fine, but it's so damn heavy. I'm thinking if I can sell that for a decent price, to justify purchasing this :/

Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. £20 with 2 year guarantee (£2 C&C) Online & In-Store @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 7 h, 31 m agoFound 7 h, 31 m ago
Google Chromecast (2018) 3rd Generation £20 (£2 C&C) @ John Lewis 2 year guarantee included How it works No need to buy a new TV - just plug the Chromecast into the HDMI p… Read more

That one yeah I'd upgrade. If you have v2 (you have V1) then not worth the upgrade imo


Does it support 1080p streaming?like from showbox.....asking for a friend (annoyed)


out of stock....surprise...


I'm in the same boat.


Yes, much faster & better WiFi

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Google one upgrade, storage 1TB to 2 TB and £4 free Play store credit (email invite)
Found 8 h, 28 m agoFound 8 h, 28 m ago
Just received and email about Google One, by 1TB has been upped to 2TB and the email also included a £4 play store voucher.

Yep got the email this morning, mucho gracias. Now where to spend the £4, any decent widget apps?


This is the follow on email announcing upgrade complete. It has a £4 freebie link in it. I'm guessing the its a slow roll out so if you haven't had it yet just wait.


How are we getting the initial app in the UK? VPN?


No, you still use Drive to access the storage, this is just a re-branding of the storage itself... At £10 per month for 2TB (i.e. £120 per year), it's still cheaper to buy an O365 Home subscription with 5x 1TB of storage for £65...


I got 100gb drive account. No email or space upgrade... When I click on the link it says not available in my country?

From 16/11 - Google Home Mini £29 (currently £49.99) / Google Home Smart Speaker £79 (currently £129.99) @ AO
16/11/2018Starts at 16/11/2018Found 22 h, 46 m agoFound 22 h, 46 m ago
Update 1
Just got updated info that the price drop has been moved out to Friday 16/11 midnight
Just a heads up, that AO are dropping a few prices on Google products from Friday, as part of their Black Friday event. Google Home Mini (Athracite/Chalk) will be reduced to £29 (… Read more
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Echo can only call Echo or Alexa app right? But can Google Home call Echo?


Yes, if you want to pay for that. But with basic prime you get 2 million as part of your Prime package, which is enough for me. You can also have a single subscription of unlimited on one of your echo devices for £3.99. Which is easy to hook up to your hifi.


Still not sure why I'm skeptical of these devices. My phone has the potential to record everything.


Sound bounces of walls etc before we or mics hear it and sound travels farther than we think. Its an energy wave similar but obviously different to light waves, similar in how it bounces off surfaces


If you're referring to the Home yes you are right. Alexa hears you incredibly well as it is. I can whisper Alexa across a quiet room and some how she still hears me.

Fossil Sport | Wear OS 2.1 | Snapdragon 3100 New chip! | NFC | £249 at Fossil UK
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Best price for the New chip, only second watch to launch with it. Great price, compared to the competition for what you get! 6 colours, I think, plus loads of bands to choose f… Read more

Battery is poor though will last you max one day and charge in about one hour


Bought previous version, good features like Google pay, Heart rate,waterproof and the stainless steel version looks like a proper watch that why I chose fossil,but they refused to honour discount code so bought from Ernest Jones and got it with discount. H Samuel does 15%off watches right now too..


Start by not buying fossil


For the cold voters, where can I get this cheaper, or a better watch?


It's £50 more than the USA RRP and £10 more than most other European countries too! Fossil must really LOVE the UK.

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Nest thermostat and google home mini £199.99 at  Toolstation
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Toolstation currently has the nest thermostat and google home mini bundle for £200. Cheapest price I can see for nest was £169 on Black Friday last year, so possibly worth buying n… Read more

I wish they had included the echo dot instead of the google home


Ive gone a bit off nest.Thermostat only 6 months old. Was ok until it stopped working last week- wont pick up any wifi networks. Still worked without wifi for a couple of days but now just keeps rebooting and asking for time and date too be set each time. Customer service was average and was only offered a refurbished replacement which I am still waiting to arrive from Poland.


That's what I meant, thus not the big saving it first seems.


Nope £166 plus Vat at PTS, grabbed one last week.


I do need a 3rd one so will wait till BF and see what prices are like at other retailers

Free Google Home mini with all Spotify Premium Family Accounts
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Sign up to Spotify Premium Family(£14.99/m) and get a FREE Google Home Mini. Ts and Cs Spotify Premium Family can be used across 6 devices, and everyone gets individual accoun… Read more
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Misleading from Spotify saying US when the promo banner has a £ sign before the price halfway and a $ one only at the bottom


Agreed. It’s a shame companies don’t treat all customers the same regardless of where they live but . Fair play to Spotify for offering it to existing customers, too often it’s ‘new customers only’ with deals like this.


Gutted... Hope the deal comes to the UK soon.


Doesn’t work in the UK


"We're sorry, but only family plan master accounts in the United States are eligible for this offer.". Cold.

Grade B Google Pixel 2 XL Black & White 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £299.97 (£285.97with which trial) + Free collection @ Appliances  Direct
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Take out the which trial to get this amazing phone at this amazing price for £285 excluding the £4.95 postage. Unsure on stock levels, so maybe do a quick live chat to check. Wil… Read more





This happened to me with a galaxy S8 I bought on Gumtree. Apparently it's quite common, people sell them and then report as lost/stolen and claim on insurance. I paid cash so had no comeback


Dam sold out


super phone - some quality control issues with screens, but get a good one and you are golden!

Family Guy seasons 10, 11, 12 and 13 only £8.99 each @ Google Play
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Get an even better discount if you use Google Opinion Rewards - I've got £12.45 credit from that so I'll be getting this for free. 😁 Hope this is useful to some! Edit - … Read more
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Could you guide me on how to do that? I've got an android phone and a chromecast if that's any good?


Stream it on Showbox for free

Grade B Google Pixel XL Quite Black 5.5" 32GB Unlocked & SIM Free £129.97 at Appliances Direct
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
The pixel deal has gone back up to £149.97 but just found this XL, grade B rather than C so should be better quality for £129.97 Grade B Google Pixel XL Quite Black 5.5" 32GB Unlo… Read more

I'll trade you for a grade C one (cheeky)


I ordered one but really don’t think I need it! 😩


Blinked and missed it!


When all your photos and video are in the cloud, 32gb is fine for a £130 great phone


32gb when you can't slap in a micro SD is a bit limiting though

Google Pixel Quite Black 5" 32GB Unlocked & SIM Free Grade C at Appliances Direct for £99.97
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Price is not bad considering camera is better than any midrange phone out there and unlimited google storage for life and running android pie .. They also managed to port pixel 3 c… Read more

i bought a pixel from music magpie a few weeks ago, use a s8 myself, but loved the pixel and pie, very smooth, shame the phone rebooted when the battery hit 30%, so i sent it back.


Oh my, well good luck with it. I'll post the condition of mine once it arrives


The last time my one was charged fully was 317 days ago :S The battery also is dropping quite quickly and I'm not even using apps on the phone, just general browsing of settings. It says 14 hours left on the battery and it's at 88%. The camera needs to be in the right light to get a good picture. Low light is just as bad as any other phone. One of the reasons why I bought this was because of the camera hype but it seems to be above average and not much else. The fingerprint scanner is quite slow and you have to hold it there for a big longer to get it to scan. On my xiaomi it does it instantly. Overall I would say the condition could be sold as a 'grade A' phone. I don't think I'm going to keep this phone as the battery is just awful and I still can't connect to my router downstairs. (mad)


Mines coming later today, was aware of the lack of extras but am hoping for a fully functional if not cosmetically perfect phone. Battery was my main concern with it, coming from an X compact which has great battery life. Camera is the only real upgrade to what I've got so if I'm not happy with it will probably just sell on. Fingers crossed


Just got my one today. Only came with the phone and nothing else, not even the original box. Has some marks on the screen but when I turn the screen on they are not noticable, body is in good condition, the finger print scanner is dirty though (horror) The screen has a strange rainbow tinge to it. It just looks really strange and I'm not sure if that's normal or not. Also the bezels are huge and I keep thinking there are touch screen buttons on the bottom but there is nothing there. Wifi is really weak and doesn't seem to pick up my router downstairs.

SONOFF S26 WiFi Smart Plug Socket (UK Version) £6.19 w/code @ Dresslily (Works with Alexa, Google Home as well as iOS & Android)
Refreshed 11th NovRefreshed 11th Nov
These are fantastic for the money, especially as they work with Google and Amazon devices. The app is eWeLink, which you can get on the Google Play Store - Here or on the Apple… Read more

Code now expired


Code expired


These are only 10amp.


To work directly yes. To confirm what someone else said you either have to impossibly dexterous of you will need to do a bit of soldering to flash the S26s, nothing particularly difficult though. Go for S20s if you want to don't want to solder like other Sonoffs.


Do these have to be flashed with Tasmota to work with ? i'd prefer it not to be reporting back to unknown servers etc.

Xbox Game Pass iOS and Google Play app FREE
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
New for iOS users Google Play link Can’t see this posted and maybe useful to some (y) Download the Xbox Game Pass app to search, browse, and download new games to your con… Read more

I was in the Microsoft insider testing for this app, one of the questionnaire was about having this built into the Xbox app. They will roll it together eventually. The website is terrible for finding gamepass games, this app lets me browse and start the download of new additions from my desk at work so it’s ready when I get home. Far from useless.


I didn't know this was a thing and I absolutely hate the Xbox interface on the console for this so thanks!


Should show as a Freebie but on the phone app there was no selection for this so put the price as 0. I know it may be useless and who knows if discounts etc... could come from this app Thanks anyway (embarrassed)


Agreed, this seems to be joining the growing trend of “separate app for something that could easily be included in the original” apps, I’m looking at you Facebook messenger 😡


What an amazing deal.

Get up to £78 bonus in Clash of Clans items when you buy Google Play gift card  @ Paypal
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Great deal for those who play Clash of Clan or can be bought as a gift. :) Google Play gift codes give you access to the latest entertainment. It’s easy to find something you’l… Read more



The sole purpose of that game, and many like it, is to milk addicts and children for money, with some ad revenue in the side


That's exactly people don't understand or read the description. Of course I don't play it either but It's a good deal for who plays it like the reviews below clearly reveals...the people reactions.. It shows people are interested in it and go for it, different people have different perspective and opinion. ;)


Actually looking at it, it's a pretty damn good deal. If you are still playing clash of clans (sadly In am not) buy a 15 pound gift card for yourself and get £78 of in app purchases. Sounds great. Or am I missing something?


The moment you spend on that game you have defeated the purpose of it. What’s the point?.

128gb Grade B Google Pixel 2 XL Just Black 128GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free With Witch Trial @ Appliances direct
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Again, a crazy price for the 128gb model, do the cashback thing. The 64gb is also available at £349.97, but I'm sure some sneaky person will see this description and post it ;) Read more

HUKD is a funny old place.


Why is this cold? I sold a Pixel 2 XL 128GB on eBay for over £400 yesterday. This seems like a very good price for a phone which is basically the same as the Pixel 3 XL and it's the 128GB version. Appliances Direct are good at accepting items back too.


has anyone had a grade C from appliances direct??


People voting cold know absolutely nothing. This is a cracking deal for 128gb!


Which is annoying as when I sold them my mint RN3 they called and said it had damage around the USB socket. There really wasn't a mark on it and it was clearly "as new". Thankfully it only went down £7 from Grade A to B.

Grade B Google Pixel 2 Just Black 5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £235.97 With Witch Trial + £4.99 Delivery @ Appliances Direct
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Silly silly money, buy it now, so you won't be dissapointed if you buy it later, maybe live chat to ask stock levels before purchasing. Do the which trial, and cashback, this real… Read more

Mines arrived and is in great condition. Would call it mint condition


YEp Applainces Direct have let me down again, phone arrived, definitely B Grade condition but no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is that there was no F*ing sim card tray. How the phone passed inspection without that I have no idea. Needless to say the phone will going straight back as it's unfit for purpose. (mad) (poo) (horror)


Mine arrived today in a slim box in a jiffy bag. No cable, nothing other than the phone. I'd maybe say the condition was B if the edge beside the screen wasn't worn to the metal at one point. While this would be hidden under a case, I'm thinking I'll send this right back as it's below the standard expected. I hope they refund me the extortionate £15 postage costs.


I believe any photos taken by the pixel after this date are either at original quality if you pay the normal Google photos fee, or compressed if you want the free option


Do you know what option is when expires ? I have this phone and it's excellent. ( Dropped my pixel.1 in Leeds and pixel 2 was in cash converters offered them 300 they said yes ) called to unlock and was told was under 6 months old so couldn't . I digress Cracking phone. Its my entire photo collection now so curious thanks

Lenovo Smart Display 8 inch Tablet with the Google Assistant - £129 @ Very
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
The Lenovo Smart Display 8 inch Tablet with the Google Assistant is so easy to control with your voice. The Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant can show you what you nee… Read more
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That might be because VERY is online only?. Whereas John Lewis is not ...


No app store puts me off to be fair but I like the idea


"If nothing else these also make a great digital photo frame if you are a google photos user". That would be one expensive picture frame, if you ask me, hehehehe, but I hear what you're saying. :-D


John Lewis won't pricematch unfortunately.


The lenovo product is very good. I also don't think much has to be done to the Google home firmware to make it work on the lenovo as its pretty much stock. Should see firmware updates very quickly. In theory anyway

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