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Rent Any Movie For 99p At Google Playstore (account specific)
Found 1 h, 26 m agoFound 1 h, 26 m ago
Well this is weird, having just accessed the playstore for my £1.49 rental, I have literally just received an email with an offer for ANY Movie For 99p Not selected as per my last… Read more

I used to get these all the time but I never get them anymore.


Worth checking your account, as well as the 99p offer, I have a free movies rental...


This one is all movies, my other deal is selected (y)


Does this cover all movies or just selected movies?


Have no idea what is going on, maybe some kind of mistake.

Into the Void  @ google Play
Found 13 h, 8 m agoFound 13 h, 8 m ago
A sci-fi game with epic story and deep tactical battles. COMMAND. Fully command your faction. Build your fleet, arm it with tons of weapons and make all of your enemies’ burn. EX… Read more

Based on the Gasper Noe film?




Does this game have microtransactions?

SONOFF S26 WiFi Smart Plug Socket - UK Plug (Works with Alexa, Google Home + iOS & Android) £6.35 w/code @ Dresslily
Found 14 h, 44 m agoFound 14 h, 44 m ago
Sonoff S26 Wifi smart plug (UK plug) for £6.35 with code DSDLSALE9. This is the newer Sonoff Smart plug and is more compact than the older S20 version and works with Google Home an… Read more

Just bought another set of these - purchased last time but decided to order some more to get rid of more of my 433Mhz sockets. Unfortunately I destroyed one of my original ones by knocking it to floor whilst wires were soldered to it, ripping out the pads and some tracks :( Will be trying to use SonOTA this time to see if these work that way.


Firstly - these do not track your energy usage. There are only a few smart plugs out there which do. Just making sure you are aware of that! Should you own some smart plugs that have this capability, I would recommend looking at Home Assistant, which can track and combine that into charts for you pretty easily with fairly minimal effort required.


Thanks OP. Just bought 3. The Christmas lights swayed me!


As a general piece of advice, I would say if you are capable of doing so, I would replace the factory firmware of these devices, primarily for security reasons but also the 3rd party firmwares are both more reliable and more feature-rich than the factory versions. I am very cautious about allowing any devices on my network which NEED WAN access just to work properly - I have a couple of IP camera's made by Annke which are used as baby monitors which insist on connecting through Annke's (AKA Hikvisions) web servers. Suffice to say both have WAN access blocked but doing so severely impacts the usefulness of the app. Flashing these devices is very easy and you only really need to open the device for the initial flash (if the factory firmware doesn't support SonOTA) - subsequent flashes can be done over the air or via the web page of the device.


I'm not sure if the factory firmware supports MQTT out of the box, or if you'd need to flash Sonoff-Tasmota or Espurna, but if you can get each plug reporting values via MQTT, you can set up dashboards in Node-RED using a very easy to use web interface. MQTT and to a certain extent Node-RED are designed for this purpose (grouping and controlling IoT devices) and are very resilient. I have a number of these devices serving different purposes around the house and they all feed in to Node-RED or are controlled by Node-RED.

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Teach Your Monster to Read FREE on iOS. Updated 24/9 - just checked also FREE on Amazon App & Google Play Stores
01/10/2018Expires on 01/10/2018Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
This was also available 6 months ago for no purchase price but then went back to £4.99, it’s now FREE until the end of September. Teach Your Monster To Read is a free online site … Read more

I don’t know how far my daughter was into the game yesterday but the words were definitely beyond phonic sounds. They were year1/2 common exception words.


The start of this app is made for foundation and pre/school children as it introduces first phonic sounds and blending. You have to be careful to make sure your child is interacting with it properly though, don’t just leave them with it, else they will quickly go to a point where they haven’t learned things properly and it becomes too hard.


Can anyone recommend some good (ideally free) apps for a just-turned-3 year old, for letters and numbers. He loves doing phonics but I've yet to find a decent app that doesn't look like it was made in PowerPoint. If paid apps are the way to go then recommendations too please. Thanks


Sure you did (lol) (lol) (lol) 😋


It's free now

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Zombie City Defense Free @ Google Play
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Enter the battle for humanity. Save Earth from hordes of zombies. Plan your strategy wisely, build up your defense, recruit survivors and KILL ZOMBIES! Use flamethrowers, shotguns,… Read more

Great that it's free, but as usual you can only get so far before the inevitable in-game purchases become necessary. The whole point of it being free and you can enjoy the game to a point I suppose, so still a hot vote from me.


Mickrick, oh how right you are. I am so bored of zombie games Still cant bitch about free really.


Just stick "zombie" on the app title and watch it fly off the digital shelf.

The House HD Free @ Google Play Store
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
The House. Everything that is happening here is inexplicable. Those who are daredevils or just curious, having ventured to check out terrible gossip that are in the air around this… Read more
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Looks good.


Misleading. I thought you got a free house in HuddersfielD


I get frustrated by a lot of the stuff on Android that isn't supported especially games like F1? I came across Meltdown a few days ago. Limited players online but 2 did jump into my game so was happy with that. The free version is good and has no ads it just asks if you want to go premium after every game (£2.99) but its not annoying.


Voted Hot


Cold, no Android TV support.

Legend of the Skyfish - FREE @ Google Play Store
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Was previously £3.59 now FREE. ** Touch Arcade - 4.5/5 'Get hooked on this' ** Pocket Gamer - 9/10 Gold Award! 'Leave the sword. We're going fishing.' Legend of the Skyfish is … Read more

Installed and runs fine on Pocophone F1 for me. You press in the bottom left of screen and a directional pad appears and you move your thumb in the direction you wish to move.


must say im hooked


Gamepad required for this.


Have the same issue lol


Just installed this. Couldn't find a way to move the character. Huh? Maybe an Android Pie issue?

WWW Notifier Pro - Website change detection Free @ Google Play
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Enter any website and you will be notified when the content of the site changes # This is the Pro version, which has more features # than the free version and no restrictions: # -… Read more

Seems to only work if I copy/paste the URL rather than sharing from the browser as the app tells you to do. I say work, it is text-only for me on the Next website as that is the only way to get anything except from the bar at the bottom to show.


I think maybe you need to scroll down using the arrows, you're just seeing the top of the page


I like the concept of this App, I have no idea what I'd do with it yet? (the HUKD 'effect' that some above earlier have already spoken of, etc?, hahahahahaha). But I like the concept regardless, lol. And installed it too, hehehe. :-D


Anyone else finding the page is blank when you are asked to select the region to monitor in the app? With or without JavaScript enabled in the app.


seems to be a bit flakey, worked few times watching am ebay item but then gave up

HP GOOGLE 11-v051na 11.6" Chromebook & Google Home Mini Bundle £169.99 @ Currys
Refreshed 24th SepRefreshed 24th Sep
Back in stock 24/09 - Nice bundle, basically paying £10 for a Google Home speaker, up to 12 hours use per charge is ideal for student work, browsing and homework Chrome OS … Read more
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It used to be heaven shopping in the US 10 years ago when £1 = $2. The UK isn't such a rip off now and things like fresh fruit are much cheaper here. The CPU in the £350 machine is actually sold as a Pentium chip. In reality, I think it's a top end Celeron as the Celerons are N3060 and this Pentium is N4200. On the rare occasion I've managed to get Linux working properly, I can see the advantages, great speed, no bloat, great security, no constant updates, no Google snooping, but it's just too much faffing to get there.


The UK is never good value when compared to the Yanks. VW paid $10k per customer in the US. What did we get? $999 dollars for the iPhone does not equate to £999. The list goes on. £350 for a celeron processor and a paltry 4gb of ram!? They're having a laugh! Yes sadly the issues are seemingly never ending with distros of Linux. For some people they're rock solid but for many including myself, its just too much messing around to get it to work properly.


Agree with everything you say kwl. I bought a refurbished Acer 15 from the USA for just £206. (I don't consider the uk price of £350 to be good value for the hardware,) Linux support came with an update last night. I really think with first Android support, and now Linux, it's almost a new start for Chromebooks. Having used this Acer with the touchscreen for just a few days, it's like they've overtaken what Micro$oft was trying to achieve with Windows 8. It's always a risk going for something new, but at only £206 it feels like a bargain as the experience in just a few days is so much better than Windows 10. I can see high spec Chromebooks appearing as Linux and Android ultimately will require more resources. Like you, I also had a poor experience with Linux, (Mint for me,) and it came down to software and hardware not getting on. When I eventually got the drivers sorted, on the next reboot, it would always break the Grub2 bootloader. With this Acer 15, everything just works. Better than my Asus FX503 which is 3 times more expensive. As Micro$oft have gone subscription with office, I think it's a matter of time before it does the same with OS. Maybe time to invest in some Google/Apple shares?


Businesses are locked into Windows. Same for industry based users like mentioned in my previous answer. Our infrastructure forces us to stick to Windows which is a shame. That said a lot of businesses I know still use XP. It's only because support was dropped for that, that they moved to Windows 7. I wouldn't even use Windows if Mac os was supported by most games and Apple weren't afraid of users using external GPUs to game. Mac OS is simply more effective than Windows 10 for me to get stuff done. Which new Chromebook did you get? I'm tempted to get rid of my MacBook Pro for a Pixelbook|the ultimate Chromebook by Google themselves. Only problem for me office itself. I didn't know Linux had apps? That said even Linux has matured to the point where it's arguably better than Windows in getting stuff done. It's just a shame I had such a poor experience with Ubuntu and driver issues. If only that kind of stuff was sorted and we could game on it. I really do see people leaving Windows maybe not the masses because most users hate learning something new and with Windows 10 you know what you're going to get. But trust me. If Microsoft even go near a subscription model for the standard users. Just watch them go to piracy or leave altogether. I personally won't pay for a license and then a subscription model on top just to use what I've paid for. That just isn't going to happen. It's why I no longer plan to pay TV license moving forward. I watch nothing on the BBC and I refuse to fund it's ridiculous bias. The play store is the true game changer for laptops. After all if you could do everything in a web browser and pay less for the hardware, and stay safe and secure. How long will those positives take before the market stops ignoring them?


Agreed kwl147. There are some things a Windows machine will always be used for and I will keep one in a corner gathering dust, only using it on those rare occasions. I can't see business ever dumping Windows. Had the chance to really play with my new Chromebook last night and pushed it hard, (smut is always a good test as the webpages are heavy,) and it coped with everything I could throw at it. Just for a test I loaded the Android version of Skype Lite which worked OK. I also got an update and when I restarted I got the ability to load Linux apps. Too late to test, but nice to have just like the play store.

GOOGLE Pixel 2 - 64 GB - £449 Currys
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
I'm after one of those after sending back a Huawei P20 Pro. I was planning to wait until the Pixel 3 comes out to see if the price drops further. However, at 449 (plus 8% off t… Read more

Will wait another 3 months... (y)


It appears to throttle background services, my Google timeline is no longer accurate and photos are often tagged as being somewhere I was 15 minutes previously. Also the gps is nowhere near as accurate when indoors as my previous Sony Z5C.


I have a Pixel 2 and my mate a P20 normal, we both took pictures on a recent trip and the P20 normal was much better - this was outdoor views - during the day and at night. In general the Pixel 2 is fine but it doesn't blow me away. The battery is getting a bit ropey too.


And the screen looks so much better in Pixel 2xl. I've been using P20 Pro for a while but my wife got it now as I bought Pixel 2XL 128GB like new from CEX with 2 years warranty for £520 3 months ago. Pixel 2 XL is always compared on every YouTube video in every camera competition so wanted to tried it. Newest Android before any other phones makes it even more exciting and I'm very happy about the phone really


Thanks for the heads up, I will pass this info on to her, I totally agree with you about the Pixels ability to be a fantastic point and shoot, again thanks for taking time to give such a detailed reply (y)

CPU Widget @ Google Play
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
CPU Widgets is a collection of CPU, RAM and Battery widgets showing live information right on your Homescreen. CPU Widgets app contains 10 widgets of 4x2, 4x1, 2x2, 2x1 and 1x1 siz… Read more

obviously one of the people that don't read what you're allowing the app to access :)


This app in particular will need a lot of permissions otherwise it wouldn't be able to do it's job of analysing your phone (y)


Free... smashing... but have you ever really stopped and looked at the 'permissions' you give these apps??? ;)

Back to Bed game (Puzzle, action and adventure) Google Play Store (was £2.59) now free
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle Indie game set in a unique, beautiful and artistic dream world, wherein you guide the sleepwalker Bob to the safety of his bed. To achieve this, you must… Read more

How do you stop the man sleepwalking off the edge?




Suspicious permissions


Looks interesting. Will put it on my Android box for my son to play. Thanks!


I came here to say this!! Used to play that back on my Amiga when I was a kid.

Autoroid - Automation Device Settings Free @ Google Play Store
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Down from £1.59 ✔ function - Ability to change settings to user's environment by monitoring application execution - Automatic termination and retention of other app convers… Read more
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expired :(


+1 for Automate over this


I still can't work out what it's used for....


That's both apps I use and was looking for something similar too (lol)


Depends on tasks, the only time you'll notice a battery drain is if you make a mistake in the task (check location every 10 minutes etc).

Elite Music Pro - Free @ Google Play
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Elite Music Pro brings you the all new music experience. It features an easy to use interface and best in class audio quality. You can browse songs by albums, artists or playlists.… Read more

poweramp .. my best choice used it for a few year now .


Try zstream, I promise u that will be your new favourite


The problem? My comment made it quite clear what I thought the problem was. Too many people want spoon feeding on here! Read it again. They didn't ask if anyone had experienced any download issues with it. They asked "Did it support Chromecast? I'll put my money on them not having done one jot of investigating for themself.


All I did was point out the obvious, it was free to download and try in minutes. Can I help it if some are just so stupid they cant understand this without making a song and dance. I ask opinions about things before buying, but when you can try without any cost or hardship, then there is just no excuse. Do you not understand that?


And you've never asked for someone else's opinion on something before trying ? Lot of petty people on here this morning

Instore only buy a Google Home and get a Google mini free. - £129 @ Currys
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
I just bought a Google Home for my granddaughter in store (Exeter) and got a Google mini for free! Offer on until the end of the month. OK not for everyone and this will be … Read more
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Found our home + minis very handy. They get used a lot more than expected.


I think the idea is to use this as a starting block to fully automate your home. We still use ours & the sound quality is good


Once the novelty wears off, this is just more landfill


I don't think this is much better than the mini. Not to impressed by the sound quality. I would be much happier with one with an audio jack.


Not a bad deal but I'd still wait until googles conference in a couple of weeks to see what new products they are launching

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