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Apple TV 4K £137.99 @ eGlobal UK
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Apple TV 4K £137.99 @ eGlobal UK
This may well go cold but may be useful for some. I purchased from them around XMas similar price. Took about 10 days to arrive with minimal communication with 2 pin plug and a 3 … Read more
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Have some heat


Yes this was my deal too happy days. I posted a nas deal that was mega cheap compared normal price. Ice Ice baby cold. Not fair to compare one device to another. I swopped a shield TV for Apple 4k no regrets and I'm an android fanboy.


All depends on the first first 10 or so votes. If it goes cold to start with you need a miracle to save you. Obviously the last one had 10 or so apple people vote it hot and the crowd followed. This is a good deal for the apple TV 4k considering on ebay they go for £150 but as this is HUKD people look for the cheapest thing to do the same without understanding the benefits of one costing more.


Yes, exactly my thinking, e.g. Spiderman Homecoming currently £6.99 4K version. I do find it odd that the same item, almost identical price just 4 weeks apart and one goes very hot and the other massively cold. HUKD hey...


Where else can you buy Dark Knight 4K for a fiver? Or deals like 10 movie packs for £9.99 that include 4k films like the Revenant, Maze Runner and the Martian. The hardware is expensive but the media is as cheap as chips!

Apple TV 4K (2017) 32GB (Refurbished) @ Argos eBay
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
With 12 months warranty.
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Great tv box.....great prices for 4K content


Better of buying the nvidia shield tv than this


Went out of stock 2 minutes after posting haha, so yes, agreed.


A good deal. They were only released in September last year so they should still have at least 6 months apple warranty, which can be extened. I managed to get one for £147.98 last year when the apple very offer was on.



Apple TV 4K 32GB - £164.59 this weekend @ BT Shop
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Apple TV 4K 32GB - £164.59 this weekend @ BT Shop
BT Shop have 10% off certain products this weekend when you use the code WEEKEND10 - including the Apple TV 4K 32GB. The Apple TV 4K 32GB is £179, making it £161.10 (+ £3.49 pos… Read more
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Depends what you want to do with it. I have an Nvidia shield TV but thinking about getting an ATV 4k because I want to build a digital library of 4k (and preferably DV) movies and Google Play Movies is an absolute horror show, content wise. I'm actually getting irritated by how long it is taking them to release a good number of movies in 4k hdr/dv. USA has a lot more choice but still not as much as iTunes. That being said, I do like the shield, particularly the ability to emulate old games.


Apple confirmed atmos support coming great device good range of 4K and searchable content across providers using Siri


Dont really know anything about the Nvidia shield but I would say that apple tv would appeal to anyone who buys or rents films/tv shows via iTunes as you can only view on apple devices or PC. Can you get iTunes on the shield? And can it playback 4K?


Apple TV 4K or Nvidia Shield TV? I’m really torn on which one to get, I would purely be using it for watching TV and general catchup, anyone have either of the two and could give me an insight into their pros and cons? Much appreciated


Although 4K blu ray players can be bought for cheaper, the current situation is that not all films available digitally are even available on disc in 4K (for example home alone and mrs doubtfire, I bought very cheap and not available on uhd discs) however this may change and be released on disc in the future. But I suppose the opposite may happen for some films which may get a disc release and no digital version but I see this being unlikely. Its ideal to have both platforms imo as apple now support amazon video too who also fo uhd downloads and rent/buy from the cheapest store.

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Apple TV 4th generation 32gb £43.50 instore TESCO
LocalLocalFound 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Apple TV 4th generation 32gb £43.50 instore TESCO
Apple TV Reduced to clear in my local Tesco bellshill £43.50 Keep an eye on your local store for these popping up as the stock range is being updated and old stock getting reduc… Read more

Nope, ‘fraid not


Was the Lisburn store.


Think it’s store specific, I had one left at a store near me for £87 still


Does this support android apps such as kodi


I think this deal is a load of old bellshill.

2015 Apple TV £59 Instore @ ASDA (Gillingham)
LocalLocalFound 10th JanFound 10th Jan
2015 Apple TV £59 Instore @ ASDA (Gillingham)
£59£12954%Asda Deals
Bought at Asda gillingham pier

Nope was a normal shelf sticker


£99 in my local. Reduced from 159. Did they have a special clearance sticker? As this one just has the normal 99£ shelf sticker.


Might be worth asking management as i know sometimes they keep high value stock in weird places


Ok cheers, all gone now I think, will have another look tomorrow


They were in the seasonal aisle there were 4

Apple TV 32gb £77 Asda instore
LocalLocalFound 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Apple TV 32gb £77 Asda instore
Asda clearance, check your local shops.
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Is this deal still live ??


Does Apple Music work on it


Excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge.... but in layman's terms .... how does this differ from a freeview box?


It's quite ironic that you said "Can the Firestick play my iTunes 4K library?" as an iTunes 4k movie isn't really yours is it? It's only yours to stream as long as you stay with an Apple device capable of playing it (anti competition people need to look at this) You cannot download it and take it with you if you decide to leave the ever shrinking Apple is it really, more upfront rented with caveats. Alas the item in this thread can't play 4k either, for that you need to spend at least another £100 over a Fire TV 4k for the 5th generation. With the £100+ saving you could actually buy (and own) plenty of 4k movies. I could mention the dozens of other things a Fire TV can do that an Apple TV can't such as Atmos sound, 4k you tube, Kodi, more catchup TV apps etc for less than half of the price but I'm not going to.


Well Amazon Fire 4K 3rd gen then.

Apple TV 4K 32GB £135.75 @ eglobal central
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Apple TV 4K 32GB £135.75 @ eglobal central
£135.75£17924%eGlobal Central Deals
2% CB Quidco. From what I can gather the following is available. Netflix 4k HDR plus Dolby vision iTunes 4k HDR plus Dolby vision Amazon 4k HDR 10 pcm stereo only BBC iPlayer HD … Read more



Is this likely to get hit by customs?


Just a general comment, I’m in Hong Kong today and I’ve had a good look round the city and been pricing some items and comparing against ECG. Basically they match Apple products but beat everything else I compared. I’ll be checking out duty free at the airport later tonight but not expecting any dramatic reductions.


ECG are based in Hong Kong and HK use the same plugs as the UK. I have bought three phones from them without issue. Use a credit card for protection under the Consumer Credit Act. Apple have international warranties on all their products except IPhones. Just been to the Apple store in HK and this is about the price they are selling them for. Unless you need it quickly this is a no brainer.


I'm now using Apple TV and also had a Shield. The apps on Apple TV do tend to work better, the general interface and voice search is way better on the Shield. I miss the ease of use of Youtube and the Plex server I used to use (I use MRMC which took alot of work to make work in a way I was happy with, mainly due to file naming). Also I had an issue where the Apple TV decided all content, interface or normal high definition was HDR. I figured out the best way to deal with this issue was to set the resolution to 4k 60mhz without HDR and turn on the option within the advanced settings menu so when it detected HDR content it switched modes. In effect my device now assumes everything is HD unless it detects HDR content, which is a much better work around. All in all I am please with the Apple TV box and I swore I'd never buy apply but Dom.McHugh is right, its probably the best streamer around compared to the competition, just expensive.

Refurbished Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB £119 @ Apple
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Refurbished Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB £119 @ Apple
£119£14920%Apple Deals
Refurbished with 1 year Apple Warranty, can be extended for another year for £26
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Fire tv stick is so much faster and better remote


Hmm... I bought one, still in warranty off eBay for £51. Admittedly, its not easy to get it that cheap, but they quite often go under for a chunk under £100. Unless its the 64GB or a 4k one, I'd expect to get it cheaper.


Oh that’s alright then. If it says so on the website it must be true :p


Toby Deals never heard of them in my life. (skeptical)


Check 1.9 on this

Apple TV 4th gen 32gb £89 @ Tesco Swansea
LocalLocalFound 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Apple TV 4th gen 32gb £89 @ Tesco Swansea
Brand:Apple Apple product line:Apple TV Apple TV product line:Apple TV (4th Gen) Supported services:NOWTV, Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, SkyNews Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Ethernet Ap… Read more

Anyone know if this is national


I have picked the last in llansamlet.


Which one llansamlet, cadel or marina


Bargain! Will keep an eye out locally for the parents to upgrade from the 3rd gen


No that’s the 5th gen

Apple TV 4K Box 32gb 159.30 64gb £177.30 at Groupon (with code)
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Apple TV 4K Box 32gb 159.30 64gb £177.30 at Groupon (with code)
As title, please use code GOODDEAL to get this price. This may be voted cold as expensive initial cost but the savings you can make with how cheap apple 4k hdr films are on iTunes … Read more


No, that’s only for local deals not goods!


Mine was sent next working day signed for delivery. I was surprised how quick it was, I did however have my tobys meal voucher from them not work which was embarrassing


Me too!!


Don't worry they would have cancelled your order anyway!

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller with Minecraft Apple TV Edition £40 save £30 - £39.95 @ Apple
LocalLocalFound 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller with Minecraft Apple TV Edition £40 save £30 - £39.95 @ Apple
Minecraft TV Edition is normally £19.99 on its own see SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller is… Read more
Apple TV 4th Generation (refurbished) £119 @ Apple
Found 10th Nov 2017Found 10th Nov 2017
Apple TV 4th Generation (refurbished) £119 @ Apple
Apple TV 4rth generation refurbished 32GB for £119 and 64GB for £139. Good deal considering the store price for anyone looking to upgrade. But stock is generally limited so better… Read more



Not to be confused with 4k, which is 5th generation

Apple TV 4th gen 32gb @ sainsburys instore (Preston) - £100
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
Apple TV 4th gen 32gb @ sainsburys instore (Preston) - £100
Apple TV reduced to clear in Sainsbury's preston currently £149 elsewhere. In store only

There was a couple and yeah sorry it was flintoff way


They upped the price of new rental movies to £5.50, the same as 4K ones. It is to get you to pay to upgrade, not buy old stuff like this.


The store on Flintoff Way? How many were left OP? Thanks


brilliant price - just wish it wasnt instore only!


Great device. Used daily. Netflix, amazon movies, now tv and games etc. Heat

APPLE TV 4th Generation 32gb £97 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 5th Oct 2017Found 5th Oct 2017
APPLE TV 4th Generation 32gb £97 instore @ Tesco
Very cheap for this device currently £149 on Apple website 2 left on the shelf at Tesco old swan Liverpool for £97
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I have the same and sending the display to the TV works great. I also use Now tv and it saves having another box or LG TV. I’m looking to buy another for the front room but the 4k version.


Saw this in tesco St Helens yesterday. Don't need it myself but have some heat.


£129 on Tesco website, also good for those that can’t find any stock in store.


for someone how left their ecosystem years ago you don’t half pop up a lot in Apple related threads. Maybe you miss it?


If this the only way I can stream from my iPhone to (not smart) tv

Apple TV Generation 4 64GB - £110 @ CEX
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Apple TV Generation 4 64GB - £110 @ CEX
Buy from Apple for £179 for 1 year warranty or from CEX for £110, we picked up brand three, two were brand new and sealed, third looked new, and CEX give a 2 year warranty.

A decent saving but the new model is likely only a month or two away. Also, if they have a 32GB with a similar saving, then get that, as you'll never need more memory


For a 4th gen good price and great spot. Hot from me 😁


🖕 apple haters! lol, happy Monday all


I think if you haven't bought into the apple family then there are better alternatives. The stream most iPhone/iPad app feature is good if you do have one. But then that's much like the Amazon dot/echo as without prime membership or audible then they're quite limited. Ultimately if it's a decent price then why not. As for cex I've had mixed but overall decent experiences with tech - bought a cpu and Xbox from them and they were clean and good function/condition. Slight blip of the use of tissue paper to wrap a cpu up - no box just tissue paper and anti static bag Only thing to watch is if you need to return as my brother bought some ram which was mislabeled as 2x4gb when in fact it was a lot of 4gb made of two sticks. I paid as my brother hadn't got a card on him. Once he realised the error he took it back and they refused to refund it without the original card. About a month later I finally got the ram off him (live in separate parts of the country and the shop was in another) and took it to the original shop and they would only part refund it due to market value decreasing in the meantime. Fine, follow a procedure but when you mess up the label then that shouldn't be used to punish a customer. Maybe just the Wakefield branch. Glasgow have been good - they guarantee games for two years and set you up an online receipt wallet do you can chuck the receipt if needed. Contrast to game and would you like disc insurance!


The 4th gen remote has voice input but I agree the buttons feel cheap and tacky. If you don't want app downloading then the 3rd gen does much of the same and is far cheaper.

Apple TV 4th gen 32Gb £91 Asda Llanelli
LocalLocalFound 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Apple TV 4th gen 32Gb £91 Asda Llanelli
Seen in Llanelli Asda, three remaining.

even better, picked mine up for £60!


Had a look in one of the Asda's in Edinburgh for this and they still had it marked up at the full price :(

Apple TV 32G 4th Gen - Tesco Greenock  £100
Found 30th Jul 2017Found 30th Jul 2017
Apple TV 32G 4th Gen - Tesco Greenock £100
OK so my third Tesco post this weekend but did think this may help someone. Tesco Greenock have 4th gen Apple TV for £100. Ticket (in white) on shelve says £111.20 (strange price?)… Read more

Why would you do it on an iPhone if you can just stream to tv?


All of this can be done through an iPhone, Apple TV just put it on a bigger screen haha


To watch their iTunes content, listen to music, stream content from a NAS, play games, watch trailers, do some shopping, watch football, tv learn some new recipes to cook. For example


why would anyone want an apple tv? what do they even do? I thought these would of died off a long time ago.


It was in my local Asda (Newton Mearns, Glasgow) a few weeks back for £85.

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller with Minecraft Apple TV Edition £39.95 @ Apple Store
Found 21st Jul 2017Found 21st Jul 2017
SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Game Controller with Minecraft Apple TV Edition £39.95 @ Apple Store
Original price from apple store £49.95 + £19.99 = £69.96 Now £39.95 , more than 40% off

Just received mine, so impressed with it on asphalt 8 thank you


They work a treat on the iPad Air and make games so much more playable. If you have an Apple TV, then you definitely should own an MFI game controller.


I bought this mainly for my AppleTV (Oceanhorn and Transistor :D). It works on iPhones (5 or later), iPads, and Apple TV (4th generation). Please bear in mind this is a MFi controller, it ONLY works on Apple advices.


Bought for £36 thanks to a student discount also.


£49.95 + £19.99 = £69.94! Does this thing really need Apple TV to be worth it?

Apple TV 32gb 4th Gen - Asda Cheltenham
Found 12th Jul 2017Found 12th Jul 2017
Apple TV 32gb 4th Gen - Asda Cheltenham
Latest Apple TV box reduced in store. personally I'd take a Now TV box over this but may be of interest to some.
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Posted in the other thread but I had a look in the main Asda in Edinburgh and they had it marked up at full price :(


Sell me your Apple TV then :) You're talking specs, the interface of Shield is awful.


So do I..... it's like black and white, the shield is a 100 times better in every respect. ATV has no decent games and the app store is bare. The shield is 4k @ 60hz and has lots of decent apps and games. The shield supports Kodi out of the box and runs it faultlessly even at 4K. Even apple biased reviews put it ahead. Mine is sitting gathering dust is just not used. #differentleague


Completely the opposite of this ^ I have both


Got one off eBay for £70, picture is awesome never buffers played bowling on it works really well

Apple TV 32gb 4th gen £111.20 instore @ Tesco Gateshead
LocalLocalFound 28th Jun 2017Found 28th Jun 2017
Apple TV 32gb 4th gen £111.20 instore @ Tesco Gateshead
Found this in Tesco in Gateshead but got told it was national but you can't take their word for it but Apple TV 32gb 4th gen reduced to £111.20 from £139
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