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Nextbase 612GW 4K Dash Cam £124 @ Halfords
Updated 3 h, 39 m agoLast updated 3 h, 39 m ago by ian18
Nextbase dash cam 612gw, £124 only
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Just this one. Old model as well. The x22 is the new range, whereas x12 is old.


The 522 was only released a couple of months ago.


Is this reliability issue for all nextbase or just this model?


I’ve had a couple of 522s for well over a year now. I haven’t bothered with the app so can’t comment on it - I always just pop the SD card out if I want to download images. The cameras have both been reliable with no overheating and the images are good.


I've got the 522GW and had it 3-4 weeks now (Halfords hardwired). The cam itself is pretty good to be honest. Nice clear pictures, simple to use, neatly tucked away behind the rear view mirror and not bad for £ Vs features. The downside, is the app which is horrific so I'd imagine all NextBase cams will utilise it. - poor connection - incredibly slow at downloading files. - 1 minute file = 200mb. - Disconnects all the time

Nextbase series 2 hardwire kit - £14 (Prime) £18.49 (Non Prime) @ Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Updated 20th JulLast updated 20th Jul by blindmansden
Description The Nextbase Dash Cam Hardwire Kit allows you to install your In Car Camera permanently into your vehicle. This Nextbase hardwire kit is a simple "plug and play" solut… Read more

Same in my car my dash cam keeps freezing & I have to keep restoring it to factory settings it’s hard wired with back camera fitted


Interesting, thanks XD


Worth a try - Thanks :D . Fitted the rear one myself when I saw how easy it was so plenty of room under the headlining to hide it if necessary .


https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/amp/p/products/7740632/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_Passive_Components_MOB-_-Ferrite_Cores%7CFerrite_Sleeves-_-PRODUCT_GROUP&matchtype=&pla-394211284716&s_kwcid=AL!7457!3!319514065143!!!g!394211284716!&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw67XpBRBqEiwA5RCocdR2brX3nPxqnbVtaJqyO7iHr48miYDTAetbVOu8Qw3Ykc981qrkpRoC-4QQAvD_BwE For £1.20 it's worth a try. Instructions with current fitting kit say 20cm away from camera is optimal but if that's into your roof lining you could always try next to the camera?


I think someone told me about that (ferrous something they called it ) . When It started happening I thought it was because the power line runs alongside the aeriel ( I have a 1 series BMW and the power comes from the fusebox in the boot alongside the rear radio aerial and under the headlining to the dashcam by the mirror . Must look into it when I have a bit of time . Halfords fitted it about 2 years ago and there was no magnet in the fitting kit then .

YI Compact 1080p Dash Cam / Wi-Fi / 130° WDR Lens / G-Sensor / Night Vision £23.75 Delivered Sold by Seeverything UK & FBA
Updated 20th JulLast updated 20th Jul by MaximusRo
One of the lowest, if not THE lowest this model has been. It's 1080p at 30fps but at this price point that seems fair. Has a 2.7" LCD on the rear and connects via WI-fi. To get th… Read more

If you use these for security, how can one record, a cloud service or something?


As this is the first time I've replied to you, you seem a bit confused as to whom you are speaking to (I'm not alchemist1883....) iPhone covers are all based around some variation of an elastomer, if you imagine you are getting a totally different product when you spend £30 on a hipster branded version then maybe you don't understand the product engineering or the marketing. Again with the batteries? You've got to be the only person on earth who cares if their dashcam has a battery or not. I'm pretty sure a car battery would be good for a whole week of 24/7 recording, and your fabled Nextbase battery, about 30 minutes? Whatever... You are confusing an appreciation of quality with your own inability to justify your opinion about something or how to determine the value of a product. Sure, go buy that bottle of Cristal Champagne for $34K and then tell us we just don't appreciate it... lol


Quite agree but the full hd I have on my PC is much better


Please can anyone suggest a good ad card for this? Thanks in advance.


You're like an old spin dryer. Like flogging a dead horse. As far as I'm concerned buying a 99p cover for an iPhone is ridiculous but some people just don't understand quality. Such as not understanding how cheap batteries go down in the real world. Bad hold, dangerous, but nevermind, like I said, some people don't understand quality on some things you shouldn't scrape the bottom of the barrel

Nextbase 312G Dash Cam 1080P - £49.95 ebay  velocityelectronics
Updated 19th JulLast updated 19th Jul by littleone
The Nextbase 312G features GPS to record important location and speed data for your Dash Cam. This means you can track your journey on Google Maps and pinpoint exactly where an inc… Read more
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Can l connect this to the back camera ?


Was looking at this, just wondering if i took it to halfords with the hardwire kit would they fit in for me.


It does not have battery. It does have a capacitor.


Ye i do pi ssed me of so much i hardwired it


Does anyone else find that after an hour battery low keeps coming up if not on constant charge?

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YI Dash Cam 1080p 60fps, 165° Wide Angle Car DVR Dashboard Camera £31.20 Sold by Seeverything UK and Fulfilled by Amazon Prime Exclusive
Updated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by HerefordCiderApples
Just saw this pop up on Amazon, might be worth shelling the extra few quid over the 30fps one. ========================================================== FHD HIGH-SPEED RECORD… Read more

I just can't see how a Truck can be brake checking you, going 70 faster than you. It just doesn't make sense to me. If a truck was in front of you doing 70 and tapping his brakes, you must also be doing 70 and for the footage to fail he would need to be doing 140. As all trucks are restricted to 56, you would be going 14 more than his top speed and literally pushing his bumper to override his speed limiter.


Seems pretty straightforward to me. You were talking about crashes. Not sure why you think all aspects of needing a camera relate to crashes


Lost me there Chap I'm afraid


Not every piece of idiotic driving results in a crash. Brake tested by a truck isn't good driving is it. But no way to prosecute if the number plate is unreadable


The recordings seem good quality.

Nextbase 612GW 4K Dash Cam £111.60 w/code @ Halfords
Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th JulUpdated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by dineshsivakumar
Update 1
Now £111.60 w/code SAVE10
Market leading price for this well reviewed 4K dashcam. Nextbase 612GW 4K Dash Cam Please note: That to enable the 4k Ultra HD Resolution feature you will need to purchas… Read more

I got the 522gw. These are cameras are good it’s the software that are buggy. My WiFi still doesn’t work and Alexa feature is a hit or miss


What about the 522gw is that better?


I want a dashcam for parking only. Any ideas? I'm worried this could kill my car battery.


The x1x is an old range. Best avoided now


The 412 on the nextbase line up could be the sweet spot at under £100 when on offer and 1080p 60fps. Not sure if any of the other nextbase models can do that

Roav DashCam S1 Full HD 1080p 60fps NightHawk Vision - Amazon Prime Day £74.99
Updated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by NewForestMonkeyBrains
Tried posting similar before and it didn’t do too great, but I bought similar one of this and it’s brilliant. Picture is crystal clear day or night and they are really easy to use.… Read more

Currently -57° for what is a good dash cam. I'd be interested why the cold votes as I'm likely to buy one?. I've got the previous model and that's good. Maybe there's a better deal or dash cam elsewhere, hence the votes. Thanks OP for your time for posting this, I'm voting hot.

Free £79  forward facing PC 106 Dashcam  When You Buy 2 or More Michelin Tyres @ KwikFit - also code for extra 10% off
Updated 8th JulLast updated 8th Jul by buster1990
Kwik Fit arenot the cheapest by some way, however with the 10% off code and the free dashcam, this works out pretty good.

I ordered 3 Michelin tyres when this promo was running they were reasonable priced at £2 per tyre more expensive than else were but with this free dashcam made it worth it BUT... over a month after putting in my claim for the dashcam still received nothing! Emailed them and got a response back saying the promotion was extremely popular please allow 28 days for delivery. It’s been well over 28 days!


They could give away free gold bars and I still wouldn’t use these con merchants.


I use to work for them and wouldn’t buy a dust cap from them. Thanks but no thanks.


Haven’t we all! I refuse to use them now.


Thanks this sounds good. I have been bitten by kwick fit before so never use them. However if you know your prices and it all seems ok then why not. Heat given.

Nextbase 312G Dash Cam 2.7" LED Car Recorder Night Vision - £45 inc P+P, Ebay @  velocityelectronics
Updated 5th JulLast updated 5th Jul by tommybrawley
Saw this on the front page on ebay, thought I'd try it out. Though the casing seems quite plasticky and the screen is just Ok- the image quality of the recording is pretty good. G… Read more
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I see reading is not your strong point ! no solicitor necessary! I beat them easily and would again ! I think you are a Rozzer as you produce evidence thats not there !


I hadn't realised they were still selling the Yi, last I looked (back in April) it was no longer available. To give you a comparison, I have the Yi 60fps in my MR2 roadster. The quality isn't as good as the SJ4000 in the family wagon (even though that only does 30fps) and I seem to be having major DAB interference problems since hard wiring, but the app on the Yi is much better than the SJCAM one. My mum (also has an MR2) wanted a dashcam, I fitted the 412GW. The parking mode was a waste of time (every time you open or shut the car door it created a write-protected file and fast fills up the card from what I can tell), but for her as someone not techy, it seemed an OK bit of kit and the video was better than my Yi.


What accident?? Who mentioned accident? Oh, I did and then you decided to join in with some lefty speech on how all police are corrupt and how you are a bad driver and how you would destroy the evidence...need I go on...? You missed the point so much you might as well be driving on the moon 😁 Drive carefully or you may have to sell your sole to afford a decent lawyer.


And again you mention an accident ! I never mentioned accident as i’d be more than happy to hand over my dashcam over an accident ! Just wanted to point out the type of person you are, you bring some point into an argument the other person never mentioned, And the point is to make me look in humane to belittle my post, No point in mentioning anything else to you or to argue any of your other comments as its just not resonating with you at all ! your not a conscious being (annoyed)


So if you think you would have the awareness and capability to search for and hide your cards you have never been in or seen a serious accident. I think in reality you'd be more concerned about living than scrambling around trying to hide any incriminating evidence. And not all police are bent...have you not seen line of duty?

Nextbase 312G 1080p Dash Cam £39.96 delivered with code @ Ebay / velocityelectronics
Updated 5th JulLast updated 5th Jul by Sulphur.Man
Enter code PURE20 at checkout/payment stage, brand new/packaged. The Nextbase 312G features GPS to record important location and speed data for your Dash Cam. This means you can… Read more

I do. And thanks for calling me ‘Sire’


Sire, i beta you stick religiously toall speed limits, even the 20mph on dual carriageway that we have in London


Try the viofo a129 duo. An excellent camera


I'm a complete novice when it comes to dashcams. Was looking at the 70mai Pro which is 1944p compared to this one which is 1080p...can anyone recommend which one is better in quality?


Thanks - not sure why my original comment about looking forward to sending video evidence of people using mobile phones whilst driving, was deleted (confused) ... Are HUKD not interested in safety and law?

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam £107 with code at Halfords
Updated 3rd JulLast updated 3rd Jul by pivcio
Best price I have found for this dashcam to date comes to 107 with FLASH1 Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam 1440p HD resolution at 30fps. 1080p at 60fps Supports up to 128GB microSD card… Read more

Just mind that you will need U3 sd card when connecting rear camera to it


What app are people using to view


Yep. I went for that. Total cost was £131.60.


OP you should also add the Rear cam as part of the optional extra deal. The cheapest so far was about £131 but this makes about £129. Cheapest yet! But don't talk about the halfords fitting service because apparently they butcher cars.


Cheers @Mugginz Yeah, the fitter didn't have the best customer service skills however, he did fit it perfectly. Very best job. Glad it's not just me re:slow transfer. Cheers (y)

Nextbase DUO HD – Full 1080p Front & Back Dual Lens DVR In-Car Dash Cam - 140° Viewing Angle£129.95 Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon
Updated 2nd JulLast updated 2nd Jul by DealDog
Erm it's dash cam.... Looks like the cheapest price around 1080p HD recording Twin cameras GPS speed and location logging Wi-Fi enabled Powered magnetic Click & Go mount… Read more

Heads up the price gone up by £10 squids


Not expire date, but like all Amazon stuff.. when demand goes up so does the price :D


When does this offer expire?


I prefer go for 1440p. Such as 422GW or 522GW


Great camera, position just behind rear view mirror. Films all perfectly, if it’s in the middle of your windscreen then help is available. Hope this helps YW

Nextbase Dash Cam 112, 720p HD - £27.99 @ John Lewis & Partners with 2 YR WARRANTY.
Updated 2nd JulLast updated 2nd Jul by ruheluddin86
Nextbase Dash Cam 112, 720p HD I know this has been posted at this price at other retailers, however John Lewis give a 2 year warranty. The standard warranty is 12 months I beli… Read more

Are these any good???


Selling on amazon £29.95 with emergency car kit & free prime delivery https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nextbase-112-Dash-Emergency-Car-Black/dp/B07D8X12RK/ref=asc_df_B07D8X12RK/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310679368228&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12254181447913035469&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046875&hvtargid=pla-595365065016&psc=1


No ,they ll send you prepaid return labels ,which can be used to return to the same pickup point or use Royal Mail to drop off .thank you


Might as well do click and collect for free as you'll have to go in to store to return one anyway?


It is but you do not get the 2 yr warranty I don’t think, so worth paying the £3.50 delivery for the extra 12 months warranty

Nextbase 112 720p HD Dashcam - £27.99 @ Rymans (free store delivery)
Refreshed 23rd JunRefreshed 23rd JunUpdated 29th JunLast updated 29th Jun by ruheluddin86
Available in-store and online (£40 spend to get free home delivery or free to store). Base model from this well known manufacturer. . 720p HD camera . 2inch LED screen . 120 Degr… Read more

Link to YI dash n memory card please?


Hardwired from?


Since bought a similar priced YI dash cam from Amazon and its worked flawlessly over a year period. This dashcam has been reduced for a reason!


Awful dash cam...I had two of these, the first one failed after a couple of months, the replacement unit was bricked after a similar time. It also misses chunks of a journey! and yes I was using a very quick micro sd card.


Score of 50% by Which, when reviewed November 2016, with a price of £39.99. Pros: Small and cheap. Cons: Poor footage all round.

Nextbase 112 Dashcam with car emergency kit, £29.95 - Sold by iZilla and Fulfilled by Amazon
Updated 28th JunLast updated 28th Jun by stealth666
Nextbase 112 dashcam and car emergency kit
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I got a ten quider once, worked ok for a week... had one of these for a couple of years, then bought the Yi dash cams..


You sure, my £4 wish camera is probably better than this according to some of the reviews


Ideal entry level camera, forget them 10 quid jobs from ebay...


£27.99 on john lewis with 2 yrs guarantee but no free delivery or emergency car kit

Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam GPS 1440p Full HD Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa | £95.20 using code @ Halfords eBay / Velocityelectronics eBay
Updated 27th JunLast updated 27th Jun by devilsadv0cate
First time I've seen this model available at sub £100! Purchase form either Halfords or Velocityelectronics eBay store (both currently priced at £119) and then apply the 'PURE20'… Read more



https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/forums/522gw.302/ Reviews don't look too good


Can these only achieve 60 frame per second if you step the resolution down to 1080p?


I almost posted but imho it’s worth going for the Halfords offer (or comparing the cost with rear camera) as you can get half price rear camera direct from Halfords. I messaged their eBay account and the reply was a quoted message of the offers are different blah blah


Ooh, that's good news then, cheers (y)

YI Dash Cam Full HD 1080P, Mini In-Car £22.99 / YI Compact Dash Cam £23.99 @ YI official store dispatch by amazon
Updated 27th JunLast updated 27th Jun by Robbo11
YI Dash Cam Full HD 1080P, Mini In-Car £22.99 / YI Compact Dash Cam £23.99 @ YI official store dispatch by amazon
£22.99£39.9943%Amazon Deals
Compact cam £23.99
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It's a good job you didn't buy the Yi 2.7k ultra dash cam I bought my wife 6 months ago then as it is far more of a faff to dismount and mount than the silver Yi. That is because it screws, rather than slots, into the sucker mount assembly so it a right pain to remove and mount it each time. The easier option is to take the whole thing, including the sucker mount, off the windscreen but either way, you still have to readjust the view every time you put it back on. It is such a pain that she now just leaves it permanently connected on the windscreen and never removes it. No one has so far tried to steal it anyway but in my opinion it is preferable to leave it permanently mounted and risk it being stolen than risk it not being there on the one day she might need it in the event of an accident.


FIRMWARE I have been informed by Yi support that there is no firmware update, these have the latest firmware already installed. I am just supplying this info to save others looking for updates, (y)


Price gone back up again, every time I think about it, it goes back up. I need 4, for front and back of 2 cars.


I believe you have to copy the new firmware from your PC on to the memory card and then on to the dashcam.


My Yi mini dash cam arrived yesterday, looks like a very good dash cam, had it up and running on my desk with a powerbank to check out the settings and quality of the footage, which I am very impressed with, obviously we are all more interested in what it is like in daily use on the road. Firmware The hand book says update the firmware before installing and that it will check as soon as it is connected to the WIFI, but from my take on the wifi it only connects to the mobile/app, so I'm not sure how this can work. My Firmware out of the box V-1.02.02b - US Has anyone updated the firmware and if so how did you do it, and what is the latest firmware? Thanks

Halfords Black Friday deals NOW LIVE Carrera Hellcat bike £255, 200pc Advanced socket set £135, Audi TT / Fiat 500 ride ons £75
Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Updated 26th JunLast updated 26th Jun by Chris_Muriel
Halfords Black Friday deals NOW LIVE Carrera Hellcat bike £255, 200pc Advanced socket set £135, Audi TT / Fiat 500 ride ons £75
Now live instore and on the website Heads up - Halfords Black Friday deals are going live from tomorrow at 8am (16th) online and in store a week early and won't go lower on the Bl… Read more

Luckily, my weight varies between 75-76.5 Kg


Why couldnt they put lockout forks on the hellcat :(


Good deal for the spec although Cube rider weight limits are much lower than Carrera. Carrera are rated to 160kg total weight (120kg just for the rider alone). Cube are rated to 115kg total weight. A 45kg difference. Basically as you can imagine the Carrera frames are very strong but a bit heavier on average. Good bikes for the less fit and overweight getting back into cycling. Cube's are I guess slightly lighter on average a bit more performance orientated but don't allow for such heavy riders. 115kg minus bike weight, riders clothes, accessories fitted to the bike, anything you are carrying (backpack etc) might mean a max rider weight of 85-95kg in real terms on the Cube. I only mention it as 82kg is the average weight of men in the UK and many return to cycling for the purpose of losing weight due to piling on the pounds over the years.


Not bad for the price.


Shame the Voodoo Bokor isn't back in this sale. I should have bought it a month ago when it was cheap. :(

NEXTBASE 522GW Quad HD Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa & NBDVRS2RWC Quad HD Rear View Dash Cam Bundle - £144 @ Currys
Updated 26th JunLast updated 26th Jun by dinmk2
Product information Record your journeys with the Nextbase 522GW Quad HD Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa & NBDVRS2RWC Quad HD Rear View Dash Cam Bundle. __________________________… Read more
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Viofo a129 duo records both front and rear in 1080p. Cheaper too. Great cam.


Can anyone who has fitted one of these tell me if they get any interference with the Dab reception once the rear cam is fitted? Cheers..




All in store?

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