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YI Dome Guard Indoor AI-Powered 1080p Security Camera for £17.82 (£14.31 for new users, using code) @ AliExpress Deals / yi Official Store
Posted 1 h, 34 m agoPosted 1 h, 34 m agoShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Great price for a FHD Yi camera that has an AI motion alert system and also capable of motion tracking up to 10sec and 355° Price includes VAT and comes with an EU plug. Collect t… Read more

As in comes with one, or can take one? The fixed view ones of this range have a card.


Anything similar spec with a memory card guys?


You have to pay for basic features in the app (mad)


100% negative :(


What could possibly go wrong? (zombie)

YI Smart 1080p Wifi Home Indoor Security Camera £15.54 Delivered @ AliExpress / Yi Official Store
12/06/2021Expires on 12/06/2021Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 7 h, 11 m agoPosted 7 h, 11 m ago
Back down in price. The camera comes with EU charger, but USB powered so this can be easily swapped out. Shipping from China, and Vat included in price. FULL HD RESOLUTION WIT… Read more

More or less but it's not perfect especially if u want to put it in the corner under ceiling. I went for 2 shells for about £10 from Ali


Question, does it work with the XIAOMI MiHome APP?


Or you want to burgle him and are checking where he's hidden it (ninja)




Can you share a photo of your setup? I want to buy one but concerned about cable looking a right mess.

YI Outdoor Camera 1080p Home Security Surveillance IP Wifi Bullet Camera IP65 Waterproof (2021) £37.49 Sold by Seeverything UK & FB Amazon
TODAYTODAYPosted 11th MayPosted 11th May
YI OUTDOOR 1080P AI + CAMERA: YOUR RELIABLE WEATHER-PROOF GUARDIAN IS NOW EVEN SMARTER! New version with integrated Artificial Intelligence chip Rain or shine, hot or cold, day or… Read more

With the app disabled via the hacked firmware, do you find you have to reconnect them to WiFi any time they lose power? I have a couple of indoors yi cams, with the m-star variant of the hacked firmware. Every time they lose power I have to scan the QR code to reconnect them, and haven't found a way around this


If the camera is installed at a decent height then it greatly reduces the chances, can also replace the screws with security screws, or if no other option and it's fitted quite low I have seen them used with a steel cage type cover that protects the camera not only from theft but also other damage. You will also get a 6 sec clip of the incident stored to the cloud for free.


Got one of these last year, warning, the nut that hold it breaks really easy - water gets in, it freezes and cracks the nut rendering it useless. I luckily had something similar and cut it off then glued/screwed it on this, still works fine but if I hadn't had the spare bit it would have been binned. They are good, but are a bit of fun getting to link up to wifi sometimes, well, most times. Once it's connected fine, but getting it to connect.....


I've had several Yi camera's for well over 6 years now and never had a corrupted card.


Or the card gets corrupted

Arlo Pro3 Wireless Home Security Camera System CCTV, Wi-Fi £194.99 Amazon
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Just noticed that Arlo are going crazy with offers on their new lines!!!! Found the Arlo Pro3 with 30% off: Arlo pro 3 offers AND finally some cracking deals also on the Arlo … Read more

I've had Arlo's for years and upgraded when the Pro's came out. They're awful for the cost. Mainly the app is the problem. Often won't connect or says offline when they aren't. Also the speaking facility, where you can talk and listen to a visitor has never worked, it has massive lags. That's with a fast fibre optic broadband and good 5g phone connection. It's always been the same. Much better and much cheaper options available, especially if you don't need them to be self powered (the only reason I have them)


Great wit but for One camera?....Nah!!!


hehehe - I wish I could take credit - but really funny... (ninja)


“I am always monitoring this” - I see what you did there ;)

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eufy 1080P Indoor security camera with Wi-Fi, human and pet AI, works with voice assistants for £25.19 delivered @ Anker Direct / Amazon
292° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Click the voucher on page to get 30% off this indoor security camera from eufy - Anker's home brand. Gets good reviews, but is only 1080p so resolution might not as high as you m… Read more

No worries (y)


Very kind, but I'm ok :) Thanks!


I purchased 2, but have decided to send one back. If you want it PM me.


Added the voucher, said it was valid until 16th. I was too long in checking out and it vanished so I guess they stopped it.


must be account specific as i cant see and discount, full whack for me sadly.

ANNKE C800 4K 8MP PoE IP Turret Security Camera - £61.19 Sold by Smart Home Brand Store and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
I have a few of these now and they are great value, only real downside I have found is the lower frame rate when running 4K. Latest version has audio. Can be flashed with HikVisi… Read more

Because you say it doesn't make it a fact. To try and help you I have posted below a extract from a security camera websites showing the megapixel size of 4k cameras 8MP = 4k full frame with a resolution 3840 x 2160 giving 8,294,400 pixels 6MP = not a standard but normally a resolution of 3840 x 1660 giving 6,144,000 pixels The amount of pixels within screens has taken a giant step forward with 2K and 4K resolutions. Industry standards typically represent the 2K Extreme HD pixel ratio as 2048 x 1536 and 4K Ultra HD as 4096 x 2160. If we take the later it gives a resolution of 8,847,360 but still referred to as an 8mp camera. If you want to work it out multiply the pixel width by the pixel depth. I think you may be confusing Megapixels (MP) with Kbps which measures the data transfer of the camera. Kbps Stands for "Kilobits Per Second." 1 Kbps is equal to 1,000 bits per second. That means a 300 Kbps connection can transfer 300,000 bits in one second. 1,000 Kbps is equal to 1 Mbps. Kbps is primarily used to measure data transfer rates.


I know, all them shops are wrong selling 4k 12mp cameras. But you are right and will always be right....


No it isn't as 4K is 8MP.


The C800 has a max frame rate of 12.5fps. Your comment stating 4k video is 12mp is wrong, its actually 8mp. For clarity, I plugged in a C800 and here is a snap shot of the fps options at 4k It's a good enough camera just not as good as the previous version which was metal and had more software control.