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Save £5 on your first month of Shadow Tech Boost Subscription!
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Enter discount code "ILOVESHADOW" at the preorder checkout screen and it'll reduce the monthly bill from £14.99 to £9.99 for your first month ONLY!

Nice find @ABearCalledYodel365 ; thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals (y)


Ah my apologies I read that incorrectly. I only switched because I started off signing up on the NL site in Jan which was instant activation, then switched to Paris so I could be billed in GBP. Their support could do with improvement. I reported some node CPU issues in Amsterdam and they just didn't understand the issue. Usually when you rent servers, the technical support are server specialists.


nah, my issue is that activations for Paris are delayed as they're having trouble buying storage I think. asked support if I could be activated in Amsterdam instead but they said the only option was to cancel & sign up again at the back of the queue. pretty lame if you ask me and I'd already been waiting 6 weeks at that point.


I started on Amsterdam, moved to Paris. No real difference in latency if that's your issue.


check their forums for more accurate activation dates. I was in a preorder queue for about 6 weeks as I selected the French datacenter and they have issues with their equipment there. asked to be moved to Amsterdam instead, they said no so I cancelled. only wanted it share some local mp games via parsec!

£4 free Google Play credit for Select Google One members
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Just had an email from Google with £4 free credit for being a One subscriber. Worth checking your accounts.
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Got this this week myself. Will come in handy to pay for the extra drive storage


Thanks op, just checked emails and got one


I had this last week.


Nope not on mine


Thanks OP...

40% cash back on Dropbox up to £50 with American Express Rewards
76° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Just seen this in my Amex offers, 40% statement credit up to £50 when purchasing a Dropbox subscription. Would bring the price of 1 year of “plus” down to £57.53.
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OK now tell me how much you estimate the cost of 2TB worth of redundant storage, a host to run on (ideally duplicated at separate locations), maintenance + electricity plus your time to both set up and maintain is worth.... I'd be surprised if you had any change left over for £57.73 per year. I agree for some people, they may already have some costs already covered but for the majority it stacks up, at least in my eyes...


I tell you what, recently I want it to backup 30gb of data (which is a tiny fraction) on another premises, and I was annoyed by all the services that exists out there. And I want it a FOSS solution, I came across syncthing which is much easier to use than Nextcloud Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but for me without spending a penny ( apart from leaving a small PC running for synchronization), it is a much better alternative than Dropbox, especially if I have to pay ££/m.


Great saving if you were planning to subscribe anyways!


Do you know of a free (or cheaper) way of getting 2 TB of off-site data, a decent sync client (I'm scowling at you, OneDrive) and feature's such as on demand file download (aka unsync or local file headers only) with no real hassle of maintenance or upkeep costs? For some people the convenience makes it worth while...


More space, More devices, Team sharing. Just a few of the features that a paid account gets you.

Huawei Y6p 3GB 64GB Smartphone + Free Huawei Band 3e & Huawei Speaker + 6 Months Huawei Music & 15GB Cloud Data - £129.99 delivered @ Huawei
249° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Good freebies here £20 cheaper on amazon with no freebies 6.3 inch Huawei Dewdrop display 5000 mAh Powerful Battery 13 MP Triple Camera 3 + 64 GB Large Storage Fingerpr… Read more

Finally, huawei music (lol) They had to throw all these freebies in to even make this trash phone worth buying, mediocre specs for the price and no gms, why even bother, Just get any other Kirin 710 Huawei or a range of better phones on the market



Coupled with Huawei zapping anything that dares even run in the background, this should last you 2 weeks off a full charge Please note: This comment may not actually be true


Don't be a silly Billy pants man. XD


Decent size battery on this at 5000mah. Wow

Huawei Y5p 2GB/32GB + Free Band 3e / Mini Speaker - 6 months Huawei Music + 12 months cloud storage £74.99 Delivered @ Huawei
57° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Good price for the budget Y5p + a free gift, either a Band 3e or a Huawei mini speaker. Regardless of the gift you choose, you'll also get 6 months access to Huawei music and 12 m… Read more

This is a lot for the money. Huawei seems to be offering a few phones with extras. Pity there's no Google apps but I'd love to know how Huawei's alternatives work on it.


Also worth noting that it probably wont get googles covid notifications tool which my MiA1 added yesterday after an update Tools> Google > Covid


Sure - it's a bargain, but with not google app store.


Good price for those that want a cheap way to test out Huawei mobile services, heated Bonus of a free watch as well, bargain.

Huawei P40 lite £199.99 with Huawei Band 4, Huawei 6 months Music + 12 months 15GB Huawei Cloud Storage @ Huawei
765° Expired
Refreshed 19th JunRefreshed 19th Jun
Update 1
Now live
Afternoon folks :) From tomorrow 19th June, Huawei will have the P40 lite for just £199.99 plus you'll get Huawei 6 months Music + 15GB Huawei Cloud Storage for 12 months all for … Read more

Do you have any links to how to guides for this for newbies?


Has this expired?


Is the camera better then the iphone 11?


Being better than the iPhone is exactly why Trump is playing stupid games. They're a threat to US commercial interests.


Very nice specs but if no Google Mobile Services, no thanks. I would rather buy a lower spec phone that does have it.

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Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 3-Camera System £194.99 Amazon
236° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
3 camera system on price drop at Amazon. Free delivery. Get peace of mind with this versatile indoor/outdoor wire-free camera that features 2 years of battery life, 2-way audio, c… Read more

Which one goes with Alexa and which with google or Apple device with customers and partners


I use mine with the echo show and it’s great, I sat show front camera, back camera or indoor camera and it’s shows instantly. The schedule is useless for me as I need to schedule each camera and blink doesn’t support that which is the only downfall for me.


Can 1 of these transmit straight to a phone or tablet ? I'm wanting a camera pointing out from the front of my sailing boat that will show on my device where I steer from, as sometimes the sails get in the way of looking forward. If this won't then what would someone recommend? I have 12v supply on board, but obviously no internet. I'd rather not set up a hotspot if possible.


The PIR range is only 20 foot, around that and over and it won't trigger the camera to record. Edit: realised you are talking about WiFi distance (lol)


Christmas sales, we brought echo show and hoping that it can work seamlessly with Blink XT2. We were hoping to see notification and eventually who at the front door on echo show. Despite strong wifi, Blink XT2 are too slow to be useful. It is possible to view camera picture via echo show but latency are just too much. The latest update of Blink app let you do the schedule arm/disarm camera which we find very useful. Blink also linked with IFTTT so it is very flexible. [before we have Echo Show, we set up 'Good night' routine with Google Assistance which work very well] Overall it is a good product but dont hope too much with Echo Show.


Thanks, I checked again and the app is fully updated. Under Settings> System Settings - Home > Scheduling, there's only one global schedule available in the app. There's no mention of this in the App change log on the website, and people on Blink forums are still asking for this update. The only way to do this apparently is to have two sync modules, one for each camera as in these instructions! You can of course manually arm or disarm cameras individually. If you have an update that allows you to set scheduling for individual cameras off a single sync module, please do share the version of the App that permits this. Mine is 6.0.12 and there are no further updates available on the Play store.


Any particular ones that you recommend on android and iOS?


No, you can view on Android/IOS apps too


I'd check your updates, you can individually schedule cameras to arm and disarm now.


Can this only be viewed on a echo show?

BLINK XT2 Full HD 1080p WiFi Security System Outdoor / Indoor - 1 Camera + FREE Cloud Storage £84.99 using code @ Ebay / Currys PC World
426° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Really nice price on a well reviewed security system/camera. (see Argos reviews here ) Use code PANORAMA at basket If looking for just a single add on camera, i.e you already… Read more

Its a visual deterrent still which I guess is all you get from any camera. I havent seen many burglars who go out with their face on display.


Returned both v1 and v2 last year. Software issues and v2 wasn't even sold in the UK for a while after the US launch. Very cheap if you want to experiment with it as a gadget, just don't rely on this for real security. Lots of negative in-depth reviews online. Next in line to test this year: Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor


Just ordered mine today from Amazon for £75.


Bought a couple of weeks back for £75 on Amazon..


Nope, these are cloud based only no SD card compatability. No idea on encryption

40% Cashback (max cashback £50) on Dropbox via American Express (Account Specific)
28/11/2020Expires on 28/11/2020Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
If you have this offer on your card and you use Dropbox, get it. 40% cashback (maximum 50 pounds). Valid until 28/11/2020
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Irrelevant comment re the promo in question isn't it? It may not be accepted in some places but your VISA will not give you 40% off Dropbox right now as well.


So true and such a pain. I had to pick up work-doo bills on many occasions as my company Amex (or any Amex) was not accepted. Amex’s business model was based on businesses (and people who thought it was some kind of status to have an Amex) receiving a rebate on spend but Amex just passed this onto the retailers - hence why so many places don’t take it. The model might have changed now but there are still loads of places that say “No”


Amex is still not accepted at many places, regardless of the hordes here rushing to defend them. Everyone I know that owns an Amex card also carries a second card be it a visa or mastercard.


Quite an assumption you are making about my dining habits there! For the record it wasn’t the chip shop or the off license - it was the kebab shop on the corner and the burger van in the lay-by on the A43! As I say, not accepted many places! (lol) (lol) Seriously though, myself and the 400+ sales people we employed complained like crazy about the acceptance of our Amex cards. We had the green cards but it was a general statement of not accepting Amex. It wasn’t everywhere but really frustrating when it happened - you soon get into the patter of asking the restaurants when you make the reservations.


Yup, that's a good shout.

Blink Indoor Camera System | with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-year Battery free Cloud Storage | 3-Camera Kit £149.99 / 5 Camera £217.49
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Blink Indoor Camera System | with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-year Battery free Cloud Storage | 3-Camera Kit £149.99 / 5 Camera £217.49
£149.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
The Blink indoor range has been slashed as well with 3 camera for £149.99 and 5 camera system for £217.49

Argos have the two kit for £150 I believe.


Why expired? Still available.

Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage & hub £74.99 or 5 x 15 p/m @ Amazon
216° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage & hub £74.99 or 5 x 15 p/m @ Amazon
£74.99£99.9925%Amazon Deals
Sold and fulfilled by Amazon. £74.99 or 5 monthly payments of £15. Features & details: Extended battery life - 2-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combi… Read more
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Glad it seems to be working so far for you Mario and you’re happy with it. I have 4 running off of one sync via a mesh system and it does everything I need it to. I even have one about 30 feet from the house, in the shed with no issue.


I got mine as well - very easy to set up. I have to say for the money I’m very impressed so far. Picture quality is good and motion sensors seem a good option for what I need. I got the one camera system (y)


Happy with mine also. I have had mine installed since 1st of feb. It is by the front door so plenty of notifications and still on the original battery.


Okay, had the system for over a week now. One camera and one sync station covering the front door. Set up for me was very easy. About fifteen minutes including downloading updates,etc. Be mindful how you point the cameras, if the person walks directly towards the camera, the notification will be a couple of second slower than if they walk across the field of view. I managed to place the sync unit only a couple of metres from the camera and I have solid internet of about 80 - 100 Mbs via a mesh system. I did many walk tests, at quite quick speed and the camera normally triggered at about the three to four metre mark. It then took about 5 or 6 seconds to get the actual notification. So as the doorbell chime rang, a few seconds later the notification came through. Then pressing the notification, it takes another 5 or 6 seconds for the video feed to show Surprisingly, it worked just as well over a 4g connection as it did over WiFi. Also to note is that I have not had any false activations, unlike my YI Cam. It is difficult to test properly as delivery guys don't hang around at the moment and just press the bell, drop the parcel and walk away. Would it work in place of a Ring doorbell? If the Postie hung around for a short time, I think it would. Please note, I also tested the camera by placing it a long way from the base unit and this did significantly effect the notifications. Also if you have your using a free router from your ISP and have slow Internet speeds, this will also effect your notification speed. The only thing I can not comment on is the battery life. To conclude, I will be keeping the unit as I am very happy with it. Any questions, please ask.


Good to know. Didn't know they added this feature. Will have to try it out!

Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 3-Camera System - £194.99 @ Amazon
85° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 3-Camera System - £194.99 @ Amazon
£194.99Amazon Deals
As expected Amazon are matching Currys prices Extended battery life - 2-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combination of two-way talk, Live View, and motion r… Read more

Arlo is Better than ring I’ve had the ring blink and arlo arlo over all is best (4K)


Pros for Arlo has better Camera quality (4K) Connection Speed on connecting via the hub Can connect easier and faster to the hub and see stored videos Has a built in light Cons Blink has better battery life With arlo you need to pay a subscription Cost more than blink Overall I really do think arlo is a step up but it’s not for everyone who wants to pay for subscription hope this helps


I’d also be interested as also on the edge of buying one of them. Also, what’s the ‘regular 20% off deal’ that clearly we need to know more about?


If you get any issues with these (as I did) contact Blink and not Amazon. There customer service is excellent. They've sent me a replacement camera and even a set of batteries on a different occasion to resolve issues!


Would be interested for feedback too, debating between this Arlo and Ring

Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage £67.49 or 5 x £13.50 p/m @ Amazon
227° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage £67.49 or 5 x £13.50 p/m @ Amazon
£67.49£89.9925%Amazon Deals
Sold and fulfilled by Amazon. £69 or 5 monthly payments of £13.50. Free prime one day delivery. Features & details: Extended battery life - 2-year battery life on two AA … Read more
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Yes, I believe they sell on amazon amongst other places for around £6. Not bad for over a years use


So you just replace with more lithium AA batteries?


There's a microUSB port behind a flap on the rear, you can connect a standard 5V USB charger to it. However, once the flap is opened the camera will let in water, so you need to seal the opening with some hot glue (not an elegant solution) or better, buy a 3rd party external enclosure for the camera from Amazon or the bay.


This is also exactly my beef with the system. The whole software ecosystem around Blink is designed to achieve one objective - save battery life. So when your camera receives more than a few activations a day, you receive a warning on the app that it will result in high battery drain. If you try to increase the duration of recording from an event say from 10s to 20s or 60s (max allowed), you get a similar warning. If you try to increase the sensitivity of the motion sensor, again the same warning. There's sometimes a significant delay between the start of an event and the recording being triggered (so you miss the first 5-10 sec of it) and also, the notification is triggered after the recording has been saved which is absolutely crazy. The most infuriating feature, as you say, is that you cannot set schedules for individual cameras! I have one camera monitoring the front door and another the garden, obviously we need the front door camera armed 24/7 but we then need to remember to de-arm the garden camera every day in the morning and re-arm it at night, otherwise the camera will run down the battery in no time as it will be activated every time the rear door is opened. We sometimes forget to arm the garden camera at night, which means it doesn't record anything in response to an event - if you don't arm Blink cameras, they turn into door stops. We have now set a daily reminder to arm the camera before turning in. Blink could easily have allowed continuous recording to a microSD card if the camera is powered by a USB cable, but the cameras don't even have an SD card slot. The cheapest Chinese cameras have this feature, and often I've had footage missing between contiguous 30sec clips even when 'continuous recording' has been enabled in response to an ongoing event. Security is a serious business, and with CCTV you have only once chance to get it right. If you really need the convenience of wireless cameras, Blink is an acceptable compromise but if not, always go for a wired system with full time recording.


I disagree, I get notifications during the event. Also, have this on my app-

Cloud Storage / NAS My Cloud Home 8Tb £215.99 at Western Digital Shop
75° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Cloud Storage / NAS My Cloud Home 8Tb £215.99 at Western Digital Shop
£215.99£247.9913%Western Digital Shop Deals
My Cloud Home 8tb same price as 6tb Save everything at home. Access it anywhere. My Cloud™ Home is an easy-to-use personal cloud storage device that plugs directly into your Wi-F… Read more
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Don’t know- sorry


Did the refurb come with Red Nas Drive as I am planning to replace the hard drive.


That doesn't really explain the practical differences very well, or at all until you read halfway down and already know a bit about network drives. In short it sounds like the My Cloud Home devices are best avoided. Software is poor, support bad and they don't offer regular SMB access which every computer and lots of media players, tablet/phone apps can connect to. Stick to the regular My Cloud (old or new shape), or get an EX2.


Apologies for daring to ask a question on the internet. Was on my lunch break and only had 30 mins before I had to go back, I figured it would be easier if a kind soul such as yourself would just point me in the right direction. Eternally grateful for your immense effort.


No it’s a mycloud HOME (Single drive version), 2 drive is called mycloud HOME DUO...

IDrive 5TB / 1YR Cloud Storage £2.81 @ IDrive
365° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
IDrive 5TB / 1YR Cloud Storage £2.81 @ IDrive
IDrive offers continuous syncing of your files, even those on network drives. The web interface supports sharing files by email, Facebook and Twitter. Cautious or click-happy users… Read more
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Still working for me - thanks OP


I should have added that calculation was perfect world scenario. If you’re with Virgin media or Talk Talk add on a few days/weeks/months ;)


Not quite 12.5MB/s. Theoretical of course. On local network perhaps close to 11.5 - 12MB/s. On Broadband it will be less, you need to allow for SNR for link speed, CRC errors, Peak time usage. In reality, probably close to 9 or 10MB/s. Your calculation is fine for perfect world situation or lab environment, however we live in an imperfect world. We must account for Error rate in transmission, link speed and link SNR, and most importantly peak time usage.


calculated that with my 12mb down 1mb up, usually uploading at around 1gb per hour will take 5000 hours, around 208 days to upload and fill the 5tb


Yep, just re-read it, you're right! I forgot to say, don't forget if you have Amazon Prime you have unlimited cloud backup for photos too, so potentially worth backing them up separately to Amazon and excluding them from your standard cloud backup (potentially reducing the amound of paid cloud storage required).

Polar Backup Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription 1TB £24 - (10% coupon with email for £21.26) at Android Central
60° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
For a One-Off fee you get the following - $29.99 ($26.99 after coupon) for lifetime 1TB cloud storage. Cloud backup storage: 1TB Length of access: lifetime This plan is onl… Read more
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Started using this for family photos and documents that need to be cleaned out and it's quite good actually. I had to wait a bit (few hours) when I tried to retrieve the files, but it didn't bother me too much. Not sure what everyone is getting on about with "lifetime" as it's still cheaper than an external and other cloud services I found while shopping... even if it only lasts a few years (as some of commenters/psychics here have predicted) I guess time will tell. But I like it and it is easy to use, especially for someone who doesn't know too much about computers and things.


I actually have a paid Zoolz lifetime deal for going on four years now. Got an email recently saying I had to "pay a small fee" but they backtracked pretty quick (obviously got a lot of flack from angry customers, like me) and said the their lifetime accounts will not be touched. I respected that. Going to purchase this deal, because for a few quid it's worth having a second option.


Sorry for the long post, but as someone who actually bought the deal, I think some may like to read what I experienced. I read the comments on the thread shared above, and it's definitely a mixed bag - certainly not anything that put me off. Most comments were just questioning the validity of 'lifetime', and very few saying it didn't seem to work (but sounded like technical issues not the solution itself). Fact is - you can find multiple threads about any cloud backup, complaining about the product! Anyway, purchased the deal and everything looks kosher, so far. Upload speed is perfectly (so far) adequate, and I didn't notice any file size limitations. Console is pretty simple but looks smart. Did test the restore with a request for a file about 970MB, and it did take about 4 hours to start receiving the data, then it was all over in about 60 seconds... just like my last date :p Bottom-line - for the price, and in my opinion it's well worth a look, but like others' have said 'don't keep all your eggs in one cloud' (nerd)


And? What are you correcting exactly? was it thought data was stored in actual clouds?


It is perfect for photos, etc. As always, anything important should be backed up to more than one place - A phyiscal hard disk and then cloud storage is normally what I would do.

Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 3-Camera System - £207.99 @ Amazon
211° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 3-Camera System - £207.99 @ Amazon
£207.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
3 Camera Deal From Amazon Extended battery life - 2-year battery life on two AA lithium batteries with a combination of two-way talk, Live View, and motion recording. Double t… Read more
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Finally pulled the trigger on this after never quite making my mind up during previous sales: thanks for posting. We got the 3 pack + Echo Show for £228, which I didn't see posted here, but it makes the Echo Show cost only £20 extra, and it costs £80 to buy separately:


Cheers for all the replies guys, been a big help


Bought 2x camera set up last year. Set up is simple so long as you’re used to apps and smartphones, adding the cameras to the system was a breeze, and then popping batteries in and mounting them where needed was all very straightforward. I only have mine set on when I’m away from the house, I get activations from cats, posties, neighbours etc, all good so far, the app is great and easy to use, footage can be sent easily enough if needed, it’s worth logging in once a week to delete unneeded recordings (you get 2hrs footage stored free, so don’t want to go over this) Daytime footage is very clear but Night vision is probably the low point but for £200 it’s probably the best you’ll find in this price range (for 3 cams, module, app and cloud storage)


I have two. One of which is overlooking my car. The PIR sensor detects movements and triggers the camera to start recording. The negatives of PIR is the technology is very old and the range isn't good. Anything over 6m away and the camera is unlikely to trigger. See my attached screenshot of the camera. If someone was to stand at the front of my car it would not trigger the camera. A camera running 24/7 to a HDD would probably be better for me but the simplicity of the Blink cameras is nice


Thanks for that, what is the night vision mode like on them? I’ve seen the daytime quality and it seems good but haven’t seen much of night vision footage

1TB web storage for 2 years with ASUS for 1 year at £9.99 or for 2 years at £19.98
125° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
1TB web storage for 2 years with ASUS for 1 year at £9.99 or for 2 years at £19.98
Asus launched a web storage capability last year and they offer - like others - 5Gb for free, with paid for plans for larger amounts. Once you're signed up though they have a US … Read more
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Hot for first 2 years, cold thereafter.


Voted hot anyway


Used it just a bit long time ago, didn't bother to not let it expire, such as I wasn't impressed by the UI and performance,a couple of years ago. It might be of value nowadays but hadn't the chance to test it. Latest offer I received was as per the picture attached

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage - 2-Camera System £143.99 at Amazon
228° Expired
Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage - 2-Camera System £143.99 at Amazon
£143.99£148.983%Amazon Deals
I've got these and they're really good. Free cloud storage and pretty good picture quality. Suggested 2 year battery life with the included Li-Po batteries. I think it'll be more… Read more
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Ok just posted an advert on FB and eBay selling for under £140 for this 2 Cam model. I bought for £79.99 so should be fine either eay I will keep the one I already opened to monitor inside the house, but will sell this other unopened box


Nope that didn't work turning mic off and speaker down has no bearing on the device recording motion solely based on sound!


Interesting note. For the past 36 hours, I've not been able to live view my cameras. Nor are they recording anything. I suspect there is a problem with the Blink service. They're all connected to the hub ok, just no action


Exactly. These kinds of cameras don't do too well through glass, especially at night, so you may continue to have problems. I believe if it is positioned right up against the glass of the window, that's the best.


Oooh ok I will check that out later and come back but tbh im not convinced this camera works via a pane of glass

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